Once again, I'm going to start out with an apology.
My muse was quite reluctant to finish this Epiphany riddled story, although I can't blame her too much since she's been trapped between Spy World and Victorian Era England for my WIPs'. It was a stretch to get her to be smuttily (yes, I made up that word) sweet. That being said, there's your excuse for not only my delay (which I'm sure you are used to) but for my unusual love scene as well. Sometimes you just gotta go with what the fingers are typing. *sigh*

Anyways. So yeah. This is it. The End. Finite. Fin. No more epiphanies.
Not even an epilogue to follow because I wanted the story to end at 30 chapters even (another reason this took a while, btw). Therefore, in closing… for the last time, I want to send out a massively huge Thank You to everyone who read the story, followed the story, pestered me for more, and took the time to send me a review. I'm so glad you've enjoyed this Porsche Turbo ride with me… You have all been amazing. I can't possibly thank you enough.

So, in closing…Lots of Love, and I'll be popping in from time to time maybe to say hi. Maybe even write a couple of shorts, ya never know!


I'm not sure how long we stayed locked in that tackled embrace. Honestly, if someone had asked me I would have happily stayed that way for centuries. In those private moments it seemed as if life couldn't get any better.

And then my tears had all dried up, my hiccups had ceased and passion flared as the candles dimmed as if on cue. Ranger's hands pushed into the muscles of my back, massaging a hard trail that left no interpretation to what was coming. The trail ended at my neck, with one hand burying itself deep into my curls and holding them tight while another held fast to the base of my skull.

The pressure proved to be a catalyst.

Our meeting of mouths was hard, forceful, and almost desperate to share the fervor we both felt. The result was nothing more than pure fire exploding. It was an odd sensation, and surprisingly a first between us, to have such a mixture of enthusiasm, ecstasy, bliss, passion, and mainly, love. My body arched into his, straining to show the depth of emotion that pounding beneath my chest. My heart, feeling so big compared to the size of my ribs, ached and cried to get as close as I could to this man below me. I was only more than happy to comply, sealing our bodies together seamlessly so that even air couldn't come between us.

Even though I was technically on top, the struggle for control between us was evident. Neither of us, it seemed, was content to not act on the overwhelming emotions of the moment. Ranger's head came up towards mine, pushing me back with him so that he was in a sitting position now as I straddled his hips. Our lips didn't consider the impious act of separating during the transition. Neither did our hands, with his continuing to use my backside as an anchor to his body and mine grasping at any piece of his skin, clothing or hair they came across. Ranger's slithering hands brought up the t-shirt I had thrown on, having lost my zip up sweater at some point throughout the day, exposing the white lace number beneath. The open lace pattern with large enough gaps was a perfect compliment to Ranger's mouth and I arched towards him helplessly as he laved.

I was craving skin on skin contact and Ranger complied instantly, as if he was reading my mind or simply wanted it himself, tearing his shirt over his head. You could almost hear the overheated flesh on our bodies sizzle as they met back up, dragging a groan from the depths of my throat. The next few moments are a bit fuzzy, and you can blame an indecently hot Cuban who smells of Bulgari for that. Anyways, whatever the reason, I somehow missed how Ranger finagled both of us out of the rest of our clothing… which irritated me since I have to pull a half crouch wiggle to get the jeans on. Not that its too surprising, really, that even clothing won't risk Batman's wrath.

Point being that in a matter of minutes we were both still in that same position and gloriously naked.

Yeah, process that for a moment and copy my own shiver of pleasure.

Despite the alacrity of our actions, there was something decidedly lassitude about the moment. Things slowed and time began to become tinged with poignancy. Grazed fingertips prolonged their touches… kisses and nibbles savored… quick gasps transformed to groaning sighs. His touch, no matter the length, never seemed enough. The life, the love, the pure adrenaline that he created in my body felt akin to the air I needed to fill my lungs. It scared me, the strength of emotion he brought forth. More importantly, how it overshadowed any of my previous emotional experiences was is what scared me the most.

The feel of his powerful hands beckoned my eyes to roll back in my head in wonderment, but I resisted. My will was no match for the hypnotic gaze locked between us. Ranger's pupils grew until the brown depths of his eyes were nothing but potent black pools of desire that sucked me into a blind oblivion. The time, perhaps feeding off of our wishes, seemed to lengthen and draw out the inevitability.

Needless to say I was ridiculously far gone by the time Ranger slid inside of me. So you can imagine, then, how when he finally did my body quaked from the inside out in response. The feeling of him inside of me hinted at the Happily Ever After I had always dreamed about. This joining was every aspect of our relationship personified into an ageless act. More than that, it was Life Personified. My life - that he saved today. Our lives - that would be entwined in the future. That other life - that may or may not be.

Our eyes met and held as my body closed around him tightly - gripping and pulling as my hips began to rock. My body slid up and down and back and forth as Ranger's smacked and shoved and swiveled. I dominated the tempo, my gaze never leaving his face, as I worked our bodies towards ecstasy. His skin was molten steel under my roaming fingers that gripped every inch I could reach. Fingers that dug deep into his muscle as the rush of climax overrode all rational thought. My body shuddered and Ranger's body following like an aftershock.

His body collapsed onto the plush carpet, dragging me along with him so that I was draped over him like a blanket. My limbs were useless, totally loose and languid. I sighed in contentment into Ranger's bare chest, once again wishing I could freeze frame a moment in time. I was having a lot of those lately, I realized drowsily, not surprised when my eyelids grew too heavy to keep open.

