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Prove to me

Fingers fumbled with the keys of her apartment, the jingling too loud for the silent hall. The key ring with the many keys slipped through the anthropologists fingers and hit the ground with a thud. She sighed defeatedly, blue eyes glaring down at the keys. Temperance Brennan was just so exhausted, mentally, physically, and much to her disgust yet at the same time confusion, emotionally. The last two weeks had been too much, and while compartmentalizing had been working for the time that her partner had been "dead", it had become that little bit harder today when Zack had been taken away. Another member of her family, gone.

Feeling another rush of hot tears at the back of her eyes, Temperance swooped down and snatched the keys angrily from the ground, her shaking hands almost missing, but at the last second her slender fingers found and grasped the array of keys.

It was irrational and illogical, not like her at all, a very rational and logical woman, to feel this exhausted, this perplexed and lost. There was this gnawing in the pit of her stomach, constantly tearing at her insides for the last two weeks, a pointlessness and emptiness that she hadn't felt since her mother and father had left her all those years ago. Temperance couldn't believe these thoughts were even crossing her usually calm and collected mind, but they were, causing her to tremble and drop the keys once more.

Sighing again, the anthropologist leant her forehead against her door, breathing deeply as emotions and anomalies in her mind spun out of control.

"Get a grip Temperance." She hissed quietly, fingers clenching against the door. It was the end of another long day and she was home alone. Where work couldn't distract her, friends weren't chattering around her, where she had time to mull over the two-and-a-half weeks just past. As much as she hated to admit it, there wasn't anything that could mask the pain that had torn through her every night that her partner had been "dead". There weren't any lies or distractions to stop her from crying herself to sleep, feeling the heavy sense of regret holding her down, not even the one place that was always hers, her place of peace and understanding, her office. But even that was gone now, she couldn't look around the lab without seeing her assistants face. Pulling her head back, the anthropologist steadied her hand and bent to grab the keys again, snatching them first go and standing back up to push the key into the lock.

With the door finally open, the darkness of the room was lit suddenly by the red flashing light from her message machine. Her bag slid from her shoulder down to the table, her keys fell to the bench top as she made her way to the phone. The darkness of the room seemed to weigh down on her.

The first day she had been put into her foster home, the dark of her new cold room had weighed down on her there too, but she hadn't let a tear fall. Now the darkness seemed to be too much and Temperance stretched over the counter to flick the switch of the kitchen as a tear dropped from her chin and onto her hand. The light seemed to hesitate, before illuminating the room in a cold, empty glow.

Turning to the phone, the anthropologist pressed the play button before moving to the couch and sinking into it as the messages played out.

"You have four new messages…" It wasn't long before the first message sounded out.

"Sweetie, hey it's me. I'm just checking in on you… Well, you know where I am, so call me if you need to talk. Love you. End of first message." Temperance flicked her eyes up to her clock. It was now ten fifteen. The second message started. "Message received at five forty nine pm. Temperance; it's your father…" The anthropologist let the voice wash over her, letting her mind drift away from the cold room. It wasn't until the last message started that she froze, her whole body going ridged, breath shortening and coming and small fast gasps.

"Ah, Dr Brennan, hi." Zach's voice filled the room. "I don't actually think that this call is allowed, though I don't entirely understand the significance of forbidding phone calls to patients such as me." His voice hesitated and Temperance realised she was gasping for breath, tears forming in the corner of her eyes. "Though I am having a considerable amount of difficulty holding the phone, I felt the compelling urge to call and leave a message. I know your logic, and from previous insistences know how you compartmentalize with upheavals in your personal settings. So calculating the time I know factually that you are at the lab, which, for some reason makes what I am calling to say easier."

The anthropologist tried to suck in air from the cold room, but the heaviness of regret and emptiness was squeezing her chest, she was alone.

"From our working relationship and my ability to perceive anomalies in any instance, I also know factually that your reasoning over this upheaval, and the conclusion you have been lead to, is that you have been betrayed by me. This is the motive for my call to you. To say that you should go against what we know, to somewhat set aside the logic and reasoning and to do what Agent Booth said a few months ago. I can't remember rightly what it was he said. Something along the lines of putting your heart in 'High speed' or was it 'Over- end of message" he seemed to be going off on a tangent as he tried to remember back to the day of her Fathers trial, but the message ended. She turned to face the phone, willing to hear his voice on the next message.

"Message four- Ah, Dr Brennan, its Zach again. It would seem that I was taking to long and that message ended. I know you like to get to the point of things, so I just wanted to say sorry and thank you. In that order I think. Yes…" there was silence on the line. "Sorry that you feel betrayed, as I know you do, but thank you for incorporating me into your family… That's it. Please remind Hodgins that I am the undefeatable King of the Lab. I guess this is goodbye. End of message."

The anthropologist was biting her lip, hands clenched in the couch. Her mind was trying to go over the things Zach had just said, trying to say that it wasn't true, that she wasn't feeling betrayed, but she was not just from Zach but from Booth too, and this seemed to confirm more of the doubts she had about her families. She wasn't supposed to have one. Temperance couldn't find the facts, the evidence to prove that she would have a family, that she wouldn't always be alone. This only brought on another wave of loneliness that caused her to wrap her arms around her chest and lay on her side, the cold of the room seeping into and around her heart, to heavy for her to evade.

