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For the Love of Bewilderment: A New Kind of Love Story
Chapter: Nine (PART ONE)-Yellow
Look at the stars, look how they shine for you and everything you do.

"Check it out bro," Dick said as he laid a brochure in front of Logan on the couch.

Logan looked it over and read aloud, "Come join us this holiday weekend at Old Papa's beach resort with luxurious cottages and the ocean as your backyard." He turned to Dick. "You want us to go there for Fourth of July? Awe shucks, you shouldn't have Dickie."

Dick rolled his eyes. "No jerk off, you, Ronnie, Mackie and me." He said as he sat down next to Logan.

Logan nodded and flipped through the pages. "Mac's parent's and V's dad are never going to allow them to be alone with us for an entire weekend Dick." He sat back and turned on the TV.

"Yeah and I thought about that, what if Mac and Ronnie just say they are staying there by themselves? They'd go for that right? And you and I can just randomly pop up there!" Dick grinned, proud of his plan.

Logan thought about that. "That might work for Mac; I don't know about Keith, he is still growing on me dating his daughter again. But I will call Veronica now." Logan got up to go to his room.

Dick sat back and smiled. His plan was working and he couldn't wait to be with Mac the entire weekend.

"So you and Dick both love each other, hm…" Veronica nodded as she moved her feet in the pool at her apartment complex.

Mac smiled and pushed back on her back to float in the water. "Yeah, you should have seen his face when I told him. We were dancing at the reception and he like stopped dancing momentarily and then grinned like the little boy he is and then he dipped me backwards and kissed me." Mac smiled big at the memory.

Veronica was going to say something sarcastic about Dick being so cheesy when her phone rang. "Hello?" She answered.

"Hey Bobcat!"

"Hello boy of mine, what's up?" She smiled. Okay so maybe she was a cheesy romantic at heart.

"Well Dick just thought up something actually made sense."

"Really? Do tell I have a feeling these opportunities won't come around often." Veronica laughed and watched Mac get out of the pool and grab her towel.

"He was thinking us four should go to Old Papa's Beach Resort for the Fourth."

"Ohh, well sounds great! Let's do it!" Veronica replied as she stood as well and walked over to her towel as well.

"Really…really? What about your dad?"

"He and Alicia apparently are going out of town for a romantic weekend or something. So I am in and I am sure Mac can too, but let me asked her she's over here right now." Veronica said.

"Okay, cool,"

Veronica turned to Mac. "How would you feel about joining Logan and Dick with me this weekend at a cottage?" Veronica grinned and pulled her towel around her.

Mac sat down on a lawn chair and thought about it. A whole weekend with her closet friends and Dick. A whole weekend with Dick. "Sure!" Mac smiled and laid down on the lawn chair, pulling her towel off to tan. She wasn't normally the type to tan but the weather was just so perfect she couldn't pass it up.

"Okay cool we will leave in the morning then!" Logan said and then hung up as Dick walked into the room.

"We on?" Dick tried to hide his excitement.

"Yes, tomorrow around ten, after Keith leaves for his weekend with Wallace's mom." Logan said as he walked over to the bar and grabbed a soda. "I was thinking, we should go over to V's, Mac's over there with her and I think they are swimming…" Logan raised an eyebrow and laughed when Dick grabbed his keys and headed for the door.

"So my dad won't be home till late how about you stay over and we can order a pizza or Italian and watch Desperate Housewives reruns on the Lifetime channel." Veronica suggested as they both were laying in the sun. The afternoon was dying and soon it wouldn't be bright enough to tan.

"Yeah that sounds good. I can tell my parents that we are leaving really early tomorrow and it would be easier for me to stay over." Mac replied.

"We can go over there later and get your stuff." Veronica said after a few minutes. The weather was just so nice and it relaxed her all over.

Both girls heard the gate open and shut but figured it was one of the neighbors.

"So are you and Dick, you know, active?" Veronica asked and then felt water on her, like from a water gun or spray hose. "What the heck?" She said as she sat up and saw Logan and Dick on the other side of the pool laughing and spraying.

"Cut it out whoever you are!" Mac sat up as well and saw the boys too. "What the crap Dick!" She stood and started running around the pool.

Dick yelped and started running the other way.

"Oh Dick," Veronica shook her head and watched him run around the pool to her side. When he passed by her she shoved him into the pool.

