This is a crossover, meaning it combines two separate universes and puts them together. Keep in mind that you are not required to have previous knowledge with Cardcaptor Sakura, but you are required to understand the world of Harry Potter. I chose to write a CCS / Harry Potter crossover due because they fit together seamlessly. It isn't that far of a stretch that the events of CCS and HP could have combined.

Please checkout wikipedia for more details on Carcaptor Sakura, or you can watch all the episodes on youtube. If you are uninterested: here is the story of Cardcaptor Sakura in an extremely compressed version.


This story begins 5 years later, when Sakura is now fifteen.

These are the 52 Clow/Sakura Cards, plus Void and Hope. Any or all of them may appear in Advent Magicka:

The Arrow, The Big, The Bubbles, The Change, The Cloud, The Create, The Dark, The Dash, The Dream, The Earthy, The Erase, The Fight, The Fiery, The Float, The Flower, The Fly, The Freeze, The Glow, The Hope, The Illusion, The Jump, The Libra, The Light, The Little, The Lock, The Loop, The Maze, The Mirror, The Mist, The Move, The Power, The Rain, The Return, The Sand, The Shadow, The Shield, The Shot, The Silent, The Sleep, The Snow, The Song, The Storm, The Sweet, The Sword, The Through, The Thunder, The Time, The Twin, The Voice, The Void, The Watery, The Wave, The Windy, The Wood.

The Magic of the Cards:

As that the Clow Cards are commanded by Celestial Magic, 26 of the Clow Cards are commanded by the Sun, and 26 of the cards are commanded by the Moon, while all the Sakura cards are commanded by Sakura's star. Also, all the cards are aligned with the eight Chinese elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Metal, Wood, Light, and Dark.

Chapter 1: Hogwarts? Wizards?

Sakura Kinomoto opened the door after three attempts, and trudged miserably into the family home. Her long, strawberry brown hair was plastered to her face and thoroughly bedraggled, the sound of the dismal squall outside following her in. Emerald eyes observed the flat with a wary observation she had learned over the last seven years. She had failed in her previous attempts to open the door due to the fact that she was holding a useless umbrella in one hand and a sushi dinner in the other.

"I'm home! Sorry I'm late! I had some... business to attend to!"

"Uh huh," Her brother Toya said doubtfully. He had appeared around the corner and helped her with the dinner package, "What kind of business did you have to attend to this time?"

Sakura smiled slightly, and followed him through the hall toward the kitchen. Toya, of course, knew exactly the kind of business she was talking about, "Nothing too scary. Just a water wraith. Not like that dragon I had to fight last week,"

"W-what!" Toya almost dropped the dinner, "A dragon! You said it was kitten stuck in a tree!"

Sakura had forgotten that she had told him that to keep him from worrying, "Oops," She said slowly, flashing a patented Sakura embarrassed smile, "Well, it wasn't a big dragon!"

"Wasn't a big dragon?" Toya said incredulously, studying her carefully with narrowed eyes.

"W-well... just about 15 foot long or so!" Toya immediately rolled his eyes and Sakura continued, "I had Ceroberos with me, too!"

"You know I don't like you going off and doing this kind of stuff!"

"Well, what was I supposed to do?" Seeing that the smile wasn't letting her off the hook as easily as it used to, she shifted into glare mode, "Watch as it blasted Tomoeda to the ground?"

To that, Toya never had a chance to respond to, as Sakura's father had just arrived as well.

"Sheesh! What a rainstorm! Hasn't been one like this since, well, almost six years ago," He commented, shaking off his black umbrella and placing it in a corned by the door.

Sakura and Toya shared a knowing glance, both knowing what the other was thinking. The storm his father was referring to hadn't been a normal storm. It had been caused by 'The Storm' card.

"You don't suppose-"

"No, I thought of that, too. There's no magic to this, just a really bad storm," Toya sighed slightly in relief. It wasn't that he was uncomfortable with magic, in fact, he was quite proud of his recently discovered heritage. What unsettled him was Sakura getting hurt or worse flying around Tomoeda. Sakura thought he ought to have gotten used to it by now.

"Well, what are you all standing in the middle of the hall for! If I'm not mistaken, Sakura's got my favorite!" Mr. Kinomoto declared eagerly.

It didn't take long before the whole Kinomoto household, including Kero and Yukito were all crowded around the table, eating happily.

"So, where's Tomoyo and the brat?" Sakura smiled at her brothers pet name. Ceroberos and Syaoran had a long standing truce, and the name 'the brat' was now a joke to Kero.

