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Naruto Ultimate:

The Nightmare of Konoha…

Chapter 27: Two as One…


"Normal Speaking"

'Normal Thinking'

[Radio in use]

"Jutsu In use"

"Demon/Nightmare Speaking"

'Demon/Nightmare Thinking'

"Inner Spirit Talking"



Seras walked through the burning castle with a frown, a bag full of things that Naruto and the others would like thrown over her shoulder. "He's really lucky he's cute… when he's not trying to kill everyone around him at least…" She muttered then amended while walking through the halls of the castle then stopped when she finally got tired of lugging the bag around. She quickly opened a shadow gate in her coat and then seemed to toss the bag into her coat, the bag vanishing as she let out a relieved sigh.

"Now all I have to do is get rid of whoever is controlling this damn kingdom and make my way back to Naruto and the others… no problem." Seras said cheerfully while pulling her Harkonen out of her coat and slung it over one shoulder and walked down the hall with a light bounce to her step. Soon she found the man however and stopped upon seeing him, dressed in gold battle armor with a long tattered red cape, fur around his neck while his long blond hair flailed in the wind.

However it was the pair of bright amber eyes that put the young blond on edge and made her eyes narrow dangerously. Then she noticed his weapon as he reached over his shoulder for it and a frown marred her features. The hilt of the blade looked like it was made either from stone or very thick wood and curved up into the blade, a large Violet eye was between the hilt and the rest of the sword, two spikes pointing into the eye while several steel plates curled around it while the wood then curled up and around some form of violet jewel in the center of the blade. The red blade of the sword came out over the hand of the man at the front before curling down into a chip where it then came out again and then flowed up to a tapered point at the top of the sword, a red edge at the back of the blade as well… (Soul-Edge: Phantom…)

"Oh great, another weak human with a Soul-Edge…" Seras said to herself with a frown while the man before her snarled angrily.

"You dare mock me wench?!" The man demanded and Seras twitched before twirling her Harkonen above her then pointing the sword at the end towards the man before her with a smirk.

"You're not a Trash-Vampire, but I guess I can cut and blow you all to pieces without feeling too guilty!" Seras mused while the smirk on her lips slowly twisted into one of her master's Cheshire cat grins, while the before man grit his teeth in anger.

"You foolish little wench! I am Lord Strife! Ruler of all of Grandal and future ruler of all the Land of Blades!" The man exclaimed while Lifting Phantom from the ground, sparks and flames flowing from it into his arm as he then placed it over his shoulder and pointed a hand towards her angrily. Seras twitched once, wondering what ancient psycho he was descended from before not caring as she crouched down.

"Show me your strength then Mortal!" Seras said while lunging at Strife, the man gritting his teeth as he swung Phantom from over his shoulder down at the girl. Seras quickly blocked the attack with her Harkonen however before then spinning on her heel and hitting the man in the stomach with the butt of her weapon. Strife stumbled back a few paces before sneering as he then spun on his own heel while swinging Phantom at the blond haired Draculina.

Seras merely ducked with a quick roll to avoid this then swung her Harkonen at Strife's legs as a counter. The massive man jumped over that however and quickly lunged forward, his hand clenching around her throat before he slammed the pommel of Phantom into he face then threw her into a wall. 'Bloody bastard… he's strong as Naruto at the very least!?' The girl said then wondered how the mortal was so strong but decided to figure that out later as she then got back to her feet and fired her Harkonen at the man, the shell hitting him in the chest and knocking him through a wall.

Lunging forward the blond woman flipped through the hole and landed outside in the courtyard while Strife flipped onto his feet and then released the straps holding his chest plate so the heavy plate could fall to the ground. "You'll pay for that wench!" He roared as he lunged forward throwing Phantom forward into a stab but Seras twirled her Harkonen, knocking the weapon upwards as she then stabbed the man.

"I've had better than you say that and fail! You'll be no different!" Seras said with a smirk as she then spun on her heel throwing Strife off the Bayonet of her Harkonen and sending the man flying into his castle walls. However, rather than stay down like a good Mortal, the man quickly got up with a frown and brushed a chip off his shoulder.

