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1. Prologue: Do Your Research

The year was 1940. The location was Nevada.

The facility was the largest of its kind- it had a library, a testing site, a laboratory, and even its own personal restaurant. Located somewhere near Area 51, the Guys In White was a privately paid fund for studying the supernatural. These things included ghosts, aliens, and other such beings that did not exist on Earth. It was their sworn duty to find and protect these species of the supernatural as best as they could without actually harming them in the process. Sure, it took a long time for them to get funding, but in the end, it was worth it.

Operative Alpha- the lead commander of the entire estate- looked down at his clipboard and frowned, taking off his sunglasses and squinting at the data. He wore a white jumpsuit, crossing his arms and glancing over at Operative Beta. "Why are you giving me this now?" he questioned, keeping his voice calm. "This data is incomplete. It does not show to me how far we are to unlocking the City of Phantoms. It doesn't even show me how far we are to finding the key."

Beta winced, shuddering and hearing the words of his friend in the field. Usually, Alpha went around and yelled at people when he was upset. But right now, he sounded calm, collected. Beta's only thought was that Alpha really enjoyed his company when on the job, and that was probably the only reason his head wasn't cut off right now. His voice was deep as he spoke, his eyes looking straight ahead. "Listen. I know it doesn't show our progress right now, but the men are still looking up information on the place. Alpha, we have yet to realize what this could actually mean for the States or the war itself. For all we know, there could be Nazi spies crawling all over the place."

His leader carefully mused over this before replying. "Implying that we are still at the first stage, and the president wants to see our progress by tomorrow." Alpha sighed. "Translation being- we're screwed in the way of funding."

"That's putting it lightly." Beta looked crestfallen. "I'm sorry, but... I don't know what FDR is going to say to us."

The commander slammed the steel wall in frustration. "And we're so close from achieving what could be the greatest finding in the history of the supernatural, Beta. All we need is a little more time!"

His wingman rubbed his temples in defeat and looked over at the scientists and researchers working diligently over the books with notes and cups of coffee. They looked so pained, staring at the same sheets of paper for hours on end and taking down seemingly worthless notes that wouldn't do anything for finding the door to the city or the key itself. Beta's shoulders sagged for a moment. "Look, Alpha. I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to give everyone a night off. They've been working at this for days. Let's just give them the night off and let them see their families."

Alpha bit his lip. He knew Beta had a family, so the man could honestly relate to the men in the field who were utterly exhausted from all their work. Finally, he gave a small nod. "If we don't get that funding, this whole thing is your fault," he warned the male.

"No problem. We'll get everyone back in here in the morning."

Cairo, Egypt, 1940.

"I need a cup of black coffee," the male grunted under his hood, glancing at the people behind him and tugging at his neck. "And make it quick. I have to be somewhere in ten minutes."

The Egyptian gave the customer a strange look before yelling behind the counter for a single cup of coffee. The morning was bright and early, and already the crowds had filled the streets of Cairo, selling their foods and other various items they held for sale. The group behind the turban-wrapped figure talked amongst themselves in their native tongue, creating small talk, hurling insults at others- whatever they could do to pass the time. Once again, the figure grabbed at his neck and took another quick glance around. The cashier handed him his drink, and he grabbed the coffee, laying change on the table and mumbling something about keeping it.

As soon as he was out the door, the figure took off his hood and looked around, spotting several 'keepers of the treasure' rushing in his direction. "Oh, shit," he swore before spilling the coffee right down his front in surprise.

He growled in disgust and threw away the cup before taking off the robe completely and throwing it onto the street. "That was definitely worth four pounds," he told no one in particular before breaking into a run down the street. The bandits yelled out angrily before beginning to knock people over for the archaeologist making a run for the plane fifteen minutes away from where he started. The man looked back and gritted his teeth, his feet pounding the dirt and creating a semi-sandstorm.

"He has Cleopatra's jewels!" one of the men yelled. "Stop him!"

Indiana Jones was used to this. It happened to him all the time- getting chased by bandits, grabbing relics and artifacts for museums, the whole nine yards. As he ran down the streets of Cairo with the jewels now dangling dangerously on his neck, he wryly chuckled as his thoughts drifted to nearly two years ago when he was on the quest to find the Holy Grail and nearly four years ago to find the Ark of the Covenant. Now he was busy back to snagging jewels and grabbing ancient things that lived in the desert for centuries.

And he enjoyed it.

The archaeologist put one hand over his chest and glanced back, sighing and spotting a horse in a stable. A horse seemed to be a heck of a lot better than walking right now. Yelling out to the owner to not bother even coming by, Indiana- more affectionately known as Indy- grabbed the rope to the horse and jumped on the saddle, smacking behind him. The horse reared and galloped out of the marketplace towards the runway. "Move!" he hollered in Egyptian, watching the crowds scatter. Gunshots were heard from behind, and he gave a quick glance back before kicking the horse in the side, silently urging it faster.

That plane was going to leave in four minutes. And he intended on boarding it.

Indy sighed. One of the shots nearly pierced his skin. What was it with Egyptians being bad shots these days?

Amity Park, 2007.

"You have any ideas what your report is going to be about?" Sam Manson questioned her best friend and companion, looking both eager and worried. "Think about it- we're at the end of our tenth grade year, and it's time for the final paper of sophomore year."

Tucker Foley busily typed some things into his PDA. "I don't know what I'm going to do this year. Last year was all about the Holy Grail for me. I don't know what it was about it, but I kind of thought of it to be a good thing to research on." The sun beat down on his beanie, the sun casting a glare into Sam's eyes off his PDA. He frowned and scrolled down some more on his device and looked at the Goth girl. "What do you think I should do this year?"

Danny Fenton gritted his teeth. "Something not having to do with religion. Ross is going to kill you if you do something based off of a religious factor. You heard what he said- nothing biased in your favor." His attitude was unusually moody that afternoon, and his friends noticed this since lunch had started. No one knew what had actually happened- he had just seemed to spiral in some sort of downward motion towards brooding and snappish. He looked up at the clouds and glanced down at his cell phone. "Look, I gotta be at the library to look up stuff on my project."

Sam grabbed his arm for a moment, causing the raven haired teen to look back. She looked worriedly into his eyes. "Danny? Can you explain what just happened between the time lunch ended to now?"

"I don't know, Sam..." he admitted slowly. "I just- I just feel like something is going on right now that I really can't explain. Sort of like a sixth sense, you know?"

Tucker glanced up from his game and furrowed his brow. "Other than your ghost sense?"

Danny shook his head, and the trio began their walk to the library. "Can't say for sure. I'll explain it more when we get to the library." He hitched his backpack up slightly and hurried down the sidewalk, leaving a confused Sam and Tucker in the wake of the heat and humidity of May.

Man, one chapter in, and I bet you are already confused. Just to clear up any problems you may have in the future, I'll make this pretty simple: Danny, Sam, and Tucker are in one time frame right now- the time of 2007, different sort of reality. Indiana and the GIW of 1940 are in a different time frame right now. I'll explain it as time goes on, but don't worry. You'll slowly begin to understand this all. This is going to be a long project, longer than even my DP/CSI: Miami crossover. A LOT longer. You guys are in for a nice, long ride.

Time line: Post Last Crusade. Pre D-Stabilized. Makes sense?

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