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Chapter 5

Her jaw dropped slightly right after her first kiss and her body could not move as if she was a tree.

There were butterflies in her stomach. Her heart pounded mercilessly. Her emerald orbs were wide and hard. Her face has shades of pink. Her mind was spinning and at the same time it was blank. It was not completely blank, although she doesn't have any idea of what to do in the surprising and awkward situation. She was completely paralyzed at the frozen moment. Her lips. His lips. For almost five seconds, his cold and hard lips touched hers. And in just five seconds, her very first kiss was stolen. Neither her mother kissed her in her lips. But that guy, that darn Akatsuki member kissed her as if it was nothing, as if it was not important, as if it was just a simple kiss like a kiss in the cheek. Her chest wanted to burst. That arrogant guy whom she doesn't even know his name was standing in front of her, staring at her with an obvious smirk curved on his lips that kissed her a while ago. That kissed her. Kissed her. In her lips. Yes, it was not the french kiss with tongue thingy but it was still a kiss, her first kiss. It was like a treasure to her that she kept and took care for almost sixteen years.

The wind blew over the frozen moment and the silence became intense and cruel. Every typical girl dreamed of a fairy tale kiss and she was one of those girls. She was hoping to be in a special place when she had her first kiss, not in the backyard of her school. She was hoping to see flowers when she had her first kiss, not those trees that surrounds her school. She was hoping to see stars or the moon when she had her first kiss, not that stupid bench whose fault was everything. She was hoping to feel wonderful when she had her first kiss, not anger and disgust. She was hoping her first kiss to be sweet, not bitter. She was hoping that a special someone kissed her, not someone whom she hardly know.

Her fingers moved slightly. Finally, the effect of the lightning was gone and she was not paralyzed anymore.

His mouth moved but then she lifted her right hand and slapped his left cheek. He paused and looked at her as his purple eyes widened. She was standing there, in front of him with frown and madness painted on her face. She was angry, he knew. But why would she be that angry with just a kiss? With a face and skin like that, it was impossible that she never had a kiss before. It might be possible that she changes her boyfriend every week or that she was not a virgin anymore, he thought. With a pretty face like that, she could seduce every guys she winked at. He then opened his mouth once again but he received another slap and this time, it was on his right cheek. Another pause. What's wrong with her? "Hey-" She slapped him at his left cheek, again. She did not slapped him too hard but he was getting pissed because she was not letting him to speak. He inhaled deeply and she slapped his right cheek. "What the hell was that?!" He asked angrily although he was slightly proud of himself that he finally finished his question without getting cut. But she slapped him again. "Why are you slapping-" He was slapped again and this time he was really pissed that he gave him a glare that everyone wouldn't want to see.

However, his purple glaring eyes turned into a confused orbs as he saw tears fell from her jade eyes. 'She was,... crying?' But why? Why is she crying? Was that because he kissed her? That was so absurd and stupid. Without a word, she left and he just watched her slowly leaving. For the very first time in his life, he was speechless.

She was not running like typical girls used to, instead she was walking as if she was walking at the moon. Slowly leaving the place where she had her first kiss and leaving the guy who stole her treasure. Far enough from the Akatsuki member, she touched her lips as her first kiss was flashing back in her mind repeatedly. She hate that guy and she never ever wanted to see his face again. She sighed bitterly. Just like herself, her first kiss was nothing special.

Sakura wiped off her tears while walking alone at the corridor heading to her respective class room. She was not late for her next subject, in fact she was too early, but she needed a place to be alone to calm herself and she knew that the rooftop was not a good place anymore neither the other place since her cousin's fans were still after her. Thus, she also realized that her respective classroom was not safe too. Actually, the whole school was not a safe place for her. She then let out a bitter sigh. There's no place in school she belongs anymore. She was like an outcast. No, she was already an outcast.

"Sakura-chan, yeah" The addressed lady turned her head around to look at the certain blond Akatsuki. There was a big green on his face but then it vanished as he saw her eyes red and finally realized that she just cried. Again, she cried. Why? Oh, why they were always making her cry? He then clenched his fist. "Sakura-chan" His voice was a lot more serious than the usual. She paused and stared at him as he walked seriously to her. "Why did you cried? Again" He asked while gritting his teeth, keeping himself to not lose his temper.

Sakura however, did not spoke and was continuing staring at him until another tears fell from her eyes. She really was a failure for keeping herself not to cry. "I-" She wiped off her tears using the long sleeve of her maroon uniform but tears kept flowing so she wiped it off again. "I-" She tried to speak again with her shaky voice. "It's nothing" She said, finally.

A disturbing silence rolled down around the corridor as she never saw the feminine guy that serious. He was staring at her with his deep eyes and it was slightly scaring her so she looked away from him. He had never been that silent to her since they have met. Her teary orbs then widened as she felt his warm body to her.