"You honestly think I'm just some warrior! No, wench! I am Lord Strife! I am he who has laid claim to the legendary sword, Soul-Edge! No one shall stop me so long as I have this sword at my command!" Strife called out boastfully before crouching and rocketing forward in a spinning slash while Seras lunged forward and flipped off the man's shoulder to stand behind him where she fired her Harkonen at him once more. The man quickly turned on his heel however and slashed her Harkonen's shell with Phantom, causing it to explode as the man grit his teeth while the flames burned his skin.

"You think Tha' pathetic little toy is Soul-Edge? Please… Madness is more frightening than that thing, and I'm practically used to seeing it." Seras said with a frown then swiped with her shadow matter arm, the limb stretching out and expanding to grab the man and lifting him up into the air. The blond woman suddenly grinned widely as she slammed the man into the ground once with her Shadow Matter, then spun on her heel and slammed him into the side of the Castle before then throwing him up into the air. Rushing forward the blond woman used a quick Roundhouse kick to the man's gut, sending him flying through the wall of the castle once more and into the flames within.

Stalking into the building with a wicked grin the blond woman was more than a little shocked as the man slowly made it to his feet, a snarl over his face as burnt bloody skin barely clung to his features. 'Ugh, and I thought Trash-Vampire's looked bad…' Seras thought to herself with a shiver while an enraged Strife ran forward, moving Phantom up to slam it into Seras he ran out of the castle before stopping on his heel then swinging Phantom, causing Seras to scream in pure pain as the sword cut through her gut and sent her flying through a fountain and too the ground.

'Dear lord that hurt! That hurt more than when my bloody arm was blown off!' Seras thought to herself as she got back to her feet only to go wide eyed as Strife was bearing down on her with Phantom. The girl quickly rolled out of the way of the blade however and panted as he then yanked Phantom from the ground and pointed the blade at her with his amber eyes blazing hate.

"Did you think I was some mere mortal? Think again Wench! No one shall destroy Lord Strife!!" Strife called out with an insane grin as he lunged at Seras once more, the girl rolling out of the way and swinging her Harkonen back at the man, only for him to block then kick her in the face. Panting and in pain Seras formed some Shadow Matter over the wound to her stomach while wondering why it was healing so slowly. 'My soul is bound to my body according to Naruto… if my soul is injured… does that mean my power weakens?' The blond wondered while slowly getting back to her feet while Strife stalked towards her once more.

"It'll take more than this little scratch to keep me down…" Seras thought darkly as her eyes turned blood red. "SO JUST SHUT UP AND DIE!" She called out while throwing her left arm into the ground, the Shadows around them rising to wrap around Strife, keeping all but his head bound as the man screamed and cursed the blond woman angrily before Seras growled. "I SAID SHUT UP!!" She called out before swinging her Harknonen, slicing Strife's head from his shoulders in a shower of blood as she opened her mouth and caught some on her tongue.

"Ugh… I need to go find someone a little less rotten to feed off of…" Seras grunted out while rolling her shoulders and grimacing in pain, then kicked Strife's body back while picking up Phantom, which looked at her. "Behave and I'll give you to the new Nightmare… does that sound good?" She asked while holding her stomach and was surprised when it seemed the sword could answer her.

"We agree with you, No Life Queen. We shall be silent, as you take us to our true Master…" The sword said and the eye on it closed, the blade turning metallic while the glowing violet jewel dimmed, leaving a somewhat plain looking Zweihander in the swords place…

"Hmm. Naruto is going to be REALLY happy when he gets his hands on this…" Seras mused to herself then shrugged as she turned on her heel and walked off, slinging the Phantom onto her back as she did so…



Raven, Dante, Hunter, and the Parrot were coming into a sleepy little village only for Raven to go wide eyed seeing as it was set on fire. Amongst the flames holding a man up with a sword through the gut was a tall silver haired man with glowing green eyes. "Whoa… that's brutal." Dante mused then pushed both Hunter and Raven aside as he leaned back when the figure tossed the person from his blade and the body went flying over them and out of the gate.

"Hmm. So two of the interesting ones have come together. This should be more amusing than killing this weak pathetic fools." The figure said darkly as Sephiroth came into view and Raven's eyes went wide recognizing the man.

"Dude, could you BE anymore angsty?" Dante questioned upon standing up straight and saw a slight tilt to the man's lips before he blinked and was surprised to find him beside him. "What the fuck…" Dante whispered while turning his blue slitted eyes to Sephiroth's green one's…

"Now, you die…" Sephiroth said darkly while swinging Masamune with one arm, only for Dante to quickly roll out of the way while Raven and Hunter stayed down to avoid it. With a hiss Hunter then lunged at the man, swinging his ax down only for Sephiroth to easily block with his sword. The man then smirked as he lashed out with a palm to Hunter's gut, sending the beast flying back into a building.

