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Summary: Zack was dead, but Cloud did something to revive Zack. Story set after Crisis Core.


Pairing: CloudxZack (at first, Cloud one-sided, depends on how I wanted the story to go, they might become lover ;3), ZackxAerith, TifaxCloud (Tifa one-seided. Oh yeah, Tifa always had crush on Cloud)

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Story 0 : Prologue

Will that boy be okay?

The rain that washed his bloody body had stopped. The sun shone through the thin cloud to his face. His consciousness was drifting between waking and sleeping. He heard a scream. He knew it was from the boy beside him, but his voice seemed so far.

Sorry Cloud, you have to live for my sake.

Then there was silence. He heard and saw nothing. Oh yeah, he had yet to open his eyes.

When I open my eyes, will there be heaven?

Slowly, he forced his heavy eyelids to open. A bright light filled his vision and pained his eyes. Zack Fair had just died…or so he thought. Zack rubbed his eyes slowly while trying to adjust his Mako eyes to the bright light. After rubbing several times, he looked around but found nothing. Everything he saw was white and light, oh, except a white wing in front of him.

"Awake yet, sleepy-head?" Angeal, his ex-mentor and friend, asked. His white wing was spread out lightly on his back.

Zack stared at the winged man in front of him blankly. If he was meeting Angeal, that meant he had died. "Angeal…. does that mean…this is heaven?"

Angeal shook his head slowly and smiled weakly. Zack stared at him. A bright smile was directed at his ex-mentor, "Does that mean I'm not dead?"

Another shake from Angeal, "No Zack, you are dead, but this is not heaven."

"Huh? I'm going to hell?!"

He knew he was bad when he was alive, but never thought he would go to hell after his death. A frown formed on Zack's face. He was sad. When he knew that he was going to die, he was afraid but he knew Angeal would be there with him. Angeal's presence alone could allow him die in peace, but he was going to hell. He could not be with his best friend.

"Zack," The older man covered his eyes with his big palm, "the contract has been completed. You should go back. He is waiting for you."

"Huh? Who…?"

But before the raven-haired SOLDIER got his answer, his body had been pushed down by Angeal. Again, he could only see darkness spread before him. He was falling to a bottomless end. Slowly, his consciously disappeared.


"Huh? Who was that?"


"Oh yeah, that was me…"

Zack, wake up…

"Who was calling me?"

Zack, please, opens your eyes…

"Is that you Cloud? Where are you…?"


Slowly, vision returned to his eyes and there was no more bright light. He could see wooden ceiling spread in front of him and a small bulb light attached to it. The light was not bright enough to pain his eyes but enough for him to see in the dark. His Mako eyes scanned the room. There were two beds lying beside him, but there was no one on top of them. A small table was placed beside his bed, and a vase of dried flowers on top of it. The table was the only thing that separating his bed from the next bed. On his left, he could see the closed door and a sleeping boy.


Hearing the mumble, Zack rolled his eyes to the yellow head beside him. Traces of tears could be seen on his cheek. Zack lifted his left hand. His body was weak but his remaining strength was enough to lift it. He placed his palm softly and carefully on top of the soft hair of the sleeping boy. He caressed the boy's hair slowly, trying not to wake him up.

"Was it you who called me, spike?"

He smiled at the boy. Cloud, the boy he met when he was still with the SOLDIER. Zack closed his eyes, trying to recall his memories, while still caressing the boy's hair.

There was Genesis, and then there was Angeal and Sephiroth. In his memories, he could see his fight with the silver haired hero who went insane. He was lost…then what? Oh yeah, Cloud came and stabbed Sephiroth. Then there was Hojo. The insane professor was smiling. It was sickening. Zack swore silently as he punched the man in his mind. He and Cloud had become his guinea piga. One of these days, he swore to kill the professor for what he had done. The last memory he could recall was Cloud and bullets shot into his body.

"I'm not dead…." Zack said as he lifted his right hand and traced his body where the bullets pierced through. There were none. "Cloud must have had them taken out of my body."

Zack shifted his eyes to the blonde again. He could hear the blonde call his name again. Zack smiled, "Spike must have been so worried."

"Cloud, wake up…" he called weakly. The raven haired man decided to wake the blonde up. Normally, he would let the teen sleep longer but seeing how worried he had been, it was better if he knew that Zack was okay. He was alive. He was breathing.

Feeling the touch on his head and hearing the familiar voice calling his name, Cloud opened his eyes. Memories flooded his brain. Cloud jumped from his seat and looked at the amethyst eyes that were staring at him. The friendly eyes he used to know. The eyes belonged to Zack, the man who sacrificed himself to keep him safe. Tears blocked his vision, but he allowed them to fall. A Smile was formed on his face as he threw his arms to Zack.

"Sorry to make you worry, spiky," The raven-haired man replied, but Cloud shook his head lightly. He didn't care; as long as Zack was alive, it was enough for him.

Cloud pushed his body from Zack, knowing that the man should be very tired. He wanted him to get better soon. "Please go back to sleep, you need rest." Zack did not reply as his body was already drifting into slumber. Cloud watched the man close his eyes to sleep. His chest rose and fell while he breathed. Tears fell from his eyes again.

"I'm sorry, Zack…"

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