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By the time Edward and I got into the house, everyone was upstairs and in the kitchen. There were two duffle bags sitting in the hallway with nametags attached to the handles.

"No parties." Carlisle said instructed, Esme was writing down something on a piece of paper. "Hunt carefully." She added.

"Where are you guys going?" I asked, looking from Carlisle to Esme.

Carlisle turned around to stare at Edward and I, wanting to choose his words carefully. "We're going to Italy, to talk."

"What?" I exhaled. "Why?"

"Well, one for research, and two…" Carlisle stole a glance at Edward before continuing "And two, to ask for an extension for time on you and a pardon for the child."

I hadn't even begun to think of that side of things. Of course, if the child were human he would be a risk to our kind. Or… the kind that I would become at least. Fear struck me for a mere second before Edward's iron hand was on the small of my back, protective and reassuring.

"How long do you think you'll be gone?" I asked. Carlisle shrugged, for once unsure.

"I haven't seen my old 'friends' in quite a long time. They may not like it if I leave so quickly. But with Esme coming with me they wouldn't be completely angry with me if we left."

"So are you talking like a week?" I asked.

Carlisle looked to Edward, "Don't worry Bella, Carlisle will be back soon. There's no need to fret." He seemed to be peering down at me from great heights. I felt so small in all of their company. I nodded quietly and watched at Carlisle hugged Rosalie and Alice and shook the other men goodbye. Esme followed behind him, hugging everyone, giving little reminders to each of them and kissing them on their cheeks before carrying on to the next.

He reached Edward last and I felt the fear come back to me almost instantly as Edward's hand slipped from me to shake Carlisle's hand. To my surprise, Carlisle wrapped his arms around me in a too soft hug, being very careful. I smiled and hugged him a little tighter back, showing him I was okay. "Don't let him get out of control." He ordered me smiling. I laughed and looked at Edward who was nodding with compliancy to Esme. "I don't know how well I'll succeed."

"You'll do fine." He reassured chuckling a little. "He'd do anything you asked of him." Carlisle walked away from the room and into the hall. And before I could count the seconds Esme a giving me an equally too soft hug.

"Now don't forget to make them feed you. They can loose track of time quite easily on occasion." Instinct made me nod obediently.

"Love you, dear." She simply patted my cheek with her hand and did not plant a kiss on my cheek like the rest. I understood why and was not upset. She too disappeared into the hallway and did not return. They had said their goodbyes and left silently.

Alice huddled everyone around the island and began discussing things that had to be done before they could really let loose in the house. Edward twitched his head in the direction of the hall and led the way.

The suitcases that had been there were no absent like I had pictured in my mind. A few paces in Edward turned around. "Would you mind terribly if I went hunting tonight?" He asked.

To be honest I was shocked by the question. "Why exactly would I mind?"

His look was concerned and worried, but he quickly hid it from me, taking my hands and fiddling with my fingers. "I guess I just don't want to leave you."

"You're worried about me?" I asked. I would have been angry about it, but his eyes were truly concerned.

"I hate leaving you." He muttered still looking at our hands. I placed my hand under his chin and he let me lift his eyes to look at me.

"I tell you what." I said allowing my body to press slightly into his. "Why don't I call Charlie and tell him that I'm staying over, that way I'll be right where you left me when you come back?"

A sly smile broke into the corners of his mouth and pulled up into the priceless crooked smile.

"Sounds like a plan."

"Who are you going with?" I asked, playing with some stands of hairs, they were so soft.

"Emmett and Rosalie." Edward watched me as I watched his hair react to ways I moved it.

"Are you really thirsty?" I asked, his eyes still looked topaz to me.

"Just for something other than tiny creatures." He shrugged. "Deer is getting old. And I'm not about to try rabbits again."

"What are you looking for?"

He smiled, "There should be some bears just outside of town."

"And by just outside of town you mean how far?" I asked, dropping my hand from his hair that turned out to not be so resilient

"Thirty… forty miles possibly. Don't worry it won't take me long." Edward was smiling now, his sadness ebbing away.

"Don't worry about rushing too much." I said supportively. "If you need to hunt, hunt. Don't let the simple anxiety of leaving me make you stop getting the good stuff."

"Thanks, Bella." He took me in a hug. "I couldn't do this if you weren't supportive."

"The sappiness isn't going to do well for your hunting techniques." I teased.

