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A/N This is the sequel to 'Undercover, Again'.

Just as a recap, Tony and Ziva are now married, the same with Jenny and Gibbs.

If you haven't read U, A, you probably should.

Chapter 1

It was 0700. Ziva David was at her desk, scribbling away at some files. Timothy McGee walked past her silently, observing her with interest.

"Ziva, what time did you get here?" he asked once he was at his desk.

"0530," Ziva said distractedly. The elevator door dinged, and Jenny Shepard and Jethro Gibbs entered the squadroom, chatting amicably. When they came to Ziva's desk, they halted.

Gibbs sighed. "Ziva, what are you doing here?"

"One second," Ziva said, writing furiously. She then put down her pen and looked at her bosses. "What?"

"What are you doing here?"

"I work here," Ziva replied, picking up her pen again.

"McGee," Jenny said to the other agent. "What time did Ziva get here this morning?"


"I just want to get these files out of the way," Ziva explained, but Gibbs could tell she was lying.

"Ziva, no matter how much paperwork you get done for us, you still can't come out into the field."

"But Gibbs-"

"No buts," Gibbs continued. "Pregnant agents, especially ones as pregnant as you, shouldn't be taking risks like being in the field."

"I still have two months to go. I'm fine."

"Ziva, you remember the last time you were this pregnant and went out in the field?" Jenny said.

"Of course I do," Ziva replied. She had gone with the others to a suspect's house, was then involved in a small unexpected altercation, and ended up going into labour a month early. Thankfully, little Isabella was born healthy.

"You can't go in to the field," Gibbs said to her. He then turned to Jenny. "See you at lunch."

"Yeah," she replied. She kissed him on the cheek briefly and turned to leave when the elevator dinged again.

"You have got to stop leaving at the crack of dawn and not leaving a note," Tony said as he entered the squadroom, throwing his bag behind his desk.

"Sorry," Ziva said.

"Besides, you're not meant to be at work until at least 0900," Tony continued, receiving nods of approval from Gibbs and Jenny.

"Alright, enough," Ziva declared. "How was Bella this morning?" she said, referring to their two-year-old daughter.

"Ask her yourself, she's in the elevator."

"Tony! You do not leave a two-year-old unattended in an elevator!" Ziva exclaimed, attempting to get up from her chair.

"Stay there. I'll get her," Tony said. He turned to face the elevator and cupped his hands around his mouth. "Bella!"

"Daddy!" came a squeal. Bella ran into the squadroom and jumped into Tony's arms. "I pushed all the buttons," she said, brushing her dark brown hair out of her eyes.

"How did she get the elevator door open?" McGee said curiously.

"I had Tom hold the door open. Thanks Tom!" Tony called to the agent who was standing near the elevator. Tom waved back and went to his desk.

Jenny punched Gibbs in the arm. "You and your agents have got to learn the elevator isn't a toy."
Bella climbed down off Tony and went to Jenny, looking up at her with big brown eyes.. "Madam Director," she said, standing up straight and puffing out her chest. Jenny looked at Tony quizzically before bending down to Bella's height.

"Did your daddy teach you that?"

"No," Tony quickly intervened.

"Yup," Bella said proudly. "This mornin' while we was eating brekkie."

"Not true. So not true," Tony coughed.

"Can Mummy see Bella now?" Ziva said loudly. As Bella ran over to Ziva, Gibbs began talking.

"DiNozzo, why did you bring Bella to work?"

"Uh, babysitter had something on or…something…wasn't really listening on the phone. But I had nowhere else to take her," Tony finished quickly. Gibbs suddenly went into action mode.

"Alright, everyone grab your gear. Except you," Gibbs added to Ziva. "You stay here today with Bella."

"At least that's better than doing paperwork," Ziva grinned as Bella played with her hair.

"See you later," Jenny said, and she made her way to her office.

"Where are we going Boss?"

"Dead NCIS Agent found in his house in Georgetown."

"How'd you know that?" McGee said.

"Plasma," Gibbs replied simply. The team turned to face to screen and read the news bulletin scrolling across the bottom: NCIS AGENT FOUND IN HOME IN GEORGETOWN.

"Bye Starfish," Tony said as he kissed Bella's nose.

"Why do you call me 'Starfish'?" Bella asked.

"Charlie's Angels," he replied, now kissing Ziva goodbye.

"Charlie has starfish angels?" Bella asked, scrunching up her nose in confusion. "Who's Charlie?"

"Enjoy!" Tony called to Ziva from where he now stood in the elevator, leaving her to explain the reference. Ziva threw a wad of paper at him as the elevator doors closed.


"Yes Bella?"

"Why does Daddy always call me 'Starfish'?"

Ziva sighed.

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