"Neither could make it tonight,"

Toya and Yukito had both been accepted to Tokyo University and were here visiting for the weekend. Tomoyo was working hard on a video project she had put together, and Syaoran and Eriol were still working late investigating the disturbance they had all sensed six months ago. Eriol had said that

Eriol, Sakura, and Syaoran had all been walking from a party at Tomoyo's when they had felt it. To say it was terrible feeling, would have been an understatement.

"A dark presence... to say the least." Syaoran had said quietly, his had tightening on Sakura's.

"Yes, a very dark presence, indeed. Powerful, very powerful." Sakura had seen Eriol's eyes when he said it, and saw the tell tale fear behind them. Whatever this presence was, it wasn't to be trifled with.

"It's... so... weird. It feel like I've felt this before... almost like De Javu?" Sakura had said.

"Your perception is getting quite remarkable, Sakura. I think it is more to the point that your ancestors have felt this presence before. Whomever is causing this presence, he has only now returned," Then, just as quickly as it had arisen, it was gone.

"Sakura?" She was shaken out of her reverie by her brothers voice, "Sakura? What is that tapping on the window? Is that, an owl?"

"An owl!?" Ceroberos said.

Sakura got up quickly, jumping up and ran over to the glass door, sliding it open.

"Oh no!" She exclaimed, the beautiful Japanese scops leaping tiredly in her outstretched arms, "Poor thing! Are you alright?" Sakura crooned

She carried the owl to the counter and quickly but carefully toweled it off, it hooted gratefully.

"Sakura? What is that, does it have something in it's talons?" Yukito said glancing confusedly at all who remained at the table.

"It does!" she hadn't noticed it before, too shocked by the bird's arrival and preoccupied by drying it off. She took the carefully rolled up piece of parchment and immediately knew that something very odd was occurring. The parchment, though apparently traveling from-who-knows-where through the worse storm in almost a decade, was, in fact, completely dry. Upon examining it, she noticed a rust colored wax seal, emblazoned with a elaborately decorated shield with four quadrants dedicated to animals. She could sense something about this paper. It felt, well, she could only describe it as warm, but it was more than that.

Opening it, all eyes watching, she unrolled it carefully. It was blank. She sighed, realizing she had been holding her breath, "Well, we'll never know what it said. The rain must have washed all the ink-" Almost dropping it she watched in wonder as, too her complete astonishment, words began to self write themselves. Not just words, but a picture at the top, a shield identical to the one on the seal, "Kero! Look! Quick!"

Flying over as fast as he could, Sakura and Kero read carefully the passage as it revealed itself.

To Ms. Sakura Kinomoto, Kinomoto Residence, halfway between the kitchen and the dinning room.

We are pleased to announce that you have been selected as part of an exclusive magic exchange programme that is being hosted by the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to share in the magical experience that our school has to offer. Upon the review of the resume we received by an anonymous beneficiary, we would be honored if you would accept our reply for further information. Kindly write your reply on this enchanted paper and send it via the owl sent to you.


Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster.

"Hogwarts? Wizards!?" Ceroberos declared loudly, "I mean, I always knew they existed but-"

"What the hell is he talking about?"

Sakura answered her brother by shoving the parchment into his hand, which he read quickly, eyes getting wider with each line he read.

"Well, read it out loud, Toya! What does it say?" Yukito broke Toya's reading, though he must have read it four times.

"S-Sakura's been accepted to a wizard school!"

"What!" Yukito and Mr. Kinomoto cried.

"Yeah!" Toya proceeded to read the letter, only to have it snatched out of his hand by his father, who read it again, at least twice. Meanwhile, Sakura watched petrified, not even knowing what to think. Wizards?

"Kero! What do you know about this?" Sakura asked.

"Well," He thought, "As you know, the Clow Cards are a combination of English interpersonal magic and Oriental celestial magic. Before Clow Reed learned of his powers as a sorcerer, he was born in England and raised as a student at a wizard school! In fact, the name sounds familiar-"

They where interrupted quite suddenly by Yukito's transformation into Yue. The transformation didn't cause much fuss, as that both forms changed frequently. Having to share one body was no picnic, "Sakura, you've been accepted into a wizard school?"

Toya, who had read the letter another dozen times, handed it over to him.

"Yes," Yue said in his near emotionless drawl, "The very same school of magic that Clow Reed was first taught at. Sakura, with your fathers permission, you should definitely consider this. It would be, as the letter describes, 'an amazing opportunity' to study the other half of the Sakura Cards magic."

"Well..." Sakura began, still having no idea what to think. After all, she had just been invited to a school in England, "What do you think father?"

"I don't suppose it couldn't hurt to at least answer and get further information."