He laughed, and kissed me quickly. "Sappiness won't be a factor when I get out there."

"Watch out for Macho man Edward" I said my eyes wide in sarcasm.

"Well you know me-"

"I do." I interrupted. "Enough to know that you're stalling as much as possible. I want you home at somewhat of a decent hour. You should get going before I miss you too much."

Edward grabbed me by the waist and laid a tender kiss on my lips. Between my warm lips and his icy ones I lost what support I had left. Of course I didn't want him to leave, screw what I had said.

We separated with a smile and as I began to beg for him to stay my tongue betrayed my heart and formed the words "I love you Edward." instead.

He kissed me softly again for a few second and grinned at me. "I love you too, Bella. I'll be back before dawn, promise you." Edward left another kiss on my lips, making my tongue a little more complacent with my heart. "See you soon." He said stepping away from me at arms length, sensing my strength being weakened by his lingering presence. He began to walk away from me towards the front door.

"Have fun." I said folding my arms across my chest and turning around to watch him leave.

"Not as much fun as I'll have with you when I come back." He promised with a cashier smile.

I almost giggled and turned to walk into the kitchen where Jasper and Alice were talking animatedly. I knew they heard and smelled me walk into the room but I didn't stop them from sharing a quiet kiss.

It was the first time I'd ever seen vampire on vampire action. Their kiss was filled with grace and they were in sync with each other perfectly. I was instantly envious that Edward wasn't with me and the hole that only his company would fill ached for him to come home.

I didn't have to be like Jasper to read the emotion of the situation between the two and smiled as I left them to share their private moment. I picked up the phone sitting on the counter; not knowing who it belonged to and called Charlie to let him know where I was. Casually I walked into the living room, eyeing pictures that I had never given the time to look at. It wouldn't have mattered when I looked at them however, because no matter what they all looked the same.

The conversation was short because it was between the answering machine and me. He must still be at the station, that or on his way home. Either way, he would get the message. I gave my full attention to the pictures now.

The Cullen's updated their photos every year, which is something that only I could notice when looking at them for the first time. I had been present for 70 percent of all the pictures, sneaking out of the frame at just the right moment.

"Bella?" My pixie friend's voice came from the living room.

I turned around to look at her, my arms still folded about my chest, as they were when Edward left. I could see only her head poking around the corner to talk to me.

"Jasper and I will only be a few minutes, you understand?" I blushed for her although I knew she wasn't embarrassed at all. I didn't need their excuse to be okay with being left alone. Shaking my head and chuckling a little "I don't want to know," was all I said. I turned my attention back to the frames, picking one up that featured the guys of the household.

"If you want to look at more there's a closet in Esme and Carlisle's bedroom that has all of them." I looked at her with a huge question in my eyes. Being in the 'parents' room was a weird thought to me. "Want me to show you?" Alice asked uselessly.

I didn't answer and instead just followed her up the stairs. Jasper wasn't anywhere I could see him, but I knew wherever he was, he was anxiously awaiting Alice's presence. She didn't waste much time in racing up the stairs, so I took two at a time to not lose her.

We walked into Esme and Carlisle's bedroom, which actually had a bed, and Alice swung open a closet door that I knew she would have used for just shoes. I was glad that she had showed me which one; there were an array of doors that could have been any of the ones she had been talking about downstairs.

Huge boxes all labeled with the certain year glared at me with monstrous eyes. "Have fun," Alice said patting me on the back.

"You too," I almost laughed but was distracted on trying very hard to keep from thinking about whatever they were going to do. She was gone before I noticed and I eyed which box I wanted to look through first.

I decided on the year before Edward and I had met and yanked the latest box off the top shelf. All of the photos were organized my month, starting from January to December. There were just enough pictures to fill up the box perfectly without it being overly filled or not filled enough, of course.

I could only use my imagination as to what was going on in some of the pictures because there was no one there to explain. There were a few pictures of all of the Cullen's in their sweats (besides Rosalie) playing Twister. I picked one out as my favorite from that stack which had Alice bent straight over in workout shorts and Edward snaked into the picture some how. Both of them were wearing extreme smiles with a hand next to them in a thumb up position. I noticed the writing on the back and read "Alice and Edward, Twister, Washington mini-drought."