He was hugging her.

She did not pushed him nor hugged back at him as she was slightly surprised from his astonishingly action. She could smell his soft golden hair and could feel the warmth of his stone hard body. Why is he hugging her? She then let her tears to fall from her widened eyes and sobbed at the frozen moment. She was feeling the mixtures of sorrow, anger, and confusion.

He was hugging her petite body as if she was a stuff toy. He then rested his nose over her head. He could smell her mild sweet perfume from her uniform and the aroma of her shampoo from her soft pink tresses. He knew she was crying again and cursed himself because of the fact that all he could do to ease the pain that was overcoming her feelings was to hug her. If she would just tell him the reason. If she would just open up a bit. If she would just trust him. Then he would be able and surely help her without a second thought.

He wanted to know everything about her. He wanted to see her smile without worry. He wanted her to open up even a bit to him. "Why can't you trust me?" He whispered without moving nor looking at her. He was still hugging her as if there was no tomorrow and was still smelling her sweet fragrance.

Why, he asked? Well, the answer was simple. It was because she doesn't want to be hurt anymore. She doesn't want to trust anyone because that's what she did to her ex-friends. She trusted them, told them everything and let herself to be close to them. She trusted them because she thought they would never leave her and they would trust her too. But in the end, they left her alone in the dark from the moment they met someone better than her. She doesn't want that to happen to her for the second time. The pain from the stab on her back by her cousin was enough and the pain from the hatred of her previous friends was too much. She would never be able to hold on when that would happen to her again.

Deidara freed her, although both of his hands were at her shoulders. He locked his deep eyes into her's and gave her a grin. He was back from his old self, she thought. "Anyway, I can't do anything if you don't want to trust me yet, yeah" He said as she looked at him confusedly. "However, you can't do anything either if I wanted to protect you from those small persons who keeps bullying you, yeah" He said as he kissed her forehead. "And you can't also do anything if I wanted to suffer the person who made you this down to our school" He said as his lips was still on his forehead and kissed it again. He was serious with his words and his eyes were flaring like a murderer. Although she could not see him, her eyes widened as his voice proved to her that he was serious with his words.

This time, it was not just Sasori who was after her red head cousin, but also Deidara.

"Come on, yeah" He said then grabbed her hand and started to walk.

"W-where are we going?" She asked as she wiped off her tears with her other hand.

"At the roof, yeah"

"B-but I have to go to my next class" She replied even though she knows that she was one hour earlier for her next class. He then stopped walking and looked at her.

"Have you ever wondered why there were no other students in this hallway, yeah?" He asked, she nodded confusedly. "That was because all classes are cut and will resume after lunch, yeah" She made an 'oh' mouth. "Haven't you heard the announcement, yeah?" He asked and she shook her head. "That was weird, yeah" He muttered as he rubbed his chin and looked upward. "It was announced at the whole school around twenty or thirty minutes ago, yeah" He said as he looked at her.

Her eyes widened slightly as she realized that that was the time when her first kiss was stolen and she was at the rear of the building. She knew very well that every announcements to all students of Konoha High could be heard at the whole school. Meaning, it could also be heard even at the rearrest of the school. "I- I was listening music at that time so,.. I guess that's the reason why I did not heard the announcement" She lied as she forced a smile. She did not heard the announcement just because she was too shock because of that stupid kiss. She nearly spend her time waiting for her next class even though there were actually no classes and that was because of that darn foul mouthed Akatsuki. She really hope that he was not at the rooftop too.

"I see. Good thing I saw you, yeah" He said and then started to drag the emerald eyed student happily.

Itachi, Kisame, Zetsu, Tobi and Sasori were at the roof as the two arrived. Sakura sighed in relief as she realized that the silver headed student was not there.

"Sakura-chan!!!" Tobi yelled as he ran to hug the pink headed girl but the tallest guy among them grabbed the masked guy to stop his attempt to hug the girl. "Tobi wants to hug Sakura-chan" He cried. The girl on the other hand sweat dropped.

"No! You can't hug her!" Kisame growled as he threw the poor guy.

"Good morning, doll" The crimson haired akatsuki whispered as he hugged the surprised girl from behind. "What are you doing here so early?" He asked. Kisame however, grabbed the other Akatsuki and threw him, just like what he did to the masked student.

The tall guy then hugged her. He was too huge as if he could break her body like a toothpick and he was too tall that he needed to lift off her feet from the ground for him to be able to smell her pink hair. "It's not fair that he was the only one who was able to hug you" He said as he tightened his hug and Tobi was trying his very best to pull him away but he was just too big.