"Hunter!" Raven called out worriedly while vanishing into the shadows and moving to help the creature while Dante pulled Rebellion out and dropped his duffle bag to the ground.

"Looks like this is going to be a serious one…" Dante mused with his face set in a firm frown while Sephiroth smirked towards the silver haired half-breed.

"Come then… Show me your power." Sephiroth said and Dante lunged forward only for the man to vanish, black feathers left in his wake as Dante's eye's widened before he tuck and rolled as Sephiroth swung his sword from behind, taking nothing but air however while Dante stopped then turned on his heel with a swing of his sword into the taller man. Their swords connected with a clang and yet Dante gritted his teeth noting the strangely smug smirk Sephiroth was wearing before the man pushed forward on his blade and Dante gritted his teeth holding him back.

Sephiroth then chuckled as he pulled back on Masamune, Dante falling off balance as the man moved gracefully to his side and swung his sword downwards onto the red wearing half-devil only for him to vanish. Looking to the side Sephiroth saw Dante quickly turn on his heel to face him only for the man to vanish in a shower of black feathers once more and swung his blade at Dante both connecting their blades together once more as Dante frowned towards him darkly.

"You're not human… but you're not a Devil either…" Dante said with some amount of annoyance and Sephiroth let a light chuckle come from his throat.

"What I am is of no importance, what is, is that I need more power…" Sephiroth said and Dante's eyes widened before a snarl came to his face and he pushed Sephiroth back then lunged forward, the black cloaked man merely smirking as he vanished, evading the silver haired half breeds attack once more and landed on top of a building. However a hand made of black energy then came from below Sephiroth, attempting to grab him but the man vanished once more appearing away from Dante and the hand as Raven rose out of the building with an unconscious Hunter on a black platform.

"Nice use of magic…" Dante mused lowly before turning to look at Sephiroth as the man stood with his back to the moon and Dante shivered. 'He almost looks like Vergil…' Dante mused with a frown but his eyes widened as a black-feathered wing suddenly unfurled, Raven's own eyes widening while her skin paled rapidly.

"A-an Angel!?" Raven stuttered out know most Angel's tend to destroy demons and even half breeds at first sight and Dante frowned, that was no Angel.

"He's a half-breed like us…" Dante mused while Sephiroth chuckled and held a hand towards the other silver hard man.

"Heartless-Angel." He said simply and Dante found a red field surrounding his form till his body suddenly felt like he'd been running non-stop for a month straight. Slowly stumbling from side to side the man then fell forward with a groan while Raven looked at Sephiroth even more terrified than she had been before.

However, quickly shaking that off Raven lashed out with her powers, swinging a blade of black energy at the man only for him to vanish. Her eyes widened when she found the man's sword now placed against her neck from her side. "No need to die needlessly little one… It'd be such a shame for you to die so young after all, and you could pose a challenge for me someday." Sephiroth mused while Dante tried to get up, using Rebellion to slowly get back to his feet while turning shakily to glare at the man.

"You keep away from her!" He called out and was surrounded by a ring of red energy before it exploded and his true Devil-Form was revealed. The skin of his lower waist and legs looked like it was black reptilian hide with cracks of red energy between the scales of his legs, his kneecaps looking more like spikes, a red hide covering his shins feet and calves, while his toes were three black talons while a plate of red hide covered the backs of his feet. His upper body was mostly covered in the red hide, with three "tails" coming from his waist like his coat would, his forearms and taloned hands being black however, a pair of spikes pointed up from the sides of his chest were a glowing yellow hole lay, black spikes growing off of his biceps and shoulders. Last his head had a black skinned lower face with silver spikes growing like a beard, red hide covering most of the rest of his face and curling back like a mask while his silver hair was now spiked backwards. (Dante: Devil Trigger… (DMC4))

The new Dante still had Rebellion and Sephiroth was shocked by this change long enough for the devil to get in a good hit as he slashed Sephiroth, sending him flying back while Dante landed behind Raven. Gritting his teeth in pain and annoyance Sephiroth looked towards the changed Dante and snarled before a grin crossed his features. "Yes… Show me your true power!" Sephiroth said as he lunged at Dante his wing outstretched as he swung Masamune only to be overwhelmed by Dante's new strength as he was tossed to the side like an annoyance.

