So I just moved house, meaning that I didn't have any internet for like ages, so annoying. Anyway it meant that I had time to write up more of 'Committed' and come up with a new story. So this is it and I hope you like it.

Summary: Olivia gets too involved with a case and helps a victim whose attacker wants nothing more than to have her erased, his feelings for Olivia's existence quickly become the same. The guy will stop at nothing to silence both Olivia and the victim, by any means possible. Olivia has told the victim she will protect her but who will protect Olivia?

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Chapter 1


As Elliot made another sharp turn he prayed their car wouldn't flip over. He was going so fast he wasn't sure how much control over the vehicle he actually had anymore. He had no idea where he was driving to but he just needed to out run the black van that was following them. He quickly glanced over at Olivia who was sat in the passenger's seat. She was holding on tight with her one arm, the other rested across her front in a sling. She looked terrified and that terrified him.

They were both suddenly thrown forward as the van behind them hit the back of their car. They both heard a crunch followed by a smash as the van hit them again. The back window now lay shattered across the back seat.

"Won't this thing move any faster?!"

"I'm trying Liv!"

"El please move faster!" she begged. "Argh!" she couldn't help but scream as the van rammed into the again.

Elliot shifted gears and really floored it. If he pressed any harder his foot would go through the floor. It put little distance between them and the black van. Olivia held on tight as Elliot made another sharp turn. They were now under the bridge and it was quiet there. He was just desperate to lose the van still following them. They wanted Olivia and they wanted her dead or alive.

"I'm so sorry about this El." she said to him, the fear evident in her voice.

"Don't you dare apologize Olivia; you were just doing your job; you were just trying to protect Emma from these guys." he said to her.

"What a great job I did." she said sarcastically.

There was another crash then a crunch as the van drove full speed into them. There was a bang and Elliot roared in pain as a bullet ripped through his arm. Olivia grabbed the wheel but with her one arm in a sling it wasn't easy. The van rammed into them again; the car was hauled forward and there was nothing Elliot could do to stop it hitting an abandoned car, flipping it over.

The sound of metal scraping along the road surface pierced both their ears. Their car slammed into another finally stopping it. Elliot slowly turned to look at Olivia. Her side of the car had taken most of the damage. "Liv...?" he whimpered.

There was glass all over the place and all over her. Like him she was covered in blood, but she was covered in more because of all the glass. He was more scared though because she wasn't moving. "Liv!" he said. "Liv talk to me!" he begged.

He smiled as he heard her whimper something. He finally let go of the breath he had been holding, but he suddenly held it again as he saw people approaching them. One of them reached in through the window next to Olivia. What worried Elliot most was that he had a knife. Elliot pulled and tried to reach over to him but it was no use. He could only watch as the guy used the knife to cut Olivia's seatbelt away from her before he callously ripped her out of the wrecked car.

"No get away from her! Leave her alone!" Elliot yelled at them.

He was stuck tight and could only watch as they bundled her into the van before speeding off. "Olivia!" he yelled still trying to wriggle free as much as it caused him pain to do so. Then, due to the pain he was in and the blood loss he had suffered he gave in to unconsciousness.


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