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Chapter One: Enter Konoha Asylum Er...High

Konoha High, a high school (asylum) nightmare and sanctuary. With barred windows and the brick structure. Any student could swear they would really go crazy but never the new fresh meat...er freshmen. An older group of students watched a fresh batch of freshmen about to walk through the school doors. A young, dork-looking blonde leading.

Naruto burst through the red double doors, standing proudly. A crowd of protest started behind him.

"I, Naruto Uzumaki! Will make it through high school like no other! Anyone gets in my way, they will get a piece of me! You better BELIEVE IT!"

The blonde walked forward a few steps before being tripped by one of his friends.

"You stupid idiot! Quit embarrassing us with your blondism!", Sakura said quietly.

She smiled immeadiately at a passing student and turned back to the baka on the floor. She smacked him on the back of his head and hissed quietly so no one else would hear but him.

"She's right you know! Enough with being a kid, Naruto!", Ino nearly shouted.

She looked at Sakura who was currently fuming about his stupid entrance then looked back at Kiba, who was walking a little ways behind with Choji, Shikamaru and Shino.

He shrugged and said, "Well, he can't help but be a ramen-high blonde. You know how he is."

He thought to himself, 'Yeah, the idiot who can eat ramen like no other person 'sane person. And is a simple-minded imp with such high hopes.' Naruto stood and dusted off his orange suit he used constantly. He was suddenly punched in the arm by someone and looked back to see Kiba smirking then shrugged and looking away from his heated gaze. A few older students shouted, "HEY KID! JUST HOW CRAZY ARE YOU?!" The group heard them laughing and snickering. The gang kept walking on.

"Heh, you two were so excited for high school, you kept squealing like little girls. Swooning at the thought of senior boys and being popular cheerleaders," he sneered.

The idiot was face down on the floor again. The pink-haired girl and the other blonde harrumphed and walked over him.

Shino, who was walking with Kiba, Choji and Shikamaru thought, 'If only he learned. Well, shows this freak he'll never be accepted by girls.'

It was strange that they would be friends with a creepy bug guy. All of them walked over Naruto, leaving him behind a little, making him scramble up to catch them before they completely left him.

Another student had watched the gang from a safe distance. He had a peculiar look about him, just like someone else who goes to that high school. His black eyes wandering to clusters of older teens watching. Sasuke Uchiha walked a little ways before he heard whispers from the teens.

"This guy and the popular hunk from the Akatsuki band look alike. Is he the younger one?" he heard a girl whisper.

Trying not to let his annoyance show, he glared at her while he passed by. Embarrassed, she looked away. He walked of to the doors and stopped off to the side to inspect the hallway. His eyes passed over the people he saw earlier with the blonde. He smirked as he saw the guy try to impress a junior girl standing near with a couple of her girlfriends.

He thought, 'Pathetic, purely pathetic. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he was my perfect match in sparring. Let's see how that goes... if we'll ever meet.' He chuckled at that.

Sasuke's gaze wandered to a blonde girl standing near a few boys. He saw that she was staring straight at him with her bright blue eyes. Finally noticing that he was looking at her, she flushed and looked away.


His eyes wandered to the girl in red with pink hair. She was staring at him too. This time, their eyes locked onto one another. Neither of them looked away. It wasn't until one of her friends caught her attention again and she broke the stare. He chuckled quietly.

'She has interest too? I'll find out about that soon.'

"Hey Ino. Did you take a look at the new guy? He looks so dark and mysterious. Remember the Akatsuki gang? There was a member that looks like him." Sakura babbled to her long-term friend.

"Yeah, you're right! Why don't we go introduce ourselves? All of us... so it doesn't look embarrassing. You know?" Ino replied, trying not to eye the person behind them. Naruto suddenly burst into their conversation.

"Hey! What's going on? Why aren't you paying attention to the rest of us? And who is that guy over there? The one with all the dark stuff and those creepy black eyes." Sakura bonked his head lightly. Naruto exclaimed, "Hey! What was that for?!" She huffed slightly and looked to Ino.

