Iruka looked out the window in his classroom. Rain, thunder, and lightening was what met his gaze. It definitely wasn't what he was hoping for. His class had been a little bit out of control that day. The one day that it needed to be sunny or at least where they could go outside was the day the sky seemed to release all of its pinned up fury.

"Iruka-sensei?" A little boy spoke up.


"When can we go out?"

"You will have to stay inside today. You will be in the big room at the end of the hall." Iruka answered. "You can go now. Obey all instructions. If not, you will be back in here studying geography."

The students quickly filed out of the room. Iruka left a note on the blackboard that he was going to be in his office if someone needed him. He went to his office and was surprised to see Shizune in there when he walked in.

"Shizune. How wonderful to see you." Iruka greeted warmly as he sat behind his desk. "What brings you here today?"

"I decided to see what was going on here. Lady Tsunade was a bit distracted so I left."

"You left the Hokage by herself?" Iruke inquired; surprised that Shizune would leave Tsunade unless it was for a mission.

"Master Jiraiya showed up so I decided to escape." Shizune said with a smile.

"That was the wisest thing that you have ever done." Iruka said with a chuckle. "So, does the Academy meet your standards?"

"Absolutely. Especially the teachers."

Iruka gave her a curious look, not sure where she was headed. "Excuse me?"

Shizune blushed a little before saying, "Well, there are certain teachers here who are quite proficient at their job."

Iruka started to catch on, "Who is the teacher that you like?"

Shizune's blush deepened a little before she said, "Nevermind. It was nothing. I spoke out of turn."

Iruka realized what, or rather who, she was talking about. "You did not speak out of turn. I just have one question. Is it me that you are talking about?"

Shizune nodded mortified at herself. She was not used to being shy and meek. She spoke up, "I feel stupid. I am not one to be shy about anything."

Iruka gave her a warm smile. He came around the desk and knelt in front of Shizune. He took hold of her hands and said, "Never be ashamed of how you act. You didn't do anything wrong or anything to be ashamed of. I don't think you could."

Shizune said, "Oh yes I could."

Iruka's eyes opened wide in shock. He had never expected this from Shizune. However, it was turning him on. Without thinking he stood up a little and kissed Shizune. He stood up all the way and pulled Shizune with him. She groaned as he kissed her which turned Iruka on even more. He sat down in the chair that had just been vacated and pulled Shizune into his lap. She let out a slight gasp and giggled a little. She had never expected Iruka to act like this.

Neither of them noticed someone open the office door and quickly shut it. They were to busy concentrating on each other. Iruka was busy touching Shizune and making her cry out his name. He wanted to bring her as much pleasure as possible. Shizune cried out his name as his fingers stroked her bringing her over the edge.

Iruka stood up and laid Shizune on the desk. He climbed on top of her and started to kiss her again. Clothes were soon located in different parts of the office. Groans and sighs and cries of passion could be heard coming from the office. As the storm raged on outside, a different kind of storm was raging inside the office of follow-the-rules Iruka.

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