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Chapter 4: Stopping Ourselves

The Straw Hats were still tied to the to mast. Mirror Usopp was their guard… sure they didn't get along with the World Government… okay… they declared war on the World Government…. But they needed to get out of there… especially for Luffy's dream. That's when another portal appeared… a larger one… large enough for a ship to go though. That's when a black ship, that looked like an evil person of the Thousand Sunny went though the portal… it was dark, evil and had a panther's head instead of a Lion's Head there was also a gigantic laser on the ship.

"Sayonara Suckers!" yelled Mirror Luffy as the ship sailed away.

"Damn it!" yelled Luffy, "I'm going to get him!"

"What are we going to do?" asked Nami who then felt something in her pocket and whispered to the rest, "I have a small knife in my pocket… I can get us out of here."

"What about us?" whispered Chopper.

"I have an idea." whispered Usopp, "Hey! Me! Do you have the keys to the stone cuffs?"

"Yes I do… I mean… why would I tell you?" asked Mirror Usopp.

This made the Straw Hats sweat drop.

"Okay… I have a plan…" whispered Usopp.

He began to whisper it to everyone else.

"Are you sure about that?" whispered Zoro, "I mean…"

"He's me… so I should be the one who fight him." Said Usopp.

"You just want to trade your counterpart with Usopp's." said Sanji.

Zoro said nothing… which meant yes… he would rather fight Usopp's counterpart rather than his own, then it at least it would be a challenge.

After a few minutes Nami managed to cut the ropes that were holding them back, surprising Mirror Usopp.

"How the hell did you get free he yelled out." He yelled out.

"I had a small knife hidden." Said Nami with a smirk.

"Damn it…" muttered Mirror Usopp.

He was ran over to them… but for some bizarre reason tripped, he got up and saw that the Straw Hats were no longer by the master but were rather at where they kept their weapons in sight… taunting them.

"That was weird luck…" said Usopp grabbing his bag.

"You're not going any where!" yelled Mirror Usopp.

That's when Usopp shot a Smoke Star at him. He began to cough and couldn't see anything… he thought he felt someone touch him but brushed it off. When the smoke he Straw Hats had left, to the plot the course of the Ship in order toe catch up with the Darkness Pill, with the exception of Usopp.

"You really think you can beat me?" asked Mirror Usopp with a laugh.

"Of course I can! Just like the time I defeated the giant lizard of Monster Island!" yelled Usopp.

"I know your lying!" yelled Mirror Usopp, "Just like I habitually tell the truth! You habitually lie!"

That's when Usopp took out his 10 ton mallet.

"Look at my strength! You really think you can beat me?" laughed Usopp.

Mirror Usopp just smirked walked over to Usopp and upper cut him… Usopp was thorn so high in the air he went up so high that all one could see was faint glimmer. He then was about to crash into the when Mirror Usopp took out his hand and caught his counterpart.

"Thank you…" sighed Usopp.

"That was nothing…" said Mirror Usopp, "That was just me showing off my strength."

"What!" yelled Usopp.

That's when Mirror Usopp took out his own mallet from nowhere… and what's more it looked real.

"This is a real 10 ton mallet!" said Mirror Usopp smashing it to the deck created a large shockwave.

Usopp blinked and said the first thing that came to his mind.

"Where do you keep that mallet." He asked.

Mirror Usopp blinked and stated, "I'd rather not say."

"Ewww…" said Usopp.

The upper deck, at the ship's wheel the others were planning something.

"Are you sure it's a good idea?" asked Nami, "I mean if they destroy it…"

"The World government might be our enemies… but there's no way I'm letting him become this world's king of the pirates! He's pure evil!" yelled Luffy, "Nami did you get the keys!"

"Yeah I did." Said Nami.

Nami unlocked, Luffy, Robin and Chopper (they didn't put some on Brook for some reason). When she unlocked them… all three of them collapsed.

"I think they regain when we get there." Said Nami.

The others nodded in agreement.

Back on the lower deck, Mirror Usopp aimed his giant mallet at Usopp but kept missing.

"What am I going to do?" thought Usopp, "He's too strong."

That's when he realized something… his mirror self was his complete opposite, which meant that he might be easily tricked.

"That's it!" thought Usopp.

Mirror Usopp once again smashed where Usopp was and noticed he hit him. Usopp was bleeding all of the place.

"He's pathetic…" muttered Mirror Usopp walking towards his counterpart.

That's when Usopp got up and hit his counterpart with a hammer… ton of times.

"What the hell!" yelled Mirror Usopp as his counterpart ran away, "Come back here you leprechaun."

It's possible that Mirror Usopp developed a bit of a concussion from those hits to the head.

He began to chase after Usopp when he stepped on some caltrops.

"What the hell!" he yelled.

"Time to finish this!" yelled Usopp.

Usopp then took out his Kabuto and hot a Fire Bird Star at his counter part… burning him instantly.

"Hey guys!" yelled Usopp, "I need some help what I'm going to do with him!"

not too long later after the three Devil Fruit users recovered from the Sea Stone cuffs… They had tied up Mirror Usopp to the mast and was working out their final plan.

"So you guys are going to beat up your alternate selves while I watch the ship and him." Said Usopp pointing to his counter part.

"I don't think I will fight my counterpart." Said Robin.

"She's probably evil!" yelled Luffy.

"No…" said Robin, "She's too not intelligent enough to evil."

"That does make some sense." Said Nami.

"Either way…" said Luffy, "I think the best thing to do is come up with our own Universe's name!"

"Why?" asked Zoro.

"If they're the Mirror, then our universe will known as the Mongooses, the Fighting Mongooses." Said Luffy.

Everyone looked at each other and Nami hit him in the head for being an idiot.

"The ship's nearby." Said Chopper.

On the Darkness Pill, Mirror Zoro ran up to Mirror Luffy.

"The Thousand Sunny is approaching." He said.

"It won't be operational for another 20 minutes." said Mirror Luffy, "It should be fun to humor them while until everything's all set."

"That's perfect!" said Mirror Zoro, "That little fool will know the ways the nerd is not one to trifled with!"

"I take it he underestimated your powers." Said Mirror Luffy.

Mirror Zoro gritted his teeth, "Of course… I can tell he thinks I'm weak! I'll show him!" he yelled out.

"My counterpart needs to be socked in the face!" said Mirror Sanji joining them, "It's going to be fun!"

"That's right…" said Mirror Luffy with an evil smirk.

With that… the fight for the world and the Title of King of the Pirates began!

Next Time: Brook fight his Mirror Self to find that... well Mirror Brook uses a more modern way of fighting. Also Mirror Nami faces herself and discovers that while Mirror Usopp was strong it was nothing compared to her strength... also Robin and her Mirror self decides to have some fun together... what will happen? Find out next time!