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Summary: AU. Bella is the half vampire daughter of Charlie Swan. She is allowed to attend the academy for vampires after her father pulls some strings. There she meets Edward Cullen, the handsome teachers aid who has taken a fascination in her, especially after something changes her for the worse.

Some notes before I begin so that I don't get people telling me otherwise, the vampires in this story can have baby vampires, also they sleep sometimes.

Chapter 1,

Bella Swan hated school. She was convinced that it was a form of torture invented by the adults to squeeze every last drop of happiness from the teenagers before sending them off to be factory drones. Her best friend Alice Brandon, on the other hand, had a much sunnier outlook on their education.

"Another school year filled with more possibilities!" Alice said with a deep breath and a large smile. "Aren't you excited?"

"If I was any more excited I would die," Bella said dryly. Alice pushed Bella playfully but ended up sending her stumbling a few feet to the left.

"Sorry," Alice said, helping her to her feet. "I keep forgetting that you aren't as strong as Jasper."

"Speaking of, how is Jasper?"

"He's fine," Alice said. "He's working in the office this year as an aid."

"Lovely," Bella said. "Lets give him a hard time about it."

"Oh yes, lets," Alice agreed.

"Careful Brandon, you'll get that horrible smell all over you."

Bella closed her eyes and Alice growled. The voice was painfully familiar. It belonged to Victoria. The redheaded vampire that took it upon herself to make Bella's live miserable. Bella and Alice turned to face the tormentors. Victoria looked just the same as she always did, vivd red hair and ruby red eyes. Standing next to her was the stunning Roselie Hale. She looked as perfect as always with her golden hair spilling over one shoulder in thick waves and her ruby red eyes that always seemed to be sexy and perfectly matched with her full lips. She was the head cheerleader and the rumors were that she was going with Emmett McCarty to the homecoming dance.

Victoria unfolded her arms and walked up to Bella. "What are you doing back here?"

"I go to school here," Bella said coolly.

"Come on Bells, we'll be late for class."

"I seem to recall my father, the president of the school board, is putting forth the proposition to ban trash on school grounds," Victoria said loudly to Roselie.

"Yes, I do think this school could be a little cleaner," Roselie sniffed, clearly not interested. Bella noticed that she was looking across the school yard at the big bulking mass that was Emmett McCarty. He was tossing a football around and laughing with Jasper and a boy that Bella didn't recognize.

"Lets go," Alice said, pulling Bella away. "Can you believe those two? You'd think by our senior year they'd be over themselves."

"You'd think. But I think all of that hairspray is damaging their brains," Bella sighed. "What's up first?"

"American Government," Alice read. "Followed by World History, Psychology, Gym, Lunch, Brit. Lit, and Calculus."

"Hold up," Bella said, "switch Calculus and Gym."

"Damn. Well I guess four out of six isn't bad."

"Yeah, and we have the same lunch period," Bella said with a shrug.

"You're favorite subject," Alice teased.

"Let's just get to class," Bella sighed. "The sooner we begin the sooner the year can be over."

"Aw, Bells, be optimistic."

"Alice, I am a half human vampire in an all vampire school. This is my last year and I have managed to survive. The moment I am free I can get the hell out of this place and never come back."

"Cheery as always," Alice said with a smile. "Where are you going to go after?"

"Human society," Bella said. "At least there I won't get angry glares and hear every damn thing they all say as I pass."

"Not everybody hates you," Alice said putting an arm around her shoulders, "you've got me, and Jasper. Plus for the most part half of the student body doesn't mind you. They just don't want to be friends. It's only jerks like Victoria and Roselie that insist on being intolerant bitches."

"Jasper only likes me because you're dating him," Bella said quietly, "and yes, everybody here thinks I would be better off gone or worse."

"Then ask your mom to move you to a human school, Bells, what do you want me to say?" Alice cried, folding her arms angrily.

"What are you so mad about? You look like an angry pixie."

"Nothing," Alice sighed. "I just...Bells you're my best friend and I hate when I can't help you."

Bella smiled at her friend and put her arm around her. "Thanks Alice, I don't know what I would do without you."

"You'd probably go insane and slaughter the unsuspecting student body and then walk away cackling like a madwoman."

"I think you thought about that a little too much," Bella said, turning into the classroom. They took their seats in the back as usual. In the back, Bella believed that the whole class couldn't glare at her.

Their teacher began with role.

"Mary Alice Brandon."

"Alice!...please," Alice cried. She hated the name Mary about as much as Bella hated school.

"Um, yes, right," the woman said, scratching it out and writing the proper name in. She came down the line and hesitated at Bella's name.

"Isabella Swan."



She didn't scratch out the name and write in the new one. Bella didn't know why she continued to try.