Sakura nodded vehemently, "I agree..." Looking over to the now snoozing owl, "I think a little magic is in order if I'm going to send the reply,"

Toya's eyes lit up. He didn't get to see Sakura use her magic too often, usually only getting told stories in the aftermath. She wrote a quick 'send more information as soon as possible', woke the slumbering bird, who got up listlessly, and handed it to the owl. Pulling the key from under her shirt, she held it lightly in her palm and began the incantation, "Key of the Star, with powers burning bright, reveal the staff, and shine your light. Release!" Then, jumping out of her pocket, glowing slightly, "Shield! Protect this bird on his return trip to his destination!" The bird jumped suddenly as the shield surrounded it. The bird looked quite startled and, as Toya opened the door again, it flew out fast. It seemed quite annoyed.

"An owl showing up at our window during dinner? Weirdest day this month for sure..." Toya muttered under his breath.

* * *

Three days had passed, the storm long ended, before a response was given to her reply. It was a response Sakura wouldn't soon forget.

She had just sat down, finishing up with her homework when there was knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" Toya had said, he father had returned from the university only recently after a long presentation and was sitting in another room.

"Hello," It was a voice Sakura had never heard before, a distinctly English voice, friendly and aged, "My name is Professor Dumbledore. Is this the Kinomoto residence?"

Toya had looked him up and down in disbelief. He was wearing twilight blue robes pricked with stars that seemed to quiver as if they really were up in the early nights sky, he had half-moon spectacles on and was gazing at Toya curiously with crystal blue eyes that twinkled, not unlike his robes. His beard and head knot reached almost to the floor. Sakura thought she had seen something similar in a fairytale she had read many years ago.

"Yes, I'm Toya Kinomoto."

"I'm here about Hogwarts School. Perhaps we could discus this with your family?"

"Uh... sure. Please come in," He bowed Professor Dumbledore in and closed the door behind him.

Upon spotting Sakura he greeted her politely as Toya went to get his father, "Ahh, and you must be Miss Kinomoto! A pleasure to meet you."

"Uh... Hello, Professor," She said, getting up and bowing slightly. For some reason, the professor made her rather nervous. He smiled politely, obviously not wanting to continue until her father joined them.

"Mr. Kinomoto! It's very nice to meet you!" Dumbledore greeted heartily as Mr. Kinomoto and Ceroberos appeared from the upstairs, and Toya introduced his father to Professor Dumbledore.

"Ahh, Professor Dumbledore! It's very good to meet you!" He bowed low to the Professor, before taking his hand a shaking it firmly, "Please, come inside. We should go to the living room."

The entire party then gathered themselves in the living room, and the group settled down.

"Care for some jasmine tea?" Dumbledore inquired, politely.

A murmur of nervous acquiescence was the reply.

Dumbledore immediately pulled what could only be a wand and flicked it severely once, followed by several swishes back and forth. To the bemusement of Ceroberos, the astonishment of Toya and Mr. Kinomoto, and the wonder of Sakura, five white, china tea cups and saucers, a teapot, cream, and a sugar bowl appeared: all suspended in mid-air as if attached with invisible strings from the ceiling. With another flourish, all the occupants of the room, including the greedy-eyed spirit beast held cups of piping hot jasmine tea.

"This... is... AMAZING!" Ceroberos declared with glee, so riled up that he nearly dumped the remainder of his tea, "Best tea I've ever had!"

"Really?" Dumbledore said curiously, "Most people swear that I put just a little too much 'zing' into it."

"No, no! I like my tea with zing!" Dumbledore gave the curious creature a smile that said he though Ceroberos was made of 'zing'.

"I'm glad you appreciate it so," Sakura suddenly realized that the professor had been conversing with her spirit beast, who looked like a talking plush toy, and didn't seem surprised in the least. It was if talking plush toys were a fixture of everyone's house he visited.

"Mr. Dumbledore, sir," Mr. Kinomoto began curiously, apparently eager to 'get down to business', "Is it true that your intentions are to enroll my daughter in a school of magic?"

"More or less, yes." Professor Dumbledore took another sip of tea before continuing, "I, and the Board of Governors, see great potential in Sakura. We wish to pass down our knowledge in witchcraft and wizardry, seeing as Sakura is already adept in the ways of sorcerery," Dumbledore's sparkling eyes trained briefly on Sakura's necklace, the Key of Sealing hanging safely around her neck, "If you were to choose and accept our proposal, then you would spend the next semester, or if you choose, longer at our school in the Scottish highlands. There, you would make friends, learn the skills of a wizard, and... partake in our culture."

There was a thick silence for a time, all eyes on Dumbledore. Sakura finally broke the silence, "Well, what do you guys think?"