She couldn't breathe, her gasping sobs filling her cold apartment and coming to fast for her to control. The emptiness that was washing over her blocked out the room around her, the grief drowning her mind so that she barely notice the familiar voice call her.

"Bones?" The comforting voice failed to pull her from the heartache that was swamping her. Warm hands suddenly grabbed her upper arms. "Bones, what is it?" she couldn't answer the warm voice that was shaking with concern, her body was trembling, she couldn't breathe.

"Temperance, hey, I'm here."

"C-can-can't br-brea-breathe." She finally gasped, her long fingers grasping at her chest. The warm arms suddenly wrapped around her from behind, her back pressed gently into a warm chest. This however, only mad her cry harder, the blackness in her mind swirling faster.

"Temperance, shh. Listen to me," he murmured into her ear, one arm gripped around her waist, the other moved up to her forehead, brushing curls away and holding her head into his neck.

"Bo-Booth, I- I can't bre-breathe. Its t-too hea-heavy." This was more than she could handle, first Booth died and now Zach was gone. Her family was falling apart. The FBI agent felt his heart tearing with his partner's. She had reached the limits of her emotional abilities.

"Hey, listen to me Temperance, just take a breath."

"I c-ca-can't."

"Feel my chest," he murmured again, fingers brushing against her sides. "Feel me breathe." She was trying. "Breathe with me Temperance. Feel my chest, breathe with me, in," a tiny gasp met his ears, she was listening. "And out."

"I- I'm sc-sca-scared." the vulnerability in her voice disgusted her, but she couldn't stop it escaping.

"Shh, Bones. I'm right here. Breathe with me."

The anthropologist felt the warm chest rise and fall, and she forced her mind to concentrate on that, her fingers moving to grip his arms. In. Out. In. Out. Her breath came easier as his voice breathed over her ear. "Just breathe Temperance."

And she did, with his help, the darkness of the room lightened, pulling away from her and turning a softer shade of grey. Her breathing steadied, her body relaxed and without thought she turned her face into her partner's neck, inhaling deeply. He was seated on the floor, back against the couch with her in his arms.

"You're alright." He murmured softly, running gentle fingers through her hair.

"I'm broken Booth."

"I can fix you." He answered immediately, the emotion and promise in his voice causing her to shudder involuntarily.

"How? How can you fix something you can not see? There is so much-regret."

"Regret for what Bones?" Booth interrupted softly. He felt her warm hand move to his, the one that was wrapped around her waist, and twist her fingers with his. Her breath faltered as she considered what she was about to say. "For what, Temperance?"

He was waiting; she could hear it in his voice, waiting like he always did for her. Waiting for her to catch up, waiting for her to understand, and waiting for her to reveal herself to him, like she always did.

"Regret for not listening to my heart more than my head." She answered, listening to Zach's words and feeling a sudden weight lift off her chest. "Regret for not having the facts."

He cradled her body, holding her so tightly that he hoped he was drawing away the utter anguish she was feeling. Her guard was down, a crumbled wall around her them as her sobs quieted.

"Prove to me." She murmured softly, almost hesitantly, moving fingers up and around her partner's neck.

"Prove what?"

"Give me the evidence, the facts, show me that I wont always be alone Booth, that crossing the line for you would be worth it. Prove to me that I mean more to you than our partner-ship." She felt her partner tense suddenly, his breath stopping in his throat. He waited a moment before asking softly.

"Do I mean more to you then our partner-ship?" Her hand gripped the back of his head; Booth closed his eyes at the sudden rush of joy that ran through him as her fingers stroked the nape of his neck. Her breath washed over his cheek as she answered.

"Yes." She whispered, and he almost groaned aloud as he felt lips brush his jaw, but also felt his heart clench with the tears on her cheeks. "So much more." Those words touched him to his core and instinctively his arms tightened around his partner, holding her even tighter to his chest, hands still entwined. Her tears started again.

"I'm scared Booth."

"There's nothing to be scared of Bones." He replied, turning her in his hold. "I'm right here." She looked down, still catching her breath, but his fingers gripped her chin and pulled her face up to his. "Temperance," he whispered her name, and she felt all rationality, all logic and reason fall away, until it was just her and him.

"Prove to me Seeley," she murmured, leaning forward to press her forehead against her partners. "Prove to me." The anthropologist felt a large hand cup her cheek, before he pulled them both to their feet.

"Every second," Her murmured, arms wrapping around her tightly. "Of every minute, of every hour," her arms moved up and around his neck, their foreheads together. "Of every day, of every week, of every month," he stopped and moved his lips down slowly; trailing soft kisses to the edge of her mouth. "Of every year Temperance, that we spend together, will be spent proving to you how much I love you." Booth's lips were still against the corner of her mouth, waiting, just like always. Temperance felt her heart rate increase with his words, a warm fire starting in the coldness of her heart and melting away the sorrow. Wrapping her arms tighter around his neck, she answered quietly, knowing that he was waiting, like he always did.

"I love you too."

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