Mac started busting up laughing and held her hand up to high five Veronica. "Nice Bond." She nodded and then felt Logan's hands pick her up at the waist and throw her in the pool as well.

As Mac resurfaced she felt Dick's arms around her. "You are so getting it Echolls!" She glared.

"Hey girlfriend," Dick whispered in Mac's ears. His warm breath on her neck gave her chills in the cool pool.

"Hello boyfriend. Are you being a child today?" She asked as she settled in his arms more comfortably and felt him nod.

"You are sneaky, both of you." Veronica smiled and shook her head.

Logan just took in her black two piece bikini and her wavy hair, dried from the breeze.

Veronica leaned forward and kissed him. She pulled back when she felt water being splashed at them. "Hey" She looked over at Mac and Dick who were splashing them.

After an hour of swimming and doing jumps off the diving board the four were settled in Logan's new Land Rover.

"So I really like this car Logan." Mac said as she looked around the car.

They were all going to the suite so the boys could change since they were wet from swimming and then they were going over to Mac's house then to a movie.

Dick grabbed Mac's hand in his and brought it to his lips to press a kiss on it, making Mac blush. Since the radio was now on it was drowning out Logan and Veronica's conversation. "Do you know how hard it was for me to not jump you the moment we got here? Shit, you have no clue what the color green on you does to me." Dick pulled on Mac's hand until Mac unbuckled her seatbelt and scooted over so her legs were now dangling over his knees. "I love you," He whispered and rested his forehead against her shoulder.

"I love you," Mac said back and grinned. Now that she had finally told him how much she loved him, they said it all the time. It never got old either. Mac ran her hand through his hair and pressed a light kiss on his temple.

"Okay are you girls coming up with us?" Logan asked as he put the car in park and unbuckled. He turned slightly to look at Mac and Dick and let out a playful 'awe'.

Mac rolled her eyes and sat back in her seat. "No, I think we can stay here." Mac ignored the pout on Dick's face as he unbuckled as well.

When both boys' doors shut Veronica turned around and laughed with Mac when Dick tried tripping Logan as they were walking inside the Grand.

"So what were you and the little lady whispering about in the back seat?" Logan wiggled his eyebrows at Dick as they entered their suite.

Dick either didn't hear Logan or chose not too and walked into his room.

Logan just shook his head and headed into his room as well.

Dick got into his bathroom and saw the picture of him and Mac at the beach. Veronica had taken it with her big ass camera then Mac printed it out and put it in a frame and gave it to Dick. Dick put it in the bathroom next to the sink. He smiled and picked the frame up. He was so freaking lucky for her in his life. He made a promise to himself that he would never mess that up.

"Dude, can you be anymore cheesy?"

Dick set the frame down and glared at his bff.

"Seriously, you two are for real aren't you?" Logan asked as he stayed in the door, smiling genuinely at Dick, almost sentimental.

Dick stuck his hands in his pockets and nodded, biting his cheek. "Uh yeah we uh love each other." He couldn't fight the huge grin on his face.

Logan smiled too. Glad the never-settle-down-Dick finally settled down with someone. "That's great man, really. I take it back about being cheesy."

"Thanks, she's really special Logan. I am so lucky. Sometimes I look at her and I get lost and I just wonder what I did to get her." Dick looked at the ground. "She's the Peyton to my Lucas." He shrugged.

"Dude, now I am saying it again, stop being so goddamn cheesy. And stop watching One Tree Hill episodes on the soap channel. I am going to have it blocked soon." Logan pointed at Dick and then walked out.

"Oh shut up man, you know Ronnie is the Haley to your fucking Nathan! You watch those episodes too!" Dick yelled back, inwardly chuckling as he started the shower.

"Gosh they are taking forever!" Veronica exasperated as she put her hand on her forehead.

"They sure are how about we go up there." Mac said as she got out of the SVU.

"Okay," Veronica agreed and followed.

Once they got to the door Veronica knocked on it loudly incase one of the boys were in their room.

Logan opened the door. "Sorry," He cringed and stood aside to let them in. "I think Dick is still in his room packing." Logan said as he went back into his room, Veronica following.

As Mac walked into Dicks room she saw a suitcase on the bed, opened with a variety of different clothes thrown in. But what made Mac smile the most was the picture of her and him at the beach. When she heard a throat being cleared she spun around to see her boyfriend in only a towel wrapped around his lower waist, so low that Mac could clearly see his hip bones, you know that 'V' shape they get? Yeah, Mac was staring.

