A/N: Hi! This is Misao. I hate the people who say this but this is my first Death Note story and I kind of like it. But I'm a little biased and as always I'd love to hear what you all think because it's your opinion that matters. And I'm going to stop before I start rambling. Too late, huh? Oh well.

I try to keep my mind focused on the work at hand but my eyes have other things in mind. They drift away from the words in front of me on the multiple screens. They wander down the chain connecting me to the brunette at my side. They slide up his perfectly muscled chest that is hidden only beneath a thin t-shirt to rest on his even more perfect face. His eyes that are the shade of an expensive chocolate are consumed by his concentration for the work in front of him. His full lips rest in a near pout that suggests of the sheer depth of his focus. The corner of his mouth quirks up into a smile as he reads something that amuses him. A light sigh passes my lips as I reach for another sugar cube to pop into my mouth.

You pride yourself on being a genius so how come you didn't see this for what it was? I ask myself. You claim to be able to catch what others can't, so why didn't you catch this? That chain linking your wrists is no more than an excuse than to be close to him. You're the one who suggested that the two of you share a single bed. Why? Not because it is easier, but simply because you delight in your proximity to him. Each conversation with him is a carefully crafted game, not because you suspect him to be the enemy but just because you don't want to reveal anything about you or how you truly feel. You only insist that he is Kira because it is an excuse not to admit your feelings for him.

I sigh again as I tear my eyes away from his beautiful face, all the while knowing it was true. Accusing him of being Kira was merely a façade to hide my true feelings behind.

"Are you alright Ryuzaki?" he asks at my third sigh. How I wish that I could tell him the truth. How would he react if he knew that the man who he was shackled to felt more than camaraderie for him?

"I'm fine Light-kun. Just… fine."

My whole life has been a lie. Why start being truthful now?