Title: A Little More Comfort.

Pairing/Characters: Colby, David, Megan, Don

Rating: PG

Summary: David, Megan and Don Visit Colby the morning after his Operation.

Spoilers: none. Set late season four.

Notes/Warnings: A follow on to A Little Comfort. Read that first.

Disclaimer: Not mine, sob :-(

David, Megan and Don exited the hospital elevator on the fourth floor and made their way towards Colby's room. They kept their voices low in the hospital corridor. Megan was carrying a super sized extra thick strawberry milkshake for Colby, she remembered having her tonsils out when she was fourteen and milkshake felt wonderful on her sore throat.

They made their way to the nurses station. A pretty blond nurse looked up at them.

"Mr Sinclair." she smiled at David "Are you here to collect Mr. Granger? I don't think he's ready you're early."

"Yeah I know." David smiled back leaning against the counter. "I can wait for him, but these two wanted to see him and he won't be back at work till Monday."

"OK." the nurse gestured down the hallway. "He's been asleep all morning, you can go and wake him up."

Giving her one last smile the team headed the direction she had pointed.

"This one." David opened the door they were stood by and they filed in.

All three stopped dead a stared at the bed.

"Oh." sighed Megan.

David and Don looked at each other with a smirk.

Megan approached the bed.

"No Leave him." Don said "I want to memorize this moment."

"What so you can taunt the poor man." Megan glared at Don.

Colby stirred on the bed drawing their attention back to him.

He was curled up on one side, the blanket pulled up around his ears, one hand was poking out of the top of the bed and wrapped tightly around a small well worn brown teddy bear.

"Colby." Megan whispered leaning over him. "Wake up." Colby stirred again and rolled onto his back bringing the bear with him and hugging it to his chest.

"Mom?" he whispered hoarsely.

Megan smiled, while David and Don cracked up.

"Colby, it's Megan. Wake up."

Colby's eyes snapped open and he smiled at her. Then suddenly became aware of what he was holding and quickly hid the teddy bear under the covers. He flushed slightly as he looked at Megan.

"Sorry, but they've already seen it." she nodded and David and Don who were holding each other up while they laughed.

He groaned and closed his eyes.

"I'm never going to hear the last of this." he croaked at Megan.