"Damn baby, you can close your mouth now." Dick smirked as he came closer to Mac.

Mac rolled her eyes. "Whatever, I was admiring your toothpaste mustache."

Dick felt his lips and felt left over toothpaste foam on his upper lip. "Shit," He ran back into the bathroom.

Mac laughed and began folding Dick's clothes. She found a small box of condoms. She looked behind her and stared at Dick who was wiping his mouth and combing his hair.

I guess it's good he is going to be prepared…

"Hey babe, you want to pick my outfit?" Dick asked in a begging voice.

Mac swallowed and shoved the paraphernalia back in the suitcase and scoffed. "Want me to feed you too?" She asked rhetorically.

"Sure if that's your thing." Dick shrugged and walked out.

Mac shook her head as she picked out some forest green cargo shorts and a dark blue plain tee. She loved the plain tees on him for some reason.

Dick licked his lips at the sight of Mac standing on her tip toes to reach in the top drawer. Her calves are stretching and her butt popped out too. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, kissing down her neck. "You look so cute," He rubbed her ass with his right hand. "I am always so mesmerized by you," He whispered huskily in her ear.

Mac closed her eyes and tried to focus. She knew Logan and Veronica were going to walk into Dick's room at any minute and she needed to get to her house before the movie. "Dick, we still need to go to my house, we're going to be late." She forced out.

"Let them leave without us," Dick turned Mac around and began kissing up to her mouth.

Mac couldn't help but whimper and throw her arms around his neck.

Dick picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked over to shut and lock his door.

As he walked them back to his bed Mac whipped her shirt off and started kissing him harshly.

Dick pulled back and had to catch his breath at the sight before him and what that sight was doing. "Are you sure?" He asked, breathing heavily.

Mac bit her lip and nodded as she pulled at his towel.

Dick tried to laugh at her eagerness but it came out as a stifled and harsh breathy moan. "God Mac," He said and threw them down onto his bed. He dug his hands in her thick hair and kissed her as her feet found his hips and began pushing the towel down his butt.

Mac giggled as her feet caressed his soft ass. She was about to make a comment about his butt being as soft as a baby's bottom when Dick pushed her bra up to under her neck and sucked on her right nipple while massaging the other breast. "Oh," She moaned and pulled her right leg up further than she thought possible and rubbed his shoulders.

Dick felt her foot all the way up at his shoulders and grew even harder at the thought of her being very flexible.

Mac felt the pressure around her chest and reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Then lifted it off, flinging it somewhere in the room before running her hands through his hair. "I love you," She breathed and felt him pulled himself up on his elbows.

"I fucking love you too Mackie, shit, I have wanted this for so long," He said as he touched her thigh. Then he unzipped her shorts. He looked up at her from under his eyelashes as he tugged them down her thighs and grinned when she was wearing her bikini bottoms that tied at the hips. "God, I love you,"

"So I am guessing I should find a different movie time?" Veronica pursed her lips while her head was resting on Logan's chest as yet another scream from Mac was heard in the living room.

Logan took another glance at Dick's door and heard another 'Oh my god, Dick!' and turned up the volume of the latest One Tree Hill episode viewing on the Soap channel. "Better, I know Dick and he isn't even finished yet."

Veronica sat up and swatted Logan. "Ew!" She then stood up and walked over to her bag and pulled out the movie times.

"Oh shit!" Veronica turned to see her boyfriend laughing. "Haley just bitch slapped that whore Rachel-OH and threw her drink in her face!" She just shook her head and continued reading the times. Since it was now four o'clock and their original movie time was 4:05 she didn't see them catching that one on time so she decided on the 6:35 one. Giving them time to still go over to Mac's and for Dick to finish his 'works' on Mac. Veronica shuddered at that thought.

"So we should go to the six thirty-five one and if they aren't done snuggling we are going by ourselves mister!" Veronica ordered and sat back down next to Logan. "You tell her hunny," Veronica said glaring at the redhead who tried to break up her favorite couple. "Punch the bitch." She smirked. "Damn whore trying to mess with Naley."

Logan chuckled but brought her closer to his body, letting his girlfriend vent about the shows storyline.

"Seriously who does this redheaded slut think she is I mean…why the frak did they even put her on the show? Plus to think that a hormonal pregnant woman wasn't going to beat her ass it's a good thing Skills stopped Haley!" Veronica fumed.