"Kisame, Haruno is dead from suffocation" The black headed guy said blankly as the addressed guy panicked and dropped the said girl.

"Sakura-chan!!!" Kisame called in horror and looked at her but all he saw was the completely fine pink headed girl. He then glared at the Uchiha who was looking blankly at him. While glaring at the black eyed guy, Kisame did not realized that the other Uchiha was hugging Sakura like she was his puppy and rubbing his mask to her face.

Sakura sweat dropped and sighed bitterly. First, she was kissed by one of the Akatsuki and now she was being hugged by the other Akatsuki members. They really are dangerous, she thought. Deidara on the other side, punched Tobi and pulled him away from the pink headed girl. Sakura then let out another sigh.

"Good morning Haruno-san" Zetsu greeted gently.

"Good morning to you too" She greeted back.

"Damn you Kakuzu! I told you I don't like going up here because it was hell tiring walking up here!"

"You have no choice, we have to meet here because leader will announce something"

Her green eyes widened as she was frozen dead. That voices she just heard, she certainly knew who they were and one of them was the guy who stole her first kiss.

"Kakuzu, yeah. Hidan, yeah" Deidara called from the moment they saw the two. "Sorry, yeah. I forgot to tell 'ya that our meeting was postponed 'cause leader was busy right now, yeah" He said as he rubbed his head and grinned.

"What?!" Hidan growled as he walked to the feminine guy and was about to punch him but the blond student dodged his attack easily. Deidara was expecting another attack from the purple eyed guy but he was wrong. Hidan paused from the moment he saw the girl he met earlier.

"What's wrong Hidan?" The guy who was wearing a full mask asked the other Akatsuki. The loud guy did not replied as the surrounding became frozen quiet. Well, except for Tobi who was still crying because he still wanted to hug the paralyzed girl. Out of curiosity, Kakuzu turned his head to see what Hidan was looking at. As he saw the certain pink haired student, he too paused for a while then his eyes crinkled because of the smirk curved on his face under the white mask. "It's you" He said to girl as she snapped and turned her head to look at him.

Deidara and Kisame were looking at them astonishingly. Itachi and Sasori were looking at them blankly. Zetsu was smiling at them. And Tobi was still crying.

"You know her?" Kisame asked.

Kakuzu then looked at the tallest guy among them. "Yes, she owes me money" He simply replied. The others including Tobi and Hidan, looked at him blankly saying that they don't believe him. "What? It's true" The guy said and the looked at the only girl. "Right pinky?" The others looked at her but she was staying quiet.

"No one would foolishly borrow money from you, yeah. Everyone here knows how stingy and greedy you are, yeah" Deidara said blankly as Sakura looked at him.

"Are you saying that she's a fool?" Kakuzu asked.

"What? No, yeah! I was just saying that Sakura-chan will never borrow money specially from you, yeah"

So Sakura was her name, Hidan and Kakuzu thought. The said girl on the other hand, grabbed her wallet inside her bag and picked some money. She then walked blankly at the older guy and simply gave him the money she owes him. Kakuzu took the money blankly and Deidara and Kisame paused dumbfound. So she did borrowed money from him.

"Since you gave back the money you owe me earlier than what I expected, it won't get doubled. You're lucky you know that?" Kakuzu asked but Sakura looked at him astonishingly. Why would she be lucky when her first kiss was already stolen and almost everyone at the school despised her? She was luckless for crying out loud. On the other side, Deidara and Kisame sighed in relief.

"You know Haruno-san, most of the persons who borrowed or owed money from Kakuzu are unfortunately became poor just because they needed to pay him. Riches became poor and poor became poorer. That's the kind of money lender he is" Zetsu explained.

"R-really?" She asked in disbelief.

"Yeah. So Sakura-chan, promise me that you will never ever borrow money from him again, yeah" Deidara said and Kisame nod as an agreement to what the blond was saying to the girl.

"Okay" Technically, she did not borrowed money from him but, whatever.

"Pft. Why do you keep calling that bitch Sakura-chan? Was that her ugly name?" Hidan asked even though he already knew that it was her name and the others with the exception of Itachi, Zetsu and Kakuzu glared at him.

"Her name was not ugly!" Kisame growled.

Sakura then walked to him as the others watched her. She stopped in front of the foul mouthed student and stared at him for a while. The silver haired guy stared back and the others were astonished. All of them were surprised as she slapped the silver haired guy. He looked back at her slowly with his glaring eyes. "Why the hell do you keep slapping my damn handsome face?!" He growled but her answer was another slap. "Stop-" She slapped him again like what she did right after they kissed. "Damn it!" Hidan received another slap.

The others however, sweat dropped.

"S-sakura-chan, do you know each other?" Kisame asked. Sakura glared at him and it scared him enough that he stopped talking and moved away.

