Watanuki canters in and Doumeki follows with a dignified trot.

In both Watanuki's and Doumeki's point of view it's a far too easy errand. All they need to get is some ekiyabi and they are set, not like gathering alcohol from a talking tree or anything life threatening.

Walking in together, both seem far too comfortable with each other to be considered anything less than friends. Most would likely confuse the companionship for something more, if they knew where to look.

Unfortunately Kazahaya knew all to well where to look. (He did live with Kakei and Saiga after all and sometimes they could be subtle- mostly when the old ladies were loitering around the store... you would think they would have the decency to at least keep their mouths closed while gawking)

Kazahaya can't help but note the lingering glances of Doumeki towards his companions' 'lower back' when Watanuki bends to view the lower shelves. He notices how Watanuki will wait until Doumeki is finished until deciding on a brand on the upper shelves.

The way in which the small movement of one is responded to by the other subconsciously screams that both the boys are more than 'rivals' and more than 'friends' yet... they are not quite lovers. Watanuki is far too aware of the situation to allow that to happen and Doumeki is far too aware of Watanuki to force the issue.

One is too scared, the other too patient

Both are too aware for their own good.

Kazahaya seems to be the master of observing, so wrapped up in the little world Doumeki and Watanuki have crafted. The way in which Doumeki already knows the shelf is just that fraction of a centimetre out of Watanuki's reach and therefore gets the jar himself. The way, in which the half-hearted glare is thrown in as an after thought, because Watanuki knows that without it the equilibrium would shift.

So wrapped up in the small observations he makes that he is not aware of them applying to him.

He steps out from behind the counter and weaves his way through the aisles, making his way towards Watanuki for the regular pleasantries. He walks pass Rikuo and pushes that bottle sticking just over the edge: just that little bit, because Rikuo always forgets and customers always knock that product over.

Rikuo tells him to mind his step but reaches an arm out anyway and Kazahaya doesn't fall instead a heated glare is shared and Rikuo's breath tickles his neck

Kazahaya doesn't know that Watanuki can't help but think, 'one is too impatient, the other simply terrified.

Both are far too dense for their own good.'

A/N: I fixed a mistake I made. Now glance has been changed to glare.