Who Knew

Who Knew??

Chapter 1

Bella POV.

As I lay in my bed I couldn't help but let my thoughts wonder to Edward Mason. Edward Mason has been my crush since the forth grade, the year I moved to Forks, Washington. During class and outside at recess I would watch him; he was unlike any boy I had ever seen. Instead of pulling the girls hair like the other boys did; he would tell the guys to leave the girls alone. Ever since the 4th grade I had loved Edward. We didn't actually become friends until the 6th grade. We had to do a project together.

"Okay class, I am going to call out who will be working together on the project that will be due in two weeks. You and your partner will pick a subject you BOTH like. You must BOTH agree on the subject you choose or I will choose for you." The teacher had said and the whole class groaned.

Earlier on that year the teacher made us put our names on note cards that we used on ever project we did. She went thought the whole list till there was four kids left, Edward, a shy girl named Angela, a boy named Ben and me. The teacher pulled Angela's and Ben's Cards making it obvious that Edward and I were going to be partners. I was excited that I was going to work with the guy that I had liked for almost two years. I looked over at Edward who was staring back at me; I smiled a shy smile and he smiled his crooked grin back at me. We moved our desks together and started working we clicked immediately. We had been attached at the hip ever since. Of course I never told him how I felt about him; Well I did once in 7th grade, he didn't laugh or anything he just explained that we were friends and nothing more. Surprisingly things never got weird he still acted the same.

I remember this one time in 9th grade; he got dared to kiss me. We were all sitting in a circle at Edward and my first boy/girl party. It was Edward's turn to go and he had picked dare. Alice the new girl that year and my new best friend who knew how I felt about Edward dared him to kiss me. I had turned beet red and everyone was chanting 'kiss her'. Edward leaned forward and kissed me real quick on the lips. Then we both looked away.

We never talked about that day, maybe because it had been extremely embarrassing and that it was both of our first kiss but of course I didn't care that was the best kiss I ever had. It wasn't the only kiss I had I've had plenty of kisses since then; but not one compared to Edward's. Of course Edward has a girlfriend her name is Rosalie Hale, they have been dating for two years. Ever since the day the started dating, I have been dating just about every guy in the school. The guys never really last long but they usually still love me when I break up with them for some reason. They never get mad; they always still want to be friends. They probably think that if their end up being my best friend I will fall in love with them. Right now I am dating Mike Newton. He is really nice but I just don't love him like I love Edward. With every guy I date I hope that they will fill the void in my heart that is reserved for Edward. Today is a wallowing day. I have been in bed all day eating ice-cream and crying. Edward and Alice have both left messages to see if I was okay but I haven't checked them. I know that on Monday they will bombard me with questions but I don't care. If I answer the phone they will know that I have been crying. My phone beeped once again telling me that I have a new text message. I pick it up and it's from Alice.

'Come and open the door. I brought ice-cream and sappy romance movies. XOXO, Alice.'

I sigh and get off my bed. I walk down the stairs and let Alice in. Alice looks me over and shakes her head. "Wallowing again?" I shrug my shoulders. "Bella, that is the 3rd one this month. You NEED to move on. You've liked Edward for almost eight years."

"SHUT UP ALICE, DON'T YOU THINK THAT I KNOW I NEED TO MOVE ON? WHY DO YOU THINK I AM STILL DATING MIKE?" Alice didn't answer she just walked into the kitchen and grabbed two spoons and walked into the living room. She put in the movie and sat down on the couch. I trudged over to her and sat on the couch next to her. The menu for the movie popped up; it was The Notebook. I rolled my eyes and pressed play on the remote. Alice got a text message half way though the movie, she replied to it then she turned to me.

"You better text Edward and tell him some excuse or he's going to come over too."

"That's Easy enough to fix." I said pulling out my phone and texting Mike telling him telling him that it was time to break up.

"Bella, What did you just do?" Alice asked.

"I broke up with Mike." I said shrugging my shoulders. Then I sent a text to Edward.

'Sorry I've been kind of down. I broke up with Mike today.' Then I put down my phone and continued watching the movie again. Alice stared at me with wide eyes. My phone rang again telling me that I had two new messages. One was from Mike.

'Why are you breaking up with me?' I texted him back lying easily.

'Because I like someone else, Sorry Mike you were a GREAT Boyfriend.' The next text message was from Edward.

'I am coming over.'

'No Alice is here.' A few seconds later Edward texted me back.

'I'm already here.' Then I heard the door unlocking. My dad always liked Edward; so in our sophomore year my dad gave Edward a key to our house. Of course I had a key to his house too, but sometimes I wish that he didn't have a key then he wouldn't be able to get in when I don't want him here such as now. The door swung open and Edward walked though. His Grey V-neck sweater and jeans soaked. His bronze hair was dripping from the rain and his green eyes were blazing. He had a bag in each hand. One was from the grocery store and one was from the movie store. He walked into the kitchen and put more ice-cream in the freezer. The way things were going I would have a dairy going in my kitchen by the end of the night. Edward walked back into the living room and set a stack of movies on the entertainment center. Then he said,

"I'll be right back." He ran out of the door and to his car. When he walked back in he had his overnight bag over his shoulder. Apparently this was an all nighter. He threw his bag on the floor and walked over to the couch. I slid over so that there was room for him. I pulled my knees up to my chest and rested my chin on my right knee. I must have fell asleep because when I woke up Alice wasn't there and I was laying on Edward's chest. Once I realized this I sat up and turned so that I was laying the opposite direction of Edward with my feet on his chest. Then I let myself fall asleep staring at Edward watching his chest rise and fall.