"She's-" Sakura slapped Hidan again.

"A-anou, Sakura-chan yeah. Why are you slapping Hidan, yeah?" Deidara asked but just like the huge Akatsuki, he just received a glare from the pink headed student so he too stopped talking and moved away with Kisame.

"Fuck-" Sakura slapped Hidan again.

"Tobi loves watching Hidan being slapped by Sakura-chan" Tobi said innocently. This time it was Hidan who glared at the certain Akatsuki member so just like the other two, he three stopped talking and moved away.

"You-" Another slap. "Shit!" Slap. "Heh-" Slap. "Urg-" Slap.

"Hidan, I suggest you stop talking so Haruno-san will not slap you" Kakuzu said calmly.

"Okay" Slap. "Damn" Slap.

"I'm going to buy our lunch" Sasori announced blankly as he stood up.

"I'm going with you" Itachi said.

"Oh, Tobi wants sweets" Tobi said lively as he raised his hand but still keeping away from Hidan.

"Don't you ever buy expensive food" Kakuzu said.

"Buy me some fucking orange juice" Slap. "Shit" Slap.

Right after eating lunch with the notorious gang, Sakura Haruno walked back to her respective classroom. Since she was a bit early for the class, there were only few students in the room when she arrived and she sighed bitterly as she saw her red head cousin and her ex-friends inside. However, she would never walk out in their classroom just because Karin was inside so she sat quietly and calmly on her desk, took a novel inside her bag and read silently.

Naruto and Gaara were not there yet so she knew that her cousin would never let that opportunity to pass. And she was right. Karin, Taira, Tayuya and Kasshoku stood in front of her. She tried her very best to ignore the four and not to look up even though Karin already sat on the top of her graffiti-ed desk. They really don't know when to stop.

Karin took the novel book Sakura was reading and smiled confidently at her pink headed cousin. She crossed her legs and then tried to read the book she got from her cousin. What a bookworm her cousin was, a real boring and plain person, she thought as she closed the book and threw it. She really hates everything about her. She was so dorky and weird. She was like a pest that needed to be terminate. No, she was a pest already and she would surely make her life even miserable.

"Sakura" Karin started with her innocent and sweet voice. "We really wondered where you spent your time with earlier and we demand to know where you have spending your time every vacant" She said as she leaned closer.

"Yes, and it was obvious that you did not spent your whole vacant earlier with Naruto nor Gaara-kun" Taira stated.

"Did you spent your time with Kiba-kun or Neji-kun?" Kasshoku asked in a higher tone as she crossed her arms.

"You really have a lot of guts to be with those guys, you know that?" Tayuya said.

"Do you think you're pretty just because they're always protecting you and always on your side?" Karin asked as she stared at her cousin's face. She smirked when she saw Sakura's frown. "Do not mistake it for them actually adoring you" She paused and examined the seating girl. Was she angry enough? " Because obviously, they were just pitying you" Her cousin was definitely annoyed. However, her smile faded as her jade eyed cousin's frown disappeared and turned into a smile.

"I don't care because first of all I didn't asked them to help nor protect me. It's their own will so if you envy me that much," She paused and locked her eyes into her red headed cousin. "You could pretend again and took them away from me just like what you did before" She said in her normal tone.

"Pretend?" Tayuya asked as she looked at the red headed student. She then looked at Sakura, "What do you mean by that?" She asked to the girl.

'Fools' Sakura thought.

'You said it right' Her inner replied. 'They surely were more stupid than a five years old kid'

"You should ask my cousin with that" Sakura replied calmly as Karin gritted her teeth.

Karin then once again pulled her pink hair and forced her to face her. But the smile on Sakura's face did not faded. "You know what are you in my life?" She asked with a higher tone. It was obvious that she was angry this time. Sakura frowned once again. Her cousin was pulling her hair too much, it hurts.

"A threat?" Sakura asked blankly. Karin then laughed loudly. Loud enough that their other few classmates in their room looked at her. Well, except for the one who was sitting at the back of Sakura.

He has black hair that was tied up and a slightly huge forehead. His eyebrows were thin and his eyes were very sharp. He was always asleep even in time of class and all of his classmates were already used to it. Even though the teachers knew very well that he was a genius, they still loathe him and always got angry at him because he was always sleeping during their discussion. He was one of those lazy students who has a great mental capacity and planning ability.

Sakura knew that he was one of Naruto's friend and she also knew that the reason why he was not with the loud student was he wanted to take a nap. However, even if Sakura knew how lazy he was and that he was Naruto's friend, she still doesn't know him very well. In fact, they hardly talked with each other and she doesn't even remember his name.

