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"Shut up, you idiot! I'm gonna kill you if you don't, un." It was only 9 in the morning and I was already having to make death threats to Tobi. His swirly orange mask loomed over me like a bad dream.

"But sempai, Leader gave us a mission." His voice was unusual today, almost like a grown man's. Normally, it was high-pitched and childlike. I sat up and pushed him away from my bed. He made no move to block or dodge it, which was also unusual.

"Alright, okay. I'm up, un." I got up out of bed, shoved Tobi out of the way and grabbed my hairbrush. I could feel him watching me. "What do you want, un?" I stared at the black hole in his mask and felt like I was looking deep into nothing.

"I'm just waiting. I'm all ready to go," he sighed, gesturing to himself. He was dressed, as always, and wearing his Akatsuki cloak. The only skin on him that I'd seen so far was his toes.

"Could you not stare at me like that, dumbass?! The least you could do is take off that stupid mask and look at me with an actual face." I finished my hair and chucked the brush at him, which just hit him in the shoulder. I imagined him wincing in pain and a smile tugged at the corner of my mouth.

"Sorry, Deidara-sempai. Zetsu-san told me not to take it off for anyone." I imagined myself punching him in the face and breaking his nose as I pulled on my Akatsuki cloak, then I let the smile have my face. "Sempai, what's so funny?" I started laughing, picturing him ripped to pieces from one of my explosions.

"Killing you, un."


I watched Deidara leave the room before I got up and trudged after him for fear that he'd start yelling at me again, or strangling me. He seemed to like my pain while I seemed to fall even deeper in love with him. His lovely golden hair, his flawless body, even his beautiful explosions captivated me.

"Hurry up, baka!" He punched me in the arm and I did nothing to avoid it.

"I'm hurrying, Deidara-sempai." My throat was sore from screaming into my pillow outside the door to the room I shared with Deidara. I cried to Kisame about him, even spilling a little to Hidan. They both sympathized with me and encouraged me. They knew that Deidara was gay from his relationship with his former partner, Sasori. I climbed on one of the clay birds outside the hideout, watching Deidara as he climbed on his own. He gave me a pitiful glance to see if I was on the bird before making it flap its wings and rise into the air.

"Why are you so quiet? You're supposed to be talking, un." I was surprised that he even looked at me. His eyes studied me like a book, criticizing everything about me. I hated it.

"I don't know, I just felt like being quiet today." He looked at me as though I'd just confessed to sleeping in girl's underwear.

"Whatever, un. Just keep your mind on helping me blow up the Sound Village." He looked away, facing in the direction that his bird was flying. I just sort of stared, not sure of what he said.

"Sempai's going to let Tobi help?" He glanced back at me and nodded.


By the time we arrived at the Sound Village, it was late and Tobi was extremely hyper. If I didn't think Zetsu would eat me, I'd kill Tobi just for the fun of it. Imagining the village aflame kept me from killing my hyperactive partner while he babbled on about how he was finally getting to help.

"It seems like everyone is sleeping, Deidara-sempai! This will be easy!" I scowled at him in the darkness.

"If you keep making so much noise, it won't be. Try to shush up, un!"

"Yes, sempai," he sighed, noticeably quieter than before I'd asked him. I squinted down at the barely-lit streets of the Sound and sighed. This was going to be totally easy. "Do you think Orochi-" Tobi began to speak, but I cupped my hand over his mouth as I moved my bird closer to his.

"Shh! It's too quiet, un. I bet Orochimaru does know we're going to attack," I whispered. He nodded and exhaled slowly. I let go of him, just in time to hear the sound of a tiny bell ringing. Quickly, I dug my hands into my clay pouches and made a few small birds with C-3 in them. I wanted to be sure I got the job done the first time instead of using C-1 and just giving them a warning. Four clay birds flew away from me and swooped down on the Sound. I did the seals that I memorized ages ago and yelled "Katsu!" All at the same time, the birds exploded and I watched my art in action. In less than a minute, the entire village was on fire.

"I thought you were going to let Tobi help." He pouted, his mask illuminated by the destruction below. I just grinned.

"You did help. You were quiet long enough that I could release my explosives without a distraction for once, un." I imagined him having some kind of goofy grin on his face. "Tobi, un. Did Zetsu say that you couldn't show anyone your face, even if you wanted to?"

"Well... no, he didn't say that." I smiled and dug my hands into my clay pouches again. Tobi shrank back, holding his arms in front of his face. He hadn't noticed the brats who were attempting to attack us with shuriken from below.

