Chapter 1: I Hate Everything About You


Mimi Tachikawa stood in front of yet another new high school. After being promised that the last time would be the last time they would move. Raising up a hand, she rested it on the cold, metal handle of the door. She knew that she had to go in, face her fate and standing out here wouldn't make much of a difference.

Exhaling deeply, she pushed open one of the double doors, she walked into the building. She was expecting a movie like scenario to occur, she walks in, everyone turns to stare and everything goes silent. However when no one took notice, she felt slightly deflated. She ran a hand through her long, chestnut colored hair, and began walking the direction her feet were taking her.

Digging in her oversized Coach bag, she fished out the schedule she had received the day before, via e-mail.

"Locker 1135" She mumbled to herself, shoving the piece of paper, in the back pocket of dark denim skinny jeans.

Mimi began walking, pulling up her light pink, baby doll tube top, when she felt a hand hit her backside. Furious, she turned around to fully ready to smack who ever the perpetrator was. She found herself face to face, with the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes she had ever seen.

But seeing the smug look on the asshole's face made her shake out of her borderline pornographic thoughts, "What's the big idea?!" She yelled, "That's really rude!"

"Sorry, but an ass like that should have a warning label" He grinned, his line was cheesy.

"Wow, listen jerkface, I'm not sure who you are but keep your damn hands to yourself!" Mimi said loudly, jabbing a finger into his chest. Which felt hard and toned.

His smirk didn't disappear, his icy blue eyes shined with a mischievous glint, which made Mimi dislike him even more, "You new?" He asked suddenly.

Mimi took a step back and crossed her arms over her chest, "As a matter of face, yes I am" She answered coldly, glaring her hazel eyes up at him, "What's it to you?"

"Just never seen you around" He shrugged, "I'm Matt, by the way"

Mimi looked him over and rolled her eyes, "I'm, not interested" She said simply.

His smirk deepened, he quirked an eye brow, "Really? Well I have to say that's a first" He nodded, taking a step closer.

Mimi took another step back and dropped her hands to her hips, "Good to know" She said, turning to walk away.

He laughed, "See you around, new girl" He called, and Mimi subconsciously rolled her eyes.

"Do you know who that was!?" A girl shrieked behind her.

Mimi sighed and kept walking, "No I don't"

"Well new girl, you just dissed Matt Ishida, so why don't you just go commit social suicide right now! Because there is no way you are ever going to recover from this one!" She shouted in warning.

"Thanks for the advice!" Mimi said sarcastically, throwing her middle finger up over her shoulder.


Mimi walked into her homeroom. The day had not started out well, from getting smacked on her ass, to getting lost, she didn't like the way things had begun.

Mimi walked up to the man sitting on the desk, "Mimi Tachikawa, I'm new" She said wearily, looking into the man's green eyes.

"Right, I got the memo" He smiled, and Mimi felt her stomach do a flip. The teacher was definitely handsome; he had dark brown hair, light green eyes and couldn't be older then 25.

"Why don't you take a seat next to Sora?" He suggested, "Sora, raise your hand please?" he asked nicely.

A hand shot into the air, the person how ever, was hidden behind a number of people. Mimi followed the thin hand to the girl. Mimi soon saw, a girl with the reddest hair she had ever seen, it was wavy and shoulder length, and suddenly Mimi felt conscious about her own, normal, ordinary brown hair. Sora had really pretty mahogany brown eyes, and thin, long legs. Her feet, clad in dark blue converses, were up on the desk. Her frame hunched over and clearly texting.

With out looking up she said, "Sora"

"I'm Mimi" Mimi introduced.

She put away her phone and looked up at her, "So what's your story?" She asked suddenly.

"What do you mean?" Mimi asked confusedly.

"Like, what's your deal, new girl? What brings you to Tree Hill? I mean, people don't come here to enjoy the scenery, everyone here has lived here at least their whole lives" Sora shrugged, pulling on the side of her white shorts.