Raven watched this with shock and awe as Dante effortlessly controlled his own "Inner Demon" as it were. He even somehow learned how to call the power out of his own will, shocking Raven as she had been taught it was impossible to do that… 'Then again… so is destroying someone's soul…' She mused while Dante swung Rebellion, sending Sephiroth skidding into a building where it collapsed in on the man.

"Stay down." Dante growled angrily and then went wide eyed when instead Sephiroth pushed some rubble from his body, bleeding all over yet a smirk still covered his face, angering Dante greatly.

"Such power. I haven't faced one so strong in all my time in this strange land…" Sephiroth said before reaching up and brushing off his shoulder. "But. My time with you has ended… But, we will meet again, Devil, and when we do, this battle shall be settled once and for all…" With that Sephiroth vanished into a shower of feathers while Dante frowned and released his Devil-Trigger, turning to see Raven staring at him with awe.

"How… How can you control that?" She questioned and Dante couldn't help a light smirk as he placed Rebellion onto his back, walked over to the girl and picked up the unconscious Hunter and his Duffle bag.

"I'll show you…" With that he walked off into the town, Raven quickly following after him as he did…



Cervantes was angry as he jumped from his ship to the ground below and grunted. He hated leaving his ship but he needed to find Soul-Edge and restore it so he could rule the seven seas once more. Stomping forward the man twisted his body and his sword connected with a rapier and he sneered seeing a familiar amber-eyed man. "What do you want fool?" Cervantes questioned while lowering his sword and Raphael sheathed his into his scabbard.

The "Immortals" of the world had long agreed to stay out of the other's ways, simply because they could either do that, or be locked into eternal combat which would eventually drive them all crazy. However, the agreement did have some perks, The Immortals would often advise one another, Cervantes ruled the seas, Raphael the lands, Voldo ruled over his fathers home, The Lizardmen tribes ruled the mountains, Nightmare would get to keep Ostrheinsburg to himself so long as he didn't mess with the rest of them, Chimera had once been a member but they often disliked him save for Nightmare, and Astaroth had ruled over the Deserts…

"What I want is simple, a friend for Amy so she won't be lonely anymore or ever again for that matter." Raphael said and Cervantes grunted, the old Pirate could never understand Raphael's fixation on his daughter, nor did he care to understand it. "Astaroth is dead." Raphael then said cryptically and Cervantes narrowed his eyes, that was troubling news…

"I also felt that… and I feel a New Nightmare has risen." Cervantes said and saw Raphael roll his eyes disinterestedly.

"A new one pops up every so many years. It's nothing we haven't encountered and dealt with before." Raphael stated and Cervantes stroked his beard with a sneer.

"This one is different. He holds the same power as the FIRST Nightmare once did long ago…" Cervantes stated cryptically and saw Raphael suddenly widen his eyes before frowning and cupping his chin in hand.

"Most troubling… most troubling indeed…" Raphael mused while walking away, Cervantes following at his side as an equal.

"I have also felt other powerful, but dangerous souls appear seemingly from no where. It seems as if the time of gathering has finally arrived once more. I feel that Soul-Edge has grown strong enough to pull the entire world into an eternal Darkness once it is fully restored this time!" Cervantes said with a frown, he didn't want that, he wanted to control the seas and live-forever, if Soul-Edge was fully restored that would never come. If he could just resurrect the sword then shatter it, he'd have what he had wanted all these years… his power and immortality while the sword couldn't trouble them again until restored…

"Yes I noticed. It seems after so many centuries the Sword is almost at its limit at long last… A true, Perfect and Complete Soul-Edge shall soon be born…" Raphael mused aloud and heard a grunt from Cervantes as the man a looked at his right hand, or rather to Soul-Edge: Female.

"That cannot be allowed. Should the world fall into Darkness so shall we also fall into darkness. It's in our best interest to heal the sword without allowing it to become complete." Cervantes said and Raphael nodded his head with a frown, it seemed that Soul-Edge was becoming more and more dangerous to his perfect worlds creation…

"And as Soul-Edge grows, so too does Soul-Calibur… they must both be dealt with if we wish to continue existing. This New Nightmare may be a threat if he hasn't come to the same conclusion however." Raphael mused then stated and heard a scoff from Cervantes.

