Disclaimer: Not Twilight, not Metro Station, nothinggggg.

I thought it'd be fun to see what Bella would say if she was taking a myspace survey. :D

To understand one of the answers towards the bottom, you'd have to have read chapter 64 of Pens and Sharpies,

But it's really not that necessary, you'll just think "Bella"'s lost her mind. XP

Oh, and I just realized I forgot to say this...

I did not come up with the questions!

I found this survey online, just as one would if they were taking it.

Subj: we're one mistake from being together, so let's not ask why it's not right

You won't be seventeen forever & we can get away with this tonight.

what do you look like?: a plain human...

are you single or taken?: very taken. -coughmikecough-

describe your life in 5 words: i'm still a goddamn human.

have you ever been in love?: i am in a permanent state of it.

why did you break up with the last guy you went out with?: well, i fell in love and got engaged to the first guy i ever even kissed, so i've never really had an ex...

do you think of yourself as attractive?: not at all, considering i'm not...

do a lot of people like you?: according to SOMEone. but they're all lies. LIES I TELL YOU!

what grades do you get school?: pretty good ones. i'm not dartmouth material, though...

name off all your close friends: edward cullenx3, alice, emmett, angela, ben...&the rest of them either pretend to be my friend, think i'm a waste of a soul, or can't stand to be around me because my blood smells so delicious.

are you quiet & shy or loud & outgoing?: i'm rather quiet and shy...

how old are you?: older than edward.

where do you live?: forks, washington.

do you mentally you beat yourself up over small things?: i really do. especially if it's not my fault. those are my favorite.

are you 2-faced?: not unless you put edward and jacob in front of me.

name 10 things you can't live without (people dont count): ...i can't. i think i've proved my point enough that it's a person i can't live without.

do you go out with a lot of people?: just one.

how often are you at home?: frequently, really...

what do you like to do on weekends?: prepare for battle.

what is your clothing style?: plain...alice is trying to spice me up a little and make me wear things that "actually flatter me".

do people judge you a lot?: unfortunately, yes.

do you like your life?: i do now that new moon is finally over. --phew--

what is one thing you want to do before you die?: before i "die"? i want edward to do me, of course.

do you want to get married?: that's a very complicated question. not at this age, but i won't technically get any older anyway, and i want that task above to be completed. heheheheheh.

have kids?: my eggs will be stone, silly.

do you believe in abortion?: no. if you kill babies, who knows what kind of a person you're killing? i can't imagine if edward's mother had gotten an abortion! :o

do you go to church?: not really, no. my mother went through this phase where she liked to go, but that subsided.

do you get in fights over things that don't really matter?: no, i like to avoid fights at all costs... unless they involve my current virgin or breathing state.

name 3 things you did today?: went shopping with alice & butts and stuff, asked edward once more to change me into a vampire, since it's become a bit of a morning routine, and convinced my dad not to shoot my fiancee. it was a pretty fun day.

do you flirt with the opposite sex too much?: i don't know how! :)

Bella is about to post it when Edward appears behind her and reads it before she even realizes he's there. He shakes his head in dismay and chuckles, kisses her on the top of the head, and walks away.

She hits "post" and goes to get a Pop-Tart.