"I was born here, my dad's job keeps us moving, so yea here we are" Mimi said nonchalantly, she didn't want to delve too far into her past with a complete stranger.

"Wow, that sucks, so how do you like it here?" Sora asked.

Mimi let out a laugh at her question, before answering, "I've been here an all of 45 minutes, so I'm not really sure.

Sora gave her a nod, "But I did meet a really big asshole" Mimi continued.

Sora raised a dark blonde eye brow, "Really? Who?" She asked interestedly.

"Yea, I think his name was Matt or something, ya know him?" Mimi asked.

"Matt, know him? I dated him" Sora laughed and Mimi joined in. Suddenly she felt comfortable around Sora, granted she had only known the girl 10 minutes, but there was something relatable about her. She seemed really genuine and nice too. Sora balanced out Mimi's personality because they seemed so different.

"No you didn't!? He's such a jackass!" Mimi exclaimed in disbelief.

"I know, that's why we broke up" Sora said.

Mimi giggled before saying, "He smacked my ass, but you know what, I can't deny that he's hot" She shrugged.

"Yea we're really good friends now, plus I'm dating his best friend!" Sora chuckled when she saw the look of shock in Mimi's hazel eyes.

"Oh my God, Sora!" Mimi exclaimed, her eyes wide.

Sora merely shrugged in response, "I think I always liked Tai"

"Matt, is he like the alpha male? You know top dog? Because by the way people treat him, you'd think he was king or something" Mimi asked curiously.

Sora looked at Mimi as if she was crazy, "Meems, he is king, every girl wants him, every guy wants to be him" Sora answered.

"Hmmm, then why is he wasting his time chasing after me?" Mimi asked, shrugging up a shoulder.

"Have you looked in a damn mirror? Girl, you are hot!" Sora answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

What Sora said was definitely true. Mimi had long tan legs, a lean, flat stomach, long wavy brown hair, breathtaking hazel eyes and a body guys drooled over.

Mimi scowled, "So he's just as shallow as I thought"

Sora nodded, "That's just Matt, you really think he dated me for my mind?" Sora asked incredulously.

Mimi stifled a giggled behind her hand, "I like you Sora, I think you're the first genuine person I've met here" Mimi complimented.

Sora smiled, "But then again, you've only been here for 45 minutes" Sora said, repeating the words she had said earlier.


By the time gym rolled around, Mimi was pleased to say that the day had not been as unpleasant as she had been thinking it would be. She made a couple of friends, her and Sora had 4 classes together and best of all there was no sign of the jackass.

Mimi took her seat on the bleachers, as instructed by the coach. She wasn't going play gym today. She took out a nail file and began filing her acrylics, which probably made her look stupid but she was bored.

Someone came and sat next to her, "Hey new girl" it was clearly Matt.

Mimi groaned, "You again?"

He grinned, scooting closer, "Happy to see me?" He asked.

"Only in your dreams" Mimi replied, rolling her eyes.

Matt let out a chuckle, "You know you want me, just admit it"

"Not in this life time buddy" she scowled up at him, "I just don't understand you, you could have any girl you want, so why bother with me?" She asked honestly, her hazel eyes looking into his blue ones.

"You're different, all the girls here, are the same" He said simply, "And besides, I just want to prove your opinion of me wrong"

"Not likely, I know your type" Mimi glared.

Matt looked her over, "Oh so now I have a type?" He grinned, "Please enlighten me"

"You're an asshole pretty boy, who likes to "hit it" then leave, sorry buddy, I'm not that kind of girl" Mimi said, looking towards the group of people that had gathered not to far from them. Apparently their sparring match had now become a spectator sport.

Matt's grin fell, "You judge me like you know me, you don't know the first thing about me" He frowned, "You're just going on what you've heard, I think you're just scared"

"Of what?" Mimi asked incredulously.

"Of giving me a chance, of me proving you wrong" he shrugged.

Mimi snorted in response, "Sorry but no"

"You'll give in" He said surely, "See you around, new girl" saying the same thing he had said the morning.

