"Draco! Hurry up! They'll be here any minute!" Hermione was struggling with her 5 year old daughter, Gemini. Today was her fifth birthday and she was doing everything in her power to eat her chocolate cake before the party.

"Draco!" She shouted for her husband again as Gemma flipped upside down in her grasp.

"No need to shout bella, I'm right here. Calm down."

"Mi non dica di calmarlo giù cane invaso! (Don't tell me to calm down you overgrown dog). Now take your daughter so I can go find your son before everyone gets here!"

Draco chuckled and took his daughter, tickling her and causing her to shriek with laughter. Hermione smiled softly before going in search of her ten year old son. She went straight to the library to find him curled up with Hogwarts, A History.

"Scorpius dear, it's time for Gemma's party."

The little boy looked up in disgust. "That party is for babies."

Hermione knelt by her son's side, gently taking the book.

"Albus and James will be there. Uncle Harry is bringing them with Aunt Ginny and little Lily. And Aunt Luna and Uncle Ron are bringing Rosie and Hugo. And Uncle Neville will be there. And Uncle Blaise." With each name the little boy's face lit up brighter and brighter.

"Well, I suppose I could go. It is Gemma's fifth birthday after all. It's a special one." He stood up from the couch that Hermione had spent so many nights reading to him on. "But I won't play with Rosie. She's a girl!" With that final parting remark he fled from the room.

Hermione followed down to the parlor that had been decorated for little Gemma's big day. Everyone had arrived while she was talking to her son. Harry and Ginny were standing near the children. Albus and James, 11 year old twins were playing with Scorpius, running around the table with those Muggle noisemakers. Harry must have brought them. 4 year old Lily was perched on Harry's hip sucking her thumb while her mother rubbed her aching back. She shouldn't have come out this close to her due date but Ginny refused to miss Gemma's party. She was expecting her fourth child any day, another girl to be named Jane Marie after her two best friends. All these children had taken time away from her job as a Healer but she was perfectly happy looking after the children until they were all in Hogwarts. Harry's job as the flying instructor at Hogwarts was fairly lenient, allowing him to be home every night to be with his family. It helps to know the Headmistress.

Ron and Luna were nearby, breaking up a fight between there 10 year old twins Hugo and Rose. Luna had found her Crumple Snorclack Horn or whatever it was called, although Hermione still says it looked suspiciously like a rhinoceros horn, in the Sahara. She had given it to her father who was ecstatic with the gift. She had retired from her creature seeking soon after. She was now the celebrity journalist for the Daily Prophet, interviewing people of interest. Hermione was just glad that that awful Skeeter woman was out of the picture. That little beetle had deserved whatever her fate had been, although Hermione wished she could have been the one to ruin her. Ron had never truly grown up. He was currently living his dream as Keeper for the Chudley Cannons. They were having their best season yet. In a few months they had a shot at playing in the World Cup for the first time in a century. If they succeeded however they would be playing Bulgaria. They'd lose with Victor still playing as Seeker but it was still something to be proud of.

Blaise was chatting with Neville, who taught Herbology now that Professor Sprout had retired. Blaise had succeeded in winning the heart of every patient he had at St. Mungo's. Too bad for women everywhere that they were all under 17. He had decided to become a pediatrician almost as soon as he set foot in their ward. The children loved him and Blaise was wonderful at his job. He would come and visit his friends whenever he could, as his hours were never very stable, and he was never sure if Draco and Hermione would be at the Manor or Hogwarts.

Hermione had finally decided what she wanted to do about a minute after graduating. She stayed at Hogwarts. She decided she couldn't really leave the place she had called home for so many years as a child. She had been teaching Charms until Headmistress McGonagall stepped down from her position, leaving Hermione in charge of the school. Spending some nights at home and some at the school left her a little lonely at times but soon her children would be in Hogwarts and they wouldn't be separated any longer. Until then Draco stayed home with the children and he loved every minute of it. Playing Super Dad was a role he seemed to have been made for.

Lost in her thoughts, Hermione didn't notice her mate sneak up behind her until he whispered in her ear.

"Caught you love. What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing important. Just about how much has changed since the first time we were all here. You know, not trying to hex each other to bits," she chuckled at his smirk.

"I know, and all the good memories locked up in this room." He pulled her closer as she thought about it. Games of Truth, reading with her children, dancing with her husband, explaining to Scorpius about his wolf and introducing him to Mirzam, today is the day we'll find out if Gemma is like her big brother. I didn't know the lycanthropy could be inherited, that night with Blaise. The last thought brought a blush to her cheeks. Mirzam noticed. Our mate is having naughty thoughts again. The other guests might notice. The wolf was chuckling.

"Luv, Mirzam says you should stop those thoughts of yours before they get you in trouble." I did not. I just thought I would point it out to you human. Hermione's blush deepened. She leaned up to kiss her husband before joining her guests. Soon her little daughter was in her arms, giggling while her mother tickled her. Tiny brought out the cake and the guests sang Happy Birthday. Just as her daughter blew out the candles, Hermione caught a glint of amber in her daughter's big brown eyes. Looking up she caught Draco's smirk. Then she saw his own amber eyes and realized that it was Mirzam smirking instead.

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