For the Love of Bewilderment; A New Kind of Love Story
Chapter One-Penny for Your Thoughts
"When things begin to shift and changes around you do not be afraid, maybe it is just life telling you something incredible is about to be unfold."

Wednesday, June 5, 2006; 3:30 PM

It had been fifteen days since graduation night. Veronica almost didn't get on the plane to New York City, but she guess her selfish side got the best of her and somehow she wanted to escape it all, knowing that she was indeed raped the night of Shelley Pomroy's end of the year party, finding out that the bus crash was planned, and watching a person that until that night was my friend; Cassidy "Beaver" Casablanca's was responsible for all three. It was a stressful evening, plus the whole thinking that her dad had died, also the cause of Beaver. Oh, Veronica almost forgot, Logan's dad being murdered, which personally she believed he got what was coming to him, although she would never admit that to Logan even if she personally thought he knew it too. It wasn't Veronica's place.

Veronica was back from her trip and wished, or maybe even had hoped, that everything would go back to normal. The normal that was once in her life before her best friend was murder by her once boyfriend's, her present boyfriend, father. But she should know better to think anything was ever going to be normal again.

She was on her way to Mac's house; Mac had called Veronica during her stay in New York insisting that she meet with her the moment Veronica got in town. So here she was speeding down the familiar street wondering what Mac needs to tell her. Given her boyfriend did just kill himself thirteen days ago but, still, what else is there to talk about? She didn't exactly sound broken on her voicemail.

Veronica reached for her cell phone as it was singing Logan's ringtone. "Hello" Veronica said in a tone she so often reserved for him.

"Hey bobcat, I am guessing you are off the plane since you are answering your phone. I was thinking we could go out to dinner at our place later?"

"Yeah that sounds great, um I am on my way over to Mac's house right now but let's say sevenish?" She said, hoping the talk with Mac allows her that much time.

There was silence on the other end for a few moments. "Tell her I have been thinking about her. It sucks what happened to Beav. I mean it sucks even more that he you know, raped you. If I could I would bring him back to beat the living-"

"Yeah, I know Logan. And I am very flattered, I am but, this has been extremely hard for Mac. I gotta be there for her, even if it's hard for me." Veronica said, meaning every word of it.

"Yeah, I know. And I love you for it. So it's a date at seven over at McNeil's?"

Veronica half hazard turned onto Mac's street, "Yes it is most certainly a date. Bye tiger." She laughed at her nickname for Logan.

"I love it when you call me that." Logan whispered before they hung up.

Mac was waiting on her porch with two pieces of paper, small rectangular slabs of paper. She looked relieved as she saw Veronica pull up. Veronica wasn't even out of her car yet and she is making a bee-line towards her. "Whoa there Bessie, what is going on?" Veronica asked her.

"You see these?" Mac held up the two pieces of paper. "Dick bought two tickets to the Blink 182 concert Friday for him and me."

Veronica looked at Mac as if she had gone crazy. But then again if Dick bought tickets for him and her to a concert, Veronica would hope someone would reserve the right for her to be a little crazy. "Why?" Veronica asked while walking up to the porch.

Mac took a long sigh before sitting down. "We kind of um, made out." She spoke in a soft whisper.

"WHAT?" Veronica yelled, turning her head in disbelief.

Mac put her hand over Veronica's mouth and shushed her. "We were both kind of lonely and missing Beaver. We had a few drinks and got familiar." She shrugged; her newly colored purple highlights blew in the wind.

"Wait, you drank? You never drink!" Veronica was still trying to process that. Mac and Dick, two people who never seemed to enjoy each other's company made out like little horn dogs. "Did you two-"

"NO!" Mac wore a look of horror. She shuddered at the first thought of being in a bed with D. Casablanca. But then she thought about their recent make out session and he was wearing no shirt; man did surfing do the body good.

