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Le Nouvel Espoir

Chapter 4: Into the Night

The loud clop of hooves followed the sleek, chestnut steed Pogue rode through a forest of lush trees right outside of Ipswich. He was late and knew Kate wouldn't be happy with him once he arrived at their special spot, a clearing next to a small stream deep in the wooded area. He had a habit of being tardy and, most of the time, Kate would be seething if she snuck away from doing something important to be with him and he hadn't even arrived until it was nearly time for her to return.

It had scared Pogue when Tyler had started interrogating him. Clearly, his sneaking off wasn't going as unnoticed as he had believed by his all too observant friends. Pogue knew it was wrong to keep secrets from his brothers, but he just couldn't tell them about Kate. There was just no way they could keep the secret from his father and the town. Well, maybe Caleb could, but if he told Tyler, Tyler would most definitely fill Reid in, and Reid would let the whole town know in less than a day. He was worse than the gossiping women in the markets sometimes.

When Pogue got to the towering willow tree Kate was always sitting under when he came to meet her, his already low spirits plunged to rock bottom. Kate wasn't there. He was too late. She had already gone.

"You're late." A soft, familiar sultry voice sent his heart pounding as it spoke behind him.

Pogue whipped his head around and saw Kate coming out from behind the tree. Relief washed over him at the sight of his raven-haired beauty. She had waited.

Kate gave an affronted scoff at the site of Pogue's idiotic smile. "What is that grin for?" she asked.

"I haven't seen you in a while. You look even more beautiful than last time."

"Pogue!" Kate exclaimed. "That's because we never have any time together. And when it looks as if we will, ether you're extremely late or I can't come at the last minute because I have to help my mother with something. How can we keep doing this? I think its time we looked at this rationally. This can't work."

Pogue's smile dropped like a stone when he realized she wanted to end this. "It can work. It has and it will!" Pogue persisted. "I'm not going to let you go!" His voice was now a low hiss.

"Oh really?" Kate mocked with a roll of her eyes. "And who said you ever had me to let go of in the first place?"

With that Pogue swung himself off his strong-backed horse, tied the reigns to a low tree branch, and strode over to Kate with deliberately predatory steps. He flashed a smile as she backed up, finding herself pressed up to the thick trunk of the tree. He put one hand on her waist and the other hand went to grab her hair and pull her in for a heated kiss.

At first, Kate was furious; who was he to manipulate her this way after making her wait on him every time they tried to be alone? But as his lips continued their assault on hers and as his body pressed into her, Kate's convictions seemed to dwindle more and more until they were completely out of her mind. When his tongue begged entrance in her mouth she gladly responded, allowing the longhaired deputy to explore.

There had been few times where Pogue had Kate to himself long enough to make sweet, slow love to her; he wished there could be more of those opportunities, but they both realized this was not the time for taking it slow. The heat and passion of the earlier fight combined with how long it had been since they had been together made them feel like they were going to explode.

Pogue reached down for the hem of Kate's suede dress and smoothly pulled it over her head. Kate's hands went to the laces of Pogue's trousers, unlacing them as he pulled of his shirt.

When they were both nude, Pogue reached down and grabbed Kate's thighs, pulling her up to wrap her legs around his waist. He started trailing his swollen lips down her throat, burying his face in her neck and inhaling her woodsy scent.

Eagerly, aware their time may be running short together, Pogue adjusted himself to her entrance and plunged inside, hard and deep. Kate moaned his name and relished in the feeling of being filled by Pogue again. Kate's bare back scraped against the bark of the tree as Pogue found a steady pace, hooking one arm under one of her legs in order to get a better angle, trying to hit that sweet spot he'd memorized the location of. He was going to make a point loud and clear.

His pace increased once her loud moans signaled he'd hit his mark. He was sure she was close to falling over the edge. This is what he'd been waiting for. Stopping his eager thrusts, as much as it pained him to do so when he too was so close to his climax, he pulled out of her, dropping the leg he'd hooked so she could stand on that one foot, her other still braced around his hip.

"What are you doing?" Kate huffed out, her breathing ragged and quick, a horrified expression on her face. She had been so close. What was he doing?

"We never finished our conversation," said Pogue as nonchalantly as possible in his current aroused situation. "I believe you were breaking things off...?"