It was the only picture in that box where Edward's smile seemed true and met his eyes completely. The rest of Edward's pictures saddened me. It's not that he wasn't smiling at all, but his eyes spoke something other than happiness in them. I finally found it when I was two-thirds of the way finished with that year. His eyes, whether filled with gold or black always held a sign of search beneath them.

Finally I decided on my feeling of it all: the pictures downstairs where of a different era for Edward than the ones in this box. The Bella Era. Although I was surprised by my confidence in thinking so, I knew it was true, for not only Edward, but for myself as well. I kept the Twister picture for myself, sure that no one would mind seeing as how I'm going to be part of the family sooner or later.

I put the box back where it came from and eyed my new box victim. Squatting to reach to the bottom of the stacks my eyes reached a box with an aged label of 1957. I instantly grabbed it and fell into an Indian style position. On the top was a picture of Carlisle and Edward perched on a hill somewhere and overlooking a misty morning city. They each had combed over hair, gelled from the shine of the picture. Their shirts were tucked in and ironed to perfection.

I giggled at the pictured and picked it up closer to my face. Edward looked like the sexy form of Wally Cleaver from the (oddly enough) 1957 Leave It To Beaver series. I flipped it over to see writing on the back, which I only assumed, was Esme's. "Carlisle and Edward, hills of Tennessee, 1957." I turned the picture back around to stare at Edward. The happiness was definitely present in his eyes then. Times were easier, simpler, and I understood as though I was there with whoever was taking the picture. My eyes met picture Edward's eyes and I immediately wanted to screw up that pretty boy's come over. I added the picture to my stack.

There was a knock on the door and I looked up, Alice and Jasper walked in and sat on either side of me to peer at the pictures. As both began to explain or note what was going on in the pictures I sifted through I noticed something very different. For once, I was between two vampires and didn't need a blanket. Neither of them was extremely freezing like usual, instead they were just slightly chilled.

We went through four other boxes, and I laughed and added a few pictures (without objections from either of them) to my pile of keeps as they chatted on about old stories I envied for not being a part of.

"That one of Rosalie, she was pissssed at Emmett." Jasper said smiling and exaggerating the 'sss' in the word pissed. In all honestly, he didn't need to tell me that. Rosalie's arms were folded and her face burned with irritation. The picture was of Jasper and Carlisle but Rosalie appeared glowing with radiance and anger in the background.

"I can see that, why though?" I looked at Jasper, but it was Alice who answered.

"Emmett denied her sex publicly for the first time." Alice didn't laughed, but I did.

"What?" I coughed out.

Jasper joined me, "She wanted to take him away from playing ball to go screw around. And he said no. A little too loudly." My eyebrows were raised in surprise, it doesn't happen that often that people say no to Rosalie. "It was their first big fight."

"Do you two fight?" I asked looking from Alice who remained silent to Jasper who's smile slumped away.

They looked at each other like couple so whenever a question like that is asked. It was Alice who answered, "Everyone fights sometimes. Thankfully I don't ever have to ask for sympathy with Jasper. He always knows how I feel. So the fights are mostly because of me." I wore 'aw' face now and Jasper's head feel to not look at anything.

"Everyone fights. You're right." I said. "It just happens. It's natural."

"It's never been anything like Rosalie and Emmett's fights though." It was clear by Alice's tone that the subject was done as she picked up a fresh stack of pictures.

The time passed and I began to feel cold, sleepy and hungry. "You guys have any food in the kitchen?" I asked as I made my favorite pictures stand neatly.

Jasper and Alice got up from their seats next to me and walked with me to the kitchen. I found what I wanted on my own while Jasper talked as he and Alice sat at the table. "I know you can only notice it in pictures but you should have seen the change in Edward once you came into his life."

"If I had my way I would have been with him earlier so that he would never have had to be sad in the first place." I stuffed a few hot dogs into the microwave. They weren't as good microwaved as they were boiled, but I didn't want to take the effort to do so. "I couldn't imagine what it would have been like to see the sorrow in his eyes everyday."

"I love how happy he is now. It's the turn of the century for him. You are like the discovery of North America to him. Nothing will ever be the same." Jasper looked at me intently feeling my reaction instead of asking me for it directly with his eyes.

"I don't think he's ever been happy." Alice said. "He's just been settling, waiting or searching." Jasper stared at her and nodded.

My mouth couldn't help but smile as I pulled the literally hot hotdogs from the revolving plate in the microwave and fixed it onto an unused china plate.

