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"Pepper, have you ever been to Disneyland?"

Pepper Pott's head shot up from her desk, where she was going over Tony's press statement for tomorrow. She had been so engulfed in her work that she hadn't even noticed her boss leaning casually against the door of her office. She hoped he hadn't been giving her that look the entire time he had been there, his obvious gazing made her a little uneasy. "I'm sorry, Mr. Stark, I missed that."

Tony grinned. "I asked if you have ever been to Disneyland?"

Pepper set her pen down on the desk. She had a feeling this was going to become an actual conversation and she knew that if Tony was here bugging her she wasn't likely to get anything done at all. She rubbed her eyes, preparing herself for whatever strange flight of fancy had caught her boss's eye. "Umm. Yes. I have been on several occasions to Disneyland but I haven't been there for almost…" she tried to think back to the last time she was at the amusement park, "ten years now." She paused and her brows furrowed, trying to read Tony's brilliant mind. "Why do you ask?"

Finally, Tony shifted his gaze away from Pepper and began to idly scratch his thumbnail into the side of the door. Pepper sat up a little straighter, it wasn't often that her boss was bashful about anything. She wondered what was going on. "Well," he sounded again like a little boy and Pepper's heart melted just a bit, "I have never been and I was just wondering if it is as great as everyone makes it out to be."

Pepper's heart broke. She could only imagine little Tony locked away in some science lab, only ten-years-old pouring over textbooks like a college grad. She always knew that Tony never had a real childhood. Psychologically, she knew that his lack of a childhood was probably why he acted like a child now. She has been an eyewitness to several instances of Tony's inner child. Not just the partying and overall carefree attitude he had, but also the little things like his fascination with cartoons and his penchant for cheeseburgers. She knows about all of these things but the fact that he has never been to Disneyland, a child's paradise, broke her heart. It's Disneyland, every kid in California has been to Disneyland at least once. Well, everyone but Tony Stark, the man who has everything.

Her emotions showed clearly on her face and Tony saw every single one of her thoughts flick across her face, like some strange game of charades. He didn't want her pity, just her opinion.

"Hey." Pepper blinked, her thoughts interrupted. Tony stood up straight and waved his hand in the air, trying to affect a careless attitude. "Don't feel bad for me. I was a happy kid, I just never went to Disneyland. That's all." He gave her a sweet, reassuring smile. This only made Pepper sadder as she met his gaze.

The moment was quickly becoming too serious and Pepper cleared her throat. "Well, Mr. Stark. If you want to go to Disneyland I can buy you passes right now. Maybe even rent the park for a day, so you can have it all to yourself." She felt herself start to ramble but, in her awkwardness, she found she couldn't stop herself. "We could even make it into a big thing. You know, have all the Stark employee 

and their families come to the Disneyland for the day. Boost morale and what not. Yeah, I could do that…" She tapered off gracelessly.

Tony ran his hands through his hair. "You know, I was thinking I would just go and not make a big deal about it. Maybe just you and I could go."

Pepper's eyebrows disappeared into her bangs. She knows she shouldn't be too surprised, she should have seen it coming. Who else would her boss hang out with? His spectrum of close friends was limited to her, Rhodes, and Jarvis. Taking Jarvis along was impossible, Rhodes would without a doubt find Tony's request ridiculous and would probably be busy, so that just left Pepper. She tried not to think about how sad this was. "Umm, Mr. Stark, I don't think that is an appropriate request for you to make of your assistant."

Tony turned his head to the side, giving her a curious look. His famous smart-ass grin returned, making him look nothing like a little boy. "No, Miss Potts. Asking you to kindly unbutton one more button on that lovely blouse of yours would be an inappropriate request." Pepper blushed bright red and tugged self-consciously at her top button. Tony's grin disappeared and he gave her an imploring look. "Seriously though. Is it so weird to ask my friend to come with me to the happiest place on earth?" He ended his remark with a slightly self-depreciating shrug.

Pepper gave him a skeptical look, searching his face for any signs of a joke. She found him to be completely and totally serious, and she couldn't help the wide grin that made her way across her face. Going with Tony Stark to Disneyland would without a doubt be interesting. Tony saw the grin and knew he had convinced her. "I wanna go next weekend. Apparently it can take days to see the entire park." As an afterthought he added, "I wanna to go see the California Adventure Park, too."

Pepper nodded and logged on to the computer. "I'll make the arrangements right away." Tony straightened his T-shirt and began whistling "It's a Small World" as he left Pepper's doorway. Pepper shook her head; Tony could go from zero to sixty on his emotional spectrum in seconds.

Minutes later, Pepper was on hold with the management of Disneyland when she got another call. Knowing that she wouldn't be talking to a real person for another hour, she switched to the other line.


"Hey, do you think they have those mouse hats with the name Pepper on it?"

"I will pray that they don't. Is that all sir?"

"Yep, I'm good." There was a long pause, then. "Hey Pepper."

"Yeah, Tony."


Pepper smiled to herself. "Anytime. Goodbye, Mr. Stark."

"Goodbye Miss Potts."


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