"He is so infuriating!" Mimi mumbled. But she found herself attracted to him, it was unexplainable, because they were as different as they come, but it was a combination of the persistence in those gorgeous blue eyes and his non chalant demeanor that left Mimi wanting more. Though she would never admit that to anyone.


Mimi left the school building faster then she had ever left any establishment. The second the bell rang, Mimi was out of the door and heading towards her car. Her dad had recently bought her a new car, a Mercedes Benz 2008, as a kind of bribery present; she made him believe leaving her school in New York was one of the worst things to ever happen to her.

"Nice car" A voice she had heard many times today called.

Mimi turned around to a familiar face, standing against a very nice car, "You stalkin' me?" She asked coolly.

He smirked, that stupid, arrogant, sexy smirk, "As much as you'd want me to, I don't have that kind of time princess"

Mimi's face hardened, "Oh right, because you're life is oh so tiring" She said sarcastically.

Matt walked up to her, "Can I propose something?" He asked genuinely.

It caught Mimi off guard, but she regained her composure quickly, "You can, doesn't mean I'll agree to it"

"Come watch me race" He said seriously.

"What?" Mimi asked confusedly, what was the boy going on about.

He gave her a lopsided grin, "I'm sure you've heard, along with being devilishly handsome and extremely athletic, I'm also the best drag racer in town" He boasted, and gave a chuckle when he saw Mimi's scowl deepen.

Her eyes softened, "Drag racing huh? As in illegal, unauthorized car racing? The kind you could get arrested for?" She asked.

Matt nodded his head, "That's the one" He smiled.

Mimi narrowed her eyes at him, struggling to maintain her anger, even though his smile was melting through it, "Bad boy type huh? Like to break all the rules?"

Matt shrugged, "Rules are meant to be broken"

"I happen to like rules" Mimi said seriously.

Matt found her adorable, he took a step closer "You haven't lived on the edge yet princess, come watch me race" He suggested again.

Mimi was just about to say no, when something stopped her. Was she scared? Of maybe getting close to this guy, and even maybe liking him? The thought alone seemed impossible a couple of hours ago, but now it didn't see so crazy. Or maybe she had gone crazy, acting so out of character.

"Tell you what, my parents are living to California for two weeks, tomorrow, if you can postpone your "race" for me…" Mimi sighed, "Then I will come watch you race" She continued, looking up into his eyes.

Matt grinned, this time it was a sincerely happy one, "Done" He said.

Mimi took a step closer to him, "But I don't want this end up badly okay?" She jabbed a finger into his chest, that firm, hot, sexy chest that she wanted to run her hands up and down, "I- I'm trusting you" She got out.

"You won't have anything to worry about princess, I'll make sure you're taken care of" he promised.

Mimi turned to walk away but Matt called her back, "Wait, you never told me your name" He called.

Mimi smiled before turning around, "its Mimi, Mimi Tachikawa" She said, extending a hand out of courtesy.

Matt took her hand, "It's really, really- " He paused to look her over, taking in her entire appearance, "Nice to meet you" He finished, making Mimi blush.

She withdrew her hand from his, "Well bye" She waived, going towards her car.

Maybe this whole Matt thing wouldn't be so bad. Granted she still thought he was a really big jackass, who thought a lot of himself. But something about him attracted her to him. And now she felt like one of the many.

The person in front of Mimi stopped short, she slammed a hand on the horn of her car.

"What the fuck!?" She cursed out of the window.

Once her heart rate went back down to normal, she resumed her thoughts of Matt, which made her shiver with discomfort. How could she think about a guy she had just met, and like that too? And to top it all off, he was exactly the type she would fall for, the blonde hair, the icy blue eyes, his cool demeanor and bad boy attitude. Everything she swore she would never fall for again.

After all even Sora, after dating him, sufficiently said he was an asshole. So maybe he just wanted to be with her, for the challenge. Maybe he wasn't really into her for her, but for her body and the way she looked. And if that was the case then it would break her heart.


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