"It's not for you, idiot. It's for them." I gestured down at a few Sound nins who managed to escape the explosions. He relaxed and I sent down a bird to distract them while my C-2 spiders surrounded them. By the time they realized they were caught, it was too late. "Katsu!" I zoomed in on them with my scope, watching them explode. Their guts littered the ground and a sadistic grin appeared on my face.

"Tobi thinks that sempai might be a little too obsessed with killing children." I glanced over at him and he held his arms in front of himself again.

"They weren't just children, Tobi. They're brainwashed little monsters who've been listening to Orochimaru all their lives, un." I sighed and turned our birds around, directing us back to the Akatsuki lair. Tobi took a deep breath - or was it a yawn? - and leaned face-down on the bird.

"I'm tired, sempai." I looked over at him, raising an eyebrow.


"You can't sleep now, un. Ineed sleep." Deidara's eyelids looked heavy.

"I can fly your clay birds, but only one." His face was etched with an incredulous expression.

"Have you been looking at my scrolls? I'll kill your for that, un!" His bird swooped closer in his efforts to reach over and hit me, but I ducked and he missed.

"No, sempai, I watched your hands. You just power the bird with your chakra, right?" He stopped trying to attack me and nodded slowly.

"But... my hand gestures are fast and my chakra is different from yours, un. You couldn't possibly have copied it unless you have the Sharingan." He spat out the name of the bloodline limit like a disease... a bloodline limit that I possessed. I shrank down, attempting to hide myself with the bird.

"I... I do have the Sharingan." I covered my head with my hands, expecting Deidara to hit me or throw explosives. After about 30 seconds of nothing, I looked up. He just sat there on his bird as it flapped its wings, staring at me.

"You, have the Sharingan? You mean to tell me that you're an Uchiha?" Disbelief was clear on his face, but I nodded solemnly.

"Yes," I whispered. He just stared at me for a few more seconds. Then he burst out laughing, clutching his stomach.

"You can't possibly be an Uchiha, Zetsu-san would have told me, un!" I channeled chakra into my bird and began controlling it on my own. He looked repulsed. When he started flying away from me, I followed him.

"What's wrong, sempai? Are you angry at me for copying your jutsu?" I suspected he was angry, but why? He turned to stare back at me with more hate than I'd ever seen his eyes... it was the same hatred he showed Itachi.

"You should know! You're just like Itachi, probably trying to use your Sharingan on me right now, un!" I looked down and shook my head.

"When did Itachi use the Sharingan on you?" I moved my mask slightly to the side so that I could see without having to look through the tiny eye-hole. It was too dark for anyone to see my face, anyways.

"He used it to force me into this stupid organization. I'm surprised no ones told you about it... you genjutsu users would get a laugh, yeah?" I shook my head, disgusted with Itachi's misuse of such a gift.

"I didn't know. Itachi doesn't know I'm an Uchiha... you and Zetsu-san are the only ones who know now." Deidara's bird began to fly closer to mine, but still left an uncomfortable distance in between.


I looked down where Tobi would be, his clay bird barely visible in the dark. I could see his outline on the bird, but faintly. I had the urge to punch him over and over again.

"Tobi, show me your face, un." I moved my bird closer, leaving enough room between us for the birds' wings to flap without interference. I had to see his face, had to know why he always hid himself from the world.

"I can't... it's too dark to see, anyways. I promise I'll show you some other time, sempai." I knew it was just to stall, so I stood up on my bird, anchoring my feet to it with chakra.

"I know you know how to make fire, so you can light up your face long enough to show me." I reached down and touched the bird's back, compacting it until it was small enough to hold, but too small to hold my weight. I jumped on Tobi's bird and fused my clay with his bird. It made his bird big enough for both of us.

"But we're outside, Deidara-sempai. Someone might see." I huffed and started to feel tired. Since I didn't have to fly the bird, I was beginning to get drowsy. I leaned against Tobi and sighed.

"You owe me the privilege of seeing your face, yeah. You stole my jutsus with your stupid eyes." I felt him nod. I realized that now I was close enough to just steal his mask from him and he'd have no choice but to show me his face. Slowly, I reached up.

"No, sempai. Just go to sleep and I'll tell you when we get there." I looked down as his hand shoved my arm back to me.

"But, how did you know, un?" His outline shifted and I saw the faint swirl of his mask, but it was crooked. Was his mask halfway off?

"I can feel your chakra, sempai." Duh, I thought to myself. That was something an Academy student could do, yet I underestimated him as usual.


