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Chapter 12,

It went against everything he stood for as a doctor, but taking James's life filled Carlisle with a sick joy. Charlie seemed to understand that ultimately the kill belonged to Carlisle, so after they had kicked James around for the better part of ten minutes, Charlie stepped back, nodding at Carlisle.

"You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this," Carlisle said.

"D-don't kill me," James rasped.

"Do you know how we found you?" Carlisle asked his eyes burning with an unfamiliar rage. "Bella sent Edward a message. You lost your complete control over her."

"But not over your wife," James spat.

"I found you," Carlisle growled. With one swift roundhouse kick James's head ripped from his body and flew across the dance hall.

"I'll send a clean up crew," Charlie said, putting his hand on Carlisle's shoulder. "It's over now."

"I need to go tend to Bella's wounds," Carlisle said quietly. "Sorry you had to see me at my worst, but that felt good."

"I understand," Charlie said. "You alright?"

"Yeah," Carlisle said, brushing the back of his hand against a cut on his cheek. "Yeah I think everything is going to be just fine."

The fathers returned to their children. Edward looked up from the floor where he had laid Bella. "Look at Alice first, she's just resting."

Carlisle nodded and turned his attention to Alice. He examined her quickly. "Have you called an ambulance?"

"Yes, they're on their way. It's a blizzard out there."

"Of course it is," Carlisle mumbled.

"Alice? Bella?!"

"In here," Edward called.

Jasper came running in and fell to his knees by Alice. "Love, I'm here."

"She ODed on venom," Carlisle said, "James put enough in her to take down an elephant."

"Oh god," Jasper breathed. "Will she be okay?"

"I can't say now. There is nothing I can do until I get her in the hospital. Support her head though. Make her comfortable."

"Yes, sir," Jasper said. He moved so Alice was resting her head on his knees. Her breathing was slow and heavy. She was still completely paralyzed. Carlisle turned his attention to Bella.

"Bella I need you to look at me," he said gently.

"Too tired," Bella mumbled.

"I know, but just a little longer."

Edward gently rubbed her forehead and the top of her head while Carlisle examined her. "Broken wrist," he said. He hit the bench beside them and grabbed some of the fractured wood. He fashioned a splint for her and Edward tore the bottom of his t-shirt. Carlisle took the strip of fabric and tied it around the splint.


"Sorry," Carlisle said. "It has to be sturdy."

"Still, ow."

Carlisle chuckled and patted her head. He opened his bag and pulled out a small light. "Bella follow this with your eyes."

Bella watched the light go from side to side. "That hurts," she mumbled.

"What does?"

"The light hurts my eyes."

"That's nothing, your eyes are tired," Carlisle said. "Do you have a headache?"

"It was smashed against a wall."

"I'm a doctor it is my job to ask stupid questions," Carlisle smiled. "Your sensitivity to light will most likely have come from that. Don't worry."

Carlisle was wrapping some of her wounds when the EMTs arrived and took her back to the hospital.


"How is she?" Bella asked, walking into Alice's room. Jasper looked up.

"You look like you're trying to escape."

Bella looked at her clothing. She was wearing a robe over her hospital gown and slippers. Her hand was in a cast and she had several bandages.

"She hasn't woken up yet but Dr. Cullen says soon," Jasper said. He was holding her hand and Bella could tell that if he had tears he would be crying nonstop. Carlisle had drained most of the venom from her body but it left her weak.

"It's only been a day," Bella sighed, "I guess we can't expect these things overnight."

"No, I don't suppose we can," Jasper sighed. "Are you okay?"

"I hit a nurse when she tried to change my bandages because I thought it was him."

Jasper chuckled and patted her knee.

"In my defense she snuck up on me," Bella defended.

"I'm glad you're safe, Bells," Jasper said giving her a hug, "you are very dear to me."

When the hug broke Bella smiled at her friend and stood. "I should get back before Charlie thinks I'm making a break for it."

"I'll stop by in a little while to keep you company," Jasper said.

"Okay. Emmett and Roselie are stopping by later too," Bella said. Jasper nodded and went back to Alice.

"Oh! Miss Swan is everything okay?" A nurse asked as she saw me.

