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The Kyuubi no Kitsune. Thought to have been one of the greatest demons in the history of the world. In truth, nothing more then a mindless servent of its superior. A superior that had decimated much of the universe in it illustrious rule. The Kyuubi fate was sealed to a human child named Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. This is his story.

The third hokage of Konoha looked at the sleeping form of the child in a crib in his office and sighed. No more then an hour ago he discovered a ninja under his command had tried to kill the child. Luckily he was stopped but now the third was troubled by what to do with the child.

A voice from the window behind him said "Tragic, isn't it." causing the third to turn and see a man in a strange gold armor standing there with his arms crossed leaning agianst the wall.

The third asked "Who are you and what are you doing here." ready for an attack in case this was an assassin.

The man said "Powerdown." and the gold armor disappeared and now there stood a man in his 50s with a long brown hair with gray mixed in tied in a poney tail and sad brown eyes dressed in a pair of jeans and a gold T-shirt and he said "Sorry about that. I had a long trip to get here and sadly I had not made it in time to stop the Kyuubi."

The third asked "Who are you and what do you mean."

The man said "Sorry, My name is Tommy and I am one of the Power Ranger or I should say the last of them. The rest of my team was killed by the creature who is the master of Kyuubi, Omega. I was at the command center when I was alerted to the Kyuubi being awakened agian, and I came as soon as I could but I was to late to stop it and now it is sealed inside this boy. He looks like his father."

The third said "I dont understand."

Tommy said "Look, This is a long story and will sound a little farfetched but I can prove it. Around 20000 years ago Omega made his first appearance. He went and systemmatically destroyed world after world after world. Finally after nearly 500 years a group of the universes top scientest got together and designed a way to stop him. They created the first Power Rangers by combining the universes best technology and strongest and best fighters in the universe and taught them to use the powers and they were able to save the planet Omega was on by defeating him and then sealing him in stone prison where he should have remained for all eternity.

The Rangers became famous but a new evil arose bent on taking over the galaxy. The rangers went to combat him and history repeats itself over and over agian as some being decides to take over the universe. They would pass down thier powers to new warriors and the legacy continued. Around 3000 years ago one such being found Omega prison but could not find a way to release him because the key to imprison him and release him was the original zords. However because of the passage of time no one knew where to find those zords or how to use them.

That was until one of the green rangers discovered them by accident. Unfortinately the man may have been strong but he was also an idiot. He decided to use them in battle without ever trying to use them or learning to control them so he did not know that they were nearly out of power and he was killed but the zords were not. The zords when they were hid had thier power cells destroyed so Omega would never be free. The creature who killed the green ranger took his power coin but also the zords and discovered the problem. He was also the creature who discovered Omegas prison. He tried to release Omega but since he used an incompatable power source he only partially released him and in the process was killed. Omega body is still sealed in the prison however his mind and spirit were not and he was able to make alliances with the most corrupt creatures in the galaxy. The tailed beast you call them. The rangers lost track of them for a while and they wound up hiding the original zords but because of what they learned from them they became extremely powerful. Now they travel from world to world seeking out large populations of humans and attacking them trying to find the correct power source for the zords so they can release Omega."

The third stood there and said "Thats an interesting story but I dont believe you without some kind of proof."

Tommy said "I knew that was comming so I will show you my proof. Here." as he hands the third a small device. The third looks at it and the next thing he knows is hes passed out.

Tommy walks over and picks up Naruto and walks back to the Hokage and soon all three leave in a gold flash of light.

The third awakens and finds himself in a strange room with machine and other things he had never seen before. He hears a baby crying and he follows the sound and soon find Naruto and Tommy in a room and Tommy is feeding Naruto and said "Welcome to the command center."

The third asked "Why did you bring me here and whats going to happen now." as he was ready to attack.

Tommy held Naruto out and the third looked a moment and took Naruto and Tommy got up and said "Follow me and I will show you the proof."

The third followed and Tommy lead the third into a huge room that was easily bigger then the town of Konoha and Tommy pulled a lever and the third took a step back in fear because there was the Kyuubi sitting behind a huge cage on one side of the room. The third looked around the room and saw several other creatures but they looked different then the Kyuubi. They were made out of metal where the Kyuubi was organic and the third asked "Whats going on here and why is Kyuubi freed and how is Naruto still alive."

