Notes at End.

She was soaring! Flying! Every breath within her body made her press onward higher. She could swoop and swerve and fall. Jareth particularly hated when she'd try to fall. And everything was so far away below.

We're close now. Don't lose sight of me.

Sarah tried desperately not to think 'I could never lose sight of that feathery ass,' but in vain. She heard Jareth chuckle in her mind.

Mind you love, we don't have long.

Instead of nodding, Sarah flew in front of Jareth and landed on a branch of honeysuckle much smaller and closer to the white house with the forest in the back yard.

"Mama!" Toby awed, pointing in Sarah's direction.

"Well look at that. The first cardinal of the season. Isn't she beautiful?"

"Can we keep her."

"No sweetheart. Birds are meant to be wild and free in the air. They're always dancing. Do you want to take that away from her?"

"No." Karen took the plate from the barbecue and walked towards the door. "But she's pretty."

"Very pretty. Dinner time."

"Very pretty," Toby nodded. "Pretty like Sarah." The small cardinal chirped on the branch as an owl off in the distance hooted. Toby smiled. "But don't worry bird, you can always be dancing, just like Sarah is." He began to whisper, leaning in, sharing a secret, "Because Sarah isn't here, Sarah's gone. Sarah's Underground."

Where the boy's mother and father would think these word's morbid and wrong. Both the boy and the bird realized that the words meant more – in a place that makes little sense, in a place where all your dreams can come true, in a place that's Underground.




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