"No, I'm fine, I was just going to see my friend."

The nurse nodded and walked off. Bella returned to her room and saw it was empty. There were get well balloons and flowers everywhere from people at school. There was a massive basket full of chocolates and other sweets from Aro that made Bella laugh. The king himself had come to see her a few times and once again stepped up his status as Bella's favorite of the three.

Bella went to the window and looked out. She heard someone behind her and saw the reflection in the window. She jumped and turned.

"It's just me," Edward said holding up his hands.

"I know," Bella sighed, "I'm just...spastic."

"No," Edward said softly wrapping his arms around her waist. He kissed her head. "You're normal.

Bella sighed and leaned into him. She loved the way his cold body felt against hers and the way she fit so perfectly in his arms. She knew it was over. She knew that James was dead and he was never going to come for her again but that didn't stop the nightmares. That didn't stop the whispering in her head.

"I keep expecting him to show up," Bella said finally, "I expect him to appear and take me again."

"Bella he's dead," Edward assured her, "Charlie watched the squad burn his body himself. Besides even if he somehow did find a way to come after you, I wouldn't let him take you again."

Bella turned in Edward's arms and wrapped hers tight around his neck. "I'm scared, Edward. I still feel him inside of my mind. When I sleep he's there and when I'm awake I'm worrying about the next time I'm going to sleep. I can't eat, I can't focus, I'm falling apart!"

"Maybe it's this place," Edward suggested. "Dad said that you'll be released in a few days. Maybe you just need a nice warm bed to sleep in."

"Sleep isn't the problem," I sighed, pulling away from him and walking around my room. "I feel like I'm in a prison and I'll be moving to a new one. Charlie is so worried about me that I'll be under watch again."

"Well I understand where his worry is coming from, sweetheart," Edward said, sitting on her bed and watching her pace. "You are a magnet for trouble."

"It seems so," Bella sighed.

"Come lay down," Edward said, "you won't heal any faster if you keep aggravating yourself."

"I'm not aggravating myself!" Bella said hotly.

Edward stood up and pulled her gently to the bed. He swept her off her feet and tucked her in. "Comfy?"

"No," Bella huffed, turning her head away from him and folding her arms even though the bulky cast on her wrist took away from the effect. Edward smiled and sat on the bed with her, pulling her against his body and kissing her forehead softly.

"How about now?" he whispered, brushing his thumb against her cheek.

"Mmm I think I can get used to this," Bella sighed. They snuggled together under the covers and Edward held Bella as she drifted off into sleep. He closed his eyes. He felt a little tired but not enough for the deep sleeps he would enjoy as a child. He hugged Bella tight and kissed her lightly. He wanted to dream about her. Soon after he fell into a rare and light sleep.

Carlisle walked into the room silently and saw the pair asleep on the bed. He smiled and ducked out of the room silently. He saw Charlie in the hall.

"You might want to wait a little bit," Carlisle said. "They're sleeping."

"They're? As in not just my innocent baby girl?" Charlie asked stiffly.

"Like you've never slept innocently beside a woman," Carlisle said with a raised eyebrow.

Charlie thought briefly to Renee falling asleep in his arms while he dozed lightly beside her. "That's different."

"Whatever you say," Carlisle sang walking off.

Charlie grumbled nonsense after him and sighed when he realized that if things kept going this way they're probably be in-laws.


Alice woke sometime during Bella's sleep and after sharing a welcome back kiss, went into Bella's room.

"Bella wake up I'm alive!" Alice cried.

"Only you could OD on venom and be perky when you wake up," Bella groaned. Edward chuckled and got out of bed and gave Alice a hug. "No, don't support her!"

"Admit it Bells you were worried," Alice said skipping over to her and landing on the bed. She sat on her knees and took Bella's hands, "can you ever forgive me?"

"For waking me up?" Bella asked.

"No! For almost getting you killed! I can't believe I didn't see that coming quicker! Bells I should have known that it was him. I'm a horrible friend!"

"No," Bella said with a shrug, "you're just a horrible psychic."

"So you aren't angry?"

Bella could hardly believe that Alice thought she was, but she was genuinely worried. She looked at her with big dark eyes that looked so out of place in her pixie like face. "I'm not angry," Bella said.