Tommy said "Remember how I told you that the the tailed beast go and try and find the power soarce to free Omega. Well, your planet is not the first to learn to seal them into humans and as such they have found a way to get free. They trick some power hungry human into searching out the tailed beast for power and then sealing them into Omega prison but in truth all they are doing is freeing them from the seal and Omega sends them off planet while the humans are under what you call a genjutsu. Well what I did was remove the Kyuubi from Naruto using a method we have learned to save the human but I left part of the Kyuubi in him. Namely Kyuubi power and healing ability so he can absorb it. This way I know that Kyuubi wont escape and maybe I can find out who they have given Omega to so I can get it and try and find a way to destroy him."

The third asked "What are these other creatures. There the size of some summon bosses but made of metal."

Tommy said sadly "Those are the zords me and my team used before they died 15 years ago on another planet when we walked into a trap set by Omegas henchmen."

The third asked "So where is this command center and what are you planning to do now."

Tommy said "This command center is actually about an hours travel from your village. I had brought it here with me when I was alerted to the Kyuubi being here. Its hidden under a very powerful shield that makes it impossible to find without a rangers help."

The third asked "If what you say is true then why did the Kyuubi attack several times throughout history along with the other beast."

Tommy said "Simple, scouting. They would attack a village and see how they were advancing and if they were advancing in the right direction then they would go to another planet and then come back making people believe they were asleep somewhere. If it is not progressing like they want then they would destroy all life on the planet."

The third nodded and said "You still have not told me what you plan."

Tommy sighed and said "I am not a young man any longer. I have maybe 10 to 20 years most likely left to live. I need to find someone to pass on the secrets of the power rangers. That way the legacy continues. I want to teach the boy and make him the next power ranger."

The third said "But why him."

Tommy said "Simple, the boys going to have a hard life. Nothing you say or do will change that. Sooner or later people are going to come looking for the Kyuubi under Omega control and will take him and kill him. If I take him under my wing I can make him one of the strongest fighters in the galaxy able to defeat any who work for evil and hopefully he can continue what I have left."

The third asked "How do you know the boys father."

Tommy said "I was monitoring the battle on my way here and heard what his dad said to him and I even recorded it so I can show him when he gets older."

The third sighs and said "I dont have a choice do I."

Tommy said "Not really." with a hint of a smile on his face

The third said "Fine but I want him to also be a ninja like his father. One for our village."

Tommy said "Thats fine. I know some things about chakra I can teach him and if you want I can come 4 times a year to your office to pick up stuff you want him to learn and teach it to him but I will not be bringing him with me until hes ready to face the challanges. I dont want him tainted by hate. This place has defenses that make it where nothing can get in here without a power coin and I have all of them."

The third asked "What about the green ranger one. You said it was captured"

Tommy said "I have that also. When I first became a ranger I was put under mind control by an evil witch and she had gotten the coin. She wanted me to destroy the rangers but I was freed from it and soon became the leader of the rangers."

The third sighed and said "So how do I get back and what do I tell the people of the village."

Tommy said "The truth. The boy left the village with a special sensie to make sure the seal never fails and also to make sure that he can become strong enough to serve the village as a ninja someday."

The third said "Fine. I hate to say it but I believe you. How do I leave."

Tommy took Naruto and pushed a button on the wall and the third Hokage fazed out and soon found himself in his office.

Tommy said "Well Naruto, this is going to be an interesting time." and left the room with Naruto.

6 years later

Naruto was sitting in the command room when Tommy comes in with a guest.

Naruto looks at Tommy and asked "Who is he sensie."

Tommy said "This is a friend I wanted you to meet. He will be training with you every now and then. Naruto I would like to introduce you to Rock Lee."

Timeskip 14 years after the kyuubi attack

Team Gai were about 20 miles away from Konoha on its first C-rank mission. To stop a group of bandits from terrorizing a trade road. They had found the group but it turned out to be larger then they were told.