"When he started coming home from school so happy, I could barely believe it. No matter how wrong I thought it was, I was extremely happy and elated for him."

"We nearly had a party for him." Alice laughed.

Silence fell as the two reminisced and I tried to picture it. I plopped myself next to Jasper, feeling comfortable without his help. "Bella," He said looking at me, "we're really glad to have you as one of the family, never doubt that fact. Sometimes we may shy away for obvious reasons, but we all love you very much. Even Rosalie adores you for a few seconds of the day."

I smiled. "Are you sure it's not just because of the way I make Edward feel?"

"Well of course it is, but you truly are an amazing girl." He looked at the meal I was eating but didn't talk bring up the disgust it brought his face. "I'm honored to be your brother."

There wasn't anything I could say, or needed to say. Jasper felt my love for him back. I truly could not wait to be apart of the family, no matter what form I was in. At that point I just hugged him from my seat. Although he did lean in to meet my hug he kept his face turned towards Alice instead of my neck. I don't know how hard it really was for him to do this but my mind didn't drift in the direction of how good I must smell to him right now. Jasper was no longer just the vampire brother of my fiancé who wanted to suck my blood when I got a paper cut. He was my vampire brother too, and I would take him any way he came just as he accepted me.

Jasper let me end the hug and I went right back to eating my processed meat. "You're lucky your breath smells disgusting because of those hotdogs." Jasper joked settling into his chair.

"You do smell gross." Alice laughed.

"You've been unnervingly quiet tonight and it's bothering me." I said truthfully to her.

"I'm just thinking about all the things I have to do." She said not meeting my eye. I looked to Jasper for her real answer.

"Edward asked her to keep an eye on my future intentions." I was surprised as he smiled while he talked. "She does have things she's planning in her head, but it's hard to do all of it at once and still hold a constant conversation."

"You'd think after the fun you two had that you wouldn't even be thinking about my blood." I said getting up to wash my plate off. I was glad that my blush for my comment was hidden from view if not from emotion. Either way they both knew that I had.

"I agree. The only thing I can think of is Alice for now, until the buzz of it all wears off, but that doesn't give us the right not take the necessary measures to be safe." I didn't need to see Jasper's face to know he was looking at Alice.

"You two were almost warm when you joined me." I said coming back to he table.

"That's the second best part." Alice said smiling. "Orgasms warm us up almost like fresh blood does."

I won't lie that I felt a shiver down my spine at her words. I must have been to distracted with my own heat to have never felt the warms that radiated off of Edward after he had finished. As the two lovers eyed each other from opposite sides of the table I felt a wave of sleepiness wash over me.

"I think," I said standing and Jasper's old gentlemen habits made him stand as well. "that I'm going to shower and sleep." I finished.

"Sleep well, Bella." Jasper said, hugging me as he had before. I made a point to exhale my nasty hotdog breath just to make it easier for him. I could have sworn I heard him laugh, but it was too quiet to be completely sure. "I would say the same but you don't sleep."

"Good night always works fine." He smiled as we pulled away and I continued on to Alice.

"Sweet dreams." She said to me as we hugged. Alice was brave enough to kiss me on my cheek and I gave her the same reward.

"Good night." I waved to both of them, heading for Edward's familiar room.

I shut the door and went straight to Edward's closet to look for an old shirt and some old shorts. Ironically enough I found the exact outfit he wore in the happy Twister photo. I piled the shirt and shorts into my arms and walked to the bathroom, immediately turning on the bath water, deciding against a quick shower.

"Bella?" There was a whisper from other side of the door.

I opened the door to allow Alice in the bathroom. "You okay? What's up?" I asked by the look on her face. It was almost sad but with a true delight in her eyes.

"I just wanted to tell you that even though he'll never admit how hard that was for him, that he really enjoyed it." Alice looked at me sincerely. "The only thing that kept him sane was your emotion." I almost turned away from her but she continued. "It really did mean a lot to him, both of us, that you trusted him not to do anything. That you weren't scared of him-"

"I was never really scared of Jasper. You guys don't get it sometimes." I shook my head, not meeting her eyes. "Although your heart may not beat that doesn't mean I can't read it to be true."

When I looked up, I was engulfed in a genuine hug. "I love you, Alice." I laughed out.

"I love you too, Bella." She pulled away and had her hand on the door handle, "Enjoy your bath. And sleep well, Edward should be home in four hours." Alice winked at me as she left, understanding something I did not.

