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Traitors Arc: Loyalty

It had been a week since they had returned to Cair Paravel. Edmund had allowed his sisters to coddle him for a whole day, before extracting himself to attend to his duties. His mind was always occupied that week, as he considered a way to honour those who had died, and those who had lived who had proven themselves beyond any shadow of a doubt. Not that Edmund had doubted them, but for Peter to comment upon it, demanded some kind of recognition.

It was not a formal occasion he finally decided upon, but a small affair in the throne room, with his siblings in attendance, Oreius, Tumnus and all those who had taken part in the battle who wished to attend.

He was rather nervous; he had spoken to Oreius extensively, discussing the matter. There hadn't been an hour that went by that he didn't seek Oreius out to ask him something, either about the process, or the general concept. Peter had stood on the sidelines and chuckled at him, as if the whole thing was something terribly amusing.

Well, maybe it was to Peter, but it wasn't to Edmund!

Thankfully Peter sat in his throne now, completely serene, and watching the proceeding with a slight smile that spoke of his tentative acceptance of the Fell under Edmunds command. Edmund hid his nervous rubbing of his palms against the legs of his tunic. He still wasn't really sure he should be the one doing this; Peter would be a much better choice.

But these were Edmunds guard, and he knew he would feel guilty if he asked Peter to do it. But really, what if he messed it up?

"Captain Maxus, step forward." He called. Oreius had told him he could forgo the over the top formality, which wasn't really Edmund's style to begin with. Beside's, Edmund didn't think those gathered would truly mind if he forewent the ten minute speech that was normally given beforehand if this kind of thing happened so long after the fact.

Maxus stepped forward, his great brow furrowed in some confusion. He had not told any of them why they were gathered, just that it was to honour those who had fought so bravely for him and beside him, whether alive or dead. But he was sure the Fell creatures had no idea what he meant to do, after all, he doubted the Witch went in for this kind of thing.

Edmund smiled at him, reassuringly. "Kneel, please."

Maxus did so, still looking confused, a series of whispers broke out among those fell creatures who had gathered. Edmund pulled his sword from his sheath and moved forward enough to rest it on the Minotaur's shoulder, just by his neck, he saw Maxus tense slightly, but he did not move.

"For unwavering loyalty, and complete trust in my commands, I hereby name you Maxus, the head of my personal guard, and fearsome warrior without equal, the First Knight of the Order of Justice." He withdrew the sword and smiled, a little in relief at having got through it without faltering, and for making the first knight of his order speechless. "Do you accept this honour?" he asked.

Maxus was silent, much like he had been after Edmund had asked him to become the head of his guards. Edmund knew him well enough now not to allow the silence to bother him. Maxus was merely weighing up all his options before deciding. Finally the great head dipped lower.

"I accept, Your Royal Highness, King Edmund the Just."

Edmund smiled brightly at him. "Rise then, Sir Maxus and return to your comrades."

Maxus rose, and returned to where he had been standing before, everyone around him was staring at him in shock, indeed the witch had not had such things as knighting for her best warriors, so this was a rather new and novel experience.

"Bright-spark, step forward." He called.

There was a flurry of activity near the back of the group, and it took a moment for Bright-spark to emerge. He was limping badly, some of the fur along his side was missing, and a jagged scar ran across it. He had very nearly not made it. But he had been on his way to recovery, if only slightly by the time they had returned to Cair Paravel. Lucy had taken one look at the young wolf and had offered her cordial.

The look Bright-spark had given her at the mere idea might have been more amusing in other circumstances, but there was still a chance that Bright-spark would be unable to walk again. The wolf had told her, very plainly that he wanted his first ever scars. He had gotten them for a very good cause, and he wanted them to remember. They had eventually convinced him to at least let her treat the more serious wounds on his leg, but to leave the one running across his side. So he still limped a little, but it would not bother him further once it had healed, Milrina had sworn to it.

Bright-spark eventually came to a stop in front of Edmund, and was trying so hard to look cool and collected, though his tail gave him away completely, swishing away excitedly. Edmund held back his smile at that. He had been so relieved to find that the wolf had not died, so very relieved. Bright-spark was the real reason he had wanted to do this, after the sacrifice he had made he deserved this.

"I won't ask you to kneel in deference to your injuries." He said, he could see Bright-spark trying to work out what 'deference' meant as it was hardly a word he had ever heard before, as before he took his sword and touched it lightly to Bright-sparks shoulder. "For unwavering devotion, and courage above and beyond the call of duty, I hereby name you Bright-spark, most noble warrior of my personal guards, with a spirit unmatched by any, the Second Knight of the Order of Justice."

Bright-sparks tail was going a mile a minute and he was staring at Edmund in a mixture of childlike excitement and adult pride as he was knighted.

"Do you accept this honour?" Edmund asked, though he knew it was completely unnecessary.

"Of course Edmund... Sire... Your Highness King Edmund the Just!" Bright-spark said, stumbling over the words a little.

Edmund smiled at him. "Thank you, now please step back and join your comrades, Sir Bright-spark."

Bright-spark returned to the group, to stand beside Filionus, who had recovered quite nicely from the first attack.

Edmund then addressed the whole group, feeling the nervousness come back again, hoping he would manage not to mess it up. "Though I have only chosen two to be the first of my order of knights, do not think that I do not value the rest of you just as highly. You readied for battle without knowing truly what you were walking into, and I thank you all for that. Your loyalty to me, and my kin, is a great boon to Narnia, and myself. Those who have died, go with Aslan's blessings to the world beyond." He paused, his nervousness coming to the fore.

He was silent for a few moments, before he said a heartfelt.

"Thank you."

The End

Hehe... the end... Um... Yeah. Weird, I know. About Lucy's potion thing. I know in the movie it's ingested and everything get's healed, but I kind of like the idea of the one in the BBC series, where if she puts it on an injury it heals, just because it worked for Spark, you know how stubborn he is. Oh, and the Order of Justice thing... I think I might have seen somethig simliar used, but I'm not sure what it was as I never read the fic, I think it just kind of stuck in my head, so sorry if i stepped on any toes, but it really fit. The whole knighting thing. I'm under the impression that Aslan made Peter and Edmund his knights, and as such only he can knight anyone into his knights, in this way Edmund, Peter, and even Susan and Lucy will have their own set of knights, so Edmund's is this one, and only he can knight anyone into it, Peter can only knight someone he finds worthy into his knights and not into Edmunds. etc. That's only my view, and I'm going to stick with it.

So, second story completed. That leaves one more story to go and my Traitor Arc is kinda officially done. Yay! I feel so proud. I know my spelling, and typo's and grammar are rubbish, but if you got this far then you can obviously look beyond that and I feel really good. Thanks to all my reviewers. You are great!

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