"For being so loud you stupid idiot," Ino said while glaring. Shikamaru, Choji and Shino's attention now turned toward the three.

"What's going on now? First thing we know, Naruto is being an idiot with a few girls and now you three are up to something. Spit it out." Choji budded in. Shikamaru looked at the direction of where they were looking.

"That person you're obviously ogling at Itachi Uchiha's younger brother. Their mother died not too long ago, at least that is what I heard. They're filthy rich as you can see with Itachi flaunting his clothes and coolness with that Akatsuki gang. That guy's name is Sasuke." Shikamaru explained with a gleam in his eye. A knack for being intelligently lazy and perfect know-it-all.

"Why don't we go over and meet him? He is fairly new to this school and us too. We can all be friends." Sakura said with a hint of excitement.

'I wonder if he's into dating yet. It doesn't look like he's taken by anyone. Wait! What am I thinking?! I have to get to know him of course. Before Ino gets to him before I do.' Sakura thought viciously.

"Well I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to. He looks like a pain in the ass to deal with and I could care less. If his fighting skills are as bad as he looks, I don't want to bother." Naruto said with obvious arrogance.

He was on the floor again after being pounded by both Sakura and Ino. Shino's voice suddenly scared them when he spoke up. "It can't be that bad. Judging by his appearance and nobody befriending him as of yet, we might as well. I could use a little competition in this place besides Shikamaru and Kiba." All of them agreed except Naruto.

Both Ino and Sakura were staring at him with love struck eyes. Noting on that, Sasuke glared at them back. The girls seemed taken aback at that. The bigger guy that was well-rounded was stuffing his face with chips. 'Heh. Probably nervous on the first day of school. I wonder how long he'll be stuffing his face.' he thought with vicious intent. He looked back at the girls who were still staring. 'Love struck... yuck. I never really thought they would fall for me. I don't know how the hell I'm going to deal with these two.'

He didn't notice the group approaching and was caught a little off guard. All were eyeing him like a piece of candy in their different ways. The blonde had a look of jealousy in his eyes and he smirked which made it worse. The girls never kept their eyes off him. Looks of wanting in their eyes, or was it lust? He didn't want to know. The other four boys were casually looking away and glancing back to see his reaction.

"H-hey. We just wanted to... uhhh.. see if you'd like t-to hang out with us. You know.. on th-the first d-day of school?" Sakura stuttered. 'Damn! Way to go stupid. Now I have to find a way to make me seem cool again.'

"Hnnn. Why would I want to do that? Especially with this embarrassing little runt who calls himself a "cool guy"... I don't think so." Sasuke coolly said.

'Honestly, who would want to hang out with him? How did they get past his arrogance and obnoxious manners?' he thought to himself.

The girls again looked taken aback and the blonde was growling. The four guys attention now turned to him. The fat one stuffing more chips into his mouth. "What's with you?! We come here to offer our company and you insult me?! Cool guy huh? Let's see that, teme." Naruto flamed on.

"Let's just see about that, dobe." Sasuke complied with a calm stance. Sakura bopped the ramen-loving idiot on the back of his head. "Naruto! Stop acting like a little kid! How many times do I have to tell you that!" Ino glared at him and turned back to Sasuke.

"I'm sorry about that. This stupid head here doesn't know how to shut up. By the way, my name is Ino. And the girl next to me is Sakura." She pointed out the rest of the guys in the group supplying him with their names. Sasuke still let off glares to all of them. 'Jeez, what's his problem? Friendly much?' Ino thought.


"Why don't you say something else, teme. How about a match, just you and I." Naruto sneered. A wicked gleam in his blue eyes.

"You're on dobe. After school, on the parking lot grounds." Sasuke murmured with a smirk.

The group groaned. "Naruto!" Shikamaru grinned. "How troublesome." All bopping him on the head, he was on the ground. Sasuke let out a little laugh. 'Serves you right little dobe. Let's see how you are fighting. It better not be as bad as you flirt.'

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