The Sandaime walked into his office and saw Yugito, Haku, Neji, Lee, and Tenten all standing there and he said "Can you tell me what that was going on back there in the arena and what happened to Naruto."

Lee said "Naruto dead, Raven killed him and all of Kumo. That back there in the arena was our plan to eliminate some of our enemies in one month. We killed the sound team before they entered the tower and then Yugito student wanted to die an honorable death and be reunited with his friends and family. He already informed Yugito that he was going to kill whoever it was he faced and kill himself. Yugito pleaded with him not to but he refused so she made a compromise. He would wait until she said it was OK to kill himself as long as it was during the exams. When the chance to to take out the Suna Gennin she agreed."

Tenten said "I took out the other one and with the defeat of Gaara at Lee hands then Suna has no reason to be near Konoha just like Oto doesn't now so that frees us up some so you can better defend the village while we take out Raven and the Bijuu."

The Sandaime looked out the window and asked "Were you able to recover Naruto body."

Everyone remained silent and he said "Very well......I will inform all my people not to use jutsu against the Bijuu so they won't get more powerful so that will help you. That also means that you will have to deal with them all on your own. If any of those...Talons appear or Raven my men will try to aid as best as we can."

Lee said "Naruto planned ahead before he died fearing that something like this might happen. He has given access to our command center to Gai and Kakashi. They can come and do some battles in our combat training room against Raven and the Talons so they can brief the rest of your ninja so if you can summon them we will take them for the next 3 days to let them train. After that we will return him and prepare ourselves.....Neji is now one of us so if you could inform the Hyuuga clan he is away training privately for the exams or something that would be appreciated."

The Sandaime said "I understand....I am sorry for your losses. When you have a funeral service for Naruto-kun would I along with Kakashi and Gai be allowed to join."

Lee said "We won't have one for him until this battle is over. We are going to finish what him and sensei started once and for all if we can."

The Sandaime closed his eyes and said "I see.......Good luck Rangers."

Lee nods and all but Neji left in beams of color. The Sandaime said "I take it your to wait on Gai and Kakashi.

Neji nods and the Sandaime summoned both men.

When the Rangers got back to the command center they found Dustin and Alpha working at a computer terminal and Tenten said "Dad......what are you doing here."

Dustin turned back to her and said "Naruto left a request for me as well. He asked me to use my blacksmithing skills to help you prepare for the coming battles on your Zords.......Tenten......Your mother would be proud of you and so am I." with a small smile.

Tenten smiled and ran over and hugged her dad and burst into tears. Dustin hugged her and said "Shh......Naruto wouldn't want you to cry for him dear......please don't cry, you were his only love so don't make it harder for his memory. You will see him someday. I promise."

Tenten nods and said "I miss him though...."

Dustin said "distant makes the heart grow fonder. Just remember the good times you had with him and fight to protect them. That's all he or anyone could ask of you."

Tenten wiped her eyes and said "Thank you dad.........It hurts......I miss him but....."

Dustin wiped the last tear away and said "I know dear. Now you and the others have training to do and I have a lot of work to do so go do what you need to do. We can talk after you all win."

Tenten smiles and said "Yeah.....and we will win."

Dustin said "I know."

Tenten turned and saw the others had gone ahead and she said "By dad......I love you." as she kissed his cheek and left.

After she was gone he looked at the Hologram of Naruto and said "Boy.....if you were still here I would kill you for hurting my daughter........I just hope it was worth it......where ever you are."

The Hologram said "It will be. I have faith in them and Tenten is stronger then you think."

Dustin shook his head and said "Now where were we Alpha."

Time skip 2 weeks later, 2 weeks till Chunnin Exams.

Tenten was panting for breaths as she looked at the enemy she just destroyed and said "OK Lee, that was level 60. Is there any level enemies higher we can fight against."

Lee who was also panting also said "I am afraid there is only 2 left and we can't beat that level."

Yugito who was on her knees asked "Why is that Lee."

Lee sat down and said "The next level is only 2 enemies.....Their the 2 strongest enemies that we can ever face."

Neji scoffed and said "Why do you act scared Lee, that shark monster and the ten thousand Tanga warriors we just defeated were tough so why do you say these 2 were more of a challenge then them."

Lee closed his eyes and Alpha said "In the past there have been times where Rangers fell under the control of their enemies and those who betrayed the other rangers as well out of greed, jealousy and other things. The reason it stops at level 60 is because after level 60 is where we train to defeat another Ranger in the event they are an enemy. Every morpher downloads information from their ranger into the central computer in a secure location that even I do not know about. We do have access to it but......"