Gai said "Defensive formation. Watch each others backs." as he charged a group of 10 comming at him from the front.

Lee got into a fighting stance and charged a group comming in from the left and Neji was blocking the group comming in from the right.

Tenten was throwing weapons at the merc only wounding them when a bandit jumped out of a tree coming down toward her with his sword out ready to kill her.

Neji yelled "Tenten above." as he blocked another enemy and sent a jyuuken strike to the mans heart.

Tenten looked up and was frozen in her spot when a white blur shot past and said "Elemental attack: Tiger kick." as it hit the man sending him into a tree with enough force to shatter the tree making everyone turn to look at the new arrival.

They saw a figure in white armor with a black visor standing there and Lee smirked for a second but hid it and the figure pulled out a stange blaster and said "Wind Elemental blaster. Fire." and he shot out several balls of wind energy and it hit several men causing them to scream out in pain as cuts appeared on thier bodies and the figure said "Sorry for interupting your mission but I could not stand to see an ally killed." and suddenly he blurred out of view and suddenly the remaining bandits all screamed out as they fell to the ground with cuts all over thier bodies and the figure was gone.

Tenten asked "Who was that."

Gai said "I dont know but he finished the mission for us. Lets tie these men up and take them back to Konoha and report this to the Hokage."

Lee looked where the figure was and thought "what were you doing here Narutokun. You never leave the command center and its not time for your return yet, or is it." and said "His youthfulness was burning brightly, dont you agree Gai sensie." and thought "god I hate having to hide my true skills but its wont do us any good for people to learn I was trained as a Ranger."

Gai said "Yes he was. Not that where done lets race to Konoha." and Tenten and Neji groaned.

A blond hair boy around 5'10 with his hair grown out and down half his back and spiky on the top wearing a black pair of pants and a white shirt and a white partial facemask like Kakashi walked up to the secretary of the Hokage and said "I have an appointment with the Hokage."

The secretary looked at him and said "No you dont kid. Now go away before I get your parents."

The boy said "Suit yourself." and walked past her desk and toward the doors when she said "hey, you cant go back there." and the boy never stoped walking.

Two ANBU appeared in front of him and one said "Kid, you cant go in there. The Hokage is to busy to mess with little kids like you."

The boy looked at the two gaurds and said as he put his finger up to his chin "Really, then how about you open the door for me." and jumped into the air doing a verticle roundhouse kick as both his feet hit the ANBU under the chin knocking them up and into the door causing them to break of its henges.

The boy moved and walked into the office ignoring the fact that both guards were knocked out and the secretary was gaping and the third looked up from his paperwork seeing two of his ANBU knocked out and said "What is it that you felt you needed to see me about that you would attack two of my men."

The boy said "I was told to come here and tell you that Tommy has passed away Hokage-sama."

The third was wide eyed and asked "Naruto, is that you."

Naruto said "Yeah. Its me, Naruto Namikaze. I was going to be comming back soon anyways but he passed away so I thought I might as well come back a head of time. The secretary and the guards were not going to let me in so I just bypassed them so to say. You really need to work on teaching them not to underestimate anyone."

The third nods and said "So what do you plan to do now."

Naruto sighed and said "Well, I guess I came back to be a ninja of this village but if the 3 in the corner under the genjutsu is any impression of what a jounin is like based on the amount of chakra they have then I am going to be slightly sick by the lack of skills" as he looks at the corner of the room and the third nods and a genjutsu falls and there are Kakashi, Asuma, and Kurenai all standing there.

Kurenai asked "How could you tell we were there."

Naruto smirked and said "Simple. I could hear a peverted giggle as well as when the lady told him to shush. I also smelled cigerete smoke over there and I notice your pipe on your desk has not been lite in several hours I would say. What good is it to try and hide when you give away your position with noise and smell." pointing toward them.

Kakashi asked "Are you really a Namikaze."

Naruto snorts and said "Yeap Sharingan Kakashi, I am your sensies son. I also see we have the genjutsu mistress Kurenai and the former fire temple gaurd Asuma, son of the Sandaime Hokage."

The third asked "How do you know everyone here Naruto."