Another brief silence before Ceroberos spoke up, "I think you should go for it!" He said adamantly, "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and there is a lot you could learn about..." glancing at Dumbledore, "you-know-what while your their. If it's true Clow Reed was a student there, well, it's only fitting you study there as well." Sakura thought it rather pointless trying to hide her powers and the cards. After all, Dumbledore seemed to know a lot about her already.

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows ever so slightly at the mention of Clow Reeds name. Sakura looked towards her father, her eyes asking the obvious.

"What do you think, dad?"

"Well... I agree with Ceroberos. It would be an honor to be sent to an academy in England. Seeing as you your special talents, it only makes sense you would go to a school specializing in such matters. How much is tuition?"

"Tuition is free, all that is necessary is class materials, and those can be purchased on academic funding."

Toya looked rather thoughtful, "I've gotta admit, an all expense paid scholarship to wizarding school, that is pretty cool..."

Sakura agreed, but there was still one thing holding her back, "What about my life here? My friends and my family?"

"Well," Dumbledore began, "I could understand how important those things are to you, and how unwilling you would be to give them up. If you need time to discuss it with them, take as long as you need. Otherwise, you could come home during holidays, and keep in touch via owl. Since you do live rather far away, connection by floo network is impossible, but we can always make other methods of returning available, should that be what you choose,"

Sakura sat there, staring of into space, thinking. It was true, it was an amazing and exciting opportunity, and just the thought made her heart race with the possibilities. The only question left in her mind was: would Li and Tomoyo share the same sentiments as her family and Ceroberos, or would they be hurt or angry by her leaving? Well, Tomoyo was always telling her that she should do something for herself, and Li kept bugging her that magical experience wasn't enough, and that she really needed to get some training so...

"I'll do it, professor."

"Excellent! I'll return in three days to take you to Diagon Alley, and then we'll finish any remaining paperwork!" Dumbledore got up and bowed to each of them slightly, winking at Ceroberos, "If you'll excuse me, I do believe I must go! Have a good day to you all!" And just like that, he turned on the spot and had vanished with a quiet crack before he had turned all the way around, much to the surprise of the Kinomoto family.

* * *

Three days later.

* * *

Sakura Kinomoto was packed with some sentimental items and awaiting Dumbledore's return. Thankfully, Tomoyo had been very supportive, wholeheartedly agreeing with her decision. There had been a rather teary farewell a couple of hours ago, and Sakura had promised that she would write often.

Syaoran had much more reluctant, he simply didn't want to her to leave. He admitted that they were all selfish 'you'll be to far and I won't get to see you everyday' reasons, but he also had the point that it with that dark presence restored, it might be prudent for her to stay home and with people she knew and trusted in familiar territory. She, however, had the counter-argument that it was likely that the dark presence had been nearby, somewhere in Japan, and that she would be safer on the opposite side of the globe than she would be near. Eventually Sakura did manage to convince Syaoran that it was a good idea, along with the help of Eriol.

Sakura sat impatiently by the door in a chair, and at exactly 8PM, there was a crack and Professor Dumbledore stood in their living room as if he had never left.

"Are you ready Sakura?"

"I am."

"Good Bye!" Mr. Kinomoto said shakily, suddenly giving Sakura a giant hug.

"See ya, squirt." Toya hugged Sakura as well, ruffling her hair affectionately as he had since she was four.

"Where's Kero?" Sakura asked, looking around.

"I haven't seen him since this afternoon."

Realization dawning on her, "Oh, I know where he is," Walking over to her school trunk, "Come on out Kero."

The trunk slowly opened to reveal a very sullen looking Ceroberos, "Oh, come on Sakura, let me come, too!"

Sakura hesitantly looked to Professor Dumbledore, "Professor, can I?"

"Students are allowed to bring pets, usually an owl, a cat, a toad or a snake, but I don't see why not. Yes, you can bring Ceroberos, and you'll have the most exotic pet on campus." Ceroberos smiled widely, if it were because he was being allowed to go with her, or because he had been referred to as 'exotic' was unapparent. Professor Dumbledore and Ceroberos seemed to be getting along famously.

Sakura turned to the small remembering shrine that was by the door, and gave her mothers portrait a soft stroke. She knew she had never been away from home as long as she could expect to be, and this was her way of saying 'good bye'. Bowing slightly to the portrait, she turned to Professor Dumbledore, who had also bowed to the portrait in respect.

"All right then," Dumbledore continued, casually waving his wand and shrinking the now Ceroberos free chest so it fit nicely in one of the pockets in his robe, "I do believe It's time to leave. If you'll please take my hand, and Ceroberos, if you'll hold on tightly, we'll be off to Diagon Alley." They did as they were told, and Dumbledore turned on the spot, and with a squeak, Sakura felt the constriction on her whole body as her world was compressed to the size of a garden hose. Then, just as fast a new world popped into view.