"Why don't you dodge it when I hit you if your dumb eye can see everything?" I shrugged. The light of dawn began to reach across the sky in a cluster of pink-orange streaks.

"I've been able to suppress the urge to use it against people unless totally necessary. I don't want to hurt my sempai." He snickered and I turned to look at him from my left, even though there was no hole in my mask on that side to look though.

"How do you see through that thing, anyways, un?" I sighed and looked away long enough to cover my face properly again, seeing as there was more light out than earlier. I didn't want to risk anyone seeing my face.

"I've been wearing it since I was thirteen, Deidara-sempai." He moved around so that he was in front of me, pushing me back a little. He faced me and reached for my mask. I grabbed both his wrists with just one hand, keeping the other on the bird. "No, not until we're well hidden." He struggled to remove his wrists, but my arms were stronger.

"Let go of me or I'll blow you up, un." I chuckled.

"With what, sempai? You need your hands to blow me up, don't you?" He glared at me. For a moment, I thought he was reaching for my mask, but his hands went under my chin. I let go of his wrists. "Wha?" I was interrupted as he pulled my mask up slightly and kissed me. I stopped breathing as his soft lips connected with mine. My heart fluttered madly. His tongue explored my mouth as I willed mine to probe his and, for a moment, all my thoughts ceased. His fingers intertwined with my hair and held me close, almost like he thought I'd pull away. He broke the kiss when the bird's wings began to falter.

"D-don't forget to f-fly, un!" He blushed a deep shade of pink and sent his chakra into the bird. I let go, not sure of what I was doing before the kiss. When the bird's flying became normal again, he turned his attention back to me. "Tobi, un?" He pulled my mask back down to its rightful position on my face and I remembered to inhale.

"Deidara kissed Tobi." It sounded elementary, but it was all I managed to say. He tilted his head, giving me a look of sheer concern.

"Are you okay, un?" Keeping one hand anchored to the bird, he stroked my dark, spiky locks. I returned to some kind of normal consciousness shortly after.

"Why did you...?" I couldn't finish my sentence. The word "kiss" lacked a certain value that I just couldn't place. He looked down, his features shadowed with concentration.

"I couldn't see you. A blind person has to feel things in order to really see them, un."


He nodded as a coherent understanding for my explanation of why I'd just kissed him. Why did I kiss him? Did I love him? I couldn't possibly... my Danna was the only one I could love. Then again, Danna was gone and Tobi was here, taking care of me in Danna's place.

"Deidara-sempai?" His shaky voice drew me out of my reverie.

"Yes, Tobi, un?" He moved closer, wrapping me in his arms. I couldn't help but think of how he was taller and more masculine... well, in a Tobi sense, anyways. With him being taller and such, shouldn't he be in control? I was always ordering him around, strangling him... hurting him. I hurt him, yet he happily did whatever I demanded him to do. Did he love me and care for me in the same way as Danna did?

"I... I'm sorry." His body became slightly limp, his arms draped over my shoulders. He was still breathing, so I didn't panic, but how could he sleep at a time like this? It must've been nearly 10:00 in the morning. The sun shone brightly upon us and the bird.

"Tobi, un. You can't sleep now, we're almost there." I attempted to shake him awake, but he just snored lightly. Had powering the bird taken that much out of him? I considered it a possibility and recognized the entrance to the hideout in the distance. I guided the bird to the ground, where it dried up and crumbled to pieces. I sighed in annoyance and kicked Tobi in the ribs. "Come on, idiot, un." He woke up and clutched his ribs, mumbling things that sounded like "damn it" and "fuck." His pain subsided and he got up off the ground.

"Sorry, sempai, I didn't mean to fall asleep." My feelings of annoyance were replaced by remorse for kicking him so hard.

"I'm sorry, Tobi, I shouldn't have kicked you, un. You're a good boy." We began running towards the hideout, anxious for a warm shower and some sleep.

"Deidara-sempai?" I looked to my left in the direction of Tobi's voice. He was oddly blurred around the edges, like a pool of water after someone throws a rock in it. The reflection becomes rippled... blurry. Then I noticed his mask was slightly crooked, revealing a tiny portion of his face.

"Tobi, you're pale, un." He nodded, looking ahead. Before I could do the same, he grabbed me by the arm and slowed down, relieving me of the pain almost caused by running into a tree. The entrance to the Akatsuki lair was right in front of us now, so we deactivated the genjutsu to the entrance and went into the dark cave.

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