Yet, during the circumstances—even at the brink of uncertainty, all Wolfram could ever think about was his country's king and the one last chance he may never get. Read and Review.

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Yuuri x Wolfram, Wolfram x OC (soon)

Warnings and Notes:
- Chapter 1, set an Earth year after the series--with Yuuri being seventeen.
- The rest of the story is set an Earth year after chapter 1--Yuuri being in first year college.
- Possible out of character tendencies.
- Rated for swearing.

Yeah, right. -laughs-

At the moment the blond mazoku soldier stood, with his sword in one hand, before the open battle field, everything became unpredictable. No one knew who were to survive. No one knew who were to die. Everything fell within the hands of a figure beyond Shinou, himself. In other terms, His Highness, Lord Wolfram von Beilefeld was all on his own as he watched some of his men slaughter and be slaughtered.

Yet, during the circumstances—even at the brink of uncertainty, all Wolfram could ever think about was his country's king and the one last chance he may never get.

Emerald eyes closed.


I'm calling this whole thing off.

Calling what off?

This… this engagement.

excuse me?

Come on, Wolf! Think about it! It's virtually impossible for us to be together-togetherand… this 'engagement', you can't be serious, right? I mean… it's a joke.

Yuuri could still remember the angry glare that the blond threw at him three days ago—the flare within those pained green eyes had reflected ever so clearly that it was impossible to forget. Nor was it easy to pay no heed towards, for in those eyes reflected not only his face, but also the tears that had threatened to fall. Fortunately, Wolfram decided to turn back and walk out before the droplets fell (which never did) as he spat, Fine, go fuck some whore for all I care!

The seventeen year old king winced. Even those words (along with the glare) had haunted him. But it was all for the best, Yuuri (in his logic) thought. Still that phrase, those eyes… they easily pierced through him each and every second. What was worse was the fact that the pain had hurt more every moment Wolfram and he would cross paths—the raven boy had been guilty. Not because of the heart he possibly broke, rather—because of the words he used towards the blond fire wielder.

"Man," He huffed as he landed his head onto the wooden desk before him, not paying one bit of an attention towards the stacks and stacks of paper he had to sign. "I'm an idiot." A groan emitted from his mouth while he mumbled on the wood before him, his quill limply rested in his hand as he recalled the morning's attempted conversation with Wolfram down the hall.


What do you want? And please do hurry up; I have work to attend to.

I… uh, wanted to talk—about the other day?

Why do you sound so unsure of yourself? And what is there to talk about? I gave you your space, the bed is all yours. And I told you that you could sleep with a prostitute.

Wolfram… just hear me out, please?

Fine. Well?

uh, I…

I will not break this engagement, if that is what you want to talk about.

What—that's not what I wanted to say

then hurry up and speak.


I'm off.


Yuuri, you know what? You have to speak a little faster. Because pretty soon, I may not be there to hear anything you say anymore.

Wolfram was not mad, the blond was not anywhere near mad, Yuuri knew that for sure—Wolfram, in the king's point of view, was angry and very much displeased, that the exaggerated actions his supposed fiancé usually did faded in passion and wavered in emotion. The prince that was once energized and fueled by flames that ran through his veins, became the cold and aloof soldier that had acted upon orders and no longer on meaningless impulse.

Something no one knew would happen. Even Murata, the Great Sage, was awed towards the sudden change.

"I'm an idiot." Yuuri repeated.

"Apparently, I agree with you." Murata answered, standing behind the latter teen as he stared towards the view outside the window. "However, I do think Lord von Beilefeld will be back to normal soon."

"What makes you so sure?" The king perked up much like a dog as he turned to look towards his friend.

A shrug, "He didn't break your engagement."

"… hn."

"But!" Murata started once again, "If you're planning to break it off… do it in a more gentle way."

The seated boy sighed, turning back to the paper piles, his eyes closed for a momentary relaxation as he leaned his back onto the chair. His lips set into a thin line. "I think… I'm gonna apologize first…"

"Think of the right words, Shibuya… we don't want an upset fire demon running around burning the whole country."

"I will. I hope."

Silence soon filled the room as the two boys went on about their supposed businesses—no one had a clue what was in store for the next few minutes or so. It was peaceful and eerily calm, until Gwendal's voice rose from outside their premises.


At that, Murata's blackened orbs met with Yuuri's as both lads had soon rushed out. Their hearts were beating fast, too fast for anyone's liking.

What's happening now? The king thought frantically just when he stopped by the doorway along with his companion, only to see the backs of Wolfram's two older brothers before him; stiff and frozen. The younger two remained unnoticed.

The situation was obviously not in anyone's favor.

"That soldier…" The sage whispered while he nodded his head in gestures of pointing to the injured castle personnel. "He's in Wolfram's troupes, right?"

And right then and there, Yuuri's heart had stopped. W—Wolfram…!

"And Wolfram?" Conrad spoke calmly, trying to hide the nervous churning within him.

"Lord… von Beilefeld… he," The unknown soldier spoke quietly, obviously not wanting the news to come from him. "He…"

"Speak!" The eldest in the room roared.

"His Highness perished in battle."

All eyes widened in shock. Not a word was uttered as Yuuri found himself leaning onto the cold cement behind him. He was too frozen, just as the other three occupants were. The king watched as the soldier bowed his head in shame—even when he was not at fault.

"I—I'm sorry…can… you repeat that?" Yuuri coughed, earning both Conrad's and Gwendal's attention.

You have to speak a little faster. Because pretty soon, I may not be there to hear anything you say anymore.

To Be Continued

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