Karin stopped laughing. "Don't joke with me Sakura because you,..." She poked Sakura's forehead hardly. "...are a pest" She stated in a hard and loud tone. "You are a pest that I really enjoys stepping-" A silver pen then flew and hit exactly at the red head of Karin. "Ouch!" Exclaimed her as she freed Sakura's pink hair and touched her head from where she got hit. "Who threw that ballpen?!" She growled after she saw the silver pen.

"Sakura, did you throw that ballpen?" Kasshoku asked angrily. Sakura did not moved and was still sitting quietly and stiffly.

"You threw it, didn't you?!" Karin slapped the pink headed student's porcelain face angrily.

"You bitch!" Taira yelled angrily.

"You really are courage for hurting your cousin even though you know you are being hated in the whole campus because of that attitude of yours" Tayuya said with a frown.

"I did not threw that ballpen" Sakura muttered.

"What did you said?" The red headed asked.

"I said I did not threw that damn ballpen!"

"You're raising your voice to me?" Karin asked as she grabbed her cousin's face aggressively. "You're raising your voice to me!" She growled as she tightened her grip causing Sakura's face to hurt. "You really don't know your position, you shameless bitch!"

"She already said she did not threw the ballpen" A deep voice snapped the girls. Including the pink headed student, they all turned their head to look at the guy who was sitting behind Sakura. He then stretched his arms and yawned. His eyes then fell at them. Kasshoku and Taira flinched slightly as his keen eyes were scaring them to hell. "Your unattractive voice woke me up so I threw the ballpen to shut you up" He said as the girls remained quiet. "My ear almost bled because of your annoying laugh" He grumbled as he boringly put his pinkie in his ear as if he was cleaning it.

"Unattractive? Annoying?" The red head muttered in disbelief. Did he just said that her voice was unattractive?

"What? You can't believe that your voice was very unattractive?" The guy asked blankly. "I am sorry to disappoint you but you're voice was very unattractive to the point that I don't want hearing your voice, ever. So if I heard your voice in front of me again, I will tell to our principal the bullying thing. If you still do not know, our principal despise bullying in her school and she would certainly kick out the bullies without a second thought whether you're rich or smart. Therefore, if I were you I will shut my mouth up when I am near"

To Karin who was new to Konoha High, everything he said was true so she just walked quietly and dumbfound to her place followed by the three girls who looked at Karin astonishingly. However, to Sakura and to the three girls who followed the red head, they knew very well that their principal do not care about the bullies and the proof was the Akatsuki gang. For short, their lazy classmate was not telling the truth.

Tayuya, Taira and Kasshoku knew that their red eyed friend believed the words of their classmate. Nevertheless, they still did not tell to the red head the truth as they don't want her to feel fool for herself and got angry even more. But they would tell her after class.

The guy then stood up and took his silver pen and the book that Karin threw. "Is this yours?" He asked as he showed the novel to the green eyed student. The girl then stared at him. What was his name again? Neri? Nera? Nara? Yes, it was Nara. Nara Shuko. Nara Shukomaro. Nara Shika,... Nara Shikamaru.

"Yes. Thank you Shikamaru-san" Sakura said plainly as she took the book from him. He smiled and then sat on his place.

It seems like the red headed popular student already knows that their principal doesn't really care about bullies in the school as the fans of the said girl were now after the pink headed student.

The school was too big that there were many places she could hide from the bastards. However, her scarlet eyed cousin's fans were everywhere.

Sakura stopped as she saw the small sign that says 'art club room' and stared at it for a moment. She never saw that room before. Was there even an art club in their school? She never heard before that there was an art club.

Out of curiosity, the pink headed student peeked in the room. It seems empty so she entered inside, forgetting to close the wooden door.

The room has an unexpectedly pleasantly relaxing atmosphere and the bright light of the sun went through the windows and casted fairy-like shadows among the few figurines and paint bottles that were scattered all over the wooden table. The only artworks she saw inside were the black and white paintings. The room was filled with the smell of the paints that were used for the artworks. She wondered who was the artist and why he or she did not used other colors. She also noticed that the paintings have no titles.

Her eyes then fell at the smallest artwork. Just like the rest, it wasn't colorful either. At first she did not get it but the more she stared, the more she gets what it was. It was fireworks and she was amazed how it looks so real. She felt like she was watching it above the starry sky. Even though it wasn't colorful, the fireworks were like moving and was giving the dark sky a beauty.

"What are you doing here ugly?" Sakura snapped and turned her head at the guy who spoke and called her ugly. He has hair that was black as night and eyes black as ink. He was wearing a blank face and his complexion was so pale that creeps Sakura out.

"W-who are you?"

'And why are you calling us ugly?!'