Haku said "But what Alpha."

Lee said "To gain access to the information of other Rangers on their skills and enemies we would have to fight 2 leaders of the Power Rangers that are from our world."

Alpha said "So that means the two you would have to defeat is the Gold Ranger Tommy and the Wind Ranger Naruto and the computer won't hold back. They will attack you with everything the computer knows about them."

Everyone was stunned and Tenten whispered "Naruto-kun."

Haku said "I know how much everyone here cares for Naruto-kun but if we are going to stand a chance we need to know our strengths and weaknesses."

Lee looked down and Tenten said "She's right. Tommy and Naruto-kun are the only pair of us who has been in action against Raven. If we are to stand a chance against him then we need to know what he can do."

Alpha said "Ai, Ai, Ai. Yes Rangers." as he tapped in the commands.

The Rangers looked at the scene changed to look like Konoha and Tommy and Naruto both appeared and both looked at the Rangers and morphed into their ranger forms before both disappeared and the Rangers were sent flying by the attacks as they were blown by the strike of the gold and wind ranger.

30 seconds later Neji, Lee, Tenten, Haku, and Yugito were all demorphed and on the ground holding their chest or shoulders and Yugito asked "What the fuck just happened."

Lee said "That is Naruto and Sensei true skill levels. That was why I said we couldn't defeat them. Naruto and Sensei were Rangers for life......Naruto-kun was at level 60 when he was 9 years old. He's only got better after that."

Tenten growled "Please stop talking about him."

Neji said "This isn't helping us get stronger. We need to do it again."

Haku and Yugito said "Right." as they got up and morphed and Tenten and Lee moments later.

Time skip the day of the finals.

In the Command Center Alpha was looking at the viewing orb scanning for dangers while the Rangers sat on chairs waiting.

Yugito closed her eyes and said "This is the part I always hated on a mission. The wait. Always wondering if they are going to come or are they not coming. Are we ready or will we fall."

The Hologram of Naruto appeared and said "If a warrior does not have their heart ready for victory, defeat is guaranteed. Think about how you got to this point and remember what your fighting for. If you do that then you will find the strength to win.........remember though, help can come in the most unlikely of forms sometimes also." before it dissolved.

Lee shook his head and said "I hate when he gets all philosophical."

Haku asked "What do you think he meant."

Yugito said "Isn't it obvious. When he made this he thought Sand and Sound would still be here attacking Konoha. He meant that when our enemies arrived that they might join us."

Tenten said "Possible."

Just then alarms went off in the command center and Lee said "I guess it's starting, what do you got Alpha."

Alpha said "Ai, Ai, Ai Rangers, Sound and Sand both are attacking the village as we speak but it appears that Konoha is prepared."

Tenten said "We should go help." as she prepared to morph.

Lee grabbed her arm and shook his head and said "No, we wait. If we tire ourselves out fighting them then when the real enemy appears we will be to tired to fight. This isn't our fight. Not yet."

Tenten frowned and said "Fine." as she sat back down.

Lee looked at the viewing orb showing an areal view of the attack.

Summon snakes appeared outside the walls of the village standing 30 ft tall. As they watched they saw a frog appear and Tenten said "Gambunta, the summon of Jiraiya-sama and Yondaime-sama."

As they watched the summon snakes get defeated by having their head cuts off Tenten was fidgeting and said "We should help them."

Neji said "Not yet Tenten, I agree with Lee on this."

Tenten took a deep breath and sighed and said "Well where are they."

Alarms went off again and Alpha said "Rangers, we got the Yonbi on Scanners heading toward the village from can't be."

The Rangers were on their feet and Haku asked "What's wrong Alpha."

Alpha said "It's Goldar but he was destroyed by Zordon. How can this be and why is he fighting the Yonbi."

At the battle between Goldar and Yonbi, both creatures were over 30 ft tall and Yonbi said "Who are you and what do you think your doing Fleabag."

Goldar took a swing with his sword at Yonbi who jumped back and grabbed a couple of trees and threw them at Goldar who sliced them in half and flew into the air slashing at Yonbi who grab Goldar and flipped him on the ground jumping on his chest before being shoved off.

Goldar got back on his feet and said "I am Goldar, and my empress has commanded me to come here to defeat you fulfilling a favor."

Goldar was hit with a blast of water in the back and Yonbi jumped on him pinning him down and said "No matter, you will soon be dead." as he raised both his fist together above his head and began to bring them down on Goldar head when he was dropped kick by a bony foot.

