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Chapter 1 – It begins

A young blond covered in his own blood was running for his life. Why was he running you ask? He is Naruto Uzumaki container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune or Kyuubi no Yoko. A jinchuuriki, a human sacrifice, one who has a demon sealed in him, keeping the terrible beast at bay so that others will be protected and he will eventually come to great power. The people of Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves, most of whom thought of him as the beast and wanted him dead. He was running for his life, this being his fourth birthday, the anniversary of the killing of the Kyuubi, Naruto has no idea why this was happening to him for the last two years. The orphanage kicked him out earlier today, the old hag had told him that 'he was complaining too much and that no one wanted him, so if he died on the streets he would be better off. '

He ran as fast as his little feet could take him, he knew that the forest would provide some security if he could just make it there. But he knew in the back of his mind that it was too far off but he had to try. He rounded a corner and ran smack into an unknown wall. 'Since when did a wall say ouch?' Naruto thought questioningly.

He looked up and saw that there was a very pretty lady and lying on the ground was a pretty young girl rubbing her head. "Sorry… I didn't mean to wun into you." Naruto quickly apologized.

He heard screams of "Get the demon! Kill the monster!" And other sayings he did not even know but most covered demons and monsters. The woman before him looked shocked.

"You are Naruto? Are you not?" Looking at Naruto and then turning to her daughter she started to pick her up. "Here you go Hinata-chan. It is alright honey. He has apologized for running into you. What do you say?"

Hinata blushed and bowed, "I am sorry Naruto-san for being in your way. I accept your apology, and hope you accept mine." She then looked at Naruto at first all she could see were his beautiful sapphire eyes. Her eyes looked at him and she was shocked to see that he was bleeding and had a couple kunai impaled into him as he swayed to and fro. "Oh, mommy is he alright? We should help him!" Hinata said in near hysterics.

Naruto smiled a big grin looked very tired. "Thank you and I accept…" His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he collapsed to the ground as a pool of blood was starting to form on the ground around him.

Hinata screamed as her mother picked up Naruto and looked at Hinata. "Come Hinata-chan we must get him to the hospital now." Hinata nodded as tears started to stream from her eyes. They both ran off as fast as Hinata's feet could carry her.

They arrived at the hospital in short order. The emergency room was filled with drunks and brawlers who were injured in tonight's festivities. Hinata's mother went to the desk and asked for help.

"I am Hana Hyuuga, and I have a child here who needs immediate medical attention. He has multiple stab wounds, bruises, and other contusions!" Hana yelled as her kimono was starting to show blood stains.

The nurse showed her to a gurney, as Hana placed Naruto down on it the nurse showed her revulsion. This was not lost on Hana. "We will not serve this boy, he is a demon!" The nurse said in a raised voice. This brought the attention of others in the ER. "This demon will not have our help. I will let him die here if you like but we will not help him."

Hana was not happy with this answer and to top it off her daughter was present to hear what this woman was saying. 'I will let a child die here.'

"You will either help him or you will die before he does. As it is too far to take him to the Hyuuga residence, I brought him here. I am guessing that the care here would be the same for anyone who is brought here am I correct?" Hana angrily asked.

All the nurse could do was nod as the color slowly drained from her skin.

"You will treat him so that he can be moved so that a physician in the Hyuuga residence. Am I making myself clear?" Raising her voice so that the others in the ER would hear her, "Anyone who attempts to hurt Naruto Uzumaki until he leaves my families care will suffer the consequences!"

This caused those that had slowly made their way towards Naruto to turn around and sit back down.

A doctor came out with a bag of medical supplies, mostly gauss and tape. He cut the boys bloody shirt and pants off. He removed the kunai imbedded in his stomach and the one in his left chest. Hana moved Hinata to another gurney as the doctor worked on Naruto. The doctor finished after twenty minutes, he turned to Hana. "This is all my bosses would allow me to do for you I wish there was more. You can transport him now. I am truly sorry for the ignorance and those who forgot their oath to help all those in need."

He then bowed deeply to Hana. "I will take this up with the Hokage tomorrow. I am sure your physicians will be better able to help the boy. He is malnourished and in need of lots of liquids and nutrition. Please forgive the actions of the others. I will take full responsibility and will accept any punishment you deem fitting for our inattentiveness." He finally raised himself from his deep bow.

Hana bowed slightly to the doctor. "Thank you doctor I will also see the Hokage also about this incident and also your part in helping. You have mine and my clan's thanks. Others could learn from your example." She exclaimed as her lavender pupil-less eyes bored into the nurse who was so rude to her only a few minutes ago.

