A new story!! Man, I'm beginning to get so many idea I don't know what to do. For now the Under the Sea story is dead and Ways of Sinister is going slow. Anyway, this is a 'What if Mai lived in England with the Davis twins? A little dark, and probably surprising to some people! Have fun reading!!


He was walking towards the road. She couldn't tell which one it was as she couldn't even see it his face. Not that she was that great at telling them apart to begin with. She was lucky to know who was who. And he looked so much older then from before. Her eight year old legs could barely keep up with him.

She watched as he stepped out onto the road. She felt something in the pit of her stomach. Something bad was going to happen. She saw the lights from the car before he did. She screamed out to him but it was to late. She screamed in horror as she saw the red car plow into him and before she could see the license plate, the scene faded and she woke.

"AAAAAAAHHHHH!!" Mai, age nine, sat up in her bed screaming. She heard the door to her bedroom crash open and someone pulling her into their arms. She buried into their chest and was crying loudly. She felt a hand moving up and down her back as the sobs began to die down. She pulled away and wiped at her tears and looked up at the woman holding her.

"Dear cousin, what's wrong?" the curly haired woman asked with a smile and Mai sniffled softly. Her cousin, Mori Madoka, reached out to the young girl's nightstand and grabbed a tissue. She handed it to the girl and Mai blew her nose. Madoka watched with an affectionate smile.

It had been nearly a year and a half since Madoka's aunt had called her. The woman had been dying of heart failure and she had begged Madoka to come and take Mai once she was dead. Madoka had been nineteen at the time and while she had been wary of the thought she knew that she could leave Mai to the foster system. With the Davis's permission she had gone and taken her cousin after the death of her aunt/

"Nightmare." Mai answered wetly and Madoka ruffled the young girl's hair and Mai looked up at her. Madoka smiled at her gently before reaching over and turning the bedside lamp on.

"Do you want to tell me about it?" Madoka asked gently. She watched as Mai wiped at her eyes once more. The girl had grown up quickly and could hold her own against even Oliver Davis, one of the twins that Madoka's bosses had adopted. Although, she was almost positive that Oliver was a devil child.

"There was a man walking towards a road. I thought I knew him but now I can't remember who I thought it was. He stepped onto the road...and...he...was run down by a car!! It was horrible, Madoka!!" Mai sobbed before she jumped as the phone rang. She watched as her cousin frowned before going and answering the phone. She blinked as the woman walked back into the room with the cordless phone and a gentle smile.

"It's Gene." Madoka said and Mai's eyes went wide. The young girl reached out and answered the phone.

"Hello?" Mai asked softly.

"Hi, Mai-chan!! I felt as though something was wrong so I was calling to make sure everything was okay!" the boy's cheerful voice caused Mai to grin. She heard Madoka chuckle and she smiled before answering.

"I'm okay, Gene! I just had a nightmare, thanks for calling and checking." she replied as happily as she could. The nightmare was still fresh in the back of her mind and she really didn't want to think about it. She knew that talking about the nightmare would help but she didn't want to think about it.

"Do you want to talk about?" Gene asked. Mai swallowed her tears at the thought of having to repeat the details of the nightmares.

"Not really. I'm going to go back to sleep, Gene! I'll see you at the labs!" she said brightly before hanging the phone up. She handed the cordless phone back to Madoka and the woman tucked her back underneath her pink covers.

"Do you want me to stay with you until you fall asleep?" Madoka asked. Mai nodded and the curly haired woman placed a hand on the young girl's head. She watched as the child's eyes slipped closed and her breathing evened out. Madoka felt an affectionate smile spread across her face as she bent down and kissed the girl's forehead.

"Sleep well, cousin." Madoka whispered before standing from the girl's bed. She turned the lights off and closed the girl's door. She leaned against the door and ran a hand through her hair.

'This makes the tenth night that she's had a nightmare. Could it be something at school causing her to have nightmares? I'll talk to her teachers when I drop her off tomorrow.' Madoka thought as she made her way to her own bedroom. She decided that she would talk to Mai's teachers tomorrow and see if her nightmares had anything to do with school.

"Mai-chan!!" the girl squeaked as she was suddenly engulfed by a hug. She tried to get away from her hugger, even going so far as to hitting them with her school bag.

"Oof!!" the person let her go and she was able to straighten her school uniform and glared at the black haired boy standing in front of her. He was holding his side where she had managed to hit him with her heavy school bag.

"What was that for?" Gene Davis asked as he straightened up. Mai gave a soft sigh before smiling at the boy that stood in front of her.

"You shouldn't glomp me every chance you get. It kind of catches me off guard!" Mai defended herself. Gene chuckled before shrugging his shoulders and winking at her with a mischievous smile on his face.

"What are you planning?" Mai asked. Gene chuckled before pulling her close so that he could whisper in her ear.

"I put three cups of sugar in Noll's morning tea! I was getting ready to take it to him. Want to come with me?" he asked. Mai gave a small giggle. Anybody that was involved with the British SPR knew very well that Oliver 'Noll' Davis despised anything sweet. But he loved his tea and Gene had been spending the last seven months they had been England trying to get him to put sugar in his tea.

"Are you sure that's safe? I mean, Noll is very protective of his tea, you know that! He may kill you!" Mai exclaimed as she thought about it. Gene chuckled before winking at her as he went into the kitchen and grabbing the teacup and returning to Mai.

"This isn't a good idea!" Mai cried as she followed her friend towards the lab. She only went down to the lab if Gene or Noll took her down there. It was more often Gene than Noll. She and Noll rarely got along, mostly because he found it amusing to insult her intelligence. Something that she really didn't appreciate.

