Summary: The first time was carefully planned. It was a cold, calculated move intended to throw the other one off his guard. Light never expected it to be any more than that.

The first time was a cold, calculated move meant to throw the other one off his guard. It was planned in the utmost detail and executed carefully. But not everything went according to plan.

He had planned for everything, or so he thought. The one thing he didn't expect was how he felt afterwards. He never expected the warmth he felt wrapped in his enemy's arms. He never expected the hitch in his breath or how his heart pounded when he was laid out on top of the other one. Love was not part of the plan.

The second time was to prove to himself that he didn't feel a thing. Plans were ruined by petty things like love. He hadn't let his emotions get in the way before and he wasn't going to let them now.

He repeated it to himself the whole time his hands were on him, 'you don't feel a thing, you don't feel a thing.' But he couldn't deny the look in the other one's eyes as they lay in bed together and he couldn't keep the smile off his lips as he was pulled into the arms of the one beside him.

The third time he took it rough simply to punish the feelings that welled up inside of him.

With each thrust he drove out all thoughts of love, of loyalty, of everything. But when they collapsed next to one another, wrapped in the bloody sheets he couldn't help but smile. Even through the pain and ecstasy he could not suppress what he felt. It sprang forth from him at the sight of his partner's weary grin. He could no longer deny his love, not even to himself. So, as he tangled his long fingers in the other's dark hair he embraced it

The fourth time they took it slow, letting their emotions wash over them. Each touch, each kiss, each gentle brush of a fingertip over skin nearly sent them over the edge merely from the love that was expressed in every touch.

That night as they pressed against one another they put into words what neither of them had to say. It was in their eyes, in every stroke of skin, in the tired smiles they exchanged. He didn't need to say it but he said it anyway. "I love you."

A/N: This is just something I wrote during a stupid movie in chem class. I really like this pairing. They're keeping me alive right now. Let me know what you think. Misao's story. So, yeah. Sorry about those typos...