Logan kissed her and patted her head. "You tell 'em bobcat."

Mac arched forward when Dick hit her G-spot. Her nails were digging into his skin and her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist as he pushed in and out of her at a comfortable pace. "Mmmm, Dick! Yes!" She yelled.

Dick's palms were flat on the mattress beside Mac and he was staring directly into her eyes. Even though her eyes were looking down between their bodies, he was still staring at her. This was their first time, their first fucking time and it was pretty awesome; it wasn't even the slightest bit awkward. As cheesy as it may sound, they fit perfectly.

Mac started thrusting upwards to quicken up the pace to reach her release. It just felt so good and she would blush at that thought if she wasn't so turned on. Feeling completely confident all of a sudden, Mac flipped them over and started riding his shaft fast and hard.

"Fuck Mac," Dick laid his head on the pillow and smiled, laughing harshly as he felt his release urging on. He rested his hands on her lower hips, where they curved into her ass and gripped them, moving her faster up and down. "Shit yeah Mac, just like that, fuck!" He cursed and bit his lip from crying out any louder. He raised his head slightly off the bed and groaned. "Come here," He leaned further to Mac and she met him for a smoldering kiss, a messy one at that.

Mac smiled as she snuck her tongue into Dick's mouth and started massaging his with her own. "You like that?" She whispered against his mouth and began grinding her ass against him in quick jerky movements.

Dick answered her by poking her harder and moving her hips in a much faster circular movement. They were going so fast that the bed was now squeaking. Sure, Dick had a lot of chicks in his bedroom but he was pretty sure they never made the bed squeak. "This is so hot Mackie!" He grunted as he tweaked her nipples.

Mac felt like there were millions of little energy buzzes electrifying every atom of her being and like her arms and legs turned to jello.

"Okay, I am almost there baby, what about you?" Dick gasped as he flipped them back over and pounded into her faster.

Mac just nodded and closed her eyes as she felt him arched back and scream her name.

Veronica stood up and pulled her purse on her shoulder. "Okay that is it. We are leaving." She pulled Logan up.

"But I want to find out what happens to Naley!" Logan whined.

"You do realize you just combined Nathan and Haley's names? Right? Are you ill? Let me feel your forehead." Veronica teased.

Logan laughed and shoved her hand away.

"Please, I can't stand it anymore." Veronica pouted.

Then she realized suddenly the moans and screams ceased. "uh…" She mumbled.

"See they are done. And I can finish this episode." Logan grinned and got more comfortable.

"Ugh, fine!!" She threw herself back down next to Logan.

Mac and Dick were both on their backs, breathing heavily, staring at the ceiling.

"Wow," Dick breathed, laying his hand on his forehead.

"You can say that again." Mac retorted as she ran her hands down to her stomach and smiled. She didn't know why but she rubbed her lower abdomen.

"Well then I will…wow…wow…" Dick scooted over to Mac and kissed her sweetly. "Wow." He whispered against her lips.

When Mac pulled back she smiled big. She couldn't contain herself. "That was amazing…" She whispered.

Dick grinned. "You could say that again."

Mac rolled her eyes. Then she heard the t.v. on in the living room and she gasped. "Oh my god, I totally forgot Logan and Veronica were out there!" She clasped her hand over her mouth and giggled.

Dick looked over at the door and grinned. "I guess they got a show cuz the Dick doesn't disappoint!"

Mac rolled her eyes and got out of bed, wrapping the sheet around her naked body.

"Where are you going?" Dick asked seductively as he watched her walk around the end of the bed and into his bathroom.

"I'm going to shower so my parents won't smell sex when I stop by later." She said from the bathroom.

"Well, please let me join you." Dick said and jumped out of bed.

"Oh no you don't, you will…distract me and we need to get going." Mac turned the shower on hot and pulled her hair up into a self bun and turned around, expecting him to leave.

"Come on Mackie, I can't smell like sex either…your dad would most likely kill me and you don't want that to happen do you? I don't so let me shower with you. I can wash your back and other parts…plus it will be quicker." Dick started to pull his sheet off of Mac slowly while stepping closer to her with each tug.

Mac rolled her eyes again and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Fine, but you better behave." She pointed a finger at him.

"You just remember to too." Dick smiled before ripping the sheet completely off her and throwing it into his room. Then they were laughing and in the shower.