Kate moaned and shook her head no. The nerve of him! He had tricked her and was going to let him do it. She had completely forgotten their previous argument.

"What's that?" asked Pogue.

"I don't want to stop seeing you. I love you!" Kate practically screamed.

At hearing those sweet words, Pogue lifted her leg once again, thrusting back into her. It was true. She did love him. She didn't want to stop seeing him. She had just been angry. It was difficult, sneaking around the way they did. But this... this was all worth it.

The two hit their orgasms quickly, Kate's tightening triggering Pogue's. She arched against the tree, hitting her head as she did, but not bothered by it as waves of pleasure pulsed through her body. She felt Pogue pull out of her quickly, spilling himself onto the smooth, dark skin of her stomach.

A growl escaped Pogue's lips as Kate rested her sweat-covered forehead onto his shoulder. He collapsed backwards, taking Kate with him into his lap. He knew they didn't have much longer and he wanted to spend the rest of their time together holding her.

"Pogue, I need to go back," she said all too soon. "Someone is bound to get suspicious if I disappear for too long." Hearing Kate say that, reminded him of his conversation with Tyler earlier.

"I'm sorry I was late," he apologized. "I ran into Tyler. I hate lying to him, but I know he wouldn't be able to keep it from Reid."

"I'm sorry, I wish it wasn't like this." Kate told Pogue sadly.

"So do I. But you're right, we have to go," said Pogue. They reluctantly stood, Kate cleaning herself up with a handkerchief Pogue offered her. He didn't watch as she redressed, afraid his arousal would get the better of him and he wouldn't be able to control himself, inevitably keeping her longer and risk her getting in trouble.

He had finished dressing slowly, hoping it would prolong their separation, but it still came too soon. Gently cradling his strong jaw, Kate leaned up and kissed the corner of his mouth softly before rushing into the mess of trees, disappearing out of sight almost immediately.

He watched her go before turning to his horse, no longer feeling the need to stay in their serene clearing. It felt empty without her there anyway. Pogue untied the reigns and easily swung himself onto the sturdy saddle. He sighed, looking back in the direction his love had run off in before kicking his horse and taking off back in the direction of town.

"Where is he?!" The sudden harsh voice nearly caused Lily to drop the brush she had been using to groom one of the horses, also spooking the large animal. She quickly ducked out of the stall and the animal calmed moments later, allowing Lily to turn and see Reid Garwin had been the owner of the voice, marching into the stable with malice in his icy blue eyes.

"Monsieur, you frightened me," Lily breathed, placing a hand over her rapidly beating heart. She was unsure of why Reid looked ready to kill, but needless to say, it unnerved the meek girl.

"Where is Aaron?!" the blonde Son of Ipswich growled. Something certainly wasn't right. Aaron had obviously done something to upset his friend and Reid was out for blood.

"Désolé, he is not home." Lily's voice was soft, unsure of what the boy would do in his obviously enraged state. Her back pressed against the stable wall as he advanced on her swiftly, coming within touching distance of her.

"This is all your fault, harlot!" Lily let out a shriek as Reid's hands gripped her biceps tightly. "If it weren't for you following me around with lust-filled eyes, none of this would have happened and I would have Kira Snider as my wife by this coming year!" Lily's mind raced with confusion. Surely she hadn't done anything purposely to make Reid this furious. Tears welled in her eyes as Reid's intense stare bore right though her.

"S'il vous plait. Je ne comprends!" Her native tongue was rushed through her tight lips, her nervous state causing her mind to momentarily forget the language she had leaned.

"I don't know what you are saying! All that I know right now is all those lascivious stares and flushed cheeks of yours have ruined everything I've been working so hard for! As if a jezebel like yourself-"

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Immediately Reid's firm grip on the girl's arms relaxed and she slid to the floor, thanking the Lord that Rhys had only been in back of the stables chopping wood. His hair stuck to his forehead with sweat from the labor and heat and the sun illuminated the entry of the barn, making him look like some glorious angel to Lily.

Rhys rushed to where Lily cowered, on edge now more than ever since Aaron had left that bruise on the high bone of her cheek. Rhys' eyes turned to Reid and he glared at the younger boy. "Who do you think you are comin' here and treatin' her like that? Sayin' those things? She's never been nothin' but kind to you and everyone else around here." Lily's heart pounded at the boldness of Rhys. She feared his words would ultimately get him into trouble, speaking to someone of such social status the way he was.

