Chapter Eight : The Monk's Arrival

-Earlier That Day-

Miroku pushed his way through the underbrush, once again cursing Kagome and Sango under his breath.

He should have known better than to leave Inuyasha alone in their company.

He looked up, seeing Sesshomaru's castle in the distance. He sighed, continuing to make his way to where he felt Inuyasha and Shippou's demonic signature.

Sesshomaru walked down the stairs, carefully and painfully aware of his half-brother bare skin under his hand.

He knew that he held non-platonic feelings for the fiery hanyou, but he refrained from ANY kind of overture, especially now.

His brother was weak, needed to be taken care of.

Once he was healthy again…he would rethink his strategy.

He helped Inuyasha sit down, blocking the flash of regret from losing touch with that warm skin from showing in his eyes.

He looked up as a servant opened the kitchen door.

"Lord, there is a guest at the door."

"Who is it?"

"He says his name is Miroku, Lord."

He looked at Inuyasha. Inuyasha nodded, wanting to see the monk.

Sesshomaru nodded at the servant, who nodded back, going to let the monk into the house.

A second later, and Miroku walked in, his staff at his side as always.

He rushed forward, hugging Inuyasha fiercely.

Inuyasha returned the hug, burying his face in Miroku's stomach.

Sesshomaru watched the exchange, being able to tell why the actions may have sounded romantic; he could plainly see there were no sexual connotations to the exchange. It was purely platonic.

Nevertheless, he allowed himself to send the monk a small glare.

Miroku caught the glare, winking back, letting him know it was all in good fun.

"May I sit?"

Sesshomaru found himself pleasantly surprised at the monk's politeness, and bowed his head slightly, acquiescing to the others request.

Miroku smiled, sitting beside Inuyasha, stroking Shippou's tail gently when the fox-pup jumped into his lap from Inuyasha's lap.

"Inuyasha….what happened?"

Inuyasha sighed, sinking back in his seat slightly.

Sesshomaru perked up a little, wanting to know as well.

"Kagome…heard me talking in my sleep…and found out that…that I like…guys. She flipped out, and her Sango cornered me, she kept sitting me into the ground, and yelling about how much of a stupid queer I was…" tears had come back up in the hanyou's eyes.

Miroku, Shippou and Rin circled around Inuyasha, hugging the half-demon.

Inuyasha gave a watery smile. "Thanks guys, Rin."

Sesshomaru spoke up. "Shall we eat?"

Everyone answered yes, and they dug into the food on the table.