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"A very impressive set up you have." Takigawa told Naru as they all congregated in the base. Mai had placed a sleeping Gene back in his stroller and with Naru's help had carried him up to the second floor. Mai was currently sitting in front of the monitors with the stroller next to her as she watched the monitors.

"It seems to be a waste of time when you won't get anything as I'll easily get rid of the spirits in this building." Matsuzaki stated arrogantly. As Mai couldn't be seen by any of the others in the base she rolled her eyes. She didn't know the woman personally and couldn't make a decision, but she didn't think that Matsuzaki, or Miko-san as she had nicknamed her, had any spiritual powers. She could see from the condescending look on Naru's face that he didn't seem to think so either.

"You can do things your way but I'll continue with my study. Mai, have you reviewed those tapes?" Naru turned to Mai and she nodded. She handed him her clipboard where she had been writing down things of interest.

"Yeah, I found a few things of interest but after I went back and watched the spots again I realized that the cameras were having trouble communicating with the main box. There may something that they build the school with that is causing the interference." Mai informed him before looking at Gene as he gave a small sigh in his sleep.

"Forget this, I'm going to go check things out." Matsuzaki said as she stood from her seat and walked out of the base. Mai shrugged her shoulders before Takigawa also said he was going to look around. Mai glanced at John as he remained and he smiled at them.

"I think that I'll stay here and just help out, if that is alright?" he looked at Naru who shrugged as he turned to the monitors. Mai smiled at John pleasantly.

"That's kind of you, Brown-san. Thank you." Mai said with a small laugh. She glanced at Naru and saw that his eyes were narrowed. She rolled her own eyes as she realized what was wrong. Naru was jealous of how she was being kind to John. She realized that she needed to speak to him and assure him that she wasn't flirting with John.

As assured of himself as he was, he wasn't very confident when it came to her. Although she didn't understand why. She was sure that he knew that she cared for him dearly. She had to keep reminding herself that they were still teenagers no matter that they were already raising a child. She kept forgetting that they were still children themselves.

"Of course. I'll be back in a few moments." John told her before turning and leaving the base. She looked over at Naru with a raised eyebrow before shaking her head as she gently tucked Gene's blanket back around him. She had seen the way his eyes had narrowed as John had smiled one last time before leaving the base.

"Naru, he's a priest. He's just being nice." Mai told him once she was sure that John was out of hearing distance. She heard Naru snort and she shot him a glare. She watched as he returned the look and she rolled her eyes at him.

"Are you going to be jealous of every guy that I talk to?" she asked as she stood up. She watched as he jerked back before looking away and shaking his head.

"I'm running on little sleep. I apologize." he told her. She went over and gently wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest. She felt his arms wrap around her in return and she couldn't stop the content little smile from forming on her face.

"Then tonight you'll come home with Gene and myself and go to sleep in an actual bed. No more of this sleeping in the van for the sake of work." she told him seriously as she pulled back and looked at him. He nodded in agreement as he brushed her bangs away from her face. He leaned down and gently pressed his lips against hers and she gave a small giggle as he pulled away.

"You know-" Mai was cut off by a loud scream. She glanced over at the door before rushing and getting Gene out of his stroller as he began to cry. She followed Naru down the stairs as they hurried towards the screaming. They stopped as they reached the where Takigawa and John were standing at a closed door.

"Ayako, step away from the door!" Takigawa called. Mai gave a small laugh as Ayako protested at the man calling her by her first name. "I'm kicking it in so move back!"

"Hey, wait!!" Mai closed her eyes as Takigawa kicked the door and it fell in. Mai opened her eyes carefully to see the door was demolished and the miko was looking at the door frame with a look akin to shock. Mai bounced Gene up and down as the baby continued with his crying.

"What is with this stupid door?" Ayako snarled at the door frame. Mai looked up from Gene as Naru's shadow fell on her and he gently pressed his lips against Gene's head and the baby blinked before grinning. She gave Naru a gentle grin as he turned back around to look at the miko who was trying to kill the door frame and the monk who was shaking his head.

"Why don't we go back to the base and calm you down, Ayako? This excitement isn't good for the baby." that immediately got everybody's attention. They were easily distracted by the baby as he cooed happily, obviously sensing that he needed to get everyone's attention. Mai winked down at the baby.

'At least he inherited his uncle's sense of when to distract others.' Mai thought gratefully as she followed everyone back up the stairs and into the base. Gene continued cooing happily as Mai pulled out his bottle and placed it in his mouth.