Naruto sighs and said "Whenever sensie left to come see you he would stop at each of the hidden villages and pick up a bingo book from each of the villages and had me memorize them all. He said knowledge is just as good as strength and knowing both your allies and enemies would make you better."

The third nods and said "How is your other training been going."

Naruto said "Im nearly as good as sensie was. So what do you have need of me to do to be a ninja here."

The third said "Do a henge replacement and a bunshin and then I will make you a ninja."

Naruto thought a moment and smirked before going through handsigns no one recognised and Naruto said "done."

The third said "But you have not done anything."

Naruto said "Really, look behind the 3 in the corner and tell me whats wrong."

Everyone turned and blew back from nosebleeds. There standing behind them was Naruto sexy no jutsu.

The third after everyone got to thier feet asked "What happened."

Naruto said "Simple, I created a Kagebunshin behind them, replaced myself with it and then used my sexy no jutsu to show my henge. I used a distraction of doing handsigns so you would not catch what I was doing." and then he went up in smoke and the nude one returned to being the original Naruto.

Kakashi asked "How did you do it without smoke or handseals."

Naruto smirked and said "The smoke is my secret but any jutsu because of how I train with Kagebunshins I can get my mind and body trained to use them without handsigns however I am limited to jutsu that require 5 or less to work. So am I a ninja now or do I need to show the next version of my jutsu." with a smirk.

The third said "No, thats quite alright Naruto. So are you going to use your last name or how do you want to do it."

Naruto thought a moment and said "Actually, I would rather people not know it yet. Thats why I have the face mask so no one can tell who I am. I dont want to draw to much attention to my self yet but I would like for you to draw up a scroll that I can show as proof when the time comes. For now I am just Naruto, no last name."

The third said "Very well. I will trust your judgement on this and do you plan to reveal the other thing yet or what."

Naruto said "Not yet. I dont want to show that until I get a lead on Omega or forced to show it."

The third sighed and said "So your going to go after that huh."

Naruto sighed and said "Sensie told me that he already recorded one has left so that means they are starting to track them down. I believe you know what Im talking about."

The third said "Yes I know and in fact I believe I might have a lead for you but it will take some time to gather information."

Naruto said "Well I got plenty of that and I wont go off in blind rage if your worried about that. Sensie has taught me how to be cool and calm in battle."

The third said "Well, where would you like to stay."

Naruto said "Um, I will find a place after I get some money. Maybe I can find someone to roommate with."

The third wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to Naruto along with a hiate and said "Take that to the accademy and wait until your sensie arrives. You are on Team 7 with Sasuke and Sakura."

Naruto grabbed it and smirked at the faces of the sensies as he left in a swirl of wind chakra.

Asuma said "First time I seen a Wind Shushin."

Kakashi said "Hes interesting. Who was his other teacher and what other skills does he have."

The third sighed and said "His other teacher was the last master of a ancient fighting style that was almost never recorded but very good. Naruto wont show them unless he demes it neccesary so dont try and force it Kakashi. Also I will say this once and only once. His teacher removed the Kyuubi from Naruto but left all of the Kyuubi chakra and healing abilities so if he uses them dont worry about the fox."

Everyone was wide eyed and Kakashi asked "How is that possible. Sensies seal is to advanced to mess with."

The third said "I dont know the actual process but from what I was told about the Kyuubi and the other tailed beast and the fact I saw the Kyuubi several hours after its sealing in a huge prison while Naruto was in my arms as a baby so I know its true. Naruto sensie trained Naruto to pass on what he knows since his years were catching up with him since he knew Naruto would most likely have been killed before he was as old as he is now. After all I had to stop an assassination on him myself that very day."

Kakashi sighed and said "Well things are going to be interesting."

The third said "More then you know Kakashi. Those two gaurds who are still out were knocked out without chakra or we would have felt it."

Naruto headed toward the accademy and soon arrived at the destination the third had wrote and saw two girls fighting to get inside and then fight over a seat not even realising there were 2 seat. He listened to the teacher inside as well as watching all the kids inside. He was hanging onto the building with chakra and when the teacher got to team 7 he used wind shushin to appear and said "Naruto, Team 7 third member." handing the paper to Iruka ignoring the shocked looks everyone was giving him.

