Note: This is just a one-shot I'm getting out of my system while I'm writing Harsh Reality. This has been nagging me for days but if enough people like it I might make it into more than a one shot. Wait and see. This involves my OC female dreamer Genie. Her real name is Angelica.


"Come with me, Visitor. I promise you, only I can give you the things you dream of. Money, power... even the lover you crave and dream of. That nasty boy threw you away like garbage, but I can give him back to you. I can get rid of all the nightmares, and give you your one true wish. Just relinquish your Ideya to me, and everything you ever dreamed of is yours."

"No, please, don't do it! Genie, please, don't! You have to help me save Nightopia so that other dreamers can have their wishes fulfilled! Please, don't listen to him!"

A claw, pale blue spindly fingers tipped with light pink, was stuck out to the girl and a false, although convincing black-lipped smile gave way for menace in sapphire eyes. Meanwhile a white-gloved hand was shot out from the other side, as its owner weeped in hopelessness.

"Silence, NiGHTS! Cease filling the girl's head with lies! Come, Visitor, take my hand and all the horrid nightmares will go away."

The girl looked at NiGHTS, then back at Reala. NiGHTS, Reala, NiGHTS, Reala, NiGHTS, Reala. Her heart was a fragile strand of spun glass, and under the pressure began to crack. She slowly reached out a hand.

"Genie, no!"

"Yes, that's it, Visitor. Take my hand. I don't bite."

Genie took one last look at NiGHTS. "I'm sorry, NiGHTS..." she whimpered, "But all I ever wanted... All I ever needed... I... I can't do this anymore. Please. I'm sorry." Genie screwed her eyes shut tightly and took Reala's hand.

With a menacing bark of triumph, Reala watched as the crimson color of Courage faded from Genie's eyes and shot up his arm and into his own eyes. He laughed loudly and evilly.

"Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's perfect, girl! Perfect! Your Ideya is mine!"

"But you... you said..."

"Oh, you said, you said!" Reala mocked nastily. "You thought I was being truthful? You stupid girl; I can see why that nasty boyfriend of yours threw you off. You're not very bright at all, are you? And now you and I will descend into the darkness and you will never awaken. You will die here, and you will be trapped in this Hell of Nightmares forever! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

NiGHTS watched in horror as darkness engulfed the two and dragged them down, with Genie still clutching Reala's claw in false hope and sorrow.

The darkness spread, and NiGHTS was left to wonder how fragile a heart has to be to fall victim to lies and deceit. As the darkness engulfed NiGHTS and the entire realm of Nightopia, he could almost hear Genie's tears crying out from beneath the ground as her Nightopia fell to pieces, and her dreams came true.

However, her dreams were lost.

Lost in the darkness.

Somewhere in the Waking World, a teenage redhead boy wept over a grave of a girl he used to love. Something in his heart had stirred and he had only barely made it to the funeral in time.

Angelica Goldehart's dream had come true, but she wasn't there to see it.

Reala locked the girl away, and Nightmare stretched far and wide.

Angelica Goldehart was trapped in Hell, and for an eternity she would suffer.