Veronica smiled at the dreamy look on her friend's face, but then slightly frowned. Did Mac like Dick? Veronica could not wait to talk to Logan about this over dinner. "Hey, earth to Mac?!" Veronica waved her hand in front of Mac's eyes and proceeded to snap her fingers. Finally Mac looked over at Veronica. "Where did you go just now?" Veronica asked.

Mac fiddled with the concert tickets and sighed. "Nowhere." She looked up at the sky and saw the clouds.


Wednesday, May 30, 2006; 4:23 PM

Mac had decided to go to the beach, it was the day after Veronica and her dad left to go to New York. She wasn't one to be pinned to be a beach bum, but since Beaver's death she seemed to find herself there often. It was the only thing that gave her peace, made her feel at peace. She pulled her legs closer to her body so her chin was resting on her knees. Watching the wave's crash onto shore and seeing all the kids making sand castles gave her a special kind of paradise. She averted her gaze back out to the ocean where there was only one surfer. She had always wanted to learn how to surf. It was on her list of 

things to do before she died. She was still watching the surfer for about an hour just fighting the waves, dancing with them and sliding upon them. She gasped and stood quickly when she saw the surfer with blonde, shaggy hair 'wipe out' and disappears under the strong waves, only his surf board floating up above. Instinct taking over she let her feet take her to where the water met the land, she didn't stop though, and she just kept running. Thank God I listened to my mom when she wanted me to take swimming lessons, Mac thought to herself. She was about half way out of the shallow part of the beach when the surfer appeared above the water and laughing. That laugh, it was familiar. Mac looked closer and saw that it was indeed Dick Casablanca. She just stood there, her body slowly moving with the current and just stared at him as he got back on his board. She didn't realize she was staring until his voice snapped her out of her trance.

"Hey." He waved at her and she waved back but then turned around and walked back to her spot on the sand, never looking back.

Mac wasn't sure why he had even acknowledged her presence; either he was drunk off his ass to care or it was because no one was with him. She looked back once more to see if he was acting drunk. He looked pretty sober, even though she really loathed Dick she did know a lot about him, more than he probably knew he let on. And one of those things is when Dick Casablanca was drunk or not. Turning her head, she continued to walk towards her spot.

"Mac, wait up!"

Mac ignored him, figuring he could walk himself over to where she was now sitting, with her right leg overlapping the other.

"What are you doing?" Dick asked her once he was in hearing distance and took a spot semi close to Mac and rested his body on his hands.

"What do you want?" Mac glared, he was seriously cramping her peace here.

"I just thought I would sit next to you and ask you a question but I guess you are to 'P.M.S.' right now. Later…" He got up head back to the ocean.

"Watching the clouds." Mac spoke up, causing Dick to turn around and look at her a bit perplexed.


Mac chuckled a bit at his short term memory he obviously didn't know he had. "You asked me what I was doing, I am watching the clouds." Mac squinted up and the perfectly sculptured Casablanca and was surprised when she received a genuine smile.


"Wow, something is seriously on your mind Mac, and I am ordering you to fess up, now!" Veronica tried to look dead serious but couldn't keep her act up and busted out with a girly laugh.

"I don't know Veronica; I am just acting like a silly school girl." Mac waved the topic off and stood up. "Want to come in and eat dinner? My mother is making her famous chicken, cheese enchiladas." Mac said with the best persuasive voice she had.

Veronica pouted shortly because she already had plans and Mac's mother's enchiladas are beyond amazing. "That sounds very tempting but my man wants to ravish me." She laughed. "Logan is taking me out to dinner in about half an hour so I need to get going. Are you sure you don't need to talk about that other Casablanca?" Veronica put her hand on Mac's arm.

Mac shook her head. "No, I am good, fine. Go have fun. I am fine, really." Mac insisted.

"Okay, call me if you need me or need me and my taser when Dick gets on your nerves." Veronica winked and walked to her car.

