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Naruto began to shift his food around his lunch plate, he thought he saw it move around a bit. Shifty eyed, he shoved the rest of the food in Sasuke's backpack. "N-Naruto…" said Hinata who witnessed the whole thing.

"Ah hahaha, He won't notice…" Naruto chuckled. He zipped the backpack closed and nonchalantly pushed it away. Hinata stared at Naruto. "What? The teme deserves it." He shrugged. Hinata looked back at her tray of food. There was something moving in her macaroni and cheese. "I'll just go throw this away…" Hinata stood up and walked away. Sasuke returned with a brown bag, sitting opposite of the blond kid. On the other side of the cafeteria, Neji was eating a home made baked salmon with just the slightest bit of squeezed lemon and some barbequed ribs on the side. Everyone was watching him while their mouths began to drool. He just gave them the "I-don't-think-so" Hyuuga look. Suddenly from the corner of his eye was Choji. He was sitting next to the little freshman. Neji quickly picked his lunch up and pushed everyone out of the way. He placed his plate near Choji and put on a innocent smile.

"Hey Choji! I brought you that one recipe we were talking about earlier…want to try some?" He shyly shoved the plate next to the big guy. "I made it early this morning. It tastes pretty good to me." Neji's clan inherited eyes were staring at the Food God.

"Oh.. Okay. Hi Neji, that sure looks pretty good!" Choji was fidgeting from Neji's friendly smile. "Sooooo, you really don't mind if I have a bite? I mean like, you won't bite my head off or anything?" Neji saw his uneasiness and nodded. His pale eyes watched Choji carefully lift the delicate morsels to his mouth and chew it. The well-rounded boy's eyes shone bright and features distinguished as pleased.

"How does it taste to you? I wasn't sure if I had gotten the spices exactly right. Or got the ribs the way it should be." Neji rambled on.

Neji was cut off by a piece of meat shoved in his mouth. "Don't just sit there and not eat! It's too good!" The Hyuuga chewed his food slowly. He was watching his only and first love eat HIS cooking. HIS COOKING!

Meanwhile, Temari began grabbing Gaara by the collar of his shirt. She brought his face close to hers and her glare almost made him lose his emotionless expression, "Gaara dear…. IF YOU DON'T GET FRIENDS I AM SERIOUSLY GOING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR FURBALL ALBUM COLLECTION, NOW GO FIND SOME FRIENDS NOW!"Oh crap she knew where it was!? "…."

"I'll take that as a yes… now GO!" and with that she shoved him into the was watching from the sidelines, his sister sure can be scary, "Damn…" he whispered to himself."It's like sending your child off to kindergarten…" Temari said out of no where as she watched Gaara stumble a bit from the push.."If Gaara was your kid then that would explain why he's so demented."Kankuro ended up on the floor with a huge bump on his head.………………………………........

Gaara wasn't the social type, but he knew that if he didn't do something there will be conflict. He looked out at his victims, too pink, too blond, too happy, too weird… His eye's wonder to a strange long-brown-haired boy lovingly gazing at the chubby one. Way too gay…Then he spotted a head full of blonde hair,

Flash back

"Phhhsssssss," Gaara's eye twitched. "SSSSSsssSsss""…""SSSsssssSSssssss""…""Hey! Gaara…""…""Errr. Where'd ya move from?""…It's non of your business.""Why do you wear eyeliner?""…:"Is black your favorite color?""…What does it look like to you.""YES! A response!"

End Flashback.

Naruto Uzumaki… He walked right up to there table and didn't care about the strange looks they were giving him, he took the confused blonde's arm and said, "You're coming home with me…" as if he was choosing a pet from a store. Everyone's mouth feel open, not only did Gaara actually talk but he wanted t-to take NARUTO home!? While everyone was speech less, Gaara dragged Naruto out of the cafeteria and even the school heading towards his neighbor hood and only one thing came to Naruto's mind, I wonder if he has Ramen at his house…

Naruto was scared, cold and hungry, he was dragged all the way to a freaky neighborhood, everyone suddenly shut their windows and closed their doors as soon as they saw them coming. Even the children were thrown back inside. When they got to the drive way he finally decided to walk, he has so may questions in his mind but the look Gaara gave him made him quiet. Gaara's house was normal…. Except for it being three story's high and the huge lawn with it's own gate, there wasn't really grass… Just sand, almost like a sandbox. The house was pretty plain and on the outside aside from it's largeness.