"This place is a nightmare," Bella sighed as they walked into World History. Both girls groaned when they saw that the same teacher was there from the years before. Mr. Grunge was the meanest teacher to ever set foot in the classroom.

"I have a seating chart," he announced loudly as the students filed in.

Bella closed her eyes and bit back a growl. Alice patted her hand. It was no secret that Mr. Grunge had a deep prejudice against humans and hated Bella Swan. He was a disgusting man with black hair and uneven teeth. His pale skin looked like paper and his black eyes were like little beads in his head. His eyes were never ruby red but pitch black so he always looked underfed.

The students were ordered to stand up in front of the classroom. Grunge walked to the first desk in the front of the room and looked at his list. "Roselie Hale," he said.

Roselie glided to her seat gracefully and Grunge moved to the next seat. "Isabella Swan."

Inwardly Bella was kicking and screaming, but outwardly she walked calmly to her seat and sat beside Roselie. She could smell her sweet perfume and it made her feel sick.

"Victoria Brown," he said tapping the desk next to Bella.

Alice caught Bella's pained expression and gave her a sympathetic look in return. She was seated in the very back of the room, the furthest possible seat from Bella. With a sigh, Bella came to the conclusion that Mr. Alfred Grunge was the devil himself. When he turned his back, Victoria threw an eraser at Bella.

"Mr. Grunge, Victoria is throwing stuff at Bella!" Alice called.

"Raise your hand, Mary."

"Actually I go by Alice, you should know that after four years."

"I'll call you by your given name," Grunge snapped, "and you'll do well to remember to raise your hand."

Alice glared at him and he raised an eyebrow to challenge her. Alice didn't rise to it. She knew he would find some way to blame Bella. He was just that way.

"We'll be reviewing today, I'll ask each of you a question and you'll give me an answer..." he looked over as the door opened.

"Sorry I'm late," the man who entered said nervously. Bella felt her heart skip a beat. The man that entered was absolutely gorgeous, even by vampire standards. His messy bronze hair was oddly perfect and his eyes were a beautiful scarlet. His face looked like it was carved from marble with its square jaw and perfect lips. His voice was like velvet. Bella felt her heart start up again the moment Grunge spoke.

"Well, Mr. Cullen, better late than never," Grunge growled. "Students this is Edward Cullen, he will be my student teacher this year."

"Hi," Edward said.

"Take a seat. I'm holding a review," Grunge said, indicating to an empty seat. "As I was saying, you'll be rewarded for correct answers with the knowledge that you actually learned something. You'll be punished with an essay on the subject I asked you about. Any questions? Good."

"Roselie Hale, how many wives did Henry the eighth have?"

"Six, sir, Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr."

"Correct," Grunge growled.

"Mary Brandon,"


"Mary, Brandon, in what year did South Africa achieve independence?"

"Um...uh...shoot I know this."

"It would seem you don't," Grunge growled.

After a few more he turned his dark eyes onto Bella.

"Isabella Swan," he grinned, "what is the earliest cause of world war two?"

All eyes were on her. Bella noticed that Edward was looking at her too. What kind of question was that anyway? She had no idea how to answer that and she knew that Grunge wouldn't accept it anyway.

"The introduction of weapons to men," Bella guessed.


"Figures," Bella grumbled.

"And for your lip young lady your essay has been doubled. Ten pages by Friday or further consequences."

Three other students had to write five page essays on their subject. Mr. Grunge turned to his notes and began to lecture. Bella bit her lip and took notes as best she could. Mr. Grunge spoke quickly. So quickly that Bella's half human ears couldn't completely keep up.

No matter, she thought, Alice will have the notes.

When the bell rang Bella was out of the room in a flash. She didn't stop until she reached the back of the school where she knew she would be alone. She grabbed her sweatshirt from around her waist, bundled it up and screamed into it.

"I knew I'd find you here," Alice said, gliding out.

"I hate him! I HATE HIM!" Bella yelled. "He's horrible!"

"I know, right!"

"What am I going to do, Alice? I'm sitting next to the demon twins and Grunge has made it clear that he'll make my life miserable this year. It's the first day and already I am going insane!"

"Look at it this way," Alice said helping her up, "we only have nine months left."

"Kill me now," Bella groaned. "It'll be a mercy killing!"

"Aw, if I did that who would I copy my Calculus from?"

"Touche," Bella grumbled, smiling despite herself. Alice gave her a quick hug and used her faster speed to get them to their next class.


Lunch was the one time of the day when Bella stood out more than usual. She could eat regular food, and needed a combination of human food and blood to survive. She hated lunch time.

She stood in line with Alice, feeling the usual nausea.

"What are you getting?" Alice asked.

"I don't think I'll get anything today," Bella muttered.

Alice sighed. "I'll take some AB," she said. The lady behind the counter gave her a bottle. "Want some?"

"I feel like a cannibal," Bella groaned. "Besides, Renee made me something."