Alice fell forward and trapped her in a hug. "Oh Bella I'm so happy that you're okay."

"Me too," Bella sighed, hugging her tight. "I was so scared that he killed you. He said he was going to after he killed me. Edward and Charlie and Carlisle got there in time."

"Thanks to your texting," Edward reminded her.

"So you'll get better just in time to go back to school!" Alice said with forced joy. "We graduate this spring!"

"I have to take my finals," Bella groaned. "Edward! I'll love you forever if you help me study!"

"Hm, I'll have to think about it," Edward said with a small smile. Bella pouted and he laughed. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Rest for now, love."

"Fine," Bella huffed, sinking into the bed.


Bella's spring semester wasn't nearly as dramatic as the previous one. Her father had taken paranoia to the next level when there was a guard waiting for her at the end of every school day. Bella knew that it was because he loved her and wanted her to be safe, but it was a little humiliating. The entire school knew the general idea of what had happened to her. They knew that she had been stalked and attacked and James was killed.

Victoria had been livid. She attacked Bella at lunch but had been surprised to find that it wasn't Alice, Jasper or Emmett who managed to defend her first, but Roselie.

"So what you're on her side now?" Victoria snapped after Roselie pushed her back.

"It's not about sides," Roselie said calmly. "It's about you being a bitch and Bella being one of the sweetest people in my life. She's my friend and I don't take kindly to people hurting my friends."

By that time the entire cafeteria had been watching and after that afternoon they started laying off knowing what kind of protection Bella had.

Graduation was a quiet affair. The three girls all got ready together and when they walked across the stage their boyfriends cheered the loudest.

"Congratulations my love," Edward said softly when it was all over. Bella smiled at him and hugged him tight.

Emmett, who looked simply ridiculous in his yellow gown, came to Bella and hugged her so tight she was sure her ribs were going to break. "We made it!" he cheered, pulling Alice into the hug as well. Jasper backed up before the bear like hand could reach him as well.

"Em I want to be able to breathe after this!" Bella cried with a smile. Emmett put the girls down and turned to Roselie.

"You look like a ray of sunshine," he said softly. Roselie smiled and kissed him softly. Bella and Alice watched with smiles and small giggles. Emmett was so tall that Roselie had to reach up on her tip toes but it was so cute to see the cheerleader blonde kissing her goofy quarterback.

"So what's up next for you guys?" Edward asked Jasper as he slid her arm around Bella's shoulders.

"We're going to be moving in together," Jasper said, looking over at his little pixie who had just gotten her cap stolen by Emmett. "She wants to start planning our wedding. I would tell her that I don't need a fancy wedding but that would be pointless."

"It's her thing," Bella said with a smile. Jasper went off to rescue Alice's cap from Emmett's long arms.

"So what about you?" Edward asked, turning to Bella and resting his arms lightly around her waist.

"I'll probably go back to the human world," Bella said. "You know, with my mom. I've never belonged here. I'm going to try college in a few years. Dad says he'll send me wherever I want to go."

"Oh," Edward said softly. He was teaching at the junior academy which was located near the center of the vampire society.

"What did you expect me to do?" Bella asked with a soft look.

"Move in with me," Edward said with a smile. He reached over and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Let me come home to your smiling face every day."

"Alright," Bella said. "I suppose that's a good enough argument."

Edward smiled and hugged her tight. He lifted her off of the ground and spun her before kissing her deeply.

"Edward must you do that in public?" Charlie asked with a sigh.

"Sorry," Edward mumbled, "I can't resist her."

"Can you resist her for a few moments?"

"I suppose," Edward said. Bella left his side and gave her dad a hug.

"Congratulations pumpkin," Charlie said hugging her tight. When he was done Bella turned to Renee and hugged her too.

"We're so proud of you," Renee said with a smile. Both of her parents pulled her into an embrace that Bella missed. She missed the feeling of her mother's warmth mixed with the icy skin of her father. This was what made her happy.


Charlie hadn't been happy about it, but he helped Bella move in with her boyfriend. His one condition was that Bella had to go to college. He didn't have to worry about making them sleep in separate beds because Edward no longer slept. He knew that it would have been an empty promise anyway, he knew how Edward couldn't stay away from her.

