Note: This takes place before chasing zoey but Quinn and Logan are still together.

Chapter one

Zoey Brooks looked at her hair. "Maybe I should dye it black." She thought. Her and James had just broken up and she felt like something was missing. It seemed as if everyone had found someone except for her. Quinn and Logan had just came out about their relationship and Lola and Vince were together as well as Michael and Lisa.

Then her phone rang. She checked the id and it said Pacific California Hospital. She knew that this couldn't be good. She picked up. "Hello?" She questioned.

"Hi Ms. Brooks you are listed as an emergency contact for a Mr. Chase Matthews. He's been in an accident. We have him in our intensive care unit." Said the woman on the phone.

"I'll be right there." Said Zoey. She rushed off and hopped into her car. She arrived to find Chase lying in the bed unconscious. She started to cry. She sat down on his bed and just cryed in his chest. She really loved Chase and she wanted to be with him. Now it might be too late.

"Z-z-o-ey." Said Chase. His eyes slowly drifted open.

"Chase!" yelled Zoey. She pulled him into a hug. "What happened to you?"

"I was trying to drive back to your place and I guess I hit another car. They said I had broken my collarbone, and I hit my head pretty hard." He said.

"Why did you try to drive back to my place?" Asked Zoey.

"Because I love you." He said. He pulled her into a kiss.

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