Ch.1: If you can't stay awake for Government, then you should try Math, it's not that bad…

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"Are you kidding me?! I have to do this crap again?!"

Dante Speis aka "Mr. Speis of American Government," crumbled up the blue paper in his hand. At Rowland High School, the senior class had a special event where they could bid on teachers and they take the students out to dinner or theme parks or whatever kids did these days (that is appropriate, mind you). While the students' money goes to the school, the teachers are the ones who pay for the event and usually the cost was higher than the students' bids.

Dante was forced to take part in this event every year due to his lack of participation in other events that were less humiliating and of no cost. Honestly, after six years of teaching at the school, you'd think he'd learn by now. The threat was, as always, he would have to be the teacher sponsoring the freshmen orientation and no teacher in their right mind was going to waste their time or be caught DEAD doing that. He always chose the auction. The good thing was, he was always the one who racked in the most money, meaning that he was the most popular teacher (hey, bragging rights weren't bad at all). The bad thing was, it was always the female student body that wins and always the risk of getting the title "sex offender" forced on him.

But this year, Mr. Speis had a plan!


"All right you punks, scram. Trish, Mary, I need to speak to you both for a moment."

While the rest of the class disappeared and some girls lingered a little longer than they should, Trish, the valedictorian, and Mary aka "Lady," walked over to the head of the classroom. Lady gave a glare at the door and the other girls fluttered away. Dante racked a hand through his silvery white hair, thanking whatever God existed for girls he could actually trust that would not try to get in his pants (and ALSO thank that they are lesbians).

"Oy, Mr. Speis, are you doing the auction this year?" Mary asked, her mismatched eyes seemed to smirk knowingly.

"Oh ha ha, Mary, I forgot to laugh. Listen, I want you both to do something for me: since you two are seniors, I want you to bid on me…" Dante gave his trademark grin with a thumbs up, "…and win!"

For some reason, Trish threw her blonde head back and started laughing. He couldn't see how this was funny. This was a serious matter where he may lose VERY IMPORTANT things (ex: his JOB!) to a bunch of high school girls with uncontrollable hormones. When the blue eyed beauty calmed down, she spoke breathlessly, "Are how are we suppose to do that? Money is tight for seniors like us, you know. We can't afford to spend on teachers with obnoxious personalities."

Dante sometimes wondered Why he became a teacher. Kids were a completely pain in the-

"Okay, we'll do it!" Trish and Mary piped up.

-never mind.

"However…." Mary said in a sing song voice with her index finger raised, "you owe us dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, a trip to the salon WITH manicures and pedicures, AND…tickets to Coachella for next month!"

…scratch that. He's going to become a free lance mercenary and the first people he would kill would be the girls.


"Teacher auction? Kids buying teachers? Sounds perverted. Not interested."

"But Nero, you would really help the school raise money," Kyrie (Ms. Windill), the well known biology teacher of the underclassmen, explained, "In just a few months, the kids here have taken a great liking to you."

Nero Lanstor, the new teacher on the block in the math department, was only twenty-four when he received his teaching degree. Now at twenty-five (and a half), he earned the respect of the tough AP Calculus teachers and frighteningly, the admiration of both math loving nerds and struggling C grade students (girls and the occasional guys, of course). Even though the recognition was awesome, it got to the point of annoyance and fear for his virginity…

Hey, being a math genius did NOT get him laid in college like they show in the movies (note that college life was not an "exciting" experience for Nero and it was full of dedicated math geniuses like himself) His teaching career also took out whatever social life Mr. Lanstor had so….yeah:

Bending over to look at a student's work quickly was a dangerous…VERY dangerous move. Especially when you have a perverted seventeen year old ready to pounce on your ass at any given moment.

"…yeah, a great liking," the young man said deadpanned. He and Kyrie had the same conference period and became friends immediately. The pretty brunette was one of the few female instructors who did not try to pick him up, next to the happily married ones or the old non-cougars that have sons as old as himself. Nero sipped his coffee, charging up his nerves for the next class period. He took off his spectacles and rubbed his blue eyes irritatingly. "I'll think about it, is that okay?"

"Thank you, Nero," Kyrie said gleefully as her whole face seemed to light up at his response. He placed his glasses back on and smiled genuinely in return, feeling his stress skip away…

"Where the hell did all the coffee go?!"

…and then it came back at the speed of light. The stress hit him hard like how a nun hit's a Catholic school student with a yardstick. Sigh, those were the days…

Nero looked over to see (not surprisingly) Dante, the other man with the same colored hair and eyes as himself. Although spiders socialize with pigs and warthogs hang with meerkats, Dante and Nero were anything BUT friends. The government teacher treated Nero just like a high school student. He actually gave the younger man detention the first time he came to the school due to wandering around the halls during class time without a pass. It wasn't Nero's fault he was lost and is young looking for his age. School security had to hold them down before they could kill each other that day.

"How the hell did I end up in the same conference period as him?" Nero mumbled to himself as he drank more coffee.

The famous government teacher must have good hearing because the moment Dante heard Nero take a sip, he rushed over to Nero's table and swiped the coffee out of the math teacher's hand.

"Hey! That's mine!" Nero growled.

"Hmm…" Dante playfully examined the cup closely. "Don't see your name on it. Besides, kids like you don't need coffee. It's bad for you."

"Screw you, old man!" It was pretty embarrassing. Nero was trying to grab the cup but Dante, being taller, raised it up above the math teacher's reach. A bystander would see this as a classic bully-holding-the-scrawny-kid's-lunch-out-of-his-reach scene.

"Mr. Speis, stop it! This isn't how a teacher should behave!" Ms. Windill cried as she tried calming Mr. Lanstor down at the same time.

"This guy's been nothing but Hell for me the moment I came to this damn school!" the younger of the blue eyed men hissed as he miserably continued to jump for his precious coffee. Dante grinned down at Nero and was strangely enjoying the torturing. Usually Dante wasn't a jerk like this but he needed the coffee. He guessed that Mr. Lanstor got an F in sharing during his grade school days.

"You know, if you just share this, we wouldn't be fighting. It's your fault you got the last cup of coffee."

"You didn't ask, you damn thief! Plus, too damn BAD!"

"Oh blah blah, you're just a selfish punk!"

"And you're just an asshole!"

Dante didn't know Nero was violent enough to launch himself at him. He didn't know Ms. Windill scream as him and Nero tumbled to the ground. He didn't know the coffee cup flew out of his hand and its contents spilled on Mr. Luibagel, the oldest English teacher of the school.

But there was one thing that Dante did know…Nero's lips were firmly pressed against his as well as his well built form (Dante could feel all the hard curves through the clothes) was matched closely, if not perfectly, to Dante's own strong physique. In reflex, Dante slipped his tongue between Nero's lips, tasting the sweet caffeine that lingered. It took about five seconds for the two men to pull away and before long, the other teachers in the break room became the students. Gossip spread like the coffee on Mr. Luibagel fancy white collared shirt.


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