"The young pup probably doesn't think passed his blade! It's a problem all the new Nightmare's share." Cervantes grumbled out while crossing his arms and Raphael nodded his head before closing his eyes and grimacing.

"Chimera and his little clown toy are free again as well…" He said and Cervantes grinned before letting out a hearty laugh in response.

"Ah. That freakish creature of sin and death! Are you actually worried about that pathetic waste of flesh Raphael! You who defeated one of the Past Nightmares by himself?" Cervantes questioned and heard Raphael chuckle before sweeping his bangs back and look to the sky.

"Not a chance. I merely find it interesting that someone was able to free him from his supposedly eternal prison." Raphael said and Cervantes's grin quickly turned into a frown as he nodded his head in agreement.

"Never trust a Sorcerer to get the job done! We should have killed Chimera ourselves, before he ever got one of the Soul-Edge variants all those years ago…" Cervantes said then grumbled under his breath angrily and Raphael shrugged his shoulders. The only reason he didn't agree was because Amy was fond of Chimera for some strange reason, him and Harley that is. She found the clown girl amusing and so Raphael felt no need to do away with her, and she seemed to have a slight crush on the monstrous Chimera, not all that confusing considering he was a being of evil like them.

"Regardless Cervantes, Chimera has been revived and now we have to deal with him possibly allying with Nightmare again." Raphael said and saw Cervantes grimace.

"Last time they were able to hold us and an army out of Ostrheinsburg with no help but from that clown bitch…" Cervantes grumbled while rubbing his head where the deranged "Killer Clown" had managed to smash a fucking Mace into the side of his skull and send him flying out a window into the barrel of a tank before it fired and sent him flying into a wall… He shivered while wondering how the crazy clown did all those weird tricks and pulled everything from weapons to comical gadgets from behind her back without any trace…

"Hmm… I remember that… How did you ever heal that hole in your stomach?" Raphael mused then asked with an amused smirk as Cervantes gave him a cold glare in response. "Regardless, we should find Voldo and any of the other Immortals and try and find whoever it was that cut our links with Soul-Edge off, immediately." Raphael said seriously and Cervantes nodded his head then both turned when they heard a gasp and saw a couple villagers looking at them with fear. "Peasants…" Raphael said with a sneer while pulling his Rapier from its scabbard and Cervantes grinned while holding his two swords at the ready.

"Prepare to die!!" The purple skinned pirate called out as he lunged forward with Raphael at his side, both men cutting the foolish "Peasants" down as they gathered more souls to fuel their powers…



Naruto walked down the streets of Grandall and laughed heartily, seeing the death and destruction his group had wrought amused him to no end! Stopping he saw Charade and narrowed his eyes seeing as Charade was fighting a large creature with a Pyramid Shaped helmet over it's head. 'What the hell? That's not one of the ancient warriors… and it doesn't even seem to HAVE a soul…' Naruto thought before widening his eyes seeing a complete Soul-Edge on his back. 'Now THAT could be useful!' The red haired warrior thought before crouching and then lunging forward, slamming his shoulder into PH and sending him into the wall as Charade flipped to the side then nearly fell apart.

"Brother, you truly are weakening aren't you…" Naruto mused with one eye looking to Charade as it tried to get up, only to fall down and he growled. 'I don't like that thing already…' Naruto thought while raising a brow when he saw PH was gone, only to duck as his head was almost cut off by the massive blade the creature had with it. Quickly twisting around and pulling Madness from his back Naruto pointed the tip of his blade towards the towering being. PH lunged forward first, swinging it's blade over it's shoulder Naruto blocked but was vastly surprised as he began to sink down the blade coming dangerously close to his head.

'Incredible strength! If it had a Soul I'm sure it could easily be the strongest that I've ever encountered!' Naruto thought to himself before changing his footing and pushing the massive being's blade back upwards. Looking to his side he saw Charade move quickly, latching onto the monster's back and taking the Soul-Edge there before jumping away and nearly falling apart.

PH felt as the creature did this and was very annoyed, it wanted to take the sword to Samael but the Sword seemed to slowly be gaining a way to control him. He in fact, was thinking more clearly now that it wasn't on his back and wasn't sure if it wanted to attempt to reclaim the blade. However, this other person he had found had a similar weapon, and the creature it had attempted to capture WAS a similar weapon. However, presently he had no way of keeping himself from being tainted by the strange weapon. Thus he decided to simply kill this person and then somehow stop the creature of stone from moving before calling his master to take them away.