They had arrived in a crowded alley paved in bright cobblestones, and the buildings were of all shapes and sizes. It was clear to Sakura that this place was intensely magical, she could feel it coming out of the buildings, wafting off the bustling peoples wearing a variety of colored robes. She could hear it in the sounds, and off the voices, smell it in the air. She could practically taste it. The sheer blatantly magical-ness of the place took her by surprise. Sure, she was no stranger of magic, being a sorcerer for almost seven years, but the only other people she knew that could do magic were Eriol and Li, and now Dumbledore. Here, magic was everywhere.

Her arrival caught a few eyes, that stared rather transfixed at her and Dumbledore, but otherwise their arrival went unnoticed, most people being too busy with their own affairs. Stalking up to a newspaper stand, Dumbledore picked up the paper, dropped a couple of bronze coins on the table and opened to the front page. The sight Sakura saw made the hairs stand neck stand on end. It was a large picture of Dumbledore, who looked like a mirror image of the man looking at it. The headline read: "Dumbledore: Is he daft or is he dangerous?" The Dumbledore in the picture winked at the Dumbledore staring at him. To this, Dumbledore chuckled heartily, his eyes twinkling sadly. Although she hardly knew the man, Sakura thought it quite ludicrous that anyone could think such a man insane, let alone dangerous. Upon trying to examine the article further, however, Dumbledore insisted that they continue their journey through wizarding London. This was her first suspicion that all was not right in the wizarding world, little did she know...

Two hours later, an exhausted Sakura had finally finished her shopping with Dumbledore. She had now in her possession two cauldrons, a good supply of basic potion making materials, a hundred feet of parchment, a dozen quills, black, blue, and color changing ink, four sets of school robes for fifth years, a menagerie of second hand, but still in good condition books with titles such as A Crash Course in Basic Wizardry, Book of Spells: Grades 1 -5, History of Magic, and Great Wizarding Events of the 20th Century, and last but not least, a wand from Olivander's: Six and half inches, Cherry wood, pliable, with dragon heart-string. Olivander described the wand as small but hot tempered and Sakura smiled widely at the wand that she had chosen. It described her well.

Dumbledore decided that she wouldn't need a broom and gave her a knowing smile, and Sakura wondered if he knew about 'The Fly' and it's abilities, also she wouldn't need a pet, as she had Ceroberos. Also, Dumbledore agreed that she wouldn't need dress robes, as Tomoyo had sent her with at least half a dozen costumes that, having pulled them out at Madame Malkin's, Dumbledore said would be more than suitable at such functions that would be required for wearing them.

Outside of Olivander's, Dumbledore declared that it was time to leave for her new home for the next few months: Hogwarts Castle.

"Are you ready?"

"Are we going to have to apparate again?" Sakura said apprehensively, as she had decidedly not liked the sensation much, and the Sakura Cards gave her a variety of other, much more ideal, methods of travel.

"I understand if you haven't a taste for it, some never learn how to do it, out of such dislike for it's discomfort. This, however, should be the last time we are forced to disapparate."

With a nod, Sakura and Ceroberos prepared for the sensation, and before they knew it, they were at a pair of great gates leading up to a prestigious and towering castle. Dumbledore tapped the door three times, and the gate swung inwards. Sakura was beginning to feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of times she was being amazed today. It was a picturesque scene, a bright blue sky backdropped a dozen spires, all set into keeps and ramparts. She was in front of large field of rolling grass that lead right up to the castles double, thick arched doors. She could see the beginnings of a majestic lake to the right of the castle, but it was further obstructed from view. For the first time in Sakura's memory, Ceroberos was stunned silent.

Dumbledore began forward, and Sakura followed. Walking up the field they arrived at the castle doors which parted as they came close, and closed as she walked in, the portraits covering the walls hailed and greeted Dumbledore's return. They walked silently through a corridor, and Sakura could hear the voices of a teacher speaking in.

"... know the technique and the theory behind your defensive magic... "

Through another door and into a gigantic hall lined with four empty tables and an enchanted ceiling that reflected the sky outside (A clear, sunny day, though it had been a bit chilly out), into another corridor, and marching strait to a statue of a gargoyle.

"Marshmallow Cream." Dumbledore stated plainly, the gargoyle jumped out of the way, revealing rotating circular stairs. Sakura followed Dumbledore up, before he reached a wooden door. Tapping the handle three times and saying the incantation, "Alohomora," the door swung open. Dumbledore walked behind his desk, took a seat on the chair and began to speak to the portraits immediately.

