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Edward's hand cautiously reached up and brushed a strand of hair from my face, as I searched for words to beak the unbearable tension that had built in the room since Alice and Rosalie had walked out. The heady scent of the room, combined with the flickering light of the candles and the heat of my blush made me feel disoriented, and Edward's proximity was not helping. I needed to explain to him what had happened, why it had happened, and what I wanted to happen next…but my mind was still spinning and the only coherent thoughts that I could seem to pull together in my head were 'candles…pretty,' and I doubted very much that he would be impressed with that argument. I needed air, and space to clear my thoughts.

My eyes cast around the room, and landed on the music player that was still emanating sweet, exotic sounds. An idea formed in my head, and I tried my best to make it appear as though I was walking slowly because I was being sensual, instead of the real reason…which was that I did not want to trip. I pointed at the music player and spoke quietly, knowing that if I spoke any louder my voice would tremble with the nerves and anxiety that were consuming me.

"I want to try to dance for you outside." I said, and looked up at him slowly from my heavily decorated eyes. The cooling night air would hopefully allow me to clear my head a bit. To my surprise he suddenly looked shocked and upset. He shook his head slowly.

"If you want to have a chance to dance at all before I decide to simply take you where you stand…then you will put some clothing on immediately." He was pinching the bridge of his nose as he spoke, his eyes tightly shut. I felt heat immediately pool in my cheeks, and I immediately swept the discarded clothing into my arms and slipped into the bathroom to dress.

I laughed silently at the fact that I was uncomfortable with Edward seeing me get dressed, when he had just seen me…do what I had with Alice and Rosalie. When I was sure that everything was in place I glanced in the mirror, touched up my lipstick, and walked out into the empty room. I felt my heart sink briefly, and kicked myself for thinking that Edward was actually going to go through with this. Then, I realized that the room was silent. I glanced around and saw that the music player was missing. I slowly walked out of the bedroom, feeling incredibly awkward in the house, now that I didn't match any of the décor. I caught sight of a flickering shape in the corner of my eye, and turned to see what it was. There was a fire in the back yard. I walked to the window and watched the flames dance into the sky. Cool hands and arms wrapped around me from behind, and Edward's voice filled my ear.

"I am sure the dancing of the flames will pale in comparison to your beautiful form, Bella." His cool lips brushed my jaw line and I shivered slightly as my heart raced. When I pressed back into him, I could feel the cold skin of his chest and stomach meet my back. I turned to look at him, curious as to where his shirt had gone. I could feel my eyes widen in surprise as I took in the vision before me. His bronze hair was disheveled and his bare skin drank in the moonlight that was beaming through the window. He had leather bands at each of his wrists, and a dark brown pair of pants that hung low on his hips and flowed out away from his legs. I could see his perfect toes peeking out from under the pooled fabric. On any other man, the outfit would have looked ridiculous, but the expression in his liquid onyx eyes was nothing to laugh at. He reached both of his hands up and lifted the mass of hair away from my face, holding it back to lean in and press his lips to my throat. His voice was strained and low as he finally spoke.

"You didn't think that I would make you dance alone?" He pulled away from my throat and looked into my gaze. I was too stunned to speak. He grinned and spun me around, whirling out of the door and onto the grass near the fire. I could hear the music weaving into the fabric of the night around us, and looked up into the sky after the floating ashes and embers that danced on the breeze. Edward's hands wrapped tightly around my own as he pulled me willingly into the rhythm of the exotic music. I remembered everything I could about the brief lesson from Alice and Rosalie, and allowed the music to fill me up, as though there was nothing else. I cast aside my usual fears, of tripping and falling, and relaxed into the knowledge that as long as the music was on, I could move to it.

The world became a blur, reduced to flashes of images and colors. Bronze hair, pale skin, a flash of red as beads danced against my body. Flames, night, wheeling embers, and the smell of the grass beneath my feet blended into a single awareness, all part of a whole, just as the feel of the heat of the flames met and melded with the brushes of smooth granite skin against my flesh. My heart was soon racing in time to the music, and I half expected the sound to drift away when the song did, but it instead picked up as I brought myself back from the spinning world of color and senses that I had been enveloped in. I became hyper aware of my position in Edward's embrace. My entire torso was in line with his, our hips pressed tightly together by the steel grip of Edward's arm around me, his hand pressing the small of my back. His other arm wound around the middle of my back, his hand reaching up and caressing the back of my neck. My hands were braced, one on his shoulder, the other on his chest. Our legs were neatly intertwined, my feet barely brushing the ground. I looked to Edward's expression, and was once again blown away by the tremendous amount of love and adoration I saw there. 

His smile was spread wide and his eyes danced with the flames. His eyes narrowed briefly as he looked to the side, and I heard a loud smack. I turned my head and saw Emmett, sitting on the ground, pouting as he rubbed the back of his head. Rosalie was seated next to him, rolling her eyes, before turning them to me and releasing a smile so beautiful that I felt I would cry. Alice's look was one of overwhelming pride and happiness, and even Jasper looked awed as he held her on his lap, his eyes questioning. I heard a low murmur, and another smack from Emmett's direction. Edward's hands tensed on my body and he stood me up fully and held me, until he was sure that I could stand on my own.