Mai grinned as he reached up and tried to hold the bottle. But his hands were still to small to hold the bottle himself and his arms to weak. She smiled at him as his deep blue eyes continued to stare up at her. She pulled the mouth gently from his mouth and put a towel over her shoulder before placing him on her shoulder and began to pat his back.

"He has quite the appetite doesn't he?" Ayako commented from where she was sitting as she glanced at the near empty bottle. Mai gave a small giggle before it was followed by a loud burp from Gene. Silence engulfed the base before everyone, except Naru, began laughing and even Mai gave a soft chuckle as she pulled the giggling baby away from her shoulder.

"Why you..." Mai told him with an angry look. The look only caused him to giggle even more at the look. She shook her head before rubbing her nose against his and he cooed at her and reached out and wrapped a finger in her hair. Mai brought him back to her shoulder and continued to hug him until she felt him start to fall asleep. Once he was completely limp against her shoulder she moved him back into his stroller and strapped him back in.

"Eat and sleep. Just like a growing baby should." John told her. She smiled at him before tucking a blanket around Gene's little body. He shifted slightly in his sleep before calming down. Mai took a seat and turned towards Ayako as everyone had been watching her with the baby.

"What happened earlier, Miko-san?" Mai asked with a gentle smile. The woman gave a small sigh before she shrugged her shoulders.

"I was looking around the place, trying to get a feel. I went into the classroom and was looking around. I heard the door slam shut and when I tried to open it, I found that it was stuck." the red head explained. Mai glanced at Naru and saw that he was frowning.

"Are you sure that you didn't inadvertently close the door when you entered the room?" he asked. Mai watched as the miko narrowed her eyes before she stood up and was about to shout at him before Mai caught something from the corner of her eye and looked at the monitors and felt her eyes widen.

"Naru, we have company!" Mai cried right before the door to the base opened and she couldn't stop the little scream that escaped her. She blushed at the look that Naru sent her and she turned her attention to the sleeping baby before glancing at the newcomer.

She couldn't help but feel something in her stomach. Something that was wiggling as she saw the way that the new girl was looking at Naru. She wondered why the girl was dressed in a kimono. She knew that they were in Japan but it was rare for her to ever see anyone in a traditional Japanese kimono. She turned her eyes away from the girl as something inside her continued to wriggle.

"Do I know you?" the girl asked. Mai's eyes snapped back to Naru. She frowned as she saw that the girl was close enough to touch Naru. She frowned even more as the girl did reach out and gently touched Naru's arm. She felt a slight tinge of satisfaction when Naru discreetly pulled away from the touch.

"I don't believe so. I've just established my company as our son is a newborn." he glanced at Mai and she nodded to the girl with a gentle smile.

"May I ask your name?" Mai asked with a sweet smile. She watched as the girl looked at her with a sour girl and she felt an inner smirk. Naru would be proud if he knew that she was smirking on the inside.

"Hara Masako." Naru answered. Mai looked at him slightly surprise. How did he know her name? Had he lied? Did he actually know this girl? "I believe that you are a very famous medium?"

"Yes." the girl answered and Mai gave a soft sigh. Was the principal so sure that this place was haunted that he hired every person that he could find? Or at least every person that he could convince to come if he paid them enough to come and investigate.

"Well, whatever. The principal shouldn't even bother having everyone here. I'm going to go prepare for the exorcism." Matsuzaki said as she stood from her chair. Mai watched as Masako finally turned away from Naru to look at the red headed miko.

"You don't need to do that. There are no spirits here." she told the older woman. Mai tilted her head curiously as the miko snorted at the medium. She bit her lip to keep from laughing at the look on the older woman's face as the medium told her the news.

"I'm not going to trust some famous TV medium that makes her money off that type of fame." Matsuzaki said as she left the room. Mai looked at Takigawa who shrugged his shoulders before waving at everyone.

"Well, I'm going to head out as well." he told them before he left. Mai nodded at John as left as well. She frowned as Masako also said her farewell and left the base. She looked at Naru and saw that he had turned back to the monitors. She stood and went over to him and placed a hand on his arm.

"What's wrong?" she asked. She watched as he glanced at her before looking back to the monitors. She tilted her head curiously, wondering what was wrong with him.

"Nothing. What Hara-san said has some truth. There haven't been any signs of paranormal activity." he whispered. Mai frowned before she lowered her hand and gently laced her fingers with his. She gave his hand a gentle squeeze and he looked down at her.

