AN: I do get around don't I? I've done oneshots, songfics, a whole story, an OC insert, and now, I present to you, My first chat story!

Disclaimer: All I own are the slight personality changes and the usernames. Please don't sue. Okay?

By the way, I try to introduce eah character so that you can tell whp they are (if it's not obvious already) so I'm not missing a username guide or anything.

SuperSidekick has logged on

TreasureProtector has logged on

HistoryHunter has logged on

TreasureProtector: Am I doing this right??

TreasureProtector: I guess so….

SuperSidekick: Congrats Ben, you can use a keyboard.

TreasureProtector: Super sidekick??

SuperSidekick: well, yeah. I'm super and people think I'm your sidekick.

HistoryHunter: OMG, that is lyk sooo LOL!!

SuperSidekick: Erm…

TreasureProtector: Abi, I'm not sure chatspeak is your thing…

SuperSidekick: history hunter?? You should've been Annoying Abi, or MeanDeclarationLady

HistoryHunter: :P ur just jealous riley.


TreasureProtector: rotflol!

SuperSidekick: What was that?

TreasureProtector: Uh… nothing.

SuperSidekick: Yeah… right

SecretAgentMan has logged on

SecretAgentMan: I bet you can't guess who I am!!

SuperSidekick: Sadusky

HistoryHunter: sadusky.

TreasureProtector: Sadusky?

QuestionableLegality has logged on

HistoryHunter: OMG! Ian??

HistoryHunter has logged off

SecretAgentMan: Darn it. Hey do any of you like ducks??

QuestionableLegality: Forget ducks! I will xxxx you all! xxxx you I say!

QuestionableLegality: You put in a filter??

SecretAgentMan: That was me

QuestionableLegality: Oh xxxx , and FBI agent.

SuperSidekick: Wait… you can't say k i l l ?

SecretAgentMan: Nope, and I must inform you, Mr. Howe, that one more infraction and not only will you be banned from the chat , but you will lose dinner privileges.

TreasureProtector: Hah!!

QuestionableLegality: Forget it, I'm out of here. You're all losers anyway, and Sadusky, if I escape while you're staring hypnotically at the laptop, then you deserve it!

QuestionableLegality has logged off.

SecretAgentMan: got to go.

SecretAgentMan has logged off

TreasureProtector has logged off

SuperSidekick: Erm… hello?

BananaPieThiefX: Hello Riley!

SuperSidekick: Who are you? You didn't sign on!

BananaPieThiefX: Ah, I've been lurking! I know where you live. And I bought twenty copies of your book!

SuperSidekick: Oookay…

BananaPieThiefX: Your middle name is Francis!

SuperSidekick has logged off