I removed my clothes and entered my exceedingly too hot bath. Humming a little as my whole body received goose bumps as it was plunged into the water; I sat back and began to think of how it would be once I was married to Edward.

The words "I now pronounce you…" echoed in my head. As of that moment, it would be my right more than anyone else's to be publicly affectionate with Edward. I'm not sure Charlie has ever seen us kiss. I washed my hair and body before laying back and relaxing.

My thoughts trailed off to our wedding night and I mistakenly looked at myself and imagined Edward's body atop of it. The blood in me began to boil to a higher temperature than the bath water and I almost gasped at the sheer picture in my head.

I practically jumped out of the tub, refusing to let myself get too honry without Edward, as a lover and form of release, present. Quickly, I dressed and wrung out my washed hair, almost forgetting to let the water drain as I exited the bathroom and turned off all the lights in Edward's bedroom.

My body shook with the coldness of the room as I climbed in the squashy bed and dawned myself in the heavy blanket. I pulled the bedspread right up under my chin and made an imaginary cuddle buddy out of the cover. Dreams consumed my head and I let my subconscious take over completely.

"Bella," Emmett looked at me heavily. It was Emmett's body, just with my mother's voice. "how many times do I have to tell you? My dress goes on the hanger." Emmett showed me with raised eyebrows instruction on putting my wedding dress on the hanger.

"Hey Bella!" The old, familiar friend of mine voice called. I turned around and Jacob, tall, older Jacob stared at me with his usual smile. "Guess what?"

"What Jake?" I asked excitedly.

"I imprinted!" A huge smile rose in my face and Emmett, still masked as my mother's voice called. "Who's the girl?"

"You already know him." Jacob laughed. Jasper came out of nowhere, now draped in Jacob's arm.

"No…" I answered skeptically. "No, he's with Alice."

"Oh, well she's there too sometimes." Jacob laughed.

"But he's a vampire." I reasoned.

"Well you're a human dating a vampire, I don't see why I can't have one too." He crossed his arms.

"But I'm not gay." I rationalized, "And you're a werewolf."

"Bella." The velvet voice called from behind me and I instantly turned around.

"Edward…" I breathed and ran to him.

His arms caught me "Bella, will you please make love to me?" He whispered. I looked up at him. "I thought we were going to wait."

"I can't wait any more. I need you, Bella. I can't take it, I need you to ride me." And all of a sudden I was on top of him naked.

"You're doing it all wrong." Emmett replied in my mother's tone, his arms folded across his chest.

"Yeah, you look like you're in pain."

"Jacob, get away." I ordered, still riding, still moving up and down.

"Here, let us show you." Jacob and Jasper turned to each other.

I sat up in bed, a gasp bursting from me. A cold sweat covered my body and made Edward's clothes stick to me, and I was breathing heavily. It was growing lighter outside now and I could feel my hair stick up in every direction.

"What in the hell were you dreaming?" Edward was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at me with the weirdest look on his face.

"How long have you been here?" I asked, exasperated.

"Long enough to know that you're dreaming about Jacob being gay." He chuckled.

I quickly told him my dream, leaving out the bit about Edward and I being completely joined and in the process of screwing as other men critiqued us. I simply filled its place with the fact that we started fooling around. To my pleasure, Edward didn't ask about anything and let me finish my story.

"So is this your first dream where my brother is gay with Jacob or…?"

I actually laughed, "Yes, unfortunately there has to even be a first."

"What were we doing?" He asked, finally joining me in bed.

Smiling as I blushed I shook my head. "I'm sorry, it was my dream, and I'm not going to just tell you."

"You're going to show me?" He grinned immediately.

"Ha!" I laughed, "You wish. But actually I can't show you until we're married."

Edward raised his eyebrows but I could tell he was completely serious as he asked. "Is this the first time you've ever had a dream where we're having sex?"

I smiled. "It's the first time I've dreamed about us having sex when I'm on top."

He smiled at me and groaned a little and he rolled onto his back, no longer staring at me.

"God I can't wait to see that."

Instantly I sat up and straddled him. Edward laughed and put his hands on my hips. "I hope I didn't make you wait too long." I joked.

"We had sex with our clothes on?" He teased and I ripped my shirt off of me, revealing my breasts to him. Edward's face flew from teasing to lustful as I removed my bottom wear.