Bella loved living with Edward. She loved working on her homework on the sofa when Edward came home from work. He would help her with her studies and afterwards he would give her a reward. It wasn't uncommon for Bella to find herself under Edward on their sofa and their tongues dancing.

Before she knew it a whole year had passed. Edward had planned a beautiful dinner with candles and soft music. When Bella came in he sat her down and served her a bowl of animal blood and he took some himself. Bella smiled at him and he looked back at her with soft golden eyes. She still couldn't believe that he changed his diet for her and he actually enjoyed it. Occasionally they would go hunting together and Bella would laugh when he would play the hunter and bring the kill back for her.

"How was work?" Bella asked, dipping her spoon into her dinner.

"Fine," Edward said, "those kids are so sweet."

"I don't think I could ever teach," Bella sighed, "I'd lose my mind."

Edward laughed. "I can imaging your class would be interesting."

Bella kicked him playfully under the table. Edward laughed and returned the favor. Before their playing got too far, Edward took their dishes and put them in the sink. Bella did the dishes while Edward put away the candles. He tried to sneak up on her and tickle her but Bella caught him and shot him with the small hose.

"You little brat!" Edward cried looking at the wet spot. Bella laughed and he grabbed her from behind. "I can't believe you shot me!"

"I couldn't help it!" Bella cried laughing. Edward pushed her against the counter and started to tickle her. Bella shrieked with laughter and Edward grinned. Before long their lips had found each other and and they were in a heated embrace.

Edward lifted Bella up and took her into their bedroom. He set her on the bed and crawled over her. Bella held him tight and one hand tangled in his hair. "Edward," she moaned softly as his lips left her lips and attacked her neck.

"Bella," Edward whispered pulling back, "Bella I love you so much."

"I love you too."

Edward pulled her up and she sat on her knees across from him. He held her hands tight and kissed her forehead. "Marry me?"

"Yes," Bella sighed with a smile. She closed her eyes and laced her fingers through his, "yes, Edward I will."

Edward smiled and kissed her. He reached over to the night stand and pulled a velvet box out of the drawer. He took out the ring and slid it on her finger. "It's so beautiful," Bella gasped.

"It was my mother's," Edward said, "she left it for me with a message to give it to the woman I loved."

"I love it," Bella said hugging him. "I love you."

Edward held her tight and kissed her. Their kiss grew more heated and filled with need. Edward kissed down her neck and his hand caressed her breast. Bella took in a sharp breath when she felt his icy hand on her breast. Edward undressed her slowly and sensually. Bella felt the chill of his skin against hers and it sent a shiver up her spine.

Edward's lips traced the outline of her bra. He unclasped it while he kissed and when the fabric fell away he looked at her exposed nipples. He smiled at the blush that had found it's way to Bella's cheeks. He kissed each pool of blood and then kissed her lips.

"You have the cutest nipples," he said. Bella blushed deeper. "And I love to see you blush."

Bella pushed him lightly when her blush deepened. "Kiss me again before you make me die of embarrassment."

Edward obeyed. He kissed her lips and massaged her breast. Bella felt his desire for her press against her thigh and gave up on trying not to blush. Edward kissed down her neck and between her breasts. He kissed the tip of her nipple before licking it softly. Bella took in a sharp breath and arched her back.

Smiling, Edward played with her other nipple and took her hand. He listened to the soft noises Bella made as he kissed down her stomach and along her panty line. He pulled the garment down her soft legs and wasted no time in exploring her. Bella moaned softly as he slid his finger into her while his tongue massaged her clit.

"Oh god Edward!"


Put it on speaker, I want to hear what he says

Bella squeezed her eyes shut.

I loved tasting you while he said he loved you. What would he give to be doing this to you?

"Edward I love you," Bella sighed. Edward smiled against her and kissed her thigh. He came back up and kissed her lips. He took off his clothes and Bella felt him against her thigh.

You're mine pet, mine.

Bella's mind flashed back to when James raped her in the shower. She couldn't get his face or his voice out of her head.