"Let's get something straight." Naruto almost jumped at the sound of Gaara's voice, "I'm only inviting you in so Temari will get off my back about 'socializing' or some crap like that…"Naruto felt a little disappointed, "You mean… You don't want to be friends?"Gaara was a little taken back, this word didn't fit in his vocabulary. It was too foreign, "Why would you want to be…. Friends…. With me?" The word was almost felt like acid to his tongue.

Before Naruto can breathe a word a huge animal bounced on to him, it began to lick his face while Naruto almost drowned from the slobber. A big brown colored fluff was licking off his face."Shukaku, DOWN Before you kill him…" the strange animal finally got off of the poor boy, it dug under the sand and disappeared."WHOA, What was that I never seen that kind of animal before!" Naruto said amazed."Just my raccoon dog Shukaku, usually he bites people….Strange." Gaara said surprised himself.

"I have a few animals myself, a couple frogs, some are HUGE and there's this old one named Fukasaku, he's really mean and always hits me with a ruler!." Naruto's painfully proclaimed while rubbing his head.

Gaara tried his hardest not to look interested but curiosity made him twitch, "…Ruler?"

Naruto put his arm around Gaara's shoulder as they walked into the house, "YEAH! When me and my dad found him and his frog kingdom! Some people were going to tear down there home so we took them in and now our back yard is a frog zoo!" Naruto continued his story as the door shut behind them.

There was chattering all around the cafeteria. Groups at their tables talking about Gaara's entrance with his look to kill going straight for a poor innocent blonde. None of this concerned Sasuke, Neji, Shino or Kiba. Maybe a little. Choji was always busy eating… except when the creepy red head burst in.

"Did you see him?!" a girl unrelated to the story exclaimed. "He dragged that poor stupid blonde out the door! DRAGGED!!!" The girls crowding her gasped.

Sakura was laughing her ass off with a hint of worry. 'I hope ramen bone head is okay. That Sabaku kid looked really pissed off.' Inner Sakura worried. '…Wait. Why am I worrying about that twit?! He was always so annoying… and sometimes cute. No! No no no no no! My eyes are only for Sasuke.'

Ino stopped laughing with Sakura. In sync. They glared at each other for a brief moment. Hinata let out a little giggle while nervously pointing her index fingers together. They all stopped laughing and looked away in different directions.

Shino was the first to speak. "You don't need to worry about Naruto. Sabaku no Gaara isn't all that scary." Ino, Sakura, Hinata, and Kiba all took a step back. They all thought the same thing. 'You're the scary one here. How did he get here?!' Shino shrugged and walked away.

"Now that was creepier than Gaara." Ino said. She eyed Sasuke, the only one that ignored Shino and wasn't startled by his appearance. "Hey Sasuke, you're not hungry today?" She became oblivious to everyone else in the room. Sasuke's dark eyes were following his fork. He was pushing his food around.

A playful smirk formed on Ino's lips as she picked up a french fry and motioned it towards Sasuke, "Say aw!"

Everyone's mouth dropped, Sasuke blinked a few times before finally realized what was going on. His cheeks turned pink and he gasped, he wasn't sure what to do? He would gladly take the fry from the beautiful blondes hands but, all eyes where on him. Unfortunately, or shall I say fortunately? Ino already stuffed it in his mouth. Inner Sakura shrieked while on the outside she remained shocked with everyone else. Ino smiles brightly as Sasuke chewed the fry and swallowed. Sakura's mouth was as round as the O in Omfg, I'm going to smack you. Ino looked around and gave a wide smile and went back to watching Sasuke. Sakura fumed silently while every one else tried finishing their lunches.

Sakura scooted closer to Sasuke. "Soooo, how are your classes going, Sasuke-kun?"

She batted her eyelashes at him. She saw Sasuke tense up a little. "Mine are extremely boring. Not to mention there's too much homework."