A mixture of feelings ran through Rhys' body at the current time. Overwhelming anger had of course been his initial reaction when he saw the blonde's hands roughly gripping the slim girl's arms. But there was another feeling that struck and caused him to hesitate at the Garwin boy's words. Did Lily really look at him that way? The jealousy Rhys felt was unusual. He never felt threatened by the thought of Lily falling for another man. He had just assumed she would be with him once their services wee completed and though the two had never spoke of it, it had been implied they would advance their relationship from the way it was now to a more romantic one. Rhys had never even considered that Lily would find another.

"Don't ever put your hands on her again." Rhys couldn't let those thoughts cloud his vision now. Right now, it was an impossibility for Lily not to view him as her knight in shining armor as opposed to her alleged love interest. Not after that aggressive display.

The two young men stood nose-to-nose, eye contact not faltering for a second. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife and Lily took this as her cue to break the two away from each other before something bad happened. If Rhys were to lose his temper...

She didn't want to think of the outcome.

Lily stood, using the wall to pull herself from the ground and cautiously approached the two. She stepped between them and pushing Rhys back a bit, whispering French words that sounded like nonsense to the two boys. "You should leave. Aaron isn't here," Rhys firmly stated.

Turning on his heel, Reid left in a huff, unable to look the girl in the eyes. He knew he had frightened her and the guilt was trying to sink in, however his anger still overpowered that feeling.

Rachel ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Flying past several servants, several members of town hall, and the sheriff and his son, the deputy. Her shoulders bumped in to a few people causing her to look back and apologize quickly before continuing her sprint.

Her mother, Rose, had gone in to labor while preparing breakfast that morning. Her water broke, and she had urged Rachel to go fetch Dr. Simms and her midwife. And that's exactly where Rachel was running to.

She made it to the large structure that held the Simms family. She beat on the door repeatedly. Though it was early she was sure that the doctor was up. Or at least she truly hoped he was.

"Rachel?" the groggy voice of Tyler Simms met her ears.

She looked up at him big brown eyes staring, pleading. "Please tell me your father is home!" she urged.

"What's wrong?" he asked rubbing his eyes as Rachel came in to the house.

"My mother, she went in to labor! Her water broke about ten minutes ago!" Her words were rushed, her face was hot, and she felt like she needed to sit down.

"Whoa." He grabbed her shoulders with his hands, pushing her into a chair. "Slow down…" She stared up at him, pieces of her hair sticking to the sweat that had collected on her brow. "Now, what's going on?"

"Mother's water broke," Rachel rushed. "She's gone into labor, Tyler, your father must come quickly!" she declared.

"Father isn't here…" Tyler's brow furrowed as he pressed his lips together. "He went to Gloucester; someone was very sick and he had to leave late last night." He looked at the worried expression sketched on Rachel's face.

"This can't be happening!" Rachel began to feel her head getting light as her thoughts began to process. "Mother can't give birth without a doctor around..." She whispered shaking her head.

"We'll get the midwife, and see what we can do from there," Tyler stated as he grabbed his case with all of his instruments in it. He grabbed on to Rachel's hand and pulled her out of the house and into town to get the midwife. "Your mother wasn't due for several more days…" he mused.

"I know," Rachel stated trying to keep up with Tyler's pace, but the slightly older boy was literally dragging her at this point.

"What are we going to do?" Tyler muttered to himself, trying to think of a plan in his head. He had helped his father deliver one other baby before, but did he have enough knowledge to do it on his own?

"You'll have to do it!" Rachel announced in a panicked tone.

"I will," Tyler nodded determine.

Rachel's eyes grew as wide as saucers. He dragged her through town, stopping by the midwife's house on the way to the Clenton home.

As soon as they walked in Rachel rushed to the back of the house where her mother was sitting on the floor. Several blankets and sheets were lying around with pillows. She knelt down next to her mother.

"Were you able to find Dr. Simms?" her mother asked between sharp intakes of breath.