Later that night; 7:15 PM

Veronica was impatiently tapping her foot while watching a rerun of 'Rosanne' on Nick at Night and waiting for Logan to pick her up for their date. She kept glancing at the front door to see if she would see his outline through the door.

Her dad took notice of this scene and stood up from where he was sitting, at the table. "You know us Mars people don't have super human powers oppose to popular belief, so no matter how many times you stare the door down it won't blow up." He smiled and sat next to his daughter and rubbed her back encouragingly.

Veronica smirked and cocked an eyebrow. "And I thought that was the reason I had like no friends in high school, darn, this must mean no one liked me." Veronica wore a mask of fake disappointment.

Keith Mars smiled and looked up at the door then back at his daughter. "Looks like someone liked you."

Veronica followed his gaze and couldn't help but smile. She hated feeling all gushy and lovey dovey around a boy, but Logan Echolls wasn't just any boy. He was special. Someone she trusted her whole self with. "Hey I was starting to think you decided I wasn't as good as a catch since before I left for New York." Veronica stood and grabbed her purse while Logan smiled.

"Never, you are always a catch." Logan kissed Veronica's temple and told Keith that he would have her home safe. Keith nodded and said, "Go have fun you crazy kids."

Once the two were away from her apartment Logan took her in his arms and kissed her senseless. It had been a long week without that vanilla scent which drove him crazy. And her kisses, damn, it was like each kiss was their first. She made him drunk with desire each time. Veronica stopped them both and breathed in deeply, trying to catch her breath. "We can't, we need to stop. I want you, badly, but not badly enough against the outer wall of the apartment that I share with my father who by the way would have your ass if he caught us." Veronica was still breathing heavily with her forehead pressed against Logan's.

Logan complied and kissed her once more and then looked at her with such compassion.

The car ride to the restaurant was comfortably quiet. Logan never let go of his grasp of Veronica's hand all the way and he would kiss her sweetly at stop lights.

Once they were in the restaurant they immediately walked to their usual spot by the window.

"So, my apartment is pretty empty since, well, it isn't empty per say because Dick is there, just my room. I wonder what old papa Mars would think about you moving in with me." Logan wiggled his eyebrows, grabbing her hands across the table.

Veronica smiled and leaned in towards him more, making him think that she was going to give him a peck. "Remember what I said about my dad having your ass if he ever found us doing anything further than first base? Yeah try and imagine him ripping your manly parts off with his wolverine claws and feeding them to the sharks. Because that, my wonderful boyfriend, is what will happen if you even try and ask him that question." She scrunched her nose in that cute way that drove Logan nuts and made him agree and understand everything that she said whether she had made any sense at all. "Okay sugarplum. Can't blame a man for trying." Logan kissed her nose as the waitress came over to them.

They ordered each what they wanted and then went back to simply enjoying each other's company.

"Wait here, I need to go drain the water gun." Logan kissed her quickly. Veronica laughed softly at his attempt of announcing he had to go to the bathroom.

Veronica sat there and watched the other guest. But one particular table caught the better side of her attention. There was Dick Casablanca sitting with a woman that looked a little too old for him and way too much plastic attachments if you asked Veronica. She stood up and decided to have some fun with little Dickie.

"Excuse me, sorry to interrupt this little dinner, but I need to talk to my little brother." Veronica grabbed Dick's collar and yanked him to the hallway beside the table but far enough away that the woman wouldn't hear their conversation.

"Bad Dick!" Veronica hit the back of his head, making Dick yelp out in pain.

Rubbing the back of his head Dick tried to compose himself to look like it didn't faze him. Veronica saw this and hit him, hard, on the arm. "Jesus Christ Ronnie, what's got you all sexually frustrated?" Dick spoke.

Veronica rolled her eyes at his question. "Sexually frustrated? Me?" Veronica pointed to herself in disbelief. "No, you are the one who is so obviously frustrated down there."