"Scary," Alice said, paying for her lunch and walking out into the dining room. Students were sitting around the tables with bottles of blood. Some brought theirs from home and some were waiting for it to cool.

"I think it's alive," Bella said, poking at the sandwich.

"Probably," Alice said, unscrewing the cap and taking a drink. "Not bad today."

"I'll take your word on that," Bella sighed. "They should start providing for alternate lifestyles."

"People hate animal blood," Alice said with a shrug. "It's just like humans and vegetables."

"I like vegetables," Bella said. "They're yummy."

"Well we've already established that you're weird."

"Says the girl that won't drink O positive because it's too fattening."

"It is!" Alice defended. She glanced over as she heard a high pitched laugh. "I see the demon twins are taking their usual A negative."

"Slimming down for homecoming," Bella shrugged. "I don't get how you guys get fat."

"I don't get it either," Alice said. "I suppose it's a lot like humans getting fat."

"Probably," Bella sighed. She took a bite of her sandwich and much to her surprise it was delicious. "So my dad called last night."

"What did he want?" Alice asked, taking another sip.

"He wants me to live with him," Bella said. "He wants me to get more exposure to his world. Besides, he says the commute is too long."

"Well if you live closer you won't have a reason to stay with me," Alice pouted.

"I'll always have a reason to stay with you Alice," Bella assured her, "you keep me from massacring the innocent student body."

"True, true," Alice agreed. "Anyway, onto more important matters. What about that new TA huh?"

"Very nice," Bella said approvingly, "mega hot."

"I know, right!" Alice cried. "Geez I shouldn't let Jasper hear that."

"Let me hear what?" Jasper asked, sliding into the seat next to Alice.

"The hottie TA," Bella said.

"Cullen? Oh yeah, I'd tap that."

"Your demon sister is sitting next to Bella in history," Alice said.

"With Victoria on the other side," Bella added.

"You're royally screwed. Grunge loves those two," Jasper leaned in close, "he has a crush on Rosie," he added in a whisper.

"What strait man doesn't?" Bella asked.

"Me," Jasper said.

"Well you just said you'd do Edward so you've given us a new reason to question," Alice teased.

"I'm hurt baby! Hurt!" Jasper sighed, clutching the place where his heart should have been.

"Jasper tell mom that I won't be home tonight. I'm staying over with Victoria."

"That's an interesting code for sex I haven't heard before," Jasper replied. Roselie gave him a look and walked by, hitting Bella in the head with her purse.

"Oops, sorry."

The girls giggled as they walked off. Bella dropped her head into her arms and groaned loudly. "Kill me, please,"

"I'll think about it," Jasper said, taking a drink of his lunch.

Bella sighed and stood up. "I'm off to the library to work on that massive essay."

"Have fun," Alice said.


Bella walked into the library to find it predictably empty. She went into the stacks and stopped at the world war two section.

"Pin the blame on the Treaty of Versailles," a velvet voice said behind her.

Bella turned quickly and saw Edward.

"I heard Grunge saying he believed that was the true cause. Although you could argue Bismarck getting the boot and the treaty with France falling through."

"Thanks," Bella said.

"No problem."

"Not to be rude but, why are you helping me?" she asked.

"Oh come now, surely you agree that it was an unfair question with an unfair punishment," Edward said with a crooked smile. Bella felt her heart stop again.

"Well, thank you anyway," Bella said, turning and walking towards the study tables.

"Your name is Isabella. Right?"

Bella turned.

"Actually, I go by Bella."

"You're the daughter of Charlie Swan right?"

Bella nodded. Edward took a few steps towards her.

"I'm Edward Cullen," he held out his hand and she took it. His hand was like ice and firm as stone. Edward closed his fingers around her hand and shook it gently. "I hope to see you around more often."

"Yeah, same here," Bella said.

Edward smiled and then left gracefully. Bella leaned against the stacks for support. Her hand was still cool from where he touched her.


Bella hated gym. She was clumsier than all the other girls and she hated the uniform. She especially didn't like The Sergeant. So she was pleasantly surprised when she learned from Alice that The Sergeant retired.

"The new guy is alright," Alice said. "Not great."

So with that preparation, Bella went into the gym. She sat with the others in the back and shortly after their teacher walked in. He was average sized in height and build. His long dark sandy hair was pulled back into a pony tail and he wore a white t-shirt. His eyes were black and red like every other vampire only his made Bella feel uncomfortable.

"Hello class my name is James and you will call me as such. I don't do titles. Welcome to gym."

Bella felt a cold shiver when James spoke. It was probably because the entire time he didn't take his eyes off of her.


So I hope this will turn out well and be well received. There will be some graphic scenes later so just to warn you now it's rated for a reason. I plan to get more in depth about the societies as the story goes. Anyway, review and enjoy!