"Phineas, tell Remus that I must cancel our plans for this evening. Mr. Fortescue, please have Professor Umbridge join me in my office with Ms. Kinomoto. Mr. Dippet, please go find Miss. Granger, I do believe that she would be in Professor Vector's class today," Sakura swore she heard Dumbledore mutter, "better get this over with," under his breath as the three painted men disappeared from the side of the paintings they were in. She jumped when she saw this, remembering how 'The Silent' had hidden its spirit as a woman on a painting.

"Tell me, are you enjoying the wizarding world so far?" Dumbledore smiled at her, gesturing that she should sit in one of the two chairs in front of the desk. There were silver spinning and humming and whirring and vibrating instruments all over the multi-layered room, and an old, snoring hat perched atop a shelf. Also, a pole that could only be used as a perch for a large bird stood empty in a corner.

"It's been... AMAZING! Simply amazing! Breath taking I could say!"

"I am so very glad you think so, and I don't have much time to be candid, but I need to ask of you a favor," Dumbledore said politely.

The hair on Sakura's neck stood on end. There was a catch, there always was a catch, but who knows, maybe it won't be so bad, "What can I do for you Professor?"

"You are an insightful young lady, already I can tell that you feel something is wrong with our world?" Sakura didn't answer, not out of disrespect, but it seemed the question that needed no answer, "I need your help-"

"Stop professor, we are being listened to." Sakura said simply. Though she was being bombarded with constant magical signatures, she could feel a presence behind the door.

"Please come in, Professor Umbridge." Dumbledore spoke clearly, and the door opened. The most ugly woman Sakura had ever seen stepped through the door. She had big, bulged green eyes, large lips that seemed to stretch much too far across her face. She was almost a foot shorter than Sakura, and she held an air of arrogance around her. For no real reason, just the sight of her soured Sakura's blood.

"Hem, hem. You wished to see me, though I must complain on being interrupted during the middle of a lesson, Professor Dumbledore." She said with a sing-song voice.

"I wished to introduce you to Sakura Kinomoto, she is a new magical exchange student under the house of sorcerery."

"A sorcerer?" The disgust in her voice was cleverly veiled as surprise, "The Minister of Magic would not condone such an act-"

"Actually, he already has," Dumbledore cut off, pressing a piece of parchment towards her on his desk, which she unceremoniously picked up and read.

"This is a document made four years ago. Under current circumstances-"

"What circumstances would that be, Professor? Or are you suggesting that Cornelius Fudge's words expire?"

"No, I am not saying anything of the sort," She seemed to relent, "She will be allowed to study-"

"She will be allowed to study here because I have said so. If there no other objections, you are dismissed, professor," There was a brief moment of silence, Umbridge keeping all the hate out of her face except from her eyes, before she silently turned around and left. Dumbledore stared at the door for some time before turning to Sakura.

"Is she still there?"

"No, professor."

"I'd think not," He smiled to himself, "Sorry about that, I thought I'd take care of a problem before it became an issue-"

There was another knock on the door.

"Ahh! Miss Granger! Please come in!" Dumbledore said, "Sit and join us!"

Through the door came in a bright eyed girl of Sakura's age, who's prominent bushy brown hair cascaded down her back. She took a curious glance at Sakura, who was still wearing normal clothing, a white Godzilla t-shirt none the less, and sat quietly in the chair next to her.

"I would like to introduce you to Sakura Kinomoto of Japan. She is a sorcerer here as an exchange student to learn wizardry, and also Ceroberos, Guardian Beast of the Sakura Cards." Ceroberos, who had been sitting on Sakura's shoulder, gave Hermione a dramatic wave. Of course, Hermione had never encountered a spirit beast before, nor had she seen or heard of Sakura Cards, and that was apparent by the slightly opened mouthed expression she gave Dumbledore that indicated she had no idea what he was talking about.

"I believe a proper sorting is in order," Dumbledore said ignoring her confusion, using his wand to summon the disheveled hat on the shelf, "If you'll allow me," he said, dropping the hat on her head.

"Hmm.." Sakura heard a new voice, and it was apparently coming from the hat, "Ha, a little late in the year and not from around here are you. Lets see... yes, I would have to say: GRYFFINDOR!" Sakura's eyes went wide. Gryffindor? What the hell was a Gryffindor?

"I see no objections to her staying with you in Gryffindor tower as well? If you'll help tutor her in magic and be her guide?" Here Hermione nodded, "Thank you. Now, run along, I have to run an errand at the Ministry." And with that Sakura and Hermione were ushered out of Dumbledore's office.

For a second, the two of them just stood by the statue of the gargoyle, looking at each other in surprise, then, Hermione faltered, "Hermione Granger, fifth year Gryffindor," She held her hand out, Sakura took it.