"My name is Sai" The creepy guy said as he smiled and the girl hates the fact that it was an obviously fake smile.

Three fans of Karin saw the wanted pink headed student inside the art club room with the black haired student. They all entered the small room without a second thought and grabbed the poor girl's arm aggressively.

"We've been trying to find you more than an hour. You really are good in hiding. What are you, a ninja or something?" The guy who was holding Sakura said as he gripped her arm tightly, causing her to wince in hurt. "Come on. We're going to bring you to Karin-chan" He said.

"I don't want to go with you, bastard!" The emerald eyed student exclaimed as she tried to release her arm from the guy. But the guy did not listened and forced her to walk by pulling her arm he was holding tightly.

"Wait" The black headed guy called and the four paused and looked at him. "I saw ugly first so I'll bring her to Karin-chan" He said with his signature fake smile.

Sakura's eyes widened. He was a fan of her stupid cousin? Was that because he was calling her ugly? Darn that bastard and his fake smile!

It seemed like the guys did not noticed how fake Sai's smile was. "You're a fan of Karin-chan too?" One of the guys asked and gave him a scary look as if he was a gangster.

"Yes. So please give ugly back to me" Sai replied plainly.

"He was calling Sakura ugly so he must be one of us too" The other guy whispered to the student who was holding Sakura.

Sakura then was thrown in front of the pale student without pity and mercy and they all walked out without a word. Sai offered a hand to help her up but Sakura snubbed him and stood on her own.

How could he offered a hand to her when he was about to give her to her cousin? He was a real bastard, she thought. She also hates those fake smile of him. Damn! The door was already closed and even if she tried to run, he could definitely reach her. What would she do? Even though she was glaring at him, Sai was still wearing his signature fake smile. Sakura sighed bitterly. There was nothing she could do but to give up. Besides, she actually was curious of what her red head cousin would do when they gave her to her, so she should give up then.

"You may go out if you wanted to" Sai snapped.

"W-what are you talking about? I thought you would bring me to my cousin?"

"I am sorry to fail to satisfy the expectations of yours but I am not a fan of your cousin, ugly"


"I know all about you and your cousin. Aren't you glad that you are now safe because of me?"

"No! And stop calling me ugly!"

"According to one of the books I have read, I'll be a good friend to one's person if I gave him or her a nickname. That is why I gave you a nickname to show to you that I wanted to be your friend" He explained with his fake smile.

Is he for real?

"And that's why you are calling me ugly?" She asked blankly.

"Yes" He answered with confident but he just hit by the heavy bag of Sakura.

"You could just gave me a nicer nickname!" She growled.

Sai on the other hand seemed confused. What's wrong with the nickname he gave to her? The book said that calling one's person of the opposite of what he thinks would make their friendship better. So, why is she still angry with him?

"Anyway," Her voice softened slightly. "Do you know this place?" She asked.

"Yes. This is the room of the club I've made" He replied with his fake smile.

"Y-you were the one who made the art club?"

"Yup. I made it a month ago and was approved by our principal and other teachers"

"Where are the other members?"

"I am the only member of this club"

"Really? Why?"

"Because everyone who signed up for the club are not a real artist and all of them are girls. Those girls don't even enjoy sketching so they failed to enter the club" Sai replied plainly. Sakura looked at him blankly. She bet those girls he was talking about were his fans. Honestly speaking, he was quiet good looking despite the fact that he and Sasuke has some similarities.

"So you painted those?" She asked. He nodded. "Wow" She gasped softly. "May I watch you while you paint?"


The day after her very first kiss, Sakura noticed that her bag was gone and tried to find it everywhere. She was at the second floor when she looked at the glass window and saw her bag and things scattered on the fountain that was big as a pool. She then started to ran, heading to where her things were, passing by and did not noticed her red headed cousin. However, she's pretty sure that the culprit was her cousin.

She gasped and sighed bitterly when she saw all her things wet. Everything was now useless, her cellphone, her notebooks, her books, her music player, and others. Nevertheless, she needed to find the thing that was the most precious thing to her. It's not her cellphone nor her books, instead, it was a very small doll that her deceased grandmother gave to her. She and her grandmother had a good bond when she was younger. The small doll that her grandmother made by herself was like a charm to her. She was bringing it everywhere she goes.

She then started to remove her shoes and socks and lifted up the long sleeves of her uniform and took her things. She sighed bitterly once again. She needed to buy new things again.

"Yo, lady" Sakura then looked at the guy who spoke. His face was painted violet in a weird way and his complexion was slightly tan. His spiky hair was brown and his sharp eyes were black as crow. "Why are you washing your things here?" He asked dumbly.

"I dropped them by accident" She replied as she started to look at the last thing she haven't found yet, the small doll. Shoving off the fact that she does not know him or he might be one of her cousin's fans. The only thing in her mind was she needed to find that doll.

