Wow, it's kind of been a while! Sorry, pals and gals. I wrote this massive story for my language arts class and I swear, it completely drained my ability to write. It was crazy. But...I'm back...kind of...sort of...not really...

Fell in love with Kid Flash/Jinx. (Okay, okay...fell in love with Kid Flash. ) And the lovely SylverEyes, to whom I credit many wonderfully strange conversations to, requested a oneshot! A KF/Jinx oneshot!

Unfortunately, this is not a oneshot.

But it's even better! (Maybe.)

It's an I-don't-know-how-many-chapters-this-will-be-and-I-don't-even-know-where-it's-going fic! Wh-hoo!

Um. Yeah. It's completely stupid. And OOC. And not my best work at all. And I don't even know if there's Lord of the Rings in Jump City anyway. And I don't know what happened to Jinx's parents. And...

Oh, to hell with it. Just read the freaking story! (dies)


It had been two years, five months, and thirteen days since he had first seen her. And there was still a gap between them.

It was exasperating. He knew her better than anyone else. He knew her favorite color (purple); her favorite food (waffles); how she fixed her hair in the mornings (wash, brush, blow dry, straighten, scrape into pigtails, drench with massive amounts of hair spray); her beloved, deceased cat's name (Lucy); and her preferred flavor of ice cream (fudge brownie). He knew about her parents, what she had done to get into the HIVE Academy, and how she had always kind of hated olives. He knew her shoe size, her music preferences and her birthday. He knew she pretended to despise roses but secretly saved all the ones he gave to her.

And yet at the same time, he knew nothing about her.

He didn't know why she hated heroes. He didn't know why she always looked at him like he was a slug she had recently squished beneath her (size five, narrow) black boots. He didn't know why she wouldn't own up to secretly being in love with Disney movies. He didn't know any of those things.

Jinx was a closed book to him.

But Kid Flash would never—never—stop trying to open her up.

So he kept working.

He left her roses. He sped up to her and slipped notes into her hands, notes that she never noticed until he was miles away and couldn't see her reaction. He bought her a Netflix subscription and made sure she always had a steady supply of cheesy Disney tapes. He woke her up most mornings with waffles in bed. He sent her to bed most nights with a heaping bowl of fudge brownie ice cream. He never bought olives. He made sure she had plenty of hairspray and always remembered to buy the new Evanescence albums when they came out.

They lived in the same apartment. They ate out of the same cereal box. They watched her corny Disney movies over and over until they had both memorized every lyric "Pocahontas" and "Mulan" had to offer.

And yet they were never quite at the same level: they were never in harmony. They were never quite in tune.

There was always a gap between them.

And he was determined to close it.


When he walked into their communal apartment, she was sitting on the couch, painting her nails and listening to some screechy rock song with too much bass.

"Hey," he said, and set the brown grocery bags on the messy kitchen table. "I bought food."

"So I noticed," she said drily, and waved her right hand around to dry it.

Kid Flash ignored the sarcasm. "Hungry?"

"Not unbearably."

He rummaged around in one of the bags. "Hmm…We have fish sticks…"




"Okay…" He rummaged around a little more. "Potato chips."



She considered them briefly. "Okay."

Kid Flash smiled a little and tossed the bag to her, gently. She caught it deftly with the unpainted hand and resumed touching up her wet nails. He fished a premade sandwich out of the second bag and sprawled out on the couch next to her.

"You're running low on hairspray," he commented, and she didn't bother to blink.


"Do you need me to get some while I'm out tonight?"

"No." Jinx switched the tiny brush to her right hand and started painting her left fingernails.

He shrugged. "I think there's a Lord of the Rings marathon on." He would do anything to draw her out of her shell—even suffer through nine consecutive hours of hobbits with hairy feet, talking trees and computer-generated, pointed ears.

Jinx's eyes flickered with interest for the first time. "When does it start?"

He flicked on the TV and checked the digital clock. "Um, now."

She tried to take the remote from him, but he lifted it out of her reach and muted the TV. "I get to ask a question first," he warned, and she glared at him.

"Give me the freaking remote."

Kid Flash smiled and waved it tauntingly in front of her nose. "One question. Then you can have your fill of hairy toes and possessed rings."

Jinx debated it for a moment—Gandalf was already pulling Pippin and Merry off to scrub dishes for setting off his fireworks—and then slouched back onto the couch, defeated. "Fine," she muttered, and Kid Flash grinned.

It was a game they played. Every night, he got to ask her a question—something about her life. She had to answer it. He usually had to bribe her. But that was okay.

And tonight…tonight he wanted to know about her childhood.

"What was your favorite birthday?" he asked, and she flicked her glowing eyes to him.

"I hated all my birthdays," she said sourly, but he wasn't letting her off easy tonight.

"Ooh, it looks like Bilbo's about to pull his vanishing act. Too bad we can't hear it."

She gave him a withering glare. "What do you want to know?"

Kid Flash considered it. "Everything. The cake. The presents. The wish when you blew out the candle. How old you were. What you were wearing." He paused for a second, thinking. "How you felt."

Jinx opened her mouth, ready to protest, but then he grinned and nodded towards the TV screen. Bilbo was sneaking up to his house. The clock was ticking.

She grumpily closed her mouth and folded her arms—he wanted to tell her that she was smearing black nail polish all over her shirt, but he wanted to hear the answer too much. So he kept quiet, for once, and as he did, her eyes softened a little. "I was seven years old," she said, and for once her voice held none of its usual disdain. "I was wearing a blue dress—baby blue. It was cotton, and it had this ballerina skirt so when I spun around, it twirled, just like in the movies. My parents were still alive. I invited everyone in my grade to the party." She half-smiled. "And you know what? They all came."

Kid Flash put his sandwich down and listened. Somehow Jinx seemed softer, reliving this memory. She half-closed her eyes and her posture relaxed. A corner of her mouth lifted in the crooked smile he loved so much.

"I got the most amazing presents—toys and games and clothes and candy. The cake was strawberry with fudge ice cream. And when I blew out the candles…" Jinx drew her knees up to her chest, but her eyes were far, far away. "I felt like I could be anything I wanted," she whispered, and her voice caught on the last word.

Kid Flash stared at her, spellbound by what she had just said. When he spoke, his voice was just as soft at hers and it had a husky edge to it. "What did you wish for?" he asked quietly, leaning forward a little.

Suddenly her eyes shot open and her posture tensed again. Her eyes hardened.

"I wished that whenever there was a Lord of the Rings marathon on, I'd actually be able to freaking hear it," she snapped.

Kid Flash sighed, defeated. He handed her the remote and she sank back onto the couch cushions, nail polish all but forgotten. He picked up his sandwich again and bit into it—but he didn't taste a single bite.

He wanted to talk to her again like that…with all the barriers down. With all the walls torn apart. With nothing separating them.

And he vowed that he would. Someday. Someday soon.

Maybe even tomorrow.


Wow. What a pathetic cliffy.

In my defense, I didn't really plan for Jinx to sound like such a jerk. It just...happened. And I didn't want Kid Flash to be such a...minion. I wrote this at eleven o' clock, people!

Wow. I'm insane.

Okay. Don't hate me, dudes.

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