"No Mother." Rachel looked down at the ground. "Dr. Simms is out of town. I was able to fetch the midwife and Tyler. Tyler said that he would deliver the baby…"

Tyler walked in to the room with the midwife. He set out his things and he and the midwife discussed what way they were going to go about the delivery. Finding a plan was the easy part for Tyler, keeping his mind focused was going to be difficult.

After a few long, excruciating hours, Rose and Arthur Clenton were the proud parents of another little girl, Ruthie. Tyler was at the basin washing his hands when Rachel walked in behind him and watched him carefully.

He had amazed her. He was so calm, so knowledgeable during the entire birth; he had impressed her. She watched as he finished scrubbing and grabbed a cloth from the counter, handing it to him.

"Thanks." He started drying his hands looking up at her, those blue eyes smiling.

"You were amazing," she told him honestly. Tyler's face showed his doubt and she touched his arm, "You really were…" She leaned in a bit closer, her voice barely audible.

Tyler felt his body heat increase as Rachel's lean frame leaned in towards his. Her dress accentuated her assets; her waist was defined and now those lips were pouting out at him.

He swallowed hard as she took his elbows in to her hands and pressed her heavenly lips on to his. Tyler's eyes snapped shut his hands resting on her hips as she gave him an innocent kiss on the mouth.

Tyler felt the spark; it ran throughout his entire body as she slowly pulled away from him, her lips parted slightly. He stared at her for a moment and tried to bring his heart rate down.

What she hadn't known was that he had been scared beyond belief during the birth. He had felt such a wave of relief after he had inspected the baby and made sure that she was all right and didn't have anything wrong with her.

But now, now all he could think about was the feeling of Rachel Clenton's mouth on top of his. The way her soft fingers had brushed over the tanned skin of his arms and the way his stomach had fluttered at her touch.

"Thank you," Rachel whispered before disappearing into the back of the house.

Tyler finished cleaning up, his mind racing wildly as he packed up his things and headed straight out to the market to find Reid. Reid had always loved the market place; he found most of his inspiration there. And if one was looking for Reid Garwin, you could more than likely find him there.

And Tyler had, but he noticed the scowl that was written on Reid's features, something that he didn't see often on the blonde's face, except after a fight with Caleb. He wanted to tell Reid about his little victory but he didn't want to rub it in his best friend's face.

"Hi Reid," Tyler greeted his best friend.

Reid glanced up from his paper and looked at Tyler glumly. "Tyler," he replied, rather uninterested.

"What's wrong with you?" Tyler inquired taking a seat next to him.

"What isn't?" Reid quipped back. "You look like you just saw your first pair of breasts… what's with you?" Reid smirked at his comrade, distracting Tyler from the reason for his glum mood.

"You know Rachel Clenton?" he questioned.

"The name sounds familiar…" Reid pursed his lips together.

"Very pretty girl, the Judge's daughter?" Tyler tried to explain her to his friend.

"Oh yes, pretty brunette thing, right?"

"Right." Tyler grinned remembering the feeling of her lips on his.


"She kissed me."

"You're grinning like a fool over a kiss?" Reid scoffed with a snort.

"Not all of us are as experienced as you are Reid."

"That's right, you're not…" Reid boasted. "So you like her, do you?"

"I do," Tyler nodded his head to confirm what his best friend had said.

"Go for it then," Reid slapped his best friend on the back in a comforting gesture.

"Enough about me. What has you in such a sour mood?" Tyler questioned wanting to get to the bottom of his friend's displeasure. Reid didn't budge. He went back to writing in his notebook. "Come on. Tell me what's going on." Tyler was finally able to coax it out of the blonde.

Reid sighed and started to explain to him about the situation with Kira, Aaron and Lily. He had told Tyler how he snapped at Lily and told her that it was all her fault, when it was actually his fault and Aaron's fault.

"I feel really terrible about lashing out at her the way that I did. As if the girl isn't uneasy enough…" Reid stated, his gaze shifted from his paper out to the market. Tyler noticed that something had grabbed his attention.

He followed his friend's gaze and noticed Lily was walking in their direction. Her eyes met with Tyler and a small smile appeared on her lips as she gave him a polite nod. When she saw Reid, the smile slipped off her face and she looked down at her feet as she walked past them.

"Maybe you should apologize to her, since you like her…" Tyler stated swiftly.

