Part Three of Three

Part Three of Three

Carmen leaned against the table of Ashley's kitchen and found a post-it note stuck to the answering machine.

Spencer: 555-9658

She shook her head and took another sip of her coffee, waiting for the brunette to get out of the shower. She knew her and Ashley weren't meant to be but wished that somehow they could've found a better way to end their relationship other than… spending a glorious night in bed with another woman.

"Oh hey," Ashley's voice broke through the raven haired woman's thoughts and she noticed the piece of yellow paper in Carmen's hands. She scratched behind her ear as she tightened her ties on her robe.

"It's been two weeks," Carmen's voice was monotone. She held up the number. "Did you call her yet?"

Ashley shook her head no and stepped towards the other woman. "Not yet."

"Well," Carmen shrugged and placed her coffee cup in the sink, "if you don't get to calling her, I sure as hell will." A small smirk tugged at her lips. "She's the definition of competition."

"She is not." Ashley gripped the piece of paper from Carmen's hands and stuffed it in her robe pocket. "I don't want her to be some sort of game."

"All I'm saying is with a body like that, she's going to be off the market fast." Carmen held up her hands in defense.

"Are you pushing for me to cheat?" Ashley laughed and furrowed her eyebrows.

"Can't cheat if you're single, right?" Carmen raised an eyebrow and looked around the small apartment. "We're not right for each other and we both knew it from the beginning. I think because the thought of being alone scared us both so we hung onto each other," she blew hair out of her eyes and crossed her arms, "plus I've been 'seeing' this hot brunette that lives on the bottom floor of my apartment complex and she's just so fucking crazy, I love it and when I say 'seeing' I mean, fucking."

"Wow," Ashley didn't know whether to be upset or what. It wasn't like her and Carmen were intimate after that night with Spencer.

"So call her." Carmen shrugged. "Later, Ash."

The sun was hot against her back but she couldn't be bothered to roll over on her towel. Not while she was reading the best part in a book she was currently obsessing over. Her eyes skimmed over the words in deep thought and then she let out a loud yelp, finding herself dripping with cold water and a laughing wet brunette standing above her.

"Oh you better run, bitch." Spencer threw her book to the side and scooted up quickly. Her legs took her as fast as they allowed and then she tackled the hard body to the sand, pinning arms above the wavy brown hair. "Gotchya,"

Ashley smirked and nodded, her sunglasses protecting her eyes from the glaring sun that was beating hard down on them. "Whatchya going to do about it, girlfriend?"

Spencer's mischievous grin appeared and she lowered herself on the helpless body below her. Her lips pressed against her girlfriend's ear and she breathed hotly, "if you don't say sorry, I will smother you with kisses and fuck you senseless until you forget your own name."

Ashley's eyes widened as she swallowed hard. "Jesus fucking Christ, I'm so not fucking sorry."

Spencer's laugh echoed around the beach and it was music to Ashley's ears. "I didn't think so."

"Hey Spence?" Ashley sat up and brushed sand off her body while the blonde stayed still in her lap.

Spencer looked at the brunette expectantly and kissed soft lips to continue.

"I love you." Three words never fell from Ashley's lips before but found the timing was perfect. She stared into shocked blue eyes and immediately felt her heart drop at the thought of Spencer running the opposite direction. "I'm sorr-"

"I love you too." Spencer finally breathed and leaned forward to capture Ashley's lips. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity before pulling back. "I think this calls for celebration." She smiled and got up off her girlfriend's lap, holding out her hand to help her girlfriend up.

"Oh yea? What did you have in mind?" Ashley grinned stupidly and watched as Spencer's eyes scanned the beach crowd. "What are you looking for?" She whispered.

"A random girl." Spencer shrugged and couldn't help but laugh when Ashley pulled her back into her arms.

"No." Ashley said firmly. "It was bad enough Carmen touched you," she huffed like a child, "you're mine now. Mine. My girlfriend."

Spencer chuckled and ran her thumbs smoothly down Ashley's neck. "I'm just kidding baby," she whispered.

"You better be." Ashley pouted more playfully and kissed Spencer softly. "So really, what are we going to do to celebrate?"

Spencer laced her fingers with her girlfriend's and walked towards their towels and her abandoned book. "It doesn't matter what we do," she shrugged, "as long as we're together."

"And alone." Ashley added and kissed the palm of Spencer's hand.

"Definitely alone." Spencer nodded and grinned, kissing Ashley again with more love and desire than ever.

Together and alone they remained.