He bent down and gently pressed his lips against hers before he turned and pressed her fully to himself. He wrapped his hands around her small waist and felt her arms wrap around his neck. He pulled away for a moment to regain his breath before leaning down to nuzzle beneath her ear. He smirked as she gave a small gasp and began to experiment with other ways to elicit the same sound. At least until the scream pierced the air.

"What was that?" Mai cried before Gene woke up wailing. Apparently the scream had startled the baby awake and he was wailing. Mai hurried over to him and pulled him from his stroller. She put his head against her shoulder and began to pat his back as she quickly followed Naru out of the base to find the source of the scream.

Mai felt her eyes widen in horror when she saw the medium was laying at the bottom of the stairs. John and Takigawa were beside her, checking her pulse as Mai waited for them to tell whether or not she was alright.

"We need an ambulance. She's not conscious." John finally said. Mai watched as Naru nodded before pulling his cell phone out. Mai turned her attention back to Gene as he continued to cry softly into her shoulder.

"Shh, it's alright, sweetheart. No one's going to hurt you." she murmured into his little ear. He slowly began to calm down and began to gnaw on the ends of her hair. She pulled him away slightly before tucking her hair back and placing him back on her shoulder once more. She continued to pat his back, even as she heard the sirens of the ambulance.

"Mai, go back and watch the monitors. I'm going to speak with Hara-san before she's taken to the hospital." Naru whispered into her ear as he they watched the paramedics wheel a semi-conscious Hara out of the old school building. Mai nodded before she began to walk back up the stairs. She felt Gene's fingers curling on her neck and she quickened her pace.

She wasn't sure if she trusted Hara about her claim that the place didn't have any entities. She felt that the building had potential and that caused her to worry. She didn't want to be face with a vengeful ghost with her baby with her, especially with the baby with her.

"Alright, Gene. Daddy wants us to watch the monitors, so we'll watch the monitors. And hope that mommy doesn't completely freak out about being in this building alone." Mai said with a sickly smile as they entered the base. She put Gene in his stroller and reclaimed her seat in front of the monitors. She turned to her son as he gave a small giggle. She returned it before handing him his teddy bear from his diaper bag.

"There you go. Now, don't go scaring mommy." she told him. He just blinked at her curiously and she smiled at him. She turned to the monitors and watched them as she chewed the bottom of her lip. She ran her hands through her hair in frustration as the cameras continued to show what they had been showing for the past day and a half.

'This place is creepy but it sure isn't showing any paranormal activity.' Mai thought as she continued to watch the monitors. She glanced over at Gene and saw that he was gnawing on the ear of his bear. When he saw that she was looking at him, he released the bear's ear and gave a toothless smile happily.

"Hey, you." she said as she stood from her seat and knelt down in front of Gene in his stroller. She reached out and tried to pat his hair down with no luck. The poor boy had to have at least five cowlicks already with the small amount of hair that he already had. Mai was sure that he had more and that he was going to be a very messy haired boy.

"And break every female's heart within a twenty-mile radius." Mai told him. He looked at her curiously before he dropped the bear and held his arms out to her. She released him from the stroller and pulled him close. He gave a small giggle before laying his head gently on his mother's shoulder.

"Mai?" she turned at the sound of her name. She saw that John was standing in the doorway and she managed a smile. Gene turned his head slightly and smiled at the newcomer.

"Hey, you." John walked over to them before looking at Mai with a gentle smile. "May I hold him?"

"Yes." Mai handed Gene over who seemed to be happy that someone else was going to be holding him. Mai couldn't stop the grin as the baby contently settled into John's gentle hold. Mai jumped as there was someone clearing his throat. She saw that Naru was standing at the door with a horrid look on his face.

"Brown-san, if you would go to the hospital and check on Hara-san." Naru said coolly. John nodded before handing the boy to his father and bowing to Mai. Mai watched as John disappeared and she glanced at Naru as he held Gene.

"Naru-" she was cut off by the cold glare on his face.

"I have to check the cameras. I'll take Gene with me. Watch the monitors." his sentences were curt and short. Mai felt tears in her eyes as he turned and her son looked over his father's shoulder at her.

"Naru!" she cried before he disappeared. She gave a soft sob before she gathered her things together and quickly left the building. He could deal with Gene and the case by himself! She was going home! She didn't want to have to deal with his misplaced jealousy.

"Stupid, idiot scientist!" Mai whispered angrily to herself, even as the tears continued to drip down her cheeks slowly. What was she going to do?