Hana took the boy onto her hip and turned to Hinata, "Come Hinata-chan we need to go home now." She carried him away with Hinata following very tired looking but smiling.

When they arrived at the Hyuuga residence the guards opened the gates letting them in with a bow. Hana turned to Hinata, "Hinata-chan, go get cleaned up and go to bed. You will be able to see him in the morning. I am sure he will be alright."

Hinata smiled and looked at her mother, "Yes mother." She then headed off to her room.

"Hiashi darling, I will be in the medical ward if you need me." She said as she past Hiashi's study.

A look a surprise crossed his face as what his wife said registered in his tired brain. He got up from his desk and accidentally scattered several scrolls off of the desk. "What did you say Hana?"

He left his study in a rush and followed his wife as she headed towards the medical ward. They were there quickly. She was putting a child who was covered in bandages onto an open bed. When he saw the golden locks he instantly knew who she had brought home. "Hana what is the meaning of this?" Hiashi almost yelled at his wife. He also noticed the blood stains on her kimono. "Was there an incident?"

"Shhh… Hiashi darling, you need to be quiet he is sleeping. Now we will go to the Hokage tomorrow morning but until then we need to make sure he has lots of liquids and nourishment." She waved at a nurse in the other room. "I need a couple of IV drips here. Full nutrient and fluid replenishment." The nurse nodded and went off to get the requested materials. "Now Hiashi be a dear and help me tuck our guest in for the night."

Hiashi quietly walked over and helped his wife. They then watched the nurse put in the IV's, Naruto seemed to improve almost immediately. Hiashi posted a guard at the door for the night and told the guard and nurse that no one was to know about the guest.

"Hana darling? You know how the town feels about him, but you still brought him here?" Hiashi asked calmly.

"The boy was running for his life." She then looked Hiashi in the eyes. "A child that young should never have to run for their lives. That is inhumane."

"I agree but also you must take into account that most of the town feel that he is a demon, not the jailor. I know the difference, but both councils will be opposed to doing anything for the boy. I know there is bad blood between the boy and several members of both the council and the branch family." Hiashi started to shake his head and smile.

"And don't get me started with the village council. Some want him to become a weapon, other don't care just wanting him gone. And still others want to end his life as soon as they can. You and I both know who his parents are. Both councils have forbid us from adopting him. But most of them are opposed because we would offer him protection and sanctuary. While others believe we will be corrupted by him and turn the family evil." Hiashi chuckled at the notion of Naruto Uzumaki corrupting his clan.

Hana rested a hand on her husband's shoulder. "Darling, we have an opportunity to show the child who and what he can become."

"I agree. Now let's get you cleaned up and go to bed as we will have a long day tomorrow." Hiashi said affectionately as he and Hana cleaned up before they went to bed.

The next afternoon Hiashi entered the compound in an angry fit. "Damn council! What do they know?"

Hana worried about what was going on ran up to her husband. "What is going on darling?"

Hiashi took a breath and calmed down. "The village council had decided in their great wisdom that we should release the boy today and put him in the middle of town near the bars. I argued that it is tantamount to murder. They didn't seem to care."

Horror was showed across Hana face. "I will not let them. I would soon leave the village than put a child in that area. Why would they do that? Don't they know who he is? Who he really is?"

Hiashi shook his head. "No they don't. Not even with Sarutobi-sama only dropping hint at it, 'The legacy of the Yondame', or 'The named hero by the fourth'. He will not just come out and say it. I do not know why, other than the Uchiha were jealous of him. And Iwa would want to kill him out of spite."

"Have you submitted the paperwork with the Hokage for the betrothal?" Hana asked slyly.

Hiashi smiled. "Of course it is logged this morning and for their sixteenth birthday. I hope they will be happy together." A dark look crossed his face. "If only the council would leave him alone."

"Only five more months or so and we will have another to take care of." Hana smiled as she rubbed her belly.

Hiashi smiled. "So it is confirmed, we are having another?"

Hana nodded. "I will talk to you later darling."

Hiashi smiled and nodded as another Hyuuga approached him. "Lord Hiashi, Lord Uchiha is here to see you."

Hiashi thanked the woman who told him that an annoyance was at the front gate. "Thank you, I will see him in my study if you please." Bowing a dismissal to the woman and thinking 'What does that bastard want? Well I had better get this over with so that Hana and we can celebrate another child.'

When he arrived at his study Fugaku was already sitting before his meeting table. "Ah Fugaku, to what do I owe this honor?" Hiashi said without a hint of the venom he really held for this man, if you could call him one. Hiashi then sat behind his working table and looked at Fugaku.

Fugaku raised his head showing his Sharingan and smiling evilly, "We have a few things to discuss."

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