In the command center Lee said "Am I the only one freaked out by this. Who is those 2."

Alpha said "The one who sent the water attack is the Gobi and the other one made out of bone is Rito, Rita sister. He was also destroyed by Zordon. I don't know what's going on." as he rubbed his dome head.

Back at the battle field Rito said "You OK Goldar." as he pulled up Goldar.

Goldar shoved him and said "What kept you."

Rito said "Sorry I'm late, I got lost on the road of life."

In the command center all of the Rangers face faulted.

In Konoha Kakashi sneezed as he threw a kunai and instead of hitting a sound nin in the heart it hit him in the nuts.

Goldar slapped his head and said "No matter, lets show these 2 what evil can really do." as he charged at the Yonbi slicing his across the chest twice while Rito said "Come on boy, come on, Want a bone."

Gobi sweat dropped and said "I'm a Whale-horse idiot."

Rito turned his head to the side and asked "Are you sure, you look like a dog to me."

Gobi spat out some more water at Rito who put his sword in front of him and charged at Gobi and kicked Gobi in the head with a high knee before grabbing his tails and began to swing him in a circle before throwing him up into the air and scratched his head and said "What was I suppose to do again."

Just then Gobi fell on top of him and Rito said "Now I remember." as he jabbed the bone sticking out of his elbow into the side of the head of Gobi killing him.

Rito tried to get his bone back out of Gobi and said "Hey Goldie, a little help here."

Goldar who drove his sword into the heart of the Yonbi said "Yeah, yeah, lets get out of here. Our job is done." as he pulled his sword out of the Yonbi and grabbed Rito and both left in a swirl.

In the command center each of the Rangers were confused and Neji said "Well there is some good news.....I think, the Yonbi and Gobi are dead, Ichibi, Nibi, Sanbi, and Kyuubi are locked up here so that means all we have left is Hachibi and Rokubi since Alpha said the Schichibi is off world already."

Alarms went off again and they looked at the monitor and Tenten said "Or not. All 3 are at the gates of the village attacking people. I think it's time we entered the fight. It's morphing time."

As the 5 rangers morphed they then left and appeared at the main gates in several beams of colors.

Hachibi said "Well, well, well, look what the cat drug up. Wheres the Wind Ranger at. Huh."

Blue screamed and charged at the Hachibi only to receive a slash from the tail of the Hachibi across her chest.

Blue got up slowly holding her chest and said "That was nearly as strong as Naruto hit's."

Yellow said "Lets do this as he pulled out his nun-chucks and charged at Hachibi along with black ranger only to both be attacked by Hachibi and Rokubi.

Shichibi yawned and said "This is boring. Lets cause some destruction." as it spat acid at a few buildings causing them to dissolve

Crystal said "This isn't going to work. We need to use team work. Tenten, cover me, Lee, Neji, Yugito, attack the Hachibi and Rokubi while we deal with the Shichibi. Ready, break." as she charged the Shichibi who dodged the strikes used is tails to be slashed by the crystal sword she was using but the tails grew back.

Blue seeing this charged also with her bow and began to block the tails giving Crystal a chance to completely cut off 3 of it's tails before they were knocked away.

As they did the sound of explosion drew their attention as the 3 other rangers came rolling across the ground.

Yugito got up weakly and said "Damn, that hurt."

A voice said "Of coarse it does Rangers, pain is the way of life before death." making all 5 look over and Tenten started to move when Haku grabbed her and said "Stop, we can get him later, we have to stop those 3 first."

Tenten said "I don't care, he killed Naruto-kun."

Haku said "And Zabuza-sama. We both want revenge on him and we will but not yet."

Raven yawned and said "Please Rangers, without the Wind Ranger your nothing and to prove it, try and stop them." as he shot a beam of energy from his hands at the 3 Bijuu and they began to grow.

As the 3 finished growing 10 beams of energy hit them in the chest and they fell back on the ground and they a beam of red light came out of the sky and formed a pyramid on the ground around them and the 3 Bijuu began to float into the air and turned into 3 SPD capture cards.

Raven screamed "What is the meaning of this."

The Rangers were confused and Raven said "I don't care, Talons, Akatasuki, destroy them."

Just then they were surrounded by 200 Talons and 9 figures wearing black cloaks with Red clouds. Kakashi and Gai landed near the rangers and Kakashi said "Need some help."

Raven said "Get them."

Before anyone could move an explosion was heard in the woods and a blur shot out of the woods and kicked Raven in the back causing him to skid across the ground.

Raven stood up and went wide eyed and said "How, I killed you."