"Sakura Kinomoto, sorcerer, and apparently now, a first year Gryffindor. A Gryffindor... as opposed to... what?"

And so in the next few hours Hermione described everything. Sakura could tell right away why Dumbledore had chosen Hermione as her guide. She had a kind of intelligence that was infectious, just by having her around you thought better. She told Sakura about transfiguration, about Quidditch, about wizarding customs and such, about how she was fighting the enslavement of these poor creatures called house-elves. She showed Sakura, the entire castle, explained the differences between the four houses.

"Bubertuber Puss," Hermione had stopped mid-sentence on explaining the intrinsics of goblin society to give the password to a portrait of a rather hefty lady, the portrait swung open to reveal a spacious and well furnished recreational room. It had a large fireplace in one corner and two sets of stairs leading off the sides to higher levels.

"This is the Gryffindor common room. It's where we study and hang out on our free time between classes. Also-"

"Hermione! Where have you been!" A red-headed boy, also the same age as Sakura came bounding over to the pair standing in the portrait hole, "Who's this? Harry come get a look at what this lady is wearing!"


"Whats wrong with what I'm wearing!"

Both Hermione and Sakura had declared simultaneously.

"N-nothing! Is that a muggle monster?"

"That's Godzilla!" Sakura wasn't sure whether he was genuinely curious or insulting her.

"Forgive Ronald here," Hermione said flashing him a glare that even made Sakura cringe slightly, "He's a pure-blood and has about as much exposure to the non-magical community as you do to the magical one. That, and he's plain rude."


"Whats going on? Who is that Hermione?" Who could only be Harry came down from the stairs and gave Sakura a curious look. He had black, bedraggled hair and an odd lightning shaped scar on the left side of his forehead. Sakura could have sworn she saw it shimmer, but only for an instant.

"Everyone, this is Sakura Kinomoto, she's a sorceress." Hermione said matter-of-fact-ly, as if by her saying that, then they would automatically know everything about her. When both Harry and Ron gave her a confused look, she sighed and continued, "She's a sorceress, meaning she isn't a wizard but studies magic under a different house, at least till now, she's apparently starting studding here. 'Wizard' is simply one of many houses of magic."

"So, sorceress, huh? What exactly does that mean you do?" Ron said, this time it was obvious to Sakura he was actually curious, and not a stupid idiot. So that only left the question of whether she told them or not. Could she trust them?

"Come on, Ron!" Hermione declared exasperated.

"What! I'm trying to be nice!"

"Hi, my name is Harry Potter," Harry said, ignoring Ron and Hermione as they began to bicker. Sakura shook his hand. They talked for a while, and it became apparent that Harry seemed almost relieved that she had no real knowledge of the wizarding world. Other than that, Harry seemed a reasonable enough guy, although a bit guarded for her liking, and rather quiet. After five minutes of light arguing, Harry decided he couldn't ignore the two anymore and proceeded to draw his wand.

"You wouldn't know nice if it jumped in front of you wearing pink pajamas!" Ron declared.

"Another bickering word out of either of you and I swear I'll jinx you both!" Harry said quietly.

Hermione and Ron looked at each other stunned, obviously surprised by his actions.

Ron shrugged at Hermione, then looked back to Harry, "I suppose It's better than your hollering, mate."

Hermione chuckled, and just like that, everyone was best friends again. The four of them sat on couches facing each other by the fire, a few more fellow Gryffindors coming in and out of the common room every few minutes, introducing themselves, before leaving. Ginny Weasley actually stayed for several minutes before running off to the library complaining about a potion essay.

"Really, I mean you say you only got your wand this afternoon, yet you swear you can do magic? How?" He was just curious, but little did he know he had a tendency to ask just the right questions. She had been listening carefully and decided she could trust them with her secret.

"Do you... really want to know? I mean, it's kind of a secret to me," She asked quietly.

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley all looked up at her with equal looks of expectancy, like small children wanting to see a magic trick.

She sighed, "All right, but I don't want everyone knowing about this, not yet. I'm still not used to telling people about this," Sakura got up and walked towards the fireplace, stopping a few feet short. She turned to smile at them, holding the Key in her hand.

"Key of the Star, with powers burning bright," A magic circle appeared on the ground, it was bright and powerful, and seemed to make the whole room a bit dimmer, "reveal the staff, and shine your light! Release!" With the sound of humming energy and a crack the Sealing Staff grew out of the key, the magic circle faded away.

The faces which had been watching her expectantly were now staring, mouths opened, flabbergasted. Even Hermione, who'd never get caught staring like this couldn't help herself.