I was completely naked as I had been in my dream, sitting atop of him, flushing brilliantly. "Do you mind if I take your clothes off too?" I asked, my fingers on the top button of his shirt.

He didn't answer me but kept eye contact and I uncovered the upper half of his body. Bending at my hips, I let my hands glide to the top of his jeans as I kissed his chest; my hard nipples grazed his chest ever so lightly and he twitched a little underneath me.

I slid to the bottom of the bed to get his jeans and briefs completely off. When I looked up at him from the far distance he lay there staring at me with immoral eyes and a full hard on. I climbed atop of him again, letting my middle graze his member as I passed to link my hips with his.

Our eyes met as I settled on just sitting there, on him and they matched in lustful power. Our breathing was synced as well, heavy in that slow but fast kind of way. The tip of him was touching my backside and I was glad I hadn't accidentally, and quite literally, sat on him.

"Do you even know," Edward's voice quivered with each word "how much I want to take you right now?"

I met his serious gaze. "Just about as much as I want to let you."

Edward's hand released my hips and snaked up my body to reach my heaving breasts. I let out a held in breath and tilted my head back in the slightest. He massaged them, one hand on each breast, feeling my skin and contracting his hands around me. Edward sat up to kiss my mouth, his hands still on me.

My hands raked through his hair, messing it up even more than it already was from letting the wind ride through its strands. It was one of the most lustful kisses I ever remember exchanging. His lips mixed with mine easily and at the sound of his throat swallowing I almost smiled. Our tongues met slowly, and it made me tremble to feel his chilled, silky tongue on mine.

His lips left to reach my throat and sadly his tongue wasn't the long part of him that left. Edward's hands slid away from my breasts to hold my lower back and I whimpered a little in sorrow. He smiled against my skin and he traveled to my collarbone. I instinctively leaned into his strong hands on my lower back, letting his lips fall over my chest.

My skin fell to the pressure of his lips against my left breast and I moaned encouragingly, letting my hands grip his legs from behind me. Edward's icy lips covered my nipple in a slow kiss; it was torture. I was sure that I was so wet it must have been dripping from me. He moved from breast to breast tormenting me so easily.

Having enough of it all but not wanting him to stop I let my hands slip to his overlooked, throbbing member. Edward groaned as I gave him his first, sluggish stroke of the day. We stayed that way for less than a minute, Edward's lips on my breasts and my hand on Edward's cock. But soon enough it became too much for our lips not to be on one another's.

I pushed him back down with my hands, pressing into him and allowing my legs to clench his frozen body. Edward's hands fell from my lower back to my rear, holding it tightly in his grasp. As I listened to his reaction in my ear as I sucked and nibbled on his I whispered quietly, "My blood is so hot for you, Edward." As soon as the words left my mouth I was surprised at how dirty it all sounded. Was this really me speaking dirty talk?

His hold on me reached a stronger level as he kissed me. I felt his penis point due north to me. I instantly wanted to slide down just a little more to let him enter me. Edward's hands were in my hair now and I almost forgot about the fact that we were naked and wanting. For that kiss it was just about us… kissing each other. The love I had for him poured into my heart like a heavy bucket of water that I couldn't carry. I felt like I would collapse into him if he didn't pull away now.

"I don't mean to ruin the mood." Edward whispered huskily as we pulled away. I stared at him, starving, as he brushed misplace hair from my face, "But one of us needs to lock the door."

We laughed in hushed tones, letting ourselves rest our foreheads against one another's and ease our breathing. Edward allowed me to place his hands above his head as I sat up. My finger pointed into his chest, "Don't move." I ordered, jumping off of his stone form to race to the door. I was fully aware of his eyes on my body as I turned the tiny lock on the door and turned around to meet his eyes.

Where his eyes traveled the length of my body as I walked slowly to the edge of the bed, I kept my own on his perfect and lustrous expression. My hands placed themselves on his legs and crawled their way up his body and pull mine up to sit on the bed. The small palms of mine had a mind of their own completely. I knew this because I didn't need to think at all as both of them gripped him. Instantly Edward's head tilted to face the ceiling.

My lips joined my hands in satisfying him, kissing his tip. I heard my name gasp from his lips as I enclosed him in my mouth. One of my hands massaged the base on him, while the other gripped his testicles. As I worked him, Edward's noise became constant in a tortured whisper.

