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-You were Dead-

Booth stepped into the Jeffersonian, noting the light over the forensic stage, the single figure bent over the examination table, eyes fixed on yet another skeleton.

"Hey Bones!" The anthropologist's head swung up, a scowl forming on her face. Booth stopped short as Brennan turned her back on him and continued her examination. Swiping his access card, Booth jumped up the stairs. "C'mon Bones, don't be like that." Booth reached the table and the skeleton which was being examined. "You do know that it's after midnight." The FBI agent put all his charm and persuasion into his voice, but he may as well have stripped naked and paraded around the room, his partner was not paying attention.

"You're not still mad about the whole fake death are you?" He asked, picking up a pen and flicking it into the air. Brennan's head came up, eyes catching him in a deathly stare. "Obviously you are." Booth put the pen down and stood opposite her.

"I explained to you Bones. You were on the top of the list of people to tell. I made doubly sure that you were to be told." Bones came around as he spoke and shoved him none too gently out of the way.

"Well I guess I missed that memo." She hissed between clenched teeth. Her tone could almost freeze the air. He leant back on his feet, resting one hand on his hip, flashing his "cocky" belt buckle.

Brennan stood straight now, crossing her arms, teeth and jaw clenched.

"You died Booth." She said, eyes glaring at her partner… her very alive partner. She was so angry. Angry and confused. Pursing her lips, she watched as Booth shook his head.

"But that's just it Bones! I never actually died. Weren't you listening when I explained it earlier?" Lips pursed tighter, chin set harder, eyes went colder. Booth noted all these things in his partners face and suddenly realised that this was more than a "mad-at-you-for-not-letting-me-in-on-the-plan" issue. Brennan turned on her heel and stormed off back towards her office, bottom lip now caught between her teeth.

"Hey, Bones-" his hand stretched out to grasp her arm but she shook him off coldly. "Temperance." At the sound of her name, she sped up and upon reaching her office, stepped inside and closed the door behind her, blinds were already down.

Booth wiped a hand over his face tiredly, it was past midnight.

"You have to go after her you know." A voice announced unexpectedly from above him. Booth turned and looked up at Ange on the platform.

"What are you still doing here Ange?" he asked, turning away to look over towards his Partners office.

"You have to explain to her, and let her release the grief." Ange ignored Booth's question.

"She didn't even cry at my funeral Ange." He murmured, eyes traveling back up to the artist.

"She's hurting Booth." And with those words, Ange walked away.

The FBI agent knocked quietly on the office door and stepped inside.

"Bones?" She was sitting on her couch, but jumped up as he shut the door.

"People rely on you Booth!" she all but shouted, facing him and gesturing wildly. "I rely on you!" What ever he had been expecting when he stepped into her office it hadn't been that.

"Hey Bones, simmer down."

"I will not simmer down." She spat back, before stepping up to him and grabbing the lapels of his jacket, eyes burning. Booth just looked down into her eyes, watching as emotions crossed her face. When she spoke again her voice was harsh with feeling, and she gripped him tighter.

"You. Were. Dead." And she couldn't help it, she was so mad, so confused, that her hand came up to slap him. And he let her. The palm of her hand stung, and time seemed to come to a stop before she spoke again.

"You said you would never betray me. And you did, Booth, you died!" her hand came up again but this time his own hand stopped hers, feeling the colour drain from his face from her words.

"Let go of me." she hissed, trying to pull away, eyes over bright. Booth gripped her tighter and pulled her close to him, his face inches from her own. Temperance felt her heart skip a beat, and when he spoke his voice was hardly a whisper, she could barely hear him.

"I didn't die, Temperance. I made a promise to never to betray you, and I keep my promises." His breath washed over her, and she forgot that his hand gripped her wrist.

"You did die, Booth." She whispered.

"No I didn't." his hand moved from her wrist to her hand, and she turned her palm into his involuntarily, feeling his fingers twine through hers and grip them tightly.

"But I thought you did Booth. To me, you were dead."

Warm fingers suddenly stroked her cheek, brushing a curl from her face.

"Seeley…" she stopped as a wave of emotions washed through her, taking a breath before trying again.

"For those two weeks-" but it didn't work, her voice hitched in her throat and she pulled away, feeling her resolve fall away. Turning her back, Temperance wiped a stray tear from her face and clenched her eyes shut. Booth crossed the line and turned her around, cupping a cheek in his palm, using his thumb to wipe away another tear. She looked up, her blue eyes catching the dark brown ones of her partner. She saw the trust, saw the way he was offering her the chance to tell him, to not be mocked, and what caused her to start talking was the next thing she saw in his eyes. Her heart beat faster as she realised she saw herself.

"I cried myself to sleep every night." She admitted softly. "Every night Booth." His other hand was on her hip, fingers stroking softly. "Every time my phone rang, I expected it to be you." His eyes told her to continued, and he wanted to hear her, and even though this was terrifying him, there was something telling him that this was good. "I sat up, waiting for you to come over, I waited at the diner, and I even ate pie!" her voice was on the edge of hysteria. Shaking her head, Bones looked down, smiling slightly.

"You ate pie?" he asked, and when she looked up he shot her a charm smile. The anthropologist smiled wider but dropped her gaze again.

"Every night Booth, for that whole two weeks…" Booth curled a finger under her chin and brought her face up into his. His eyes were so understanding, that she couldn't stop the words even if she wanted too.

"For those entire two weeks when you were dead Booth… I was dead too." She heard his breath catch and felt the gentle hand on her waist tighten and it was then that she moved her own hands up to his neck, ignoring the voices screaming in her head to step back.

"But your alive." She whispered, "Don't leave me again." Her face moved forward ever so slightly and suddenly their lips were brushing softly, caressing and tasting, comforting and supporting. The anthropologist sighed against her partner as their lips parted.

"Never." He answered, moving a hand into her hair and his other to her lower back. He kissed her nose. "Never." He kissed her eyes. "Never, ever." Then he kissed away the tears that were starting to leak from her sad eyes and pulled his partner into his chest. "Never Temperance."

The soft tears turned to heart wrenching sobs, her body shook and Booth held her tighter, lowering them to the couch slowly, murmuring softly.

"That's my girl." He whispered into her hair, curling her into his side. Tears subsided and they sat quietly, Booth's hand stroking her waist, Bones gripping the front of her partner's shirt, not questioning the moments that had passed and were passing, just accepting that this was happening, and that it felt comfortable, that it felt wonderful. To finally have her in his arms, holding onto her.

"Home?" he asked eventually, turning his head. He felt her tense slightly.

"To sleep." He murmured. "No more tears." Booth felt her smile against his neck and stood slowly, pulling her with him. "Pie first?" and she laughed. Booth hadn't heard that laugh in weeks; he gave her another charm smile and couldn't resist those tempting, smiling lips. She folded into him, breathing with him and savoured the moment as his lips pulled at hers, softly and gently, no probing tongue, just a kiss, a kiss that started a small warm sensation in them both and filled them slowly, reaching every part of their bodies. When they pulled away, Brennan rested her forehead against his, revelling in the turn of emotions, too many emotions for one day.

Reaching for her partner's hand, Bones smiled and tugged him towards the door, feeling a new heat in her body as his hand went straight to her lower back.

"Lets go home."

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