However, Naruto quickly shoved back on PH's weapon, sending him stumbling back before the red haired warrior lashed out. PH barely managed to move his sword in time to block as he was sent sprawling back. He slowly tried to get back to his feet but Naruto took advantage of the creature's slow speed, lunging forward her slammed his foot into the side of its helmet only to grimace in pain at how sturdy it was.

PH then reached out and grabbed Naruto by his leg and swung his sword down on the red haired warrior, he was genuinely surprised when the teen used his mutated right arm to stop the attack and was then kicked in the chest, a much more vulnerable spot than his head as Naruto freed himself and stayed in a low crouch while facing the massive creature. PH looked at the red haired armored Hell-Knight with annoyance, before then feeling his master call him, not home, but telling him to ignore the boy and find the true threat, PH knew to obey his true Master…

'This thing doesn't seem to feel pain, but it does know not to let itself die… that's annoying…' Naruto thought while PH got to it's full height and looked at him and then Charade for a short time, before turning and walking away as what sounded like a blaring siren called out, the creature vanishing into a thick mist that came from no where and yet everywhere at the same time before slowly vanishing as well…

"Argh! That creature wasn't even worth that hell! It didn't even have a soul!!" Naruto growled out before looking to Charade as the creature held Soul-Edge: Dark Seed under itself while trying to reform.

"Hey Naruto look what I found for you!" Seras called cheerfully, some blood present over her lips, while she had another Soul-Edge on her back…

"Well… my day just got better…" Naruto mused while grinning like a madman as he rushed over to Seras and took Phantom from her while then walking over to Charade and listened to him. "Are you certain brother? It is a way of restoring our full power but… We may not be able to reverse it…" Naruto questioned then mused mostly to himself while Charade barely managed to reform its head and nod to him. "Very well then, now two shall become one…" Naruto said darkly while placing Phantom onto his back and reaching down in order to grip Dark-Seed's hilt tightly.

Charade's eye then began to glow as it rose up alone, the mouth on Naruto's chest opening up and the eye shot into it Naruto roaring out in pain as the eye twisted, turning to look out of the mouth before it closed and lightning and violet flames crawled over the hell-knights form. "Bloody hell! What's he doing to himself and Charade!?" Seras demanded while Naruto slowly stood up, Dark-Seed seeming to melt as the metal crawled up his left arm, then began to seep into his skin as it did. Seras backed away from Naruto as this happened and soon when the screaming finally stopped she opened her eyes and widened her eyes seeing as Naruto had changed once more, only it was less drastic than his change into a full Nightmare.

Now his left shoulder blade and back also had the spikes that his right side had, making him seem more symmetrical while the eye on his right shoulder was the same, only with two mandibles growing under it that curled upwards while the plates of flesh above the eye had curled upward into a spike. His long red hair looked mostly the same, but for some reason violet flames constantly swirled over it, making her think that his hair was now constantly ablaze. His Left arm was the most drastic change however, now the fingers of his left arm had fused together like they had on his right, creating three fingers while the plates on that arm grew thicker yet didn't deform the arm just yet and the mouth on his chest had spread to connect with his left arm, the teeth becoming thicker and the barest hints of a gold eye was visible through them…

"Naruto?" Seras questioned as the boy chuckled darkly, reaching back he pulled both Phantom and Madness from his back and held each of them at the same time.

"Yes, I am finally back at my full strength!" Naruto said with an loud laugh into the sky and Seras shivered, his voice was deeper than ever, with an almost metallic sound to it. However, Naruto soon stopped laughing and crossed Phantom and Madness onto his back before walking over to Seras and placing both his hands onto her shoulders. "Good work Seras, I'll be sure to reward you once we make it to Ostrheinsburg…" With that Naruto released her shoulders and walked off with a chuckle while Seras shook her head then rushed after the red haired sociopath as he went to find the rest of their group…




Harem Will Include: Tira (The Misguided Angel of Death), Anko Miterashi (The Serpentine Snake Mistress), Tsunade Senju (The Broken Angel), Seras Victoria (The No-Life Queen), Yugito Nii (The Flaming Hell Cat)