He didn't have to tell me this time when he was coming close to his release. I pulled away from him and straddled him like I had before, sitting up straight and leaning back. I continued my job on him with my hand from behind the rest of my body and I moaned in thanks as Edward's hand came to my center and slipped a finger into where the penis in my hand should be right now.

I didn't know that a person was able to become more turned on as I opened my eyes and saw Edward watching him finger slide in and out of me. He met my eyes for a second as he let a second slip into me. I broke my gaze upon him as my head involuntarily threw back in passion.

Not letting myself forget about Edward I increased my speed and enforced my hold on him. Disbelief coursed through me as I realized how extremely hard he was. As his orgasm drew nearer, his technique on me toughened, rubbing the bundle of nerves with his other set of fingers. My heavy breathing was no longer the issue as I became unable to control the volume on my moans.

I missed the point at which he sat up, still trying to focus on steadily gripping Edward. "Bella." He breathed out, it was an empty warning to my voice's amplification, and I could have sworn I heard him exhale a 'shhh.' I let my free arm sweep around his hard, but growing warm body while the other stroked in frenzy. As Edward gave my clit another hard rub I loudly moan, my brain unable to quiet itself. The loud moan didn't seem to end as I felt myself clench on his fingers but his mouth on mine in a ferrous kiss quickly stifled them. I felt his release in my hand and felt him tremble against me, his breathing coming and going in shaky, stressed increments. My walls clutched those magical fingers of his and I groaned in gratitude into his lips.

We sat like that for a minute or two; I don't know how long it was, before he removed his hand from me. "Holly shit, Bella." He breathed, dropped his head to my shoulder. "That felt so…" His heavy breathed almost mixed with mine completely.

"So goddamn good." I choked out.

Edward raised his head to smile at me. "Precisely." His hands slipped from my hips and placed them on my rear, picking me up and carried me to his bathroom.

I was confused as I was sat on the counter until he turned on the sink and quickly washed his fluid off my right hand. "You cleaning me up?" I asked still breathless.

"I thought it would be best to do this before getting you in a bath." He glanced at me with my favorite smile playing on his lips.

"Mmm…" I yummed. "Are you going to join me?"

"You think that I would actually be able to let your goddess-like figure out of my sight?" He turned off the water from the sink and turned around to release the bath water, twisting the knob all the way to the red 'H' symbol. "I feel dirty after hunting anyways."

I faked a terrible country accent. "Well, we'll just wash you right on up, pumpkin." Edward laughed out loud, throwing his head back in delight.

"You are a number." He joked, moving in between my open and naked legs.

Brooklyn is what I chose this time. "Charmed, I'm sure."

Edward picked me up and laughed as he sat me in the water before joining me himself. "I can't wait to hear your other accents." I grinned happily and he lay in the water next to me. For a moment all that was herd was the running water, when it reached the highest level I turned the knob with my foot.

"Did they hear us?" I asked, letting my hand graze the skin on his chest, it had never been given the chance to let hair grow there.

"You mean did they hear you?" He laughed.

"Edward…" I said, blushing.

"Let's just say that each couple is extremely tense with sexual frustration. I'll give Alice and Jasper five minute to get going and Rosalie and Emmett two."

"Ugh. Do you really listen to all of that?" I asked.

"Usually I will leave the house, but since you've been around I have a new array of excuses and plans to follow through on. They decided to stick around though, don't know why exactly. Probably because they were proud to hear something actually going on." I looked at him with question. "They found it insane that I could be in there and not bite your or-" his words caught in his through.

"Screw me?" I asked, my blush was my punishment for being so raw with my words.

Edward looked away shyly, "They used words somewhat like that."

Silence fell between us and Edward played and watched the way my hand floated in the water. "Tell me what you've done tonight." It wasn't so much an order as it was a request.

I looked at him with a wide grin. "I looked at pictures of your family."

"Really?" I'm glad that his smile matched mine and I nodded in response.

"Yeah I saved a couple for myself. I'm going to get scan and copy them sometime and give you back the originals. You have no idea what I could give to go to the 50's and mess up that pretty boy look of yours."

Edward laughed, "Well when they finally prefect time-traveling, you can go back and have your fun. I'm sure younger me will understand."

Silence fell between us. We exchanged small smiles as we washed each other, still getting used to becoming completely comfortable with being naked around one another. It was still odd in a sense, according to Jessica girls aren't supposed to see a flaccid penis until you're married to a guy. And if you do see one, then you're spending too much time with a guy and not having enough sex.