Ranger's arms cradled me as he came back to a sitting position, moments later, lifting me and following to the edge of the bed. My eyes couldn't manage the energy to open but I felt the plush duvet beneath me as I lay back, pulling him with me like a blanket this time. His husky laugh filled my ear and I shivered and the sound. He pulled us up and over so that he could maneuver us beneath the covers, snuggled together like Siamese twins in a sticky exhausted pile of spaghetti limbs. I didn't even attempt to hold back the satisfied sigh that echoed from deep inside my chest.

Yet another Kodak moment.

I tried to hold onto it as long as I could, but fatigued muscles had other ideas and I fell seamlessly into a deep slumber.


Not surprisingly, it was a shrill ring of a phone that dragged me from sleep. Batman really needed to learn about the benefits of silent mode on a cell, I thought to myself, rolling over and nuzzling deeper into warm sex/Bulgari scented male. The ringing stopped, even though I hadn't felt Ranger move from under me. That confusing puzzle forced my eyes open and jump started my brain like no telephone or alarm clock could. My head rotated, my chin coming to rest on Ranger's chest as half of my body blanketed the mass of his.

His eyes were closed, but a small smile tugged at the ends of his lips as I watched him so I knew he was awake. I placed the barest of pressure to his chest with my lips, watching his smile grow.

"Are you going to address that ringing?" I was surprised with the question. Dumbfounded, really. This was Ranger's house. It was Ranger's cell. Ranger's business in Ranger's building. Why would he be asking me to get the phone?

Had the pod people come in during the night and replaced my Ranger?

"No, Babe… I'm still you're Ranger." I frowned at him, half in annoyance at him for reading my mind and half in annoyance at me for possibly talking out loud again. "I just thought you would want to see what's on the fax machine."

And I'm wide awake and tense as a mouse in a house full of cats now.

Ranger's arms flexed from a sudden band around my torso, but it didn't completely alleviate the apprehension that was no feeding my body. In my haze of sleep muddled mind and the more important last memories of last night's arrival home, I had conveniently forgotten about those… results… that were supposed to be making their appearance today. Even in my head I stumbled over the word and what it meant to my life as I knew it.

The chances of me jumping up from my spread on Ranger's naked body to check out those results were slim, to say the least.

"You're going to have to look at them at some point, Babe."

Maybe if I ignored his comments altogether I wouldn't have to actually.

"Don't make me carry you over there."

"It's too early."

"It's after 11:am… we've slept away most of the day."


"How about a shower?"

"How about you take the first train out of Denial-Town?"

"How about not?"

My backbone was working itself into a good Italian stubbornness despite the droll voice in the background of my mind calling me out on my cowardice. We both knew I was simply aiming for a fight so I didn't have to acknowledge those test results.

Ranger eyed me critically, probably debating if I was

a) Worth the hassle


b) Going to admit my ridiculousness any time soon.

I didn't say anything, mostly because I didn't have an answer for him. I was more than a little unsure about myself at the moment.

Instead of responding vocally to my bullheadedness though, he simply followed through on his threat. He had me cradled in his arms and sitting up in the bed prepared to walk us to the fax machine before I took my next breath.

"Damn you."

He didn't answer that as he managed to crawl off the bed without letting me go, coming to a stand with me in his arms without the slightest huff. He walked back towards the living room area and straight to the small office, setting me down feet from the offending piece of office equipment.

I scowled at it. Ranger sighed.

"Babe." His voice broke the silence after a few minutes of frozen scowling. I didn't respond and I didn't make the move to pick up the single piece of paper that was face down on the tray. It seemed to grow in size every second that ticked by.

"Please." That had me out of my zone and whipping my head around to meet Ranger's face.

He was playing dirty. I knew it but it didn't change the effect it had on me. Well, I suppose it didn't hurt that he was still magnificently nude.

I took a large dose of courage from his eyes and reached out to grab the white sheet without looking away. He kept out gazes locked, almost as if he realized how much I needed the connection. I held the results in my hands for an immeasurable period of time, simply allowing myself to drown in brown pools until I had convinced myself that everything happens for a reason and things tend to work out in the end.

I pulled my eyes away from Ranger's and down to the insignificant mass of words and numbers that had the ability to infinitely alter my world. At first, in a very anticlimactic fashion, I realized I couldn't even make sense of the technical terms and percentages shown. What in the world was hCG… or for that matter the heading which read Rosette Inhibition Assay - EPF Results? I guess I had been expecting a printed version of the 'pregnant' 'not pregnant' pee test visuals.

And then, down at the bottom, my short lived relief at dodging the bullet for not being able to read medical-language died. There was a circled section of print that read 'positive' and beside it, a scribbled 'congratulations'.

I could tell Ranger saw the words at the same moment I did because I was suddenly in his arms.

I shivered from the sheer intensity of flooded feelings coursing through my body at the confirmation. I was going to have a baby.

Ranger's baby.

I was so… Going. To. Faint.


"I need Tastykakes." I announced hours later.

Ranger and I had showered, eaten, and spent the afternoon hesitantly processing and discussing this newfound situation we were in. Things were going to be changing, life as we knew it was gone, and it was surprisingly… okay. Things, as I had told myself earlier and had kept reminding myself throughout the day, always worked themselves out and everything happened for a reason. We could do this. Ranger and I, together, could handle this.


"I don't care about their nutritional value – I need them Ranger." I paused, still stumbling over the words that wanted to come next. "You can blame pregnancy cravings now."

If Ranger actually did eye rolls, he would have. I fidgeted with the edge of my BatGirl tee, my nose crinkled in response to having to say the word 'pregnancy'.

"How about we compromise & buy the low-fat Tastykakes?"

"Well that's just sacrilegious."

Ranger shook his head, and looked at me with a mixture of incredulousness and amazement. "Only you, Babe."

Just the way I wanted it.

And They Lived Happily Ever After...