"Ah, come on, Mai. Have a sense of humor, he'll never know!" Gene giggled as they made their way to the lab. Mai watched as the boy typed in the code and the glass doors opened. Mai gave a soft sigh before following the black haired boy into the lab, wondering how this was going to go.

She hadn't know the boys very long. She knew that they were both of Japanese descent and that they were all learning English together from Luella Davis, their adopted mother. She knew they were twins and that it was very difficult for her to tell them apart if they stood beside each other. Although if they opened their mouths, she could automatically tell who was who.

"Ah, Gene, Mai." Noll turned to look at them from the computer he was sitting in front. Mai smiled at him as Gene handed him the loaded teacup.

'This won't work. Poor Gene, he would get to live to see his tenth birthday. Oh, well, maybe I can take the basketball back to the store and get something else!' Mai thought as she watched Noll take a sniff of the tea. She blinked in surprise as he glared at Gene and set the teacup down on the table he was sitting at.

"I would appreciate it if you would stop putting a pound of sugar in every cup of tea you bring me!!" Noll snapped. Mai stepped back as Gene shook his head before catching Noll around the throat and giving him rubbing his fist on the top of his brother's head.

"Aw, come on, Noll. Having a little sugar in your system won't kill you. Trust me, I put at least two things of sugar in my tea every day." Gene said with a bright smile as he kept his arm around his brother's neck.

"Let go of me!!" Noll struggled to push his brother away with no success. He looked at Mai and saw that she was giggling at him like mad. He realized that she would be no help in getting his brother off of him.

"Aren't you going to be late for school?" he asked them and Gene froze before looking at the clock on the wall. Mai turned to look at the clock as well and felt her eyes widen. Oh, crap!

"Gene, this is your fault!!" Mai screeched as she dashed out of the lab with him following behind her closely.

"It's Noll's fault, Mai-chan!!" Gene cried as he chased after her, both hoping that they would get tot eh school before they received detention for being tardy.

"Idiots. The both of them." Noll sighed as he ran a hand through his hair in hopes to put it back in place. He shook his head as he turned back to his computer.

Five Years Later

"You know, most ordinary teenagers would be out doing ordinary things on a Saturday." Mai said as she sat on Noll's lab desk as he read through a journal. He glanced up at her before shrugging.

"Go ask Gene to take you to the park. I need to read this." he told her. She rolled her eyes before reaching out and grabbing the magazine. He blinked as the sleek pages slipped from his fingers and she put the magazine beside her. She smiled at him.

"I don't want Gene to take me to the park. I want you to take me to the park. Besides, a little sun won't hurt you. For the past week all you've done is come down here and read. You don't even come to your office where there's at least windows." Mai said softly. Noll sighed before standing up and shrugging off his lab coat.

"I suppose I can escape for a few hours." he told her. He watched as her eyes lit up and she jumped off his desk. She grabbed his wrist and began to drag him out of the lab. He smiled at her excitement but when she looked back at him he made sure that the smile was off his face.

"Hey, where are you two heading off to?" Gene asked as he exited the elevators leading up to the offices as Mai and Noll almost made it to the front doors. Mai turned to look at the other twin and smiled brightly.

"I'm dragging this stick-in-the-mud out to the park for a couple of hours!" she said happily. Gene chuckled before asking if he could come along. Mai paused for a moment before nodding happily.

"Maybe you can help me get him to act like a normal teenager!" she said happily as she let Noll go and skipped out of the building. Gene stopped beside his brother and raised an eyebrow. Noll returned the look.

"What?" Noll snapped as his brother continued to stare at him inquisitively.

"Nothing. There's something different about you, I can put my finger on it...but your aura seems to be lighter. I don't know." Gene smiled before looking out the door. "Maybe we should go before she gets to park and realizes that we aren't behind her."

"Right." Noll agreed as he followed his older brother towards the park. He supposed that he did feel lighter now that Mai was spending more time with him. She had always spent time with Gene but for some reason she had made it her mission to force him to become a normal teenager.

They spent nearly three hours in the park before they were all sitting on a bench eating ice cream. Or at least Gene and Mai were and Noll was sitting beside Mai with Gene on her other side. Noll glanced at Mai and saw that her eyes were sparkling as she ate her chocolate ice cream, he didn't see how someone could be such a sugar addict.

"Um, Mai, Noll, there's actually something I need to talk you about." Gene said once he had finished his ice cream cone. Two sets of eyes looked at him curiously and he took a deep breath. He wasn't sure how to tell them. He knew that he could judge Noll's reaction but it was Mai's that he wasn't sure of.

"Mother and father talked to me this morning about a call they received from a close friend of theirs. Their friend is having some problems with the paranormal and asked me to come over and see if I could help out." he paused and watched as Mai's eyes blinked curiously. He looked at Noll and winced as he saw that the boy's eyes were cold. Okay, so Noll was pissed, how was this new?

"So? Are you going to help them?" Mai asked curiously as she looked up at him. He couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm.

"Yes, Mai. From what father told me they are having some serious problems...there's just one detail." he paused and he watched Mai blink.

Noll watched as the brown head girl looked at him and he shrugged his shoulders. If she thought he knew the details he was wrong. He had spent the whole day with her so he knew as much as she did. That wasn't very much as they had been in the lab all day.

"The case that mother and father asked me to take isn't in England." Gene told them. Mai blinked before giggling and touching his hand.

"Is it in Scotland or France? That sounds like it would be fun!" Mai said happily. Gene shook his head and she tilted her head curiously.

"It's not exactly that close." he paused before taking a deep breath. It was now or never and he knew that he had to face the music at some point. He just hoped that Mai wouldn't cry. "I'm going to Japan."

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