Moments before Iruka said "Ok, team 7 is Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura, and your last member is..."

Suddenly a gust of wind blew and a figure appeared and said "Naruto, Team 7 third member." and he handed the paper to Iruka smirking behind his mask as he ignored all the shocked looks.

Iruka looked at it and said "I see, so you are the replacement. I have never seen you before at the accademy. How did you become a ninja."

Naruto said "I was an apprentice away from the village until my sensie recently passed away so Hokagesama decided to put me with a team for now."

Iruka nods and said "Well welcome to Konoha, now take a seat."

Naruto nods and Mizuki said "Why dont you take off you face mask and show everyone what you look like."

Naruto said "Sorry sir but my clans rules dont allow me to show my face to anyone other then my lovers."

Sasuke asked "What clan are you a member off. The only blond hair clan I know of are the Yamankos." in his arragant voice

Naruto said "My clan was destroyed durring the Kyuubi attack which I was luckily away from the village at the time. Because of my clans reputation I am not allowed to reveal my last name until certian things are achieved and that includes my clan name so sorry."

Iruka said "Very well, the Hatake clan also has a rule similar to that so I shall let you keep it on then, now please take a seat."

Naruto smirked and thought "where do you think I got the idea from. If your a teacher at the accademy you should know when a student is blowing smoke up you ass."

Iruka sighed and said "Team 8 is Hinata, Kiba, and Shino."

Kiba asked "Hey man, what was that thing you did when you arrived." as Naruto took a seat across from him.

Iruka said "Team 9 is in active duty so team 10 is Ino, Choji and Shikamaru. Please wait for your teachers."

Naruto watched both teachers leave and said "A simple shushin, nothing really. So your names Kiba huh."

Kiba nods and a dog barks on his head and Naruto said "Nice to meet you Akamaru."

Kiba was wide eyed and asked "How did you understand him, nobody outside of my clan can understand dogs."

Naruto smirked and said "My sensie taught me how to understand all animals" and thought "truth is the earing I have in my ear translate all known languages in the galazy as well as animals so incase I run into an alien I can understand him or her or it."

Kiba was floored and asked "Who was your sensie."

Naruto sighed and said "His name was Tommy and out of respect that all I will say about him." sadly.

Just then the door opened and Asuma and Kurenai walked in and said "Team 8 and 10, come with us." and everyone started getting up and leaving all shooting currious glances at Naruto as they left.

After they were gone Sakura said "Im Sakura and thats Sasuke-kun, the rookie of the year."

Naruto reached into his pocket and pulled out a book and said "Nice to meet you, tell me, do you know anything besides the simple, henge, replacement, and bunshin as jutsu."

Sakura said "I can dispell genjutsu also, why." with pride like is some big deal.

Naruto ignored her and said "What about you, know anything else."

Sasuke just hmphed and Naruto said "I see, your Itachi brother correct." making Sasuke turn so fast his head spun and he asked "How do you know him."

Naruto turned the book he was reading around and showed Sasuke a picture of his brother and said "I remember reading the name Uchiha somewhere and so I was looking it up and saw his profile here. I guess with you and him and Kakashi thats all the Sharingans in the world."

Sasuke asked "Who is Kakashi." hoping maybe another Uchiha was out there.

Naruto flipped through some pages and turned the book back around and showed them and said "Sharingan Kakashi, known to have copied over 1000 jutsu. Student of the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha and a major pervert."

Sakura was reading it and said "It dont say anything about him being a pervert."

Naruto said "Look at the picture of him. See the book hes reading in it. Its Icha Icha Paradise an adult fantasy book all about sex. Thats how I know hes a pervert."

Sasuke was reading it and said "How does he have the Sharingan."

Naruto said "Don't know but you could ask him. Isn't that right Kakashi sensie." making both of the other two turn and look at the door where Kakashi was.

Kakashi said "My first impression of you is...2 of you suck. Meet me on the roof." and left in a swirl of leaves.

Sasuke and Sakura both turned when they felt a gust of wind and Naruto was gone and one sighed while the other was jelous and both went to the roof.