I remember her rambling on and on about this and then getting frustrated when I did not respond. What the hell was I supposed to say to that? She probably was wondering about Edward and I and didn't know how to go about asking full out.

"What are you thinking about?" Edward asked handing me a towel and using one himself to dry.

I stepped out of the almost cold water, blushing slightly, "Do you really want to know?"

"Always." He scoffed, towel drying his hair.

"Flaccid penises." I braved a look up at him with my flushed face.

He looked at me, completely stunned and embarrassed as his eye began twitching furiously. He then ducked his head down, quickly taking the cream colored towel around his eggshell white waist, coving his shamed softy flesh.

"Not in a bad way." I laughed.

"I doubt it's in a good way." Edward shied away, turning off the bathroom light on me and walked out.

"Hey." I complained wrapping the towel around myself, switching on the bathroom light out of spite, and storming out. "Stop being mad."

"I'm not mad." He looked over his shoulder at me and shook his head no.

"Then what are you?" I asked, following him into his walk in closet.

Edward sighed, "Bella, just a little lesson… no matter what guy you talk to about their penis, never include the words, small, thin, or flaccid."

He walked passed me, clothes in hand and switched off the light again. I groaned and grabbed a random shirt of his, flipping back on the light and following him.

"So you are mad." I confirmed, finding my bra from the day before.

"It's just not a subject you suppose to bring up. You should know that." He yanked on his underwear, turning away from me in the process.

"Oh really?" I said snidely.

"Really." He retorted from the opposite side of the bed as me.

"You're right, every time I see a guys flaccid penis and say something, they freak out." Edward rolled his eyes, annoyed. "You know, thanks for telling me that nice fact. I'll pass it on so I won't screw up next time."

"You're absurd."

Silence fell and I knew that he thought he won.

"Prince Edward Limplongtime had a flaccid penis." I said teasingly. He turned around to look at me so fast I could have sworn there was a snap. I pulled on my jeans, going commando because I didn't have clean panties with me. "Edward's penis is so flaccid… 'How flaccid is he?'" I fake crowd echoed, pulling on his shirt "Edward's penis is so flaccid that he-"

My lover flew to me in a second to cover my mouth before I could finish the sentence. To my surprise he was smiling. "Would you just let a man be embarrassed and forget about it?" He hand released me and I grinned widely and began button the blue dressy shirt. As he was about to walk away I New York'd it again "Foget about it."

"Ughh." He groaned, twisting around and kissing me hard; I laughed loudly even though his lips were on mine. He picked me up and I wrapped my jean-clad legs around him. "You crazy woman." He grinned against my lips. We smiley kissed as he held me.

"Oh how I've missed you." I said wrapping my arms around his neck.

"You too, love." Edward kissed the corner of my lips, unable to stop grinning. "Give me two seconds." He said putting me down on my feet.

It had to be less than two, but I wasn't counting. "Smile," He said quickly, wrapping an arm around me. I looked up and there was a Polaroid camera in front of us. I made a squinty face and held up a fist as he snapped the picture. The white square popped out and Edward handed it to me.

In ten shakes the picture started to develop. I laughed as I saw Edward's face, playing the role of scared and weepy. "Add it to your stack." Edward called from the closet, putting the camera away.

I picked up a stray pen on Edward's desk and wrote on the back. 'Edward and Bella, flaccid penis, Washington' I heard a laugh from over my shoulder as I finished. Looking over I saw Edward shaking his head.

"Just make sure you keep that picture to yourself." He ordered.

"Sure, sure." I said, waving him off.

"I'm serious, Bella." Edward put on his stern face. "Just you." I nodded silently dazzled by his convincing eyes. Right as my knees went weak, he picked the perfect moment to kiss me tenderly.

"I can't wait to marry you." He whispered into my lips.

"And I you." I smiled into more kisses he gave me and let my mind drift to marriage with Edward.

He picked me up and planted me on the bed stripping me of my clothing and letting his hands visit their favorite places. As we got comfortable again in our sexual actions and noises it was obvious that Edward's penis was definitely not so flaccid anymore. When I grabbed it a small smile crept into Edward's lustrous expression. He stifled my giggle with a kiss and we went at it once again.

I would give it all to have every morning begin with him.

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