There stood the White Wind Ranger who said "You fell for MY trap Raven, recognize this." as he held up a small statue and Raven asked "But how."

Wind Ranger said "You were a fool Raven. I knew it was a trap the whole time so I used a used cloning technology to make a copy of myself and sent him with Yugito to Kumo. I knew you would report to Omega once you thought you killed me to report your success so I made sure the clone that I sent had a special radiation in it's blood that could be seen from space so once you had his blood on your hands you lead me to Omega here." as he tossed the statue in his hand.

Blue said "You bastard......I thought you were dead."

Wind Ranger said "Holograms are good but ever see one good enough that would react to whatever your current mood was. I was using a remote relay to interact with you all so if Raven here watched you all he would think he really did kill me while I went to another planet to have someone who owed the power rangers and old debt to send us some help for the Bijuu."

Lee said "So that is where Rito and Goldar came in."

Naruto said "Yeah, Alpha, take the statue here and the 3 Bijuu to the command center while we finish this once and for all."

All 3 cards disappeared along with the statue and Naruto said "Now, shall we dance." as he disappeared and the Akatasuki members exploded into blood and body parts.

When he reappeared Raven said "Attack, Now." as he charged at Naruto while the Talons attacked the other Rangers.

Naruto sent a sword strike at Raven who dodged and kicked Naruto who flipped and drop kicked Raven. As both hit the ground they flipped up and Raven said "Lets fight this in the air." as he took flight.

Naruto said "Gladly." as the wind around him picked up and he was launched into the air with little cyclones under his feet.

Down on the ground the other rangers were fighting the Talons in groups of 5 and out of every 5 one would get destroyed.

Lee jumped into the air and pulled his blaster and said "Lightning blaster:fire." as he shot several balls of lightning at the talons destroying 7. Seeing these results the Tenten, Haku, and Yugito also shot balls of fire, ice, and water at the talons destroying 20.

Black Ranger raised his fist into the air and slammed them down on the ground saying "Seismic spikes." as spikes shot out of the ground impaling 30 Talons making them burst into feathers.

Up in the air Raven tried to hit Naruto with his claws but Naruto was using his wind sword to block each strike. Raven flew up higher where the sun would be in Naruto eyes and he flew down to strike Naruto who went up in smoke and Raven was kicked in the back by the real Naruto who said "Kagebunshin no Jutsu. A real cool Jutsu if I do say so myself. Now give it up Raven."

Raven said "Never Ranger, I know your weakness." as he turned and pulled his wings together and made a dive toward the rangers below.

Naruto seeing this thought "No." as he also dived after him as fast as he could.

When they got about 12 ft off the ground Raven flew his wings out stopping his dive and but Naruto couldn't stop that fast and Raven slammed his claw into the side of Naruto armor and Naruto screamed out in pain as he hit the ground.

Raven said "And now I will destroy you all." as he began to grow. When he did he was immediately attacked by Gambunta who had been re-summoned.

Tenten ran over to Naruto who had demorphed and said "Sorry Tenten.....I got careless."

Tenten said "Just hang in there Naruto, you did good, let us handle it from here."

Naruto winced as he held his side and said "We got to stop him here and now....."

Tenten said "We will, Alpha, bring him to the command center now."

Alpha said "Yes Ranger.

Naruto warped out of there in a beam of white light. Tenten glared at Raven and looked at the other rangers who ran over to her and she said "We need to finish this once and for all."

Lee said "What about Naruto."

Tenten said "Naruto at the command center. Raven injured him but it won't kill him."

Neji said "How can you be sure Tenten."

Tenten said "Because that's my job. Now let's do this." as she raised her hand into the air and the others realized what she was going to do and they all copied her and said "We need Megazord power now."

An Ape, Mouse, Bear, Frog, and the Crystal Titan zord all came running toward the group.

Gambunta who was knocked away by Raven saw the zords coming and he glared at the frog and thought "I am not amused."

Lee said "Let's bring them together team." as the bear formed into a pair of boots and legs guards that molded onto the titan zord, the frog went onto the right wrist like a glove, the mouse went on the left wrist with its tails forming claws, the ape became chest armor.

Inside the new megazord the rangers said "Elemental Titan zord, Go."

Raven took flight into the air and the tongue from the frog zord grabbed his foot stopping him and began to bring him closer to the Titan zord.

Raven took that moment to use the pulling motion as a speed boost and tackled the titan zord to the ground.

As he stood up he jumped and landed on the chest of the zord causing sparks to fly. He was then kicked in the back by Gambunta who said "Don't forget me bird."

