Author's Note: This little piece just wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it...damn those plot bunnies! Laura/Carson as well as Sparky!

Stating the Obvious

By Steph7085

Blue eyes threw daggers of fire at the two people across from her. There they were flirting, stealing glances and touches, yet still completely oblivious to the giant, bright pink elephant in the room. It was enough to drive a girl mad…several times over and she was sorely tempted to march right over there and bash their heads together until they got it.

"Laura love, are you alright?" Carson asked quietly, his hand stealing over hers to lower the fork that had somehow been raised to strike. She turned and glared at him, snatching the fork back and pointing towards the clueless people opposite.

"Look at them Carson, just look at them," she hissed. Carson did as he was told - he was not stupid after all - and looked towards the subject of Laura's fascination. It was nothing unusual, just John and Elizabeth having dinner like they usually did at this time of day. His eyes shone with confusion.

Laura huffed, "They're complete and totally, one hundred percent, head over heels in love with each other." Her expression changed instantly, from annoyance to sadness, before she decided glaring was the best way to go.

"Aye," Carson sighed softly, not understanding why she had to state the obvious, and why it was getting to her so much.

"Who's in love with who?" Lorne questioned, pushing his tray onto the table and sagging into the chair. He followed Laura's line of sight and lost his excited expression. "I thought it was going to be something new," he complained, eyeing Laura's food and trying to sneak a chip from her plate. Laura slapped his hand and pointed back at her plate, her eyes never leaving the couple. Lorne quickly put it back.

"Why does everyone know it but them?" she groused.

"Please," McKay drawled, taking the seat across from Laura who eyed his plate warily as the mountain of food looked ready to fall. Luckily, McKay had plenty of practice with it and placed it on the table with ease, "even I get this and I'm usually oblivious to this kind of thing. Then again maybe it's because it's you," you stated looking smugly at Laura.

"McKay, shut up and tell me what the hell you're talking about or I'll get Carson to ignore your next medical emergency," she threatened.

"Laura love, let's leave my job out of this shall we," Carson tried.

"Carson, do you want to sleep on the couch?" At his frightful look she grinned, "I thought not."

"Oh fine, be that way," Rodney complained, "my best friend turning against me for a woman."

"I'd turn on you for a ration bar," Ronon commented as he joined the group , spinning a chair backwards and straddling it as Teyla sat beside him. The Athosian gave Ronon a disapproving look before looking at Rodney expectantly, stopping his rant before it could begin.

"Elizabeth and Sheppard are in denial. Sheppard knows he feels something for her, but thinks she is too good for him, which is probably," combined glares from the group stopped that train of thought, "…so he won't try anything, oh and he doesn't want to risk their friendship. Elizabeth is still hurting from Simon, her idiot ex-boyfriend, and doesn't think Sheppard see's her that way, oh ,and she's hiding behind her position." Rodney said in one breath. He looked at the group smugly for a moment before getting distracted by his food and eating with gusto.

"Wow…you know for once I agree with him," Laura stated in shock, breaking the silence that had befallen the group. Ronon grunted in response as the rest nodded in agreement. It was a shame that the two people in question didn't see it.