"Well, what do you want me to do?"

"You mean, there's more?" Ron said, a part of his brain recovering from the shock.

"Of course theres more," Sakura said, "What use would just the Sealing Staff be?"

"W-well, what can you do?" Harry chimed in, his interest definitely peaked.

She smiled again, trying not to blush from embarrassment, and with a wave of her hand, the 53 Sakura cards floated joyously around her, glowing softly.

"Take your pick."

"So each of these cards," Hermione had actually recomposed herself, seeing an opportunity to be academic, "they do something?"

Ron and Harry got up and joined Hermione.

"Whats this one do?" Ron asked, pointing carefully at one as it rotated past him. It was a pink picture of what had always looked to her like a bunny rabbit. It was 'The Jump'.

"Open the window and I'll show you,"

Harry, looking unsure, went up to window and unlocked it, then threw it open.

"Like this?"

"Jump!" She said, bringing the wand down and striking the card in question, instantly the card exploded in a menagerie of magic, and the remaining cards returned to her, minus one that Harry had grabbed onto. She ran to the window, and as Hermione screamed after her, Sakura jumped off the seventh story ledge.

"IS SHE NUTS!" Harry yelled looking out the window. Sakura hit the ground and jumped back up into the air, and then to Harry's chagrin grasped the sides of the opened window and pulled herself inside.

"No! She's bloody brilliant!" Ron declared with wide eyes and a smile to match.

"Don't swear, Ron," Hermione added in a tone that said it was something she said often, "But, yes, that was very impressive."

"Whats this one do?" He held onto a card with a book on the cover. 'The Create'.

"Makes a book. Anything I write in it becomes real as long as I keep writing in it."

"This is definitely powers that Voldemort would want to get his hands on," Harry said, Ron suddenly and unexplainably flinched.


"Arghh! A double!" Hearing the name twice, Ron had nearly jumped in the air he shook so visibly, earning him a reproachful look from Hermione, but it didn't take long for all three wizards to look at each other with significant looks.

"You don't know about Voldemort?" Harry said quietly ("A triple!" cried Ron).

"No, who is he?"

"Only the darkest wizard in recorded history!" Ron declared flabbergasted.

So they told her the tale of how sixteen years ago he had tried to kill Harry, but wasn't able to do it because of the love of his mother sacrificed herself to save him, something that touched Sakura very much, for she to lost her mother at an early age. They told her about the sorcerers stone, the basilisk, false betrayals and real betrayals, and about a staged tri-wizard tournament.

"Then, when me and Cedric..." Harry stopped, his eyes had taken on a blank look. Hermione gave him a comforting hug.

"The tournament was a ruse," Ron continued for him, "When they touched the trophy, Cedric and Harry were teleported to who-knows-where, there Peter Petigrew was with a hideous preform of you-know-who. They killed Cedric strait off, and well, they cut Harry open and used his blood in a ritual that gave him a new body. He's at normal strength now, and while he's amassing forces to take over Britain, the Ministry has been treating Harry and Dumbledore like their criminals," He was despondently pacing as if he didn't know what to do with himself.

Sakura could hardly believe the tale she had just heard. All the things these three had done... had survived. It made her little ventures with magic seem quite tame. Well, not tame, but on a different league altogether. It was an incredible coincidence, to say the least, that she would be paired off with these three: the pivoting point on a war against evil. It was dark out, and fear betrayed in her eyes, glowing by the candlelight.

"That would have been about six months ago," Harry said weakly.

Six months ago! It was all Harry needed to say when she remembered dark presence, terrible and powerful. It had felt like De Javu. The world had seen this terror before. They had all sensed Voldemort's return, 5,000 miles away! Her mouth was agape, she looked to each of them in disbelief. It didn't take her any more convincing that these three were not ordinary wizards. Anybody that could stand up to that kind of evil, well, she decided, she always jumped into these things head first.

"Well, what can I do to help?"

"What?" The three of them chimed in with equal voices of surprise.

"I-I just thought you should know the tale! Know what the darker half of wizard kind and what we've been up against!" Ron declared aghast, "Your not even a wizard yet!"

"Thats never stopped me before, I have a tendency to find destiny before it finds me!"

With that she yawned greatly, and for the first time she realized that she had woken up a 7AM, left Japan at 8PM, where it was 10AM here in England, and it was now 10PM here: she had been awake for 23 hours, and she told them so promptly.

Hermione took her up the stairs leading to the girls dormitories, and opened a door to the fifth year dorms. Already an extra bed had been set up, with all her supplies waiting for her. She changed into pajamas and lay down. "What a day," she muttered to herself, "What a week. What a life." before sleep claimed her.