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"Shit!" Peter exclaimed as his head collided, quite painfully, with the wall. Edmund stopped trying to remove Peter's belt as he stood up from his kneeling position.

"Um…sorry Peter, got a bit carried away I guess" Edmund said sheepishly.

"A bit carried away? I never seen you so needy before, Ed" Peter replied, touching the painful lump that was already forming. He brought his hand back to his face, relieved to see no blood.

"I've been gone for an entire month in the Northern Woods, sorry I missed my lover" Edmund glared at Peter as he began to walk away, but was stopped by Peter who roughly grabbed his arm. He attempted to pull Edmund into his arms, but the way he had grabbed his brother, to the way both of them were standing, caused Peter to stumble. Edmund opened his arms in order to catch his flailing brother. Peter, as anyone might do while they fall, opened his mouth in shock. But he underestimated his brother's new height, and so with his mouth open as he fell, he accidentally bit, quite hard, Edmund's chin.

Edmund let out a scream of pain as the teeth sunk into his skin. He desperately wanted to check the wound, but he didn't want drop Peter on his face, either.

Peter, sensing his brother's pain, quickly stood up and began to apologize. Edmund touched the spot where Peter had bit him, and to his horror, he saw blood. Normally, Edmund is all about Peter biting him, but normally, Peter doesn't make him bleed.