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Chapter One – Caught in the Act

"Got a hit on the dentals," Angela Montenegro said, joining her friend on the platform. "Your limbo boy here is definitely Nathan Young. World War II soldier, Army, MIA 1943."

Temperance Brennan grabbed the computer printout and quickly scanned it with her eyes. "Good job, Ange. Thanks." She handed it to Zack.

"And with cause of death officially determined this morning, we can close this case," Zack said. "I'll go complete the paperwork."

Zack left the platform, leaving Angela and Brennan alone. Brennan began to place the bones back into their container as Angela took a seat by a computer.

"So, sweetie, let's go over this Booth thing one more time," Angela said. Brennan sighed.

"Angela, I've told you this at least a dozen times now. After he got back from taking Parker to Rebecca's, we talked, and we're fine. We sorted everything out," she said.

"That's it?" Angela asked. "Nothing's different?"

"Are we acting differently?" Brennan asked.

"Well, no, but after the Christmas you guys shared, not to mention the mistletoe kiss," Angela started. Brennan cut her off.

"Cam and Zack don't know about that, and I'd really like to keep it that way."

"Of course," Angela said. "I just thought all of that might have changed things a little."

"Ange, I can assure you that Booth and I are great," Brennan said.

"You guys always have been, sweetie, but I'll stop asking about him."

"Thank you. If anyone needs me, I'll be in my office."

Brennan walked down the platform steps and headed towards her office, a small smile gracing her lips. The calendar on her wall read January 10th, making it just a little over three weeks since she and Booth had become romantically involved.

No one knew about their new relationship status yet. So far, it was their little secret. They carried on like normal at work and maintained their professionalism, stealing quick kisses in the privacy of his SUV.

They hadn't slept together in the figurative sense yet, but, after admitting how good it felt to sleep and wake up in the other's arms, they had spent every night since Christmas together, switching between her apartment and his. Brennan didn't like lying to Angela, but her relationship with Booth was so new, and she wasn't ready to tell anyone yet.

Brennan entered her office to find her boyfriend sitting in her desk chair, peeking at her notes for her next novel. She froze in her doorway and gave him a vicious death glare. He didn't notice her arrival and continued reading her story plan.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked sternly.

Booth glanced up at her and flashed his charm smile when he realized he had been caught. She walked over to her desk and snatched the papers away from him.

"Hey, beautiful," he said in a low whisper so no one else would hear.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"We got a case," he said, smiling.

"Really?" she asked, equally eager to go out into the field.

"Yup," he confirmed. "First one since our Santa slaying."

"You seem awfully excited considering someone was most likely murdered," she said. He narrowed his eyes at her, but the smile remained on his face.

"Call me selfish, but a new case means I get to spend more time with you," he said. Her face softened at his words.

She smiled at him as she peeled off her lab coat and hung it on its hook. Booth's eyes traveled over her tight jeans and scoop-neck sweater, and he reached out and grabbed her hand, pulling her to him.

"Booth," she said as she almost landed in his lap. He glanced over his shoulder into the lab.

"I know that you like keeping us a secret, Bones, but I really want to kiss you right now, and I'm not seeing any nearby Squints," he confessed.

"Okay," she agreed, wanting a kiss as badly as him. "One kiss."

She leaned over intending to place a small peck onto his lips, but as soon as their mouths touched, both knew they wouldn't be able to stop at just one kiss.

Brennan crawled into his lap, sitting sideways so that her back was against the arm of the chair. She knew that anyone could see them, but she honestly didn't care. She gripped his jacket with one hand while caressing his cheek with the other. He slung an arm across her legs and placed his other hand on the back of her head to hold her steady.

They kissed deeply, and he slowly stroked his tongue along hers. Brennan curled her tongue against his, and he sighed at the sensation. She snuggled into him a little bit closer as they continued to kiss.

Jack Hodgins walked across the lab, holding a Petri dish full of sand particles. He casually glanced into the doctor's office and froze in place when he witnessed the happy couple kissing. He began laughing and placed the dish on a nearby desk as he quickly hurried to the Imaging Unit.

"Angela!" Hodgins exclaimed, still chuckling.

She was fooling around with an art program on her computer. "What's so funny?" she asked as a smile formed on her face.

"You've got to see this!" Hodgins said.

"What?" Angela asked.

"Come on. Hurry!" he said.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her up, hurrying back into the main part of the lab. They stopped in front of Brennan's office, but Angela kept her eyes on Jack.

"Jack, what in the world is going on?" she asked.

Just as Angela finished her sentence, Brennan let out a soft, barely-audible moan, causing Angela to turn and look into the office. She immediately squealed at the sight of Booth and Brennan kissing. Their lips separated at the sound of the artist's delighted screech, and Brennan immediately slid off of Booth's lap to stand beside her desk.