"Can you believe that, Bella?" Emmett's voice was filled with innocent incredulity, which I immediately distrusted. "My own wife, hitting me for expressing an incredibly reasonable thought." He continued to pout as he looked up at me. I felt my lips tug unwillingly into a smile.

"What was the thought?" I asked, before I could think better of it. Edward groaned as Emmett smiled widely.

"All I said, Bella, before I was condemned to that abuse," he pretended to glare at Rosalie, who was pointedly not looking at him, "all I did, Bella, was ask a question—and I got smacked, can you believe that?" He shook his head slowly, and then hung it as though he was embarrassed by Rosalie's "outrageous" behavior. I laughed involuntarily and he grinned.

"Do you want to know what he asked, Bella?" Edward's cool breath against my ear made me shiver.

"I don't know—do I?" I asked, narrowing my eyes as I looked at Emmett, who was doing his best impression of an innocent victim, which was looking more and more like someone who'd had their hand caught in the cookie jar. He tried for righteous outrage.

"All I asked was how much of the show we get to see. It's not fair for Edward to be the only one walking in on scenes like that…a complete waste, if you ask me." He braced again as Rosalie casually flicked her wrist and sent her hand connecting with the back of his head again.

"However loud the wind howls, the mountain will not bow before it." I said solemnly, looking at Rosalie and shaking my head. She looked at me, confused. "I think it was in a Disney movie," I said weakly. "I just mean that it doesn't seem to do much good." I shrugged. "Why beat yourself up against a brick wall, if you know the wall is just going to enjoy it?"

Emmett's face lit up as he tried to speak, but he was instantly and abruptly rushed by Rosalie who was covering his mouth as she knocked him over onto the grass. Emmett quickly rolled her, so that she was underneath him, and pinned her hands against the ground. "Come on, Rose," he said, "when Bella leaves me something that wide open—" He was cut off suddenly as Alice's tiny form connected with his, knocking him off of Rosalie and pinning his hands above his head, as Rosalie quickly leapt on top of him, straddling his chest. Alice looked up at me and giggled.

"It's okay, Bella. We've got this." She smirked and Emmett strained against her hold.

"Jasper, come on, don't leave me hanging!" Emmett pleaded with him as Jasper calculated the odds.

"I don't know…you did sort of have it coming," he said, as he sauntered over. Both of the girls smiled at this. Edward's laugh filled my ears as he swept me into his arms. I realized we were moving away from the scene, and into the quiet house. When the door clicked shut we stood in silence for a full fifteen seconds, before I heard a few very loud shrieks, followed by growling and peals of laughter.

When Edward's lips collided with my own, I became immediately unconcerned with whatever was happening outside. When his tongue slipped into my mouth I moaned, and he became the only thing in the entire world. I clung to him tightly, and when I pulled away to catch my breath (stupid lungs) I realized that we were in his room, just a few feet away from his bed. He set me gently on the edge of the bed, and kissed a cool trail from my lips, down my throat and chest, and then flicked his tongue out to trace the smooth skin between my breasts. I shivered, even as my skin flushed with heat. My breathing became erratic as Edward's hands removed the top I was wearing, gently tossing it aside. His fingertips explored every inch of me, tracing delicate trails all over my flesh, strumming my nipples as he cupped my breasts, squeezing gently. I let out a whimper and locked my legs around his waist, pulling closer to him. He growled low in his chest and pressed against me. I could feel the hard length of his shaft, straining against the fabric between us. My hips rolled slightly, the fabric and pressure creating an intense friction that caught my breath in my throat. Edward's hands gripped my hips tightly and pressed them to the bed, immobilizing them. He then fisted the cloth of my skirt and tugged easily, ripping the fabric off entirely and leaving me utterly exposed. He stood and his eyes took me in from head to toe. I felt frozen in place, and slightly afraid of his expression. His eyes were pools of ink, glittering in the few stray beams of moonlight that fell through the window. A smile was wide across his face, but the dominant look was one of hunger.

"So very fragile," he murmured, tilting his head to the side as his eyes continued to sweep over me. I tried to slow my heartbeat, to calm my heavy breathing, but the way he moved through the room, circling me, was predatory…and my instincts were torn between running away from him, and running into his arms. His muscles glided under his skin, and he moved sinuously around the bed. I followed him with my eyes until he disappeared behind me. I waited for him to complete the circle, to appear on the other side of the bed, but there was nothing. No sound, no breeze of air being stirred by movement…the room was entirely still and silent. My heart rate accelerated suddenly as my waist was gripped from behind and I was pulled abruptly to the center of the bed. The room spun as I found my back pressed against the mattress, my arms pinned on either side of my head. I gasped as Edward's face fell to my neck as he licked and kissed all of the skin he could reach. His mouth moved lower and found one of my nipples, drawing it in and sucking it gently. I tried to strain my muscles to move against his hands, but the effort was fruitless. Instead I moved the only way that I could in response to his touch, I arched my back, rolled my hips—undulating against him trying to put more of our skin in contact. He growled and pressed his entire body against mine, freezing my movements and calling my attention to the fact that he was completely nude. His lips pressed into mine firmly, separating them as his tongue moved inside of me. I moaned into his mouth as I felt one of his legs press between mine. I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around him, hooking my ankles behind his back. I could feel the smile of his mouth against mine as the cool tip of his hardness pressed against my opening. He pulled his head back to meet my eyes, and held me in place with the connection as he slowly pushed forward. Only when he was completely inside of me did I allow my eyes to close as he leaned forward and spoke softly in my ear, his velvet voice caressing me inside and out.