"What was it you were trying to find?" He asked.

"I haven't found the small doll that my grandmother gave to me" She replied absent-mindlessly. "It was very important to me" She added softly. He looked at her astonishingly but then removed his shoes and socks and lifted up his sleeves and pants then walked at the fountain. Sakura stood up in surprise and stared at him. He was certainly trying to help her. "I-it's okay; you'll get wet too"

"It's okay to get wet" He replied, still searching for the missing thing. "I won't melt in the water" Sakura's eyes focused on him and widened slightly. Who is he? "Oh. Is this what you're looking for?" He asked as he happily showed the doll that was smaller than his palm and grinned at her. It was a small doll that was look like the younger version of her. Short pink hair, jade orbs and red headband. It was indeed her doll that was made by her precious grandmother. He found it. Who is he, really?

"T-thanks" She said after he handed the doll.

After the two walked out at the fountain and wore their socks and shoes, Sakura then threw her things- including her bag in the garbage can.

"Why did you throw them?" The guy asked.

"I wouldn't be able to use them" She replied blankly. "I'll buy new later" She added.

"Oh, but the next class is about to start and you don't have any notebooks nor pens"

"Well, I guess I have to explain it to my sensei then" She said. "Even though he was slightly scary" She shivered.

"Ah. I know, you could use my other notebook and pen" He said as he grinned at her once again. "Come on. Let's go to my locker"

Since she needed a book and pen very badly, she have no other choice but to follow the purple painted guy.

"My name is Kankuro by the way" He said while they were walking.

"I'm Sakura and,.. thank you very much for helping me" She replied as she gave him a soft smile. Kankuro recoiled slightly and looked away to hide his very red face from the roots of his hair.

Physical Education was the worst subject for her as she doesn't like sports very much. If that subject doesn't have written exams, then by a hundred percent, she would totally fail the said subject. Furthermore, it's not just the subject she dislike, but also her sensei.

Maito Gai was one of the weirdest teachers in the whole Konoha High. He was the most energetic sensei Sakura had ever known. She never saw him rests even if it was his free time except when he was eating his lunch of course. It seems like he really likes bathing on his own sweat which makes many girls to dislike him very much. He always says to his students that being active and strong keeps their youthful body- which Sakura thinks on the other side, pathetic.

'Geez. You think you look like a youth because you're physically fit inside? Come on sensei, look in the mirror and face your doom' Was what her inner always says deep inside her mind.

It was true that he doesn't posses a handsome face even though his body was physically fit inside and out. Despite the fact that he has a very huge eyebrows, his black hair was also neat and very shiny in an unpleasant way.

However, the pink headed student doesn't despise him that much- not until when,

"Sakura, you'll be playing singles and your opponent is Karin" Her sensei announced before he grinned to her and made his teeth sparkled.

They already had played volleyball, basketball, badminton, bowling, table tennis and soccer before. And the current sport they would play was tennis. It was one of the sports that she had never played before and she, in fact has never been interested with it. However, it was also the sport that her red cousin was good at. Actually, her cousin was good at every sports.

And just what she predicted from the very start of their p.e. class and the very end of their biology class, she lost without having a single score. To make it worst, Karin manipulated the whole game to the point that she made her very exhausted and accidentally tripped on her own foot causing her bare knee to bleed. All of her girl classmates laughed at her without pity that made her self-esteem to low even more. Her guy classmates were at the other court so they did not saw her. There were no one who tried to help her at that time but she knows very well how to stand on her own.

She's such a loser was the only thing on her mind.

After she washed her wound, she decided to get a soda at the vending machine. The place has only few students hanging around as it was already afternoon and the second and third years were heading home already. There were two vending machines and both of them were rarely used by the students since there were already a cafeteria. The students who mostly uses those vending machines were the members of any sports clubs.

She drank her soda while sitting between the two vending machines. Her emerald orbs fell at her wound and sighed bitterly. What happened to her at that moment was repeating inside her mind and it was very embarrassing and humiliating. She yawned and then rested her chin on her knee -the one that doesn't have wound- and hugged them.

On the other hand, Uchiha Itachi was supposedly passing by at the place when he thought he saw a pink headed ghost between the vending machine. He paused for a while to think if it was really a ghost then finally realized that there were no ghosts that has pink hair as the usual ghosts he had seen in the movies has long black or white and messy hair. Pink hair. Seriously, who would have seen a ghost that has pink hair? But there is someone he knew that has pink hair.