Moments after Kakashi arrived Naruto arrived and said "Pinkies a fangirl who rather watch Sasuke then train and Sasuke an avenger. This team is going to goto hell fast unless something drastic happens. Mind if I tie them together and hang them off dads nose for a few hours." smirking.

Kakashi looked up from his book and said "Your different."

Naruto said "You have no idea. Anyways I think you should know I would like to talk to you sometime about dad. All I have is a recording of him durring the sealing and thats all I know about him."

Kakashi looked at Naruto and said "Perhaps. Since your being honest I will also. The council is forcing this team to pass and making me work with the Uchiha more so sorry if you feel left out."

Naruto snorts and said "Damn polotician. Always fuck up a good thing. The only thing I really need is a few more wind jutsu since I have a double affinity for it."

Kakashi dropped his book and said "Thats rare. I dont know many wind jutsu but I can ask Asuma to compare notes. Hes the only wind user in the village and I only got a few."

Naruto nods and said "Thanks. Heres the team." looking behind him as both Sasuke and Sakura come out of the door to the roof.

Kakashi said "Ok, now that everyones here lets introduce ourselfs." as everyone set down.

Sakura asked "Why dont you go first."

Kakashi said "Im Kakashi, I like and dislike a lot of things and I have hobbies."

Sasuke asked "How do you have the sharingan."

Kakashi smirked and said "Thanks for volunteering. You first." ignoring the question.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes and said "Im Sasuke Uchiha, I dont have any dreams but I do have an ambition, to restore my clan and to kill a certian man."

Kakashi said "Ok, your turn pinky."

Everyone knows hers so skip it.

Kakashi said "Ok wind boy."

Naruto leaned back and said "Names Naruto and that all you need to know."

Kakashi said "Well, tomorrow all of you are to meet at training ground 7 at 5 am for a test and dont eat or you will throw up." and left in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto smirked and said "In case you cant figure it all we are a team and that means teamwork. Cya." and jumped off the roof and glidded down to the ground ignoring the shocked looks both his teammates gave him as they ran to the edge to see what was going on.

Naruto had been walking through town for about an hour now when he saw a HELP WANTED sign in a window and he looked up and saw the building was the Wolf Claw Weapon shop.

He walked in and a bell rang and an older man with brown hair and brown eyes looked up from behind the counter and said "Hi, welcome to the Wolf Claw, how can I help you today."

Naruto said "Well, I saw your sign in the window needing help and I just recently returned to the village and I was looking for a way to get some extra money."

Dustin nods and ask "Do you have any experience with weapons of blacksmithing."

Naruto said "My sensie had me learn the art of blacksmithing as a skill to fall back on should I ever be forced to quit being a ninja. I also am very skilled in the the use of swords and I can make pretty much any mass produce item and also some customs."

Dustin looked at Naruto and reached under his counter and pulled out a sword and tossed it to Naruto and said "Alright, tell me what you think of that sword. Both good and bad."

Naruto looked at it since it was without its sheeth and put his finger at the base of the blade next to the hilt and saw it was balanced and he looked at the blade before flicking it into the air and grabbed the hilt with his right hand as it started to fall and swung it in a figure 8 around his arms as he brought his left hand in so he did not cut it and did this a few times and flicked it into the air agian and caught it with both flat palms. He said "The blade is perfectly balanced and is made from great material however it has 3 major flaws."

Dustin narrowed his eyes and asked "And what are they."

Naruto said "First the blade is not grounded. An enemy who uses lightning attacks can target the sword and paralyze or kill a person based on how strong of a jutsu it was. Second the blade can not use elemental affinities. I tried to send wind through it but it would not accept it. The blade is not strong enough to handle the extra force from it. The last thing is if a person tries and use elemental affinities on the sword it weakens the blade." as he pulled the blade apart and it fell into 5 pieces.

Dustin was floored and said "Im impressed. That blade was my first attempt at blacksmithing when I first started and you found all 3 flaws. You said you just returned, what rank are you and where are you from."

Naruto said "I was born around the time of the Kyuubi attack but was taken away from the village since my family was killed leaving me the only survivor. My sensie trained me until just recently when he passed away and I returned to the village. I was just assigned as a gennin today."

