Chapter 10


"And to think just over two months ago we were here for Tony," McGee said as he, Abby, Jenny, Sophie, Bella and Gibbs all sat in the waiting room.

"At least this time we're not here for anyone being hurt," Sophie said.

"I wouldn't say that Ziva isn't in pain right now," Jenny said.

"She had the baby half an hour ago, we should be able to see them by now," Abby said impatiently, pacing the room.

"Doctor Anderson said she would come out and get us when Tony and Ziva were ready," Gibbs said, turning the page of his paper.

Jenny looked at him. "You're calm for someone whose team member just had a baby."

"We've been waiting for this for over two weeks. And if anything went wrong the doctor would have told us."

"Isn't it weird?" McGee said. "Her first baby was a month early, while this baby is half a month late."

"I wanna see Mummy," Bella said, trying to escape Sophie's grip.

"She's been saying that since we got here seven hours ago," Sophie whispered to Gibbs. "Can't we do something?"

"Just give her some leftover sandwich," Gibbs said, gesturing to the pile of uneaten food that McGee had brought them two hours ago.

"Doctor Anderson! Are they ready?" Abby called out as Ziva's doctor approached them.

She smiled. "They're ready for you now. Follow me," she said, leading the way down the hall. "Here we are," she said as they stopped at a door. She left them there.

"Well, here goes," Jenny said, opening the door.

Inside Tony was sitting on the bed next to a very drowsy but smiling Ziva.

"Where's the baby where's the baby where's the baby?" Abby rambled.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine, don't worry about me," Ziva said. "I'm-"


"Over there," Tony said nervously.

Abby ran over to the bassinet in the corner, closely followed by the team.

"So cute!" Abby squealed. The baby was squirming around slightly inside it's blanket, looking up at them with vague interest.

"Boy or girl?" Jenny asked, going over to Ziva.

"Boy. Michael Ryan DiNozzo," Tony said.

"Aww..." Abby said, spending the next few minutes holding and cooing over the little boy.

"Congratulations," Gibbs said, giving Ziva a small hug. Jenny did the same to Tony.

"Can I hold him?" Sophie said. Tony nodded.

"He's beautiful," she breathed. Michael just stared at everyone.

After a few moments Sophie handed Michael to his mother, who smiled up at Tony. "Look what we did."

"Yeah. Pretty cool huh," he replied.

Everyone crowded around the bed, together like one big happy family.

The End.

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