He stepped backwards, turned his head on the right side, lowered it slightly and there she was. Haruno Sakura. The girl who became mysteriously and easily close to the other Akatsuki members. What's with her that they like her that much? He certainly knew that all of them would never like someone with just a physical appearance and kind personality. They were some of the few people who intentionally withdraw themselves from society. And being nice to a common girl like her was indeed strange.

Anyway, what's that girl doing there?

"Hey" He said.

She rose her head and saw the black headed Akatsuki. He was looking at her blankly and he was holding two ice creams with his both hands. Ice creams. He was holding ice creams. Why is he holding ice creams? She looked at him blankly. It doesn't fit him. But that ice creams almost made her drool. Suddenly, she wanted an ice cream and she'll definitely eat some of those when she got home.

"Haruno, what are you doing there?" Asked he as he noticed she was just staring at the ice creams he was holding.

"Resting" She replied without looking at him.

His deep dark eyes then fell at her wound, "What happened to your knee?" He asked nonchalantly. She then looked at her wounded knee and remembered what happened to her at the tennis court. Darn her for being suck at sports and darn her cousin for being good in it.

"I-it's nothing actually. I just stupidly tripped on my own foot while playing tennis" She replied as she laughed sheepishly but stopped when she saw the ice cream near to her face. Her eyes sparkled. He sat in front of her and moved the ice cream left side slightly. Her head followed it. He moved upward and her head followed it again. He moved it downward then her head followed it again.

"Do you want this?" He asked even though it was apparent that she badly wanted the ice cream. She gulped but did not said anything and gulped again as he licked the ice cream blankly. She really wanted the ice cream. "Then buy your own if you want an ice cream" He said nonchalantly.

Heartless, she thought as she scowled slightly. Her eyes then fell at the other ice cream he was holding. Was he supposed to go somewhere and give it to someone? After finishing the ice cream on his right hand, he then started to ate the other one.

'That ice cream are his too?! Wow, I never thought he likes ice creams that much. I really doesn't fit him'

He then stood up. "Come on" Said he, offering a hand to help her to stand. She raised her head astonishingly.


"I'll help you buy ice cream on the cafeteria"

And with the help of him, she stood up.


'Just like what I thought. Holding sweet ice cream doesn't really fit him' She thought while wearing a sour look.

She and the black headed student were walking together from the cafeteria. She was holding a strawberry and chocolate flavor ice cream with sprinkles and chocolate syrup added. On the other side, the guy with her was holding two ice creams on his both hands. He made her bought that, she thought even though he actually did not spoke at the whole time they were buying ice cream. He was just looking at the ice cream. He was just darn looking at the ice cream blankly. But she stupidly felt that he wanted an ice cream so she bought him too. And when they were about to leave, he did not moved at all and was staring at the other flavored ice cream. So she bought the other one too. However, seeing him holding with such cute looking ice creams was really bugging her. It's just that his cloak, his black hair, his deep eyes and his iron face doesn't fit with sweet foods.

The two then sat at the bench where no students were hanging around and only few students were passing by. Sakura was sitting at the right end of the bench and Itachi was at the other end. Right after finishing her ice cream she yawned and the guy with her noticed it.

"Are you sleepy?" He asked blankly while eating his ice cream.

"Hm? I feel like I wanted to rest" She replied.

There was a moment of silence but as he finished both of his ice creams, he forcefully and surprisingly pushed her head to his lap.

"Take a nap for a while" He said blankly.

Apparently, she was astonish and was blushing slightly. She wanted to raise her body up and say that she was fine and would sleep when she got home but her eyes were slowly closing and the silence that covered the place was like a lullaby. And by that, she fell asleep on the lap of the guy who surprisingly loves ice cream.

He stared at her for a while and being with her for less than two hours made him realized why the other likes her very much. He actually cursed himself for not realizing it before. She was just like a big magnet and he was an iron. And from that day on, he swore to himself that he would never let go of her. He was wrong when he called her common. She was something and there was something unique about her. She was a rare flower. She's not common because she was his rare flower.

He held her soft hand carefully and lifted it up near to his mouth then kissed it. "My rare flower" He whispered before a smirk.

Sakura opened her eyes slowly hearing him calling her his rare flower and feeling and seeing him kissing her hand. Her green eyes met his black one's and blushed as he released her hand. She raised her petite body into a sitting position and kept a distance between them. With an evident flush of pink in her face, she kept silent and don't know what to say.

"Itachi?" The addressed guy and the girl with him looked at the guy who called him. It shocked her when she saw that it was Sasuke and even surprised her when she realized that he knew the name of the guy with her and called him as if they already knew each other. "What are you doing with Sakura?" He asked with his widened eyes. Sakura then froze for a while. Did he saw Itachi kissing her hand?

"Good afternoon foolish little brother" Itachi greeted blankly.

Sakura's eyes widened. Brother? They were siblings?

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