"Yeah," Reid started to say but then he caught on to the rest of what Tyler had said. "I do not like Lily," he stated, his icy blue gaze settling on Tyler.

"I can see it, the way you look at her," Tyler looked down the road to watch her walk in to a shop. "She's an attractive girl, there's nothing wrong with liking her."

"You're right," Reid stated firmly his eyes settling in on her figure. "She is attractive, but what could I possibly get from a servant girl?" Reid asked his arrogant attitude lurching forward.

Tyler shook his head as he watched Reid carefully. His blue gaze had been on Lily ever since she walked by, he couldn't look away, and that only meant one thing in Tyler Simms book.

Reid Garwin liked the Abbot's indentured servant girl, Lily.

"What are you hiding?" Caleb asked once again. Sarah had been leading him to the beach, smiling secretively. Each time he'd asked, the smile would widen as she replied, feigning innocence.

"Haven't you heard of surprises Caleb?" He scowled a little and it made her laugh. With the sound Caleb's ears perked up and a slow smile spread across his face. "You will find out soon enough." With the statement, Sarah and Caleb ascended up the slope and were welcomed with the glow of fires in the distance, illuminating the beachside "The view is breathtaking here," she sighed wistfully. "And what better way to have a feast than surrounded by the beauty of nature."

Or rather, the beauty of a breathtaking young woman. Sarah was so carefree, so uncontrolled by social demands. If only he could have a life such as hers. Caleb relished in the thought, a thought that would allow him to be with her.

He took his time to explore the landscape. A few large fires were lit around the shore, a lilting melody floating to his ears. People were dancing around the fires, others laughing and toasting with their mugs of drinks cheerfully. A large pig was roasting on the spit, various other hearty meals prepared near the light of the fire. The delicious smell wafted within the air, increasing his appetite. He hadn't really eaten food outdoors, but the open scenery with the fresh ocean air proved to be an experience worthwhile.

They descended the sandy dunes and Caleb watched as a familiar figure walked towards them "Sarah!" her father exclaimed, hands outstretched in greeting. "My dear, I have been waiting for you. Dances are never the same without your presence." His gaze fixed itself to his second guest. "Ah, hello again Mr. Danvers. It is good to know my daughter is making acquaintances with such a fine young lad." His eyebrows rose inquisitively. "Pray will you be able to stay and feast with us? I know this is somewhat--" his eyes lifted to the sky, thinking of a better term "--uncommon, to most people of your station," he summed. Nevertheless his lips twisted into a smile of warm welcoming. "But I am sure you will enjoy it."

Caleb reassured him with his own sincere smile and nod "Thank you sir. I'm sure I will also."

Caleb and Sarah sat and ate for a duration of the evening, Sarah introducing him to some of her acquaintances and laughing at some of the now inebriated men dancing. He had watched her cheerful reactions, enjoying the smile that lit up in her eyes. As if sensing he was watching, her gaze met his, eyebrow raised in question with suppressed amusement.


His brow drew together at the question, or rather order. "Pardon?"

"You heard my fathers boasts," she lifted herself off the ground, dusting of her dress. "Now we shall see them in practice."

His head tilted back as he peered up at her "What are you speaking of?" Somehow he had a feeling this was the surprise she was hiding from him.

Sarah smiled, an impish glint in her eye as she took a large hand in both of hers, restlessly tugging at it for him to stand. Caleb chuckled before lifting himself off the floor, eyebrows raised in question for an answer.

"We are going to dance," she answered simply.

Caleb frowned a little before wringing his hands behind his back. "I am – not sure, how to dance to such a tune," he admitted rather reluctantly.

He seemed shy, an adorable quality to see in such a man.

"Then would you like to be sure?" she said her voice buoyant and playful.

His eyes locked with hers, the heated gaze raising goosebumps on her arms. A charming smile accompanied his warm voice as he replied, "With your assistance, very much so."

Sarah advanced closer, her hands covering his, much smaller in comparison. She savored the warmth and life that flowed within those hands. "It is time for you to know the way of real dancing Mr. Danvers." He raised an eyebrow, a smile glittering in the depths of his brown eyes.

And with that she led him near the fire, teaching him what it was like to be free.

If a wish could come true, then Caleb wished that the moment would never end.