"I love you, Bella." The words filled me and I could feel the overwhelming truth in them.

"I love you, too." I gasped out, as Edward started to pull his hips back, in a painfully slow movement. My arms were still pinned, our fingers intertwined as his length pulled back from me, nearly out, before he started a slow slide forward. I stopped breathing altogether when he was completely sheathed once more.

"You are unbelievably tight, Bella. Am I hurting you?" Edward's voice was almost trembling as he spoke. I shook my head quickly and tightened my hands in his. He smiled and started to move once again, slowly out and then back in. His slow strokes were powerful, knocking the breath from me as my toes curled and my muscles tightened. The tension was singing in my body, climbing higher and higher with each thrust that rocked my hips. My skin flushed and my heart pounded loudly as I felt a low growl vibrate Edward's chest. Keeping his thrusts unbearably slow he began to change his angle, and circled his hips, and varied the depths he was reaching. It was impossible to predict how he would move inside of me, and I was soon gasping, arching, and moaning in time to his movements. The tension that was building inside of me unexpectedly broke free, and the walls of my sex gripped the hard length inside of me tightly, its movements sending shocks of energy spreading through my body. I cried out loudly and Edward pressed his mouth to mine again, tasting, teasing and gently biting my lips.

The tremors inside of me started to relax and ebb, until Edward started to move at a change of pace, more and more quickly inside of me, then they immediately built back up, forcing the pressure and tension to climb higher. My skin was burning with heat, and I could barely breathe without gasping as my heart raced. I was beyond grateful for the cooling relief brought by Edward's skin pressing to mine. The contrast was incredible.

Edward's thrusts became irregular as he groaned into the side of my neck. I shivered as our hips collided again and again, his thrusts harder and deeper. His hands released mine and gripped the bed on either side of me. I immediately took advantage of the use of my hands and buried them in his hair, fisting the silky bronze, and using it to guide his mouth once again to my own. My tongue plunged into his mouth as we moved, and the pressure became unbearable. I was almost entirely unable to breathe, and I bit down on Edward's lip as he thrust hard inside of me and his release spilled out in a violent explosion that triggered another climax in me, one that bowed my spine and left me crying his name loudly. He collapsed next to me and drew me into his arms, brushing his cool fingertips all over me to help with the heat I still felt racing through me. I wrapped around him and pressed my forehead to his chest, enjoying the cool sensation of his skin. We stayed still like that for a moment, as I caught my breath and my pulse slowed.

I must have drifted off briefly, because the sound of Edward's groan next to me startled me and I sat upright quickly. I looked down at him questioningly.

"Alice just had a vision. Emmett will probably be rushing in here in a few minutes to remind me that I haven't hunted yet." He sighed and looked at me curiously. "Alice has actually seen quite a few interesting things happening, as far as you're concerned." He bit his lip. "How exactly do you feel…about the lifestyle that exists between the walls of this house?" He seemed truly curious, so I tried to examine my thoughts as thoroughly as I could.

"I understand it. Love can be expressed in a variety of ways…and I love the ease of the relationships. There is still exclusivity, but there is also—I don't know exactly how to describe it. It is an incredibly beautiful thing, I think." I smiled and stroked his cheek. "I really enjoyed being with Alice and Rosalie. Of course…if you don't like that it happened, if you think it was wrong—I can tell them that I can't be with them like that again." I held my breath, hoping that he would be accepting of what had happened. He sighed and I felt my heart drop.

"Bella, I thought I would be upset. I have been incredibly selfish with you, and needlessly shielding you from the complexity of the relationships that I thought you could not understand. I am happy to have been wrong in this case. Your happiness is mine, and if being with Rosalie and Alice…or even at some point Jasper or Emmett makes you happy, then I would be only too willing to share you with the people I love." His eyes were shining, and his smile sincere. As though the impossible could happen, I could almost feel the swelling in my heart increase. I threw my arms around him and kissed the skin of his neck, gently teasing it with my teeth. He laughed and kissed me deeply, before climbing out of the bed to get dressed for hunting. I watched him with a tired smile as he crept, fully dressed to the door and waited silently. After a few seconds he abruptly threw the door open, and I saw Emmett's shocked face as he jerked back quickly, nearly tripping on the rug in the hall. Edward laughed loudly, and I heard Emmett mutter something under his breath about cheating and mindreading as he grinned and promised a "next time." Edward looked back at me smiling, before leaving to hunt. I blew him a kiss, and settled back down into the bed, relaxing completely as the door closed and the night washed over me.

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