Sakura placed her hand on his shoulder and rubbed it a little. Sasuke even tensed more. "It seems like something's bothering you, Sasuke-kun," Sakura said in a cute little voice.

"Maybe I can give you a little massage to help you out." She smiled innocently. It was Ino's time to fume and eye to start twitching.

"That's enough. I believe it's almost time for class, Pinky," Ino cut in as she scooted closer to the stricken looking Uchiha.

Shino, Hinata, Kiba, Neji, and Choji watched the sparks fly between the rivals, Shikamaru glared at Sasuke and uttered something close to troublesome. All the other freshmen guys in the cafeteria were glaring at Sasuke.

Naruto was in Gaara's room after explaining things about Fukasaku, his room was dark. Almost everything was black and red. There was some boxes and a big TV set was already set up. Gaara was a little amused as Naruto keep jumping around going "Ooooh" Or "Ahhh" at everything but it soon became annoying. After the story Gaara didn't know what to do or say, he never had any 'friends' before or found any need.

While Naruto was looking he saw something under the bed peaking out. He mindlessly took it, "Alvin and the Chipmunks?" His eyes sparkled, "You love the chipmunks?" He turned around and looked at Gaara.

Gaara almost jumped out of his skin, he quickly snatched the movie away from him, "My Movie… I MEAN, why the hell is this in here!? Must be Temari's…"

Naruto looked a little disappointed, "Oh, I was hoping we could watch it. I love the chipmunks!"

Gaara's eyes lit up, "….You like the Chipmunks?"

"Yeah, they're the best! I have the movie too." Grinned Naruto.

"…. Do you like coco puffs?"

Usually the Konoha library is filled with laughter and misfits but, today was different. Because Snake Lady, aka Anko was watching over the library while the current librarian was away. She had her all mighty silver ruler of justice, it helped her straighten out a few kids. (Lol for cheesy jokes.) As soon as Sasuke and the others entered the library she hissed at them.

"If I hear just a squeak out of you, you'll have to deal with old reliable…" She explained taking out her ruler.

Sasuke gave her a weird look, Was there blood on it? Oh well, right now I have other things on my mind… h thought. His as his eyes wandered the library. Suddenly, it sent on the one creature on his mind.

"Ino…" he whispered under his breath.

Even as her name rolling on his tongue made him tingle. Her smile drove him insane, those few moments they spent together filled his mind. That's all it took Ino to win him over. Her smile made him want to smile, as long as she had that smile on, he was happy. But deep inside he wanted more. Which is why he sent the letter.

Ino was coiling her long blonde hair around her fingers as she was reading a book intently. Sasuke watched as she licked her lips and shuddered. She looked so beautiful and fragile. Her loud exterior betrayed that innocent look. He had to approach her.

"What are you reading?" Sasuke asked. He walked up to Ino slowly. His dark eyes were watching her every move. He finally met her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes.

Her pervious calm look turned to surprise, "Sasuke?" Her book even slipped out of her hands, "Ah!" Two things fell to the floor. A book filled with mathematical theories and the other was a gaming magazine. It had been hidden within the book. On it were the latest games coming out.

"What do we have here?" Sasuke picked up the magazine. He raised one raven eyebrow. He flipped through the magazine. He heard Ino stammering a sentence. "Umm.. This isn't what it looks like… I-I found that this morning." She panicked a little. "Don't worry, I read these all the time too." Sasuke smirked.

They both sat down at the table. They were unaware of another set of eyes watching them from the shadow of the books.

Sakura was watching them closely. She was feeling jealousy bite at her very soul. She overheard Ino and Sasuke talking about something they had in common. Sakura didn't like that one bit. Inner Sakura: What in the world is going on here?! How did they get so close without me knowing?!

She moved a few books out of the way in order to get a closer look, Inner Sakura: Ew, a gaming magazine?! Gross… I had no idea Ino was into those kind of things, weird. I thought we knew everything about each other.

Sakura was watching them intently. Keeping her eyes on every single move they did. Inner Sakura: She's too friendly with him! They've been getting close since the darn project started! Grrrrrr!!!! She was fuming inside. Then she gasped.

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