Dustin said "I see, well let me tell you about the job I need help with. The chunnin exams are going to be here the next time around and every time they are we always sell out of basic kunia and shurikens no matter how many I make. I also make some for the guest who come for the finals with the exam date on them. I want to go ahead and start stockpilling them so maybe I can make a bigger profit. Since your a ninja of this village I need you to work a total of 20 hours a week to make my mass produce kunia and shurikens including sharpening. I can pay you 10 for every 50 you make. What do you say. I want to have around 100000 by the time the exams hit along with any that I sell before then."

Naruto thought and said "I can do the work no problem but I was wondering if instead of payment if we could work out somekind of trade."

Dustin rubbed his chin and said "What have you got in mind."

Naruto said "Like I told you I recently returned and I have yet to find a place to stay. I was wondering if I might be able to stay here, even if its in the floor until I find a place to stay and in return I will work one month free. If not I would like a sleeping bag and a tent so I can sleep in the woods as my payment for the one month free. Either way you come out ahead saving around 500 in labor cost and I dont have to worry about finding a place for the night."

Dustin thought a moment and said "Tell you what, How about this. I have an extra room here since my wife and I only had a daughter before she passed away, I can let you use it as long as you like in return you work here for free and I will give allow you one standard set of kunia and shurikens every 2 weeks and provide breakfast every morning. In return you work the 20 hours a week for free."

Naruto thought and said "Does the standard set come with the ability to add nature chakra to them because I have trained so much all my attacks have it now."

Dustin said "They dont but I can give you a set like those instead but it will have to be every 3 weeks."

Naruto said "Then we got a deal. Names Naruto." as he held out his hand.

Dustin shook it and said "Welcome Naruto Namikaze."

Naruto was wide eyed and asked "How."

Dustin said "Simple, there have only been 2 families in Konoha that have blond hair and blue eyes around the time of Kyuubi attack. The Yamanakas and the Namikaze, I also was one of Minotas friends so I knew about you going to be born. Also the fact is Wind affinities are rare in Konoha. The only other wind user in the entire village beside your dad is Asuma Saratobi."

Naruto sighed and said "I guess it can't be helped. I am not trying to draw attention to myself intentially and using my last name would do exactly that. Besides the Hokage only 4 others know who I am besides you. So how about you let me get started working on those weapons."

Dustin smiled and said "Sure, the forge is this way. I know you said your skilled and all but I want you to make a standard pack of 20 shurikens and 20 kunias and let me judge the quality."

Naruto smiled and said "No problem." as they walked into the forge.

Dustin said "Well, I will be up front, when you finish bring them to me and I will check them." as he turned and left.

Naruto smirked and looked around the big forge and created 10 Kagebunshins and got to work. 1 started pumping air into the fire while another loaded coal. One checked the metal finding some that would work to be melted down for standard weapons, another 2 set up the sharpening tables and the rest started to work on setting the molds and melting the metal.

30 minutes later Naruto came out of the forge and Dustin raised and eyebrow and Naruto unrolled 2 cloth scrolls and had the kunias and shurikens on them.

Both of Dustins eyebrows rose and he grabbed one of each and looked at it and threw both at a target dummy on the wall. They both went through the dummy making him gape and he asked "How did you get done so quick and how are they so sharp."

Naruto held up his hand and wind gathered around it and said "I used my elemental affinity to make the fires hotter while my Kagebunshins helped speed the process up and then I also used my wind to help sharpen them to the point that they could slice through steel, I figured for a test you should see my best. Normally I wont make them as sharp since people could hurt themselfs with them if they think thier normal."

Dustin nods and said "I think Im going to like having you around. Since your done and I dont want to waste my material yet to get started making them all why dont you grab a broom and clean up the store."

Naruto walks over and grabs the broom and starts sweeping while Dustin retrieves the weapons and shakes his head at the craftsmanship and sets them up on a display counter and makes a sign saying "NEW Legend Killer Weapons, 50 for matching set."

Naruto smiles and thought "thanks sensie, you teaching me how to repair the zords sure comes in handy." as he continues to sweep.