"You know me so well. So why did you pull me over, want a quickie?" Dick pursed his lips into a smirk.

Veronica raised her hand to her mouth and bent over with disgust. Then cleared her throat. "Sorry, I think I threw up a little in my mouth just now."

Dick rolled his eyes. "So if that wasn't the reason, what was? And try to make this quick, I have a date." Dick nudge his head towards the woman in her thirties at their table.

Veronica waved her hand in that direction and scoffed. "That is what you call a date? You are even dumber than I thought, she is a gold digger. But whatever; on with it. Did you not buy tickets for Mac for a Blink 182 concert Friday? And didn't you guys share a intimate moment?" Veronica raised her eyebrows, waiting for an explanation.

Dick looked like he had just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "Um…Yeah…so what?" He shrugged and flip his bangs out of his eyes.

"So what?" Veronica laughed as she pulled out her taser. "Want to tell me again Dickie?"

Dick backed up. "Fine, I bought the tickets for her to take someone to the concert with her, not for the two of us to go together." He brought his hands up in defense.

"Did you tell her that?" Veronica pressed.

"Yeah," Dick mumbled while starting to walk off.

"Really?" Veronica found it very hard to believe that load of bull shit.

"Ow! God damn it Veronica. What the hell was that for?" Dick yelled.

"Um, oh…I don't know. Just felt like you deserved that. Have fun with your plastic doll tonight. And stay the hell away from Mac or you will have more fun time with Mr. Taser here." Veronica angrily waved her favorite weapon of choice and walked off leaving behind a dumbfounded and silent Dick.

"Where did you go babe?" Logan asked as Veronica made it back to the table and sat down with a loud sigh.

"Nothing just had a little talk with a client of my dad's." Logan didn't believe her but didn't press the subject.

Veronica took a sip of her water and sent a glare to Dick across the restaurant. Why is Dick such a…dick? Veronica asked herself.

Thursday, June 8, 2006; 2:04 AM

The night with Meredith went well-minus the bitching from Veronica Mars. They had gone out to dinner and then went to her house and screwed. Who cares if the lady was thirty-nine or that she was a gold digger or if she had a husband away on business. Dick just had the most amazing sex ever.

Dick sighed as he plopped down on his king sized bed. But it did suck the conversation he had had with Veronica. He had lied. His intentions were to go to the concert with Mac and to have a good time. But 

then, his old self took over when Veronica came back. He wasn't sure why; probably because she would have his balls if he tried to touch her.

He had started to enjoy Mac's company. For awhile, when Veronica was in New York, he like to think she was his best friend. Dick immediately sat up from his former position and put his head in his hands. I sound like a girl.


Wednesday, May 30, 2006; 4:25 PM

"So do you look at clouds often? Or is this just a distraction?" Dick countered.

Mac scoffed at his remark. "Trust me; I have other ways that I could distract you." Mac pursed her lips which didn't hold and turned into a sly smile.

Dick ignored the launch in his stomach and just shrugged off her comment. "So, that one up there looks like a duck." Dick pointed up in the sky aimlessly.

"Where?" Mac asked, sounding not convinced.

"There! Oh my God, I can't believe you don't see it!" Dick laughed freely.

"Oh I see it now." Mac quickly answered. Before she could react Dick had his face only inches to hers and searched her eyes intently. "Wha-?" Mac breathed. Dick smirked and leaned back to his spot. "just checking to see if you are lying."

Mac regained her composer. "And?"

"You were totally telling the truth." Dick smiled. Mac laughed nervously but relaxed.

Dick continued to watch the waves and the sun set. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Dick slightly turned his head to look at Mac. She was just staring out across the ocean and looked so incredibly beautiful. Wait, did I just think that? Dick asked himself with surprise. No matter how much Dick tried to ignore the launch his stomach continued to do, he realized that he was, for the first time, really and truly noticing Mac.


"Fuck it!" Dick said as he walked to his shower.

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