"Bella, are you sure you want this?" Edward asked softly.

"Yes," Bella whispered. Edward caught her eyes. She wanted this. "I'm just nervous."

I told you he wants you. He wants you in the way I had you. It was me that took your virginity pet. You were so tight, so warm, so alive.

Bella felt the Edward at her opening. He pushed into her slowly, testing her resistance. Bella remembered the sharp pain that would come. She stiffened.

"What is it?" Edward asked suddenly. "Am I hurting you?"

"No," Bella said, "I'm just nervous."

Edward looked at her and caressed her cheek softly, "Bella, my love, are you sure you want this?"

Bella hesitated. "I'm sorry Edward, I'll be good."

Edward moved off of her. "Bella I'm not mad," he said, "you don't have to be good. Just tell me the truth. We don't have to do anything tonight."

"But you want to..."

"Yes, I do," Edward said honestly, "I do want you, but I want all of you. Bella I want our first time to be special. I want it to be a moment that we will both enjoy. You aren't ready yet, I can see it in your eyes."

Bella didn't say anything. She slid out of bed and grabbed her pajamas. She tossed Edward's pajamas to him and they dressed in silence. Bella returned to bed and Edward tucked her in. He held her and Bella buried her face in his chest. Before long she realized that she was sobbing softly.

"I can't get him out of my head. I heard his voice, and I felt ashamed for enjoying it. I remembered how much it hurt."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Edward asked.

Bella shook her head no. She just continued to cry.


Edward had been daydreaming. He felt Bella move from beside him and heard her walk to the bathroom. He opened his eyes but closed them again.

Bella looked at her reflection in the mirror. She saw James grinning back at her and shook her head. She didn't know what it was Edward saw in her. She wasn't beautiful by any means. Her hair was limp and it hung around her face. Her eyes were empty and she was thin. She felt stupid for still being affected by James after a whole year.

She reached into the cabinet and pulled out scissors. She brushed out her long bangs and cut them off. As the hair fell away from her face she started to see something different. She started to see a warmth in her face when her hair wasn't covering it. Her heart skipped a beat. For the first time she saw what Edward saw. Soft golden brown eyes with thick lashes and soft lips. She cut the rest of her bangs and was surprised when they came out fairly even.

The first step to recovery was to admit that something was wrong. She turned away from the mirror and walked back to the bedroom. Edward looked at her.

"Hey," he said, "you cut your hair."

"James raped me," Bella said. Edward sat up and held his hand out to her. Bella walked over and took her place in his lap, secure in his arms. "He came into my room every night and promised that he would break me. He would make me go down on him and other things like that. He would cut me and lick my blood. He was addicted to the taste. When he found out the feelings we had for each other...that was the first night he raped me. It was in the shower. He was so angry that you had kissed me and he promised that if he saw me with you again he would do it again. He wanted me to isolate myself from you and I tried but failed. The night you found me...when you called he was there. He made me put the phone on speaker so he could hear everything while he licked me down there. He was so angry that you loved me. He was probably going to kill me that night. He raped me again and I snapped."

Edward was silent. He held her tight against his body and rested his chin on her head. "Thank you for telling me," Edward said, "it'll get better."

"Do you think so?"

"Yes," Edward said softly, "it'll get better. We'll get married and soon you'll forget about him. You'll always have my arms for comfort, you'll always be safe. I won't let you go Bella, I love you too much."

Bella turned and hugged him. "I won't be afraid forever," she promised. "Thank you so much for understanding."

"I'll wait for you forever," Edward said softly. He kissed her forehead and sank back against the pillow. Bella rested her head on his chest and held him tight around his middle. Edward rubbed her side softly with his hand. Bella fell asleep soon after and when she awoke Edward was still there holding her. The sunlight was poking through the window and she kissed his chest softly.

"What are you thinking about?" Bella asked looking up at him.

"How two lives can just collide," Edward said, "I never met you and then seeing you in class that day...I knew from then that you were going to be so important to me. I could have walked away from everything and never known the pain of watching someone I loved so dearly falling away and almost dying. Now I can't imagine my life without you, Bella. I don't want to."

Bella smiled and squeezed him lightly. "I don't want to either."

The End

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