Raven went to slash Gambunta when his wing was slashed by the mouse zords claws.

Raven screamed in pain holding his wing and the Titan zord stood up and Haku said "Lets finish this." as the titan zord picked up the sword on the side of it's left hip and raised it into the air and the rangers said "Elemental Titan Zord Elemental strike." as the sword was covered in a layer of ice, earth, water, fire, and lightning and then it swung down across the chest of Raven and he exploded into feathers.

After that the rangers cheered and Gambunta asked "Who are you."

The Titan zord turned and said "We are the Power Rangers." as the divided apart and left in beams of energy.

When they got back to the command center they found Alpha in the medical wing with Naruto who had his side bandaged up and was sitting in a bed.

The Rangers walked in and powered down and each of them looked at him with different looks.

Lee glared at him for several moments slowly turned into a small smile and said "Damn it Naruto, do you have any idea what kind of hell we went through when we thought you were dead."

Naruto said "Lee, I'm only one person, I can't be there every time your and the others are going to need me. Sometimes you have to learn to save yourself before someone else can save you."

Lee said "I know.....but saving us and leaving us are 2 different things.....I'm just glad your alive."

Naruto said "Thanks Lee."

Tenten said "Would you mind giving us a few minutes."

Each of the other rangers looked at her and quickly left and Tenten turned and locked the door and said "Do you have any idea how much you hurt me."

Naruto looked confused and said "But I didn't touch you."

Tenten slammed her fist into his face and said "I'm talking about my heart asshole. I thought you were dead. I went on a rampage and blew people apart to get revenge. Do you have any idea what that did to me." screaming most of it.

Naruto got confused and said "But you said you saw what I put in the computer before I knocked you out. Don't you remember."

Tenten blinked and said "Yeah, what about it."

Naruto said "Didn't you read the part in my plans where I was leaving the planet to get some extra help and sending a clone to Kumo. I left a message in the main computer for you so you wouldn't get to upset. Didn't you read it."

Tenten bit her lip and Naruto said "You didn't read it, did much of what I put in the computer did you actually read."

Tenten said "Um....."

Naruto slapped his head and said "Tenten.......I guess the only thing I can do since the warranty on you is out is deal with you."

Tenten said "HEY." as she playfully slapped his arm.

Naruto said "I wonder why your dad never told you I was alive though."

Tenten eyes got wide and asked "What."

Naruto said "Your dad. He knew I was alive since we talked over what I needed him to work on for today."

Tenten screamed "DADDY." as she huffed for breath afterwards.

After she calmed down Naruto was smiling and Tenten asked "What."

Naruto said "There's the girl I love."

Tenten smiled and leaned in and Naruto closed his eyes only to open them after he received a lump on his head and Tenten said "I'm still mad at you."

Naruto said "Well, how about giving me the rest of our lives to make it up to you." as he pulled out a small ring.

Tenten eyes got wide as she squealed before she tackled Naruto and he screamed "Watch the side." Tenten kissed him and said "Yes."

Naruto smiled and said "I love you my love. Now that we've destroyed Raven and recovered the statue for Omega and the Bijuu have been dealt with it's finally over."

Tenten asked "What's going to happen now."

Naruto said "Now......We train, live, prepare, live, wait, and live. Sooner or later some new evil will rise to take over the Universe and it will be our job to stop them. I talked to your dad and he said that he would like to become our full time mechanic. He's tired of making kunais and shurikens for ungrateful ninja. He wanted a chance to learn new skills and I agreed so he can come with us wherever we have to go so you don't have to worry about leaving him."

Tenten said "So how long do you think we will have for peace."

Just then alarms went off and Tenten groaned into Naruto shoulder who laughed and said "That's not the emergency alarm. That was the alarm that said Neji and Yugito just got caught in the storage room making out again."

Tenten eyes got wide and said "Your kidding."

Naruto said "Nope. Your dad got mad the last time they did it because they knocked over things he was needing so right now your dad is most likely screaming his head off at them."

Tenten said "I feel sorry for what are we going to do with Omega and the Bijuu."

Naruto sighed and said "Omega prison has been launched into the sun where it was destroyed already. The Bijuu will all be sealed in SPD capture cards and sent to the prison world Isilon where they will live the rest of their lives."

Tenten eyes got wide and asked "Won't they escape."

Naruto said "No, nobody can escape Isilon."

Tenten said "Good. I'm looking forward to a long rest."

Naruto said "Me too." and thought "but for how long.....when ever evil arises again the Power Rangers shall be waiting."