"Yup, that's pretty much what I expected Angela to do," Booth said, grinning.

"I knew it!" Angela gasped. "I knew there had to be more than what you were telling me!"

"You did?" Brennan asked, her cheeks flushed a light pink color from embarrassment.

"Of course, sweetie! It's you and Booth!" Angela exclaimed. She then calmed herself and let out a sweet sigh. "It's like a Christmas miracle. I'm assuming this happened right after Christmas, right?"

"Yes," Brennan confirmed.

"Definitely Christmas magic!" Angela exclaimed.

"Angela, the whole lab is going to be over here soon if you continue to speak at that volume," Brennan pointed out.

"I'm sorry, but I'm just so happy for you guys!" she said, running in and hugging Brennan. Brennan returned the hug as she smiled.

"Thanks, Angela, but Bones and I have a case, so how about you talk about it later?" Booth said, standing.

"Oh, right. A case. Sure," she said suggestively. "Have fun."

Angela left to join Hodgins on the platform, and Booth looked at Brennan.

"Okay, so the crime scene is pretty close, so let's go over the preliminary details here," Booth suggested. Brennan nodded in agreement.

As Angela walked across the lab, Caroline Julian entered the doors of the Jeffersonian. She approached Angela.

"Is Dr. Brennan in her office?" she asked.

"Yes, but I'd be careful. She and Booth may be a little busy," Angela said. "Oh, and kudos to you, Miss Julian."

"Well, thank you, Cherie, but what did I do?" Caroline asked.

"You managed to accomplish in one holiday what I've been trying to do for years," Angela said. Caroline looked confused.

"What would that be?" she asked.

"Get Booth and Brennan to realize how crazy they are for each other! Seriously, you're a genius. I can't believe I never thought to trick them into kissing under mistletoe. That was a fantastic idea."

"Are you telling me they're together? As in together together?" Caroline asked in disbelief. Angela nodded. "This I gotta see."

Caroline and Angela walked over to Brennan's office and peered through the window. Booth and Brennan were sitting on her couch looking at a case file.

"They look normal to me, Cherie," Caroline said.

"Just watch," Angela said with confidence.

The couple gathered up the file and stood simultaneously, Brennan turned away from Booth. Booth grabbed her arm to get her attention and placed another kiss to her lips. They exited Brennan's office and ran into a very surprised looking Caroline.

"Oh, hello, Caroline," Brennan said.

"Hello. So you two are a couple now?" she asked.

"Yes, we are, but I don't understand why you're so surprised. You're the one that made us kiss," Brennan said.

"I didn't expect you to actually do it!" Caroline revealed.

"What?" both Booth and Brennan exclaimed.

"You said you wanted us to kiss because it would be amusing to you," Brennan reminded her.

"Damn, that reasoning worked?" Angela asked. "God, you're good!"

"Yeah, I thought it'd be funny to watch you two squirm at the prospect and then desperately try to talk me out of it," Caroline said.

"You never expected Bones to actually kiss me?" Booth asked.

"Never in a million years," Caroline replied. "Especially after I told the good doctor here that the call to the judge had already been placed."

A look of realization adorned Brennan's face as it dawned on her that Caroline had, in fact, secured the trailer before arriving in her office to witness her kissing Booth under the mistletoe. Angela noticed Brennan's expression and started giggling.

"You're my hero," Angela told Caroline.

"Can we do something for you, Caroline?" Booth asked.

"You can't. I had some down time today, and I've been meaning to come see how Dr. Brennan's Christmas with her family went," Caroline said.

"It was wonderful, Caroline. Thank you," Brennan said sincerely.

"And thank you," Booth said, wrapping his arms around Brennan from behind.

"Glad to be of service," Caroline said, a look of utter shock still on her face. "Have a nice day."

Caroline exited the Jeffersonian, and Brennan unraveled herself from Booth's embrace. Angela looked at them with a goofy grin on her face.

"Angela," Brennan laughed at her expression. She couldn't believe how amused and delirious her best friend was over her relationship with Booth.

"Okay, we really do have a case, Angela. I'm sorry, but she'll have to talk to you later," Booth said.

"We are having coffee when you get back, and don't even think of trying to get out of it!" Angela called as the couple hurried out of the lab.

"Sorry," Booth muttered to Brennan once they were outside.

"She was going to find out eventually. It's good that Hodgins caught us," Brennan said.

"Better him than Zack, right?" Booth said. Brennan giggled slightly and smiled as she felt his hand rest on the small of her back, gently guiding her to the car.

Up Next: Booth talks to Parker while